Top 10 ski resorts in Russia

Top 10 ski resorts in Russia

Russian ski resorts

Is it necessary to go abroad for a ski vacation? Not at all. Excellent resorts are in our country, and almost in all parts of it. Complexes differ significantly in level, entertainment, and prices. In our selection – 10 popular ski resorts in Russia for all tastes and wallets.

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Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana ski resorts are some of the best in Russia. In terms of infrastructure they are not inferior to the European ones, so the prices are high. There is a mild maritime climate, wide well-kept slopes and a lot of entertainment.

Where: in the Krasnodar Region.

How to get there: by plane or by train to Sochi, then by bus, electric train “Lastochka” or by rented car. From the railway station to Rosa Khutor it will take you about 40 minutes, from the airport about an hour.

Seasonal time: from mid December to early May. The best time for skiing is February and March. Sometimes there is not enough snow by the New Year. In late April you can literally ski in a T-shirt and shorts and even sunbathe.

Height difference: 1534 meters.

Slopes: the total length of slopes is 102 km. The resort was designed for competition, so the difficult tracks – black and red – prevail. There are 11 black, 13 green, 19 red and 23 blue slopes.

Ski passes: from 1500 to 2950 rubles per day depending on the season. For 5 days – from 6300 to 11100 rubles. There are subscriptions for a different number of days.

Rent: a set for skiing or snowboarding costs from 1400 to 1900 rubles per day. Equipment for beginners is cheaper than professional.

Lodging: guesthouses in Krasnaya Polyana cost from 800 rubles per night, hotels 3* – from 2000 rubles.

What else to do: visit the Olympic venues, go to Sochi. The resort has many restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and spa centers. There is entertainment for children.

Russia's best ski resorts

The total length of the tracks is 102 km. Photo:


This is a small and inexpensive ski resort – compared to others in Russia. It has many advantages: low prices, almost no queues at the elevators and it is suitable for beginners. The tracks are good, and the negative reviews about them leave those who skied in the low-snow season or when the weather is too warm. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable.

Where: The Republic of Bashkortostan.

How to get there: take a plane to Magnitogorsk, then take a bus to the stop Novoabzakovo (fare about 100 rubles). You can also take a train to the same name station. Residents of the Urals often get by car.

Season: from November till the end of April.

Height difference: 311 meters.

Slopes: 13 slopes are perfect for the beginners. The average length of a track is 1,2 km. There is a 10 km long cross-country skiing and biathlon piste with a shooting range, as well as 4 slalom and giant slalom runs.

Ski passes: 1 000 rubles on weekdays, 1 400 rubles at weekends.

Rent: ski or snowboard kits cost 1000-1500 rubles on weekdays, 1300-2000 rubles at weekends.

Lodging: there is not much of it, mostly chalets and small hotels. The average room price is 2000 rubles per night. It is possible to settle in 15-20 km from a resort – in Novoabzakovo or Beloretsk (from 2500 rubles for a night).

What else to do: visit the zoo, where Amur tigers live, go on quad bikes, go to an indoor water park, SPA-center or local bathhouses.

Where to ski in Russia

Low prices, almost no queues for the elevators and the resort is suitable for beginners. Photo:

Sobolinaya Mountain

The rating of the best ski resorts in Russia often includes Mount Sobolinaya. And for good reason – it is an excellent option not only for active recreation, but also for recreation. If you come here for several days, you will have time to try all the levels of skiing difficulty.

Where: Baikalsk.

How to get there: by plane or by train to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude. Further on you take a train, train, bus or cab to Baikalsk.

Season: from the beginning of November to the beginning of May.

Height difference: 479 m.

Tracks: all levels of complexity. There are tracks with a bias up to 50 degrees, there are slalom, educational routes and for tubing.

Ski passes: 1000 rubles on weekdays, 1850 rubles at weekends.

Rent: a set of skis costs 300-500 rubles, snowboard – 800-900 rubles (more expensive on weekends). Discounts after 3 pm.

