Tourist reviews about Aqaba. Vacation Tips – 2022

Aqaba: vacation tips

Tourist reviews on holidays in Aqaba

We have collected reviews of holidays in Aqaba in Jordan for 2021. Learn firsthand about the weather, hotels, excursions, activities and beaches on the Gulf of Aqaba coast. Pros and cons of vacationing in Aqaba in 2022. Tourist tips.


Reviews about the weather in Aqaba.

The popular resort is located in the southwest of Jordan. On the shore of the narrow Gulf of Aqaba Red Sea is always warm, so tourists come to Aqaba all year round.

Winters are moderately warm – up to +20°C during the day and +7°C at night. The water is heated to +20. +21 ° C, so even in January in the Red Sea bathe. Storms are rare. Even in windy weather you will not see big waves on the sea.

Olga: “I was lucky – I vacationed a week in January. The first few days it was hot +23 . The wind was sometimes cool, but the water was very warm. It was pleasant to bathe, I did not freeze”.

The real heat comes to Aqaba in April. Summer is not considered the best time to relax, because on the Red Sea coast there is a debilitating heat. The air temperature rises to +40 ° C, and the sea – up to +27 ° C.

Polina Solovieva: “The weather spoiled my mood a little. I did not know that it could be so hot in a resort area.

According to reviews of tourists, holidays in Aqaba in Jordan are good during the Indian summer. In September the temperature drops to +27 ° C. In November, the water in the gulf is very warm +25 ° C. In the fall, it’s nice to swim, relax on the beaches and go on excursions.

d@[Pooh]: “In September, the Gulf of Aqaba coast is blown around by strong winds. Everything is blown away, be vigilant.”

Reviews about Aqaba

Red Sea, Aqaba (Photo: Kempinski Hotel Aqaba /

Tourist reviews of hotels in Aqaba

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The Jordanian resort has fashionable 5* hotels, excellent 4* hotels and budget 3* hotels. Some 4-5* hotels welcome tourists on an all-inclusive basis. Most hotels offer good, clean rooms and breakfasts.

According to reviews of tourists in Aqaba, Jordan is popular luxury hotel “Marina Plaza” 4 *, which stands on the Red Sea, 10 km from the center of the resort and 20 km from the international airport named after King Hussein. The modern hotel has quality service and is ideal for a quiet family vacation. It has a spa, fitness center, two adult pools and a small children’s pool.

To plan a vacation in Aqaba, Jordan in 2022, check out the hotel reviews. Tourists share their impressions, talk about important nuances and give sensible advice.

Olga: “Hotel Marina Plaza 4* deserves a solid 4. We were immediately accommodated, we were given a room on the first floor with a window overlooking the courtyard. It was very quiet and comfortable. The area is clean and the pools are clean all the time.

Natalia F. : “Mina Hotel 3* is under renovation, but continues to welcome guests. It is as good as a 4* hotel.

Tatiana Ch. : “Beau Rivage Boutique Resort By Sol Y Mar 4* is quite a decent and fresh hotel. All the staff speaks Russian to a greater or lesser extent”.

There are also negative reviews about Aqaba hotels in Jordan. It turns out that even the expensive “five” have flaws.

Natalia B. : “Grand Tala Bay Resort 5* free internet leaves much to be desired, the food is monotonous, there is little fruit.

Aqaba Hotel Reviews

A view from the hotel. Photo: Beau Rivage Boutique Resort By Sol Y Mar.

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Aqaba

According to tourist reviews, the north of Aqaba in Jordan is dominated by sandy beaches. In the south, there are many coral reefs near the shore. Most of the beaches of the resort belong to the hotels. The rest are public, and the locals like to relax on them. Many beaches deservedly praised. Especially well-reviewed of the sandy coast of Tala Bay – a modern tourist area, which is located 10 km from the center of Aqaba.

Dead Sea Jordan Vacation Reviews 2022 - 2022

On a sandy city beach swim Jordanians. The coast here looks very colorful. The locals settle down for a vacation in large families. Traditionally, Muslim women spend their time by the sea in completely closed clothes and never undress before entering the water.

According to reviews from tourists, Aqaba has many places for the usual beach vacation in bathing suits, with sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. If you want peace and comfort, go to the closed beach Berenice. Entrance costs 10 JOD. The beach offers towels, a bar, and a pier for launching into the water.

I didn’t like the beaches in Aqaba itself, so for those who like sunbathing and swimming I recommend stopping at Tala Bay. There is a promenade and a harbor with yachts.

Valentina: “The bus takes you to Tala Bay every morning – you have to sign up the night before. The bus takes 20 minutes.

Aqaba Vacation Reviews

View of the Gulf of Aqaba. Photo: Olga355 /

Tourist reviews of excursions in Aqaba

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From the resort tourists go to the ancient city of Petra, the pink desert of Wadi Rum, the biblical Madaba, the crusader castle of El Karak, the Dead Sea coast, the sights of Israel and Egypt.