Lodging: prices are affordable – a night at a hotel starts at 800 rubles. You can rent a private house (from 5000 rubles per day) or an apartment (from 2800 rubles). The nearest hotels are near the elevators.

What else to do: around the resort there are many bars and restaurants, as well as a medical complex, where you can restore forces and be treated. You can go to Lake Baikal, because it is in the winter months the icy landscapes of the lake impress the most.

Russian ski resorts

There are trails with a slope up to 50 degrees. Photo:


Dombai is a nostalgic destination for many. The Mussa-Achitar ridge has been known since the middle of the 20th century, when the first elevators appeared. However, the resort does not meet modern requirements – the infrastructure is lame, but the prices here are average. However, many people love it for its beautiful nature, mild climate and views of the Caucasus Mountains.

Golden Ring of Russia: routes and prices

Where: Karachay-Cherkessia.

How to get there: by plane to Mineralnye Vody, then take a cab or bus. You can take a train to Mineralnye Vody, Cherkessk or Nevinnomyssk, then change to a cab or bus. There is no direct bus, only transfers in Teberda. Learn how to get to Dombaj.

Season: from December to April. More information about the weather in Dombaj.

Height difference: 1600 m.

There are only three routes – blue, green, and red. But for off-piste skiing there are more than 10 routes of different complexity levels.

Ski-passes: On the new elevators – 1600 rubles per day. Each lift on the old complex is paid separately.

Rent: 400-450 rubles per day for skiing or snowboarding kit.

Accommodation: book in advance – even in September, options for December-January at affordable prices already exist. Budget rooms cost from 1300 rubles per day, hotels 3* and above – from 5000 rubles. Check out the prices for accommodation in Dombaj.

What else to do: the resort has cafes, restaurants, billiards, bowling, dance clubs. Ride snowmobiles, sledges and horses.

However, the resort does not meet modern requirements – the infrastructure is lame, but the prices here are average. Photo: Ski elevator complex in Dombai

Down a long piste at Dombai

Elbrus and Cheget

Probably the most famous ski resort in Russia – Elbrus. The highest mountain in Russia and Europe has been attracting tourists all year round for decades. In addition to Mount Elbrus itself, there are also skiers on Mount Cheget. Elbrus is a picturesque and inexpensive place. Despite the average level of infrastructure, the impression of the resort will be pleasant.

Where: Terskol, Kabardino-Balkaria.

How to get there: by plane or by train to Mineralnye Vody or Nalchik, then by cab to the village of Terskol. You can take a bus, but there is no direct one – you must change trains in Tyrnyauz or Baksan.

Season: on Cheget from December to April, on the higher parts of Mount Elbrus all year round.

Difference in elevation: Cheget is about 1100 meters, and Elbrus is up to 2000 meters.

Slopes: Chegett is more suitable for snowboarders and skiers with experience, but there are routes of all levels on Elbrus. There are good opportunities for freeriding.

Ski passes: from 1550 to 1900 rubles per day on Elbrus and 800 rubles per day on Cheget.

Rent: 1100 per day for a ski or snowboard set. On New Year’s holidays – 1650 rubles.

Accommodation: the most budget rooms cost from 1700 per day. A lot of options in the range of 3000-5000 rubles. At the same time many hotels of Elbrus Region, as well as Dombaj, remained in the best traditions of the last century – multi-storey, big, with simple rooms. There are also mini-hotels, recreation centers and cottages.

What else to do: try local dishes – khychyny, sorpa, herbal teas and home wine. Ride horses or quad bikes, go to local bathhouses, try ice skating, freeriding, paintball and bowling. Take a tour of Shelter-11 and Barrel Shelter at 3,800. But do not forget that the body must acclimatize at least 2-3 days.

Russia's best ski resorts

Elevators on Elbrus. Photo:


Sheregesh – the largest ski resort in Siberia, not inferior to the best resorts in Russia, and at the same time inexpensive. There are almost no avalanches and plenty of natural snow. Extremes are attracted to the resort by the slopes with lots of trees. Learn about rest in Sheregesh.

Where: Kemerovo region.

How to get there: you can get to Novosibirsk, Kemerovo or Novokuznetsk. From there by regular buses or cabs. Direct buses are few.

Season: lasts from the twenties of November to May.

Difference of heights: 680 m.

Trails: 16 tracks up to 5 kilometers long. Most are red and green, some routes have black areas at higher altitudes.

Ski passes: from 1200 rubles for a season ticket for a day depending on the slopes.

Rent: Snowboarding or skiing kit for a day (8 hours) costs from 700 rubles. Rent for an hour – 200 rubles.

Lodging: from 1200 rubles for a room in a gesthouse – they are more at the resort. Hotels 3 * are from 3000 per room per night. There are hotels at the foot of the mountain. If you want to save money, settle in the village.

What else to do: ride huskies and horses, visit the baths, spas, gyms. There are restaurants of different levels, night club and children’s entertainment park.

There are almost no avalanches and plenty of natural snow in Sheregesh. Photo: Sheregesh. Photo: Egorov Vladimir / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


The most famous resort of the Khibins is Bolshoi Vudyavr. This is the highest mountain ski resort in Northwest Russia with the longest skiing season because it is located above the Arctic Circle.

Where: Murmansk region, Kirovsk.

How to get there: take a plane or a train to Apatity, then take a bus to Kirovsk, and from there you can get to the resort daily by public transport. From the center of Kirovsk to the trails (Northern slope) – 15 minutes on foot and 7 minutes by bus.

Season: from the end of December to the end of April.

Height difference: 550 meters.

Average length of the tracks is 1-1.5 kilometers. 10 blue, 6 red, 6 black and one green educational.

Ski passes: for 2 hours – 700 rubles, 1 day – 1550 rubles, 5 days – 5700 rubles. There are subscriptions for any number of days.

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Rent: ski or snowboarding kit – 1490 rubles per day.

Lodging: you can live in Kirovsk. There are hostels from 800 rubles per night, hotels from 2500 rubles, apartments from 2000 rubles.

What else to do: you can do freeriding, which is the best opportunity in Russia. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and karaoke. If you’re lucky, you can see the northern lights in winter. Go to the neighboring polar resort, about which few people know – Kukisvumchorr. There is no less interesting and a little cheaper. For example, you can buy a day pass for 1200 rubles.

Russia's Biggest Ski Resorts

Bolshoy Vudyavr is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Photo:

Bobrovy Log

Bobrovy Log – a fairly new and inexpensive ski resort in Russia. It is suitable for skiers of all levels. And although there are no very high mountains here, the local slopes are even adapted for sports competitions.

Where: Krasnoyarsk.

How to get there: by plane or by train to Krasnoyarsk, and then by city bus.

Season: from November to April.

Height difference: 345 m.

Slopes: 15 active slopes, 5 of which are black, 6 red, 3 blue and 1 green – educational.

Ski passes: the price depends on the number of lifts. The maximum number of climbs is 10, the price is 700 rubles on weekdays and 1100 rubles on weekends.

Rental: set of skis / snowboard + boots – 700-1400 rubles, depending on the class of equipment.

Lodging: 3* hotels cost from 2500 rubles per room, apartments and hotels in the simpler category from 1500 rubles. Another option is to rent an apartment in the private sector near the resort – from 1200 rubles per day.

What else to do: visit the spa with a Turkish bath, sauna, hydromassage and a relaxation room. Try the attractions Rodelban and Ziprider, go with children to the zoo “Royev Ruchey”. The resort is within the city limits, so almost all the entertainment is in Krasnoyarsk.

Video of going down the easy (“green”) route

Mountain air

Mountain air complex on Sakhalin is a modern, but unpopular resort because of its remoteness, and mostly locals have a rest there. However, if you have already tried all the major ski resorts of Russia, pay attention to this unusual and interesting destination.

Where: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Bolshevik Mountain.

How to get there: by plane to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and from the airport by bus.

Weather season: from December to April.

Difference of heights: 500 m.

Trails: total length – 25 km. There are 10 red, 5 black and 13 green.