To make your vacation in Aqaba in 2022 a success, read the reviews of tourists about the excursions. Many wrote that a tour to the picturesque desert of Wadi Rum made a big impression.

Arkady: “The tour is led by a Bedouin family. They really live in the desert of Wadi Rum and run a subsistence farm there. It certainly adds to the charm, especially for lovers of the real experience.” Read more about the tour →

Aqaba Vacation Reviews

The ancient city of Petra (Photo: StockSnap /

Tourist reviews of the attractions

Aqaba is one of the famous diving centers on the Red Sea. Thanks to the clear clear water, divers can admire the rich fauna of the coral reefs, sunken ships and even a tank. The resort has several diving centers with experienced instructors.

Near the hotel Coral Bay 3 * is a protected area where you can see the beautiful corals, sea urchins, nimble crabs and colorful fish. Active tourists go snorkeling, sea fishing and boat trips along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

If you enjoy walking, explore the port city and its attractions. Jordan’s resort is small, so it’s hard to get lost. Go to the waterfront fortress, Aqaba Fort, the rich Archaeological Museum and the Aqaba Science Station Aquarium. Walk to the excavation site at Tell al-Khalifa Hill.

Olga Bondar: “To visit the Red Sea and not appreciate all the underwater beauty is a real crime! I went to a local diving center. I advise to go to sea on the Yellow submarine. The passengers sit in the lower underwater compartment and watch all the underwater beauty from inside”.

Aqaba Vacation Reviews

Salah al-Din Castle on Faroun Island. Photo: ratherton /

Pros and cons of vacationing in Aqaba

Most tourists who visited the popular resort in 2021 left positive reviews about Aqaba. Many of them dream of returning to Jordan again and recommend this country to their friends and acquaintances.

Pros of vacationing in Aqaba in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • Short flight time.
  • No need to get a visa in advance.
  • The warm climate.
  • Good beaches.
  • Pristine Red Sea.
  • Excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling.
  • Natural, historical and religious sites.
  • Friendly locals.

Valentina: “The Jordanians are very friendly, not harassing, you can walk around the city in the evening without any fear.

Reviews and comments about Jordan. Leisure tips - 2022

There are few minuses:

  • There is trash at the resort.
  • There are a lot of abandoned vacant lots and dilapidated houses.
  • High prices for vacations.

Rimma K.: “For foreigners, everything is triple-priced.

Aqaba Vacation Reviews

Caves of Petra (Photo: stux /

The nuances of vacationing in Aqaba and tips for tourists

Hotels in Aqaba offer rooms with a sea view. You have to pay a little more for a beautiful view than for a room whose windows face the street or courtyard. Keep in mind, however, that “sea” rooms are uncomfortable to live in. They face the sunny side, so it is always hot.

Friday and Saturday are days off in Jordan. Muslims gather in Aqaba for the traditional Friday prayers, so it can be difficult to get around the resort.

Cabs are a convenient way to get around Aqaba. It costs JOD 2 for a ride within the city and JOD 5 for a ride outside the resort. Negotiate the price with the driver before you get in the car.

Groceries, souvenirs, aromatic oils and natural cosmetics of the Dead Sea are advantageous to buy at Carrefour. Fruit, sweets, spices, tea and coffee – at the local bazaar, which is located behind the mosque.

Lera111: “Most shops take dinars and dollars. If it says ‘Visa’ on the door, you can pay by card.”

Holidays in Aqaba: tourist reviews

At the end of August my husband and I decided to go somewhere warm for a week, to the sea on a limited budget.

We chose Jordan, specifically the city of Aqaba.

There is a 3.5 hour charter flight from Moscow. Or from Amman by any convenient means of transport, through the whole country, so as to see the most beautiful places of Jordan on the way.

On the whole, in order:

Aqaba and beach vacation nearby.There are a lot of hotels of different levels in the city itself, but only three of them have their own beach, the rest is a municipal beach. The municipal beach is dirty, uncomfortable and poorly equipped, despite the fact that Jordan is quite expensive country with a high standard of living. Once we went for a walk on the beach, we were impressed and glad we chose the Hyatt))).

In addition to the natural coastline, Aqaba has artificial beaches. Enterprising guys dug a canal, organized a system of pumps, etc., and now it circulates clear sea water, and on the bank of the canal hotels multiply in one of which we lived.

So if you come to Jordan just for the beach rest on the red sea, then choose hotels in Tala Bay (the transfer from the airport in Aqaba will take 20-30 minutes). Most hotels in the city have their own beach, as is the municipal, it is much cleaner than the beach in Aqaba.

Weather Even at the end of August it was still very hot! The thermometer rose above 36 degrees as early as 10 am. I love to have breakfast outside, but here it was a test.