Ski passes: from 150 rubles per lift. 10 climbs – 1350 rubles.

Rental: ski or snowboarding kit – 2500 rubles per day.

Lodging: to live on Sakhalin is not cheap. Apartments – from 3000 rubles, hotels – from 4500 per day.

What else to do: from entertainment mostly only cafes and restaurants, also there is a paragliding club.

Russia's best ski resorts

Mountain air. Photo:


Igora is a modern Russian ski resort with reasonable prices. There are slopes of all levels of difficulty, and it is in Igora that you can see the highest mountains in the Leningrad region.

Where: The Leningrad Region.

How to get there: to St. Petersburg by plane or train, to the resort by bus or train (about 1 hour).

Season: from December to March, sometimes to April.

Difference of heights: 120 m.

Slopes: The total length of slopes is 3,5 km. There are a total of 7 tracks, including a snowboard track and a gentle educational slope.

Ski passes: For 1 day – 1500 rubles.

Rent: Standard ski set – 720 rubles on weekdays and 880 rubles at weekends for 3 hours. A set for snowboarding: 820 rubles on weekdays and 920 rubles on weekends for 3 hours.

habitation: there is practically nowhere to live in Igor, and in the suburbs (5-10 km) there are a lot of cottages and guest houses which cost from 3000 roubles for a room per night.

What else to do: Go to a spa with a Thai and Ayurvedic program, baths, saunas and restaurants. Go to St. Petersburg and visit museums.

Igora ski resort

What resort to choose

There are many ski resorts in Russia, they are in the central part, Siberia, and the Far East. Along with the most famous – in Sochi, Kemerovo and in the Caucasus – there are less well-known options, but not inferior in level and variety of leisure.

The most affordable – Igora, Bobrovy Log and Sobolinaya Mountain, leaders in infrastructure – Krasnaya Polyana and Sheregesh, and options “in the middle” – the Caucasus, Bashkortostan and Sakhalin (the latter loses on distance and price). Khibiny will suit those tourists who enjoy unusual itineraries and those who are seeking not only to ski, but also to discover unique places. Prices are average.

Dombay and Elbrus Region are areas with rich history, and if you want your route to be as picturesque as possible, choose these places. A panoramic view of the Caucasus Mountains will leave no one indifferent! For beginner skiers it is better to go to Abzakovo, Igora, Sheregesh and Prielbrusie (Elbrus, not Cheget), and for professionals and extreme skiers – Dombai, Khibiny, Sakhalin and Sobolin mountain.

If you dream of a European-class resort, go to Rosa Khutor, Sheregesh and Sobolinaya Mountain. If you want to have a rest with children, then Krasnaya Polyana, Abzakovo, Igor or Bobrov Log is the best choice, primarily because of the transport accessibility and proximity to the cities.

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Where the slopes are steeper: 10 best winter resorts in Russia for season 2022-2023

In the winter there are many places in Russia where you can go for vivid emotions, unforgettable impressions and active recreation. We and our ski instructor Dina Shilova have worked together to bring you the top 10 winter resorts for the 2022-2023 season. Find out what you can do in the most popular places, compare prices, choose dates – and go on a trip!

Best winter resorts on the map

1. Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana

Ski cluster in Sochi – the largest Olympic facility with the longest length of prepared tracks in Russia (over 160 km). It includes three resorts: Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana and Gazprom, the latter with two separate sectors “Laura” and “Alpika”. It has the steepest slopes in terms of elevation difference (1,650 meters) and the steepest infrastructure, not inferior to the world-famous foreign resorts.

Skiing season on Krasnaya Polyana begins in mid-December. Photo:

The lower stations of the cable cars of all three resorts are located in Esto-Sadok village within five kilometers, and buses run between them. The skiing season lasts from mid-December to mid-April. Abundant snowfalls provide ample opportunities for freeride and snow-park skiing. Each resort has lighted slopes for evening skiing. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels (from beginners to experts) will find slopes suitable for themselves. The best conditions are provided for families with children: play centers, children’s rooms, and educational areas with a convenient travolator elevator, where children’s activities are held. A large selection of entertainment, bars, stores and the proximity of the sea coast will not let you get bored in case of bad weather.

How to get there: by plane or by train to Sochi, then 55 km to the village Esto-Sadok by any transport: train, bus, cab.

Krasnaya Polyana’s ski resorts

Rosa Khutor


Krasnaya Polyana

Three reasons to visit the resorts of Krasnodar Region in winter

Winter holidays – a great chance to be with loved ones, relax, relieve stress. You can do it at the well-known resorts of the Krasnodar region. We found at least three good reasons why you should go to local resorts and recreation in the winter. At this time of year, the resort towns will appear in a new way, and the beginning of the new year will be remembered for a long time as a time spent with health benefits and interesting. Take a look at how and where you can rest in winter at the resorts of the Krasnodar region.

2. sheregesh, Kemerovo region

It is a favorite destination of all Russian freeriders. Mountain slopes are abundantly covered with snow, and off-piste skiing enthusiasts rush here in November. Officially the season starts in mid-November when you can roll out the powder without any fear for your equipment. The season ends in late April, a total of 5.5 months of skiing.

Grelka Fest is held at the end of the season. Photo: Maxim KISELEV

The length of the prepared slopes in Sheregesh is 35 kilometers. It is the second resort in Russia after Rosa Khutor in terms of skiing area. Even Gazprom and Krasnaya Polyana have a smaller area (30 kilometers each). Over the past two seasons in Sheregesh there is a single ski pass that allows skiing on 11 of the 19 elevators. The main ski facilities are located at the foot of Zelenaya Mountain (hotels, bars, clubs, spa centers, bathhouses). You can also rent an apartment in Sheregesh. Of entertainment highlights the festival Grelka Fest, which takes place in April and lasts two weekends, at this time the largest resort in Siberia gathers hundreds of positive riders.

How to get there: Sheregesh is located far from big cities, the nearest airports are Novokuznetsk (180 km), Kemerovo (370 km) and Novosibirsk (500 km). Further on by regular or charter bus, or by cab.

3. Elbrus Region .

Prielbrusje tourist area is situated in a picturesque Baksan gorge, surrounded by the highest mountains of Europe. During soviet times there were equipped ski tracks, now they are the highest in Russia, the highest point is 3780 meters. Snow lies on such heights till the end of June. Officially, the season lasts from December to the end of May (six months), in summer, athletes come to train on the slopes of Mount Elbrus. The best time for skiing is February and March.

Elbrus ski slopes are located in the picturesque Baksan Gorge. Photo:

The Elbrus and Cheget resorts are five kilometers apart, and they are not connected by cable cars or buses. Elbrus Azau Glade has modern ropeways, and Cheget Glade has only chairlifts. Elbrus Resort has 13 kilometers of ski tracks, and they are more suitable for advanced skiers, but there is also a training zone. Cheget resort has 8 km of pistes, and only skilled skiers are allowed here. Elbrus Region freeride zone is very extensive, but it would be better not to go there without a guide. Lodging is mostly in three-star hotels and guest houses. Among the entertainments are bard concerts and excursions to natural objects of Caucasus (waterfalls, lakes, narzan springs). During the whole year groups of tourists come here by buses from neighboring balneotherapy resorts, at this time there are queues at the elevators.

How to get there: the most convenient way is to arrive by plane or train to Nalchik or Mineralnye Vody, then take a cab.

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Every year more and more tourists come to this amazing region and bring a lot of vivid impressions. About the magnificent nature, mountains, rivers and the cleanest air. Ancient cities, where you can not only see but also touch the history. The tastiest dishes of national cuisine. And, of course, the cordiality and Caucasian hospitality of the locals. We have collected the main reasons why you should visit Dagestan. Come, and you will definitely want to add yours to this list.

4. the Khibiny Mountains

The ski resorts of the Murmansk region “Bolshoy Vudyavr” and “Kukisvumchorr” are located in close proximity to the city of Kirovsk. You can get to them by public city bus. Tourist infrastructure is developing, modern hotels, restaurants and places of entertainment are opening, new elevators are being built.