Activities in Aqaba


Not so long ago we returned from Aqaba, reviewed the reviews, almost nothing was said about diving, and in fact the Gulf of Aqaba is a beautiful place, though poorly advertised, unlike neighboring Egypt, for fans of scuba diving. Because of the lack of mass tourism and the special geographical location, this part of the Red Sea is simply teeming with life and a variety of shapes and colors. Underwater there are a lot of large creatures, such as octopuses, which I adored, for some reason on the side of Eilat there are much less, as dived in Israel, I saw only one, and here on every dive. A lot of turtles, these absurd animals on land, affecting their grace in the water. A total of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea there are more than 160 species of coral, there are unique species. Diving in Jordan is inshore, you can mostly take a boat out, but it’s only for show as the best dive sites are along the coast. For us it was a plus as the event itself no more than 2 hours did not take us the opportunity to go on other excursions and just bask in the sea. And kids do not get seasick on the boat. The dive schedule is flexible, starting from 10 am every two hours.

Holiday at Sea in Jordan - 2022: reviews and prices

Aqaba – the sea city of Jordan.

In Aqaba we were there by chance. Just when we visited Petra we were offered to go there. So we decided to see Aqaba, because it is the only city in Jordan with the sea. It took us about three hours to get there from Petra and we stayed in a small hotel. We arrived there in the evening and our first impression of the city was very pleasant. After all, the whole life for locals there is exactly at night. There were a lot of cafes, stores open. It was interesting to see the oriental bazaar. The prices of goods there are a little lower than in Amman. But the prices of souvenirs really surprised me. They were twice as expensive as in Petra or the capital.

The next morning we went to the sea. It turned out that in the afternoon Aqaba is a surprisingly boring city. Many stores are closed, there are almost no people on the streets. Another thing I didn’t like was that Aqaba didn’t have any malls. I mean big ones like in Amman. There are only small stores and stores. Walking in the daytime in the heat is not very pleasant. The central beach did not impress me. The sea is of course very beautiful, but the beach is totally unequipped and very dirty. In addition, the tourists there were almost none. They all swim only on the closed beaches of hotels. And rightly so, as it is more comfortable and the locals will not look at them with all their eyes. But we were advised to go a little further from the center of Aqaba and we found a totally deserted wide beach where we could swim and sunbathe normally. In the cafe we went to eat every day at a different… read completely

Autumn Aqaba

I vacationed in Aqaba last fall, in November. But this time of year in Aqaba can only be called autumn. Compared to the weather in Russia, it was an African heat wave. Even in the evening the temperature was at least 27-28 degrees. And during the daytime it was steadily above 35 degrees during the week of my vacation. But this has not prevented local women to walk completely covered. In general my first thought when I saw this city was – how can you live here, because it’s very boring. I agree that you can come to Aqaba to rest for a few days and it’s quite normal to relax on the Red Sea and spend almost all the time in the hotel. That’s where the bulk of the tourists stay. They go to the beaches, which belong to the hotels. Because it is impossible to go to the city beach without attracting attention. The locals go there and they don’t swim in bathing suits and you don’t really want them all looking at you. So from this point of view, Aqaba is not very convenient. But there are practically no cheap hotels. They are all known networks and are very large and comfortable. The city itself is not very beautiful and clean. The sea is the only reason to go there. There are a lot of different cafes and restaurants. But most of them are very small and dark, they are very unhygienic, and people from countries like Pakistan work there. So their dishes are very remotely reminiscent of Arabic cuisine. But I can’t say it’s like that. There are some good restaurants, with a… read in full

Aqaba – the Pearl of the Red Sea

As you know, the Red Sea is a great place to relax. The water here is clean and very salty, allowing even not very skilled swimmers to enjoy water procedures. The underwater world of the Red Sea is stunningly beautiful. Through the crystal clear water you can see the corals, colorful fish of all colors and other inhabitants of the seabed. Here are very favorable conditions for diving and surfing.

When is the best time to rest in Jordan? Weather and Seasons by Month

In addition, the climate on the Red Sea from April to November allows you to rest, swim and sunbathe here. Many tourists from around the world appreciate all the benefits of vacationing at such Red Sea resorts as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Eilat in Israel and Aqaba in Jordan.

The latter resort is a new and rapidly developing port city. In Aqaba, you can also have a great vacation, as in Egypt or Israel. It offers a variety of hotels and infrastructure of the city. For those who want to rest in style offered hotels 5 stars, belonging to international networks. For example, a hotel Intercontinental receives guests even at the highest level. I visited the beach of this hotel and was very pleased with the cleanliness and service.

For those who want to save money, there are budget 3-star hotels. In addition, you can rent an apartment. Of course you should know Arabic or at least English to be able to negotiate with locals. Jordanians are very hospitable and polite people, so read completely.