The resorts are located in the vicinity of Kirovsk. Photo:

This is probably where the longest skiing season in Russia is: from mid-November to mid-May (six months). And this is not the limit, with the new snowmaking system installed in 2021, the season could go up to 7 months! The length of the tracks on Bolshoi Vudyavr is 25 km, most of them are illuminated. On Kukisvumchorr – 10 km. Most of the Khibiny trails are blue, red, and black, suitable for intermediate level and above. There are also training areas, but they are few in number. The key feature of the resorts is their location. They are above the Arctic Circle, you can catch the amazing colors of the northern lights . Despite the polar night in December and January winters are not very severe, severe frosts are rare and the average temperature is only -8-15 degrees.

How to get there: you can get to the airport in 30 km from Kirovsk and then take a regular bus or a cab.

5. Arkhyz, Karachay-Cherkessia Republic

Arkhyz is a young and modern resort in the Caucasus, recently competing with Dombai and Prielbrus. It has a completely new infrastructure (ski elevators, snowmaking system, hotels, rentals, bars). Because Arkhyza is not yet as popular as other famous Russian resorts, the pistes and lifts are not very busy here even in the season. Well-prepared slopes do not break down during the day. The season is not very long – from mid-December to the end of March (3.5 months). But a large number of sunny days and a comfortable atmosphere attracts more and more vacationers here.

The resort is equipped with an entirely new infrastructure. Photo:

The length of the slopes – 27 km, they are ideal for family holidays, as a variety of terrain meets the needs of both advanced riders and beginners. There is a snow park, slopes are prepared for evening skiing, there are also freeride opportunities.

How to get there: The nearest airport is 200 km away in Mineralnye Vody from which there are buses to the resort. There is a system of “single ticket”: plane + bus and train + bus.

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6. Adzhigardak, Chelyabinsk region.

Adzhigardak ski resort has a vast skiing area in the Urals – 20 kilometers of slopes. The resort is located on the picturesque slopes of the Southern Urals, far away from large cities. Once here, in the town of Asha, stayed the famous Russian artist Mikhail Nesterov, inspired by local nature, he called the surroundings of “Ural Switzerland”.

The ski resort is located on the picturesque slopes of the Southern Urals. Photo:

The hotel complex of the resort is represented by cottages. Rest here is most suitable for a cheerful company of friends: there is a bathhouse and restaurants. Besides prepared slopes, Adzhigardak also has freeride zones, snow parks, and cross-country skiing slopes. Season lasts from mid-December to the end of March (3.5 months).

How to get there: you can get to Asha by train and by bus, which regularly depart from the nearest large cities: Ufa and Chelyabinsk.

Where you can have a cool vacation in the Chelyabinsk region

Chelyabinsk region in winter is a great place for a variety of recreation. This convinced reporters “KP-Chelyabinsk”, who made a motor rally across the region. During the day they managed to go skating and tubing, mastered the ski slopes, appeared in the historical reconstruction park, communicated with the Huskies and took a steam bath in a luxurious thermal complex. See the photo and video report about the trip and also go for bright impressions!

7. Abzakovo, Bannoye, Mratkino

Resorts Abzakovo is the most popular in the Urals. It is famous for its long season (6 months) and wide range of recreation: here are not only ski slopes, but also a water park, an entertainment complex, a zoo, a skating rink, a husky center, medical physical therapy, spa and much more. Accommodations are located at the lower station of the elevator, the choice of rooms – from standard to luxury. The length of the tracks is 15 kilometers, all levels of complexity, the central ones are illuminated for evening skiing, there is also a great opportunity for off-piste skiing in the woods.

Abzakovo has the longest skiing season among the Southern Urals resorts. Photo:

To the south of Abzakovo there is a ski resort “Metallurg-Magnitogorsk” with the picturesque views of the lake Bannoe. The length of tracks here is not long – 10 kilometers, but they are notable for their steepness and height difference (450 m). There is a separate section for beginners with green slopes. The main slope is served by a comfortable gondola elevator, the only one in the Urals. The whole ski resort is perfectly integrated into the tourist complex, which includes rest houses, sanatoriums and a children’s educational and health camp.

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The equipped slopes of “Mratkino” are suitable both for professionals and for beginner skiers. Photo:

Also 35 km away, but only to the north of Abzakovo, there is another ski complex – “Mratkino” within the town of Beloretsk. The resort stands on the bank of Belaya river, here is a wonderful combination of mountain and water landscapes. The length of the tracks is 8 km, for the beginners there is a small educational slope. Chairlifts and rope tow elevators are available. There is a hotel complex at the foot of the mountain. The resort is famous for its affordable prices, well-kept slopes, and beautiful nature.

How to get there: all three resorts are in transport accessibility from major cities: Ufa and Chelyabinsk, then you can take a bus or train.

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8. Gubakha, Perm region:

Gubakha is one of the largest ski resorts in the Urals. The length of the tracks is 20 km, complexity – from green to black. The infrastructure of the resort is rapidly developing, new elevators have been installed in recent years, excellent conditions have been created for practicing with children, and competitions are regularly held here. A lot of opportunities for off-piste skiing, each year a snow park with its own elevator is established. Skiing season is from December to mid-April (4.5 months).

The resort often conducts various competitions. Photo:

Along with natural attractions (Stone City and Usva Stolby), you can also visit industrial tourism sites: the abandoned town of Staraya Gubakha and the KUB museum. Near the slopes there are hotels and guest houses. Among the attractions are a zoo and a swimming pool.

Nearby there are two more skiing complexes: “Takman” and “Ogonyok”.

How to get there: the nearest airport is in Perm, then 200 km by bus or train to the town of Gubakha.

9. Sobolinaya mountain (Irkutsk region).

Perfect opportunity to combine your skiing vacation with the endless views of lake Baikal. Sobolinaya Mountain resort tracks are situated on the slopes of the ridge stretching along the great lake. The tourist infrastructure allows you to have a good rest, there are hotels, bars, restaurants, a swimming pool and a wide range of spa services. This is the best winter recreation base in Baikal.

The resort’s slopes will suit both experts and beginners snowboarders and skiers. Photo:

The length of the tracks is more than 15 kilometers. A decent level difference (479 meters) and an interesting relief contribute to the impression of being in the high mountains. A variety of slopes is suitable for beginners and experts, and for fans of jumps there are ski jumps. Skiing season is quite long: from December to the end of April (five months).

How to get there: the nearest airport is in Irkutsk, further 140 km to Baikalsk by train or by bus. Sobolinaya Mountain is 3 km from Baikalsk, you can get there by cab or by a city shuttle bus.

10. Sorochany, Moscow region

There are about 30 ski complexes in Moscow and Moscow region, the largest and most modern of them is Sorochany in Dmitrov district. The resort’s founder, Leonid Sorochan, was an avid skier and his dream was to create a popular vacation spot for residents of the capital. And it came true! Nowadays thousands of tourists go skiing here.

“Sorochany is the most popular ski resort in Moscow and the Moscow region. Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

The length of the slopes is the most extensive in the capital region – 6.5 km, the complexity – from green to black, that is, they are suitable for beginners and children, as well as for advanced skiers. There are lighted slopes for evening skiing. Slopes are serviced by a new ropeway system: 4 chairlifts, 4 rope tow elevators and 1 baby elevator. Thanks to artificial snowing the season lasts from December to the end of March (four months). Resort infrastructure is varied: restaurants, cafes, cottages, spa centers, skating rink, helipad, golf club.

How to get there: the resort is located 50 km from the Moscow Ring Road, and you can get there by public transport by shuttle or train.

Ski resorts near Moscow



“Fox Mountain

Most ski resorts have a flexible pricing system. The highest price tag is always during peak loading hours – holidays and weekends. It is advantageous to purchase services for several days, online or as a package, such as accommodation + ski pass. There are separate rates for children and seniors. For more precise information, check the official websites.

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