Aqaba meets underwater tales and ancient mysteries

When you think of the East, many imagine mountains of sand, a scorching hot sun, and cacti instead of trees. Yet Aqaba, on the Jordanian Red Sea, is literally bursting with greenery. Tourists from all over the world meet here to explore the amazing sights of Jordan and have an unforgettable diving experience.

This young resort is surrounded by mountains and azure waters. It is better to come here in autumn or spring, in summer it is too hot in the city.

The moderate climate and gentle sea currents have created an ideal environment for the formation of coral reefs. By day, divers swim in the company of hundreds of species of fish, turtles and dolphins. And at night, you can see crabs, shrimp, and lobsters, which become active during the hours of darkness.

There are several dive centers in Aqaba that offer scuba diving equipment, transportation and professional instructors.

For those who don’t want to dive but want to marvel at the sea, they offer a boat trip or a boat with a glass bottom. There is also a stunning marine park.

Life in the city and boils at night: tourists and locals stroll along the long clean beaches, sit in cafes and numerous parks, buy souvenirs – market works and night! By the way, if you’re in Aqaba, don’t pass up the chance to try the freshest nuts, which are sold here on every corner. You can buy a handful or a whole bag. Cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds just picked!

Hot Summer in Aqaba

Summer in Jordan is very, very hot, I’ve learned that. We thought it was the end of summer and tourist season. But it was not! There were a lot of people and the sun was burning, the air temperature was as high as +40 C. There were neither hats nor tents to protect us, nor shoes to protect our heads. No hats or shawls were saved. We stayed in Aqaba and then we went on excursions to other places.

We didn’t choose a very cool hotel, but we asked for a room with a view of the sea. And then we paid the price for our romance. The sun was creeping into all corners of the room and made us feel unbelievably stuffy. The air conditioners cooled the air, but there were no dense curtains. The alternative was no better – a room facing a noisy and dusty street. It’s hard for me to understand the Jordanians, we weren’t the first to complain about the lack of a strong “light camouflage,” so why not do it right?

Dead Sea Jordan Vacation Reviews 2022 - 2022

The beaches in Aqaba are fine, with a choice of sandy or gravel, city (free) or hotel beaches.

The restaurants in the city, and the country as a whole, are teeming with fish and seafood. It’s all much cheaper than back home, so various shrimp salads and hot dishes we ate up.

The mishaps also happened with getting around town. We read that the local cab drivers are trying to extort money in any way. But we didn’t let that happen, we paid exactly according to the meter. And there were some confusions about the destinations. You say the street, the cab drivers said they didn’t know (it’s in their own town!). I had to name the place of interest or show a picture in the guidebook.

The perfect family vacation in Aqaba.

The long-awaited 2013 vacation was the first time in a long time that we spent with the whole family – me, my husband and our five-year-old son. For him it was the first acquaintance with abroad, so the choice of the resort came up demanding than usual. Tour operators advised Aqaba, which is on the coast of Jordan.

The month of March can hardly be called the beginning of spring in our region – solid snowdrifts and sub-zero thermometers. But what a beauty on the coast of the Red Sea! Aqaba welcomed us in real summer with daytime temperatures of +25, +28 degrees. However, it was nice to have some warm clothes, it was cool in the evenings – around +10, +14. But it in no way has affected water – warmed up to +20, it was quite suitable for bathing. The son, of course, was allowed only short runs on shallow water and back. In sunny weather it was quite comfortable to swim. The beach at the hotel was excellent, but the temptation to stay all alone on the same, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, took over, and we went further along the coastline. The choice of resting on a deserted beach or in a society of other tourists we were fond of. We also visited the city beach, where we hired a boat and rode along the coast.

The promises of the operators, the town and really was quiet and suitable for unhurried family vacation with a small child. Our compatriots, and hence the noise from them, was a little. Of foreign tourists, most of them were French and Germans. We did not meet a single living soul who has little to no understanding.

Clean beach and beautiful sea


For me Aqaba is associated primarily with a beautiful, clean sea and long, deserted beaches. People can be found only on the city beach, and locals come there only in the evening, because they rarely bathe. And if you go a little further away and get to the deserted, wide beaches. And they are equipped – there are umbrellas and sun beds and no one guards them. It is very difficult to imagine such in Russia – they would take away all this goodness in half an hour. Certainly, beaches at hotels are equipped even better, but there and a lot of tourists. And here it is possible to bathe at own pleasure or to make shashliks on a coast. In general, Aqaba is quite a boring city with no entertainment for tourists except for the hotels. Lovers of alcohol have nothing to do there, it is not sold anywhere. But there are many inexpensive cafes and patisseries with a very tasty and diverse selection. From Aqaba, you can also go on excursions to Petra and Amman. It is good to go there with small children who at the moment need nothing but the sea and the sand to be happy.

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