Tourist reviews about Tivat. Leisure tips – 2022

Tivat: beautiful nature and a minimum of tourists

Reviews about rest in Tivat

Get acquainted with the reviews of tourists about Tivat. Pros, cons and nuances of vacation in 2022. Opinions about hotels, beaches and excursions in the Montenegrin resort.


Reviews about the weather in Tivat

The seaside city is located on the shore of the Boko Kotor Bay. The climate here is warm and mild. Even in winter, the average temperature does not drop below +7. +9°С. During the cold season Tivat sells cheap mountain pomegranates, mandarins, persimmons and kiwi.

Rufina Mannikova: “Spring weather favored walks in the fresh air. I traveled through Tivat far and wide. In April, it was sunny, windless and warm. The temperature rose to +19 ° C in the afternoon.

The beach season starts in May, when the water in the sea warms up to +17. +18°С. In June, it is not too hot +25. It is +28°C in June, but in July and August it is really hot. The thermometer rises above +32. +36°С. There is almost no precipitation and wind, so the coast is stuffy. The sea water is very comfortable +25. +27°С.

Tivat in the summer and autumn are very different. Not only the weather changes. According to feedback from tourists, in the velvet season vacationers become few, so Tivat does not resemble a seaside resort in Montenegro.

The temperature drops to +22. +24 ° C, but the sea pleases with summer warmth. In September, the sea water is heated to +22 ° C, and in October to +18 ° C. With the onset of cold and rainy weather the beach holiday on the coast ends.

Photos and reviews of Tivat

View of the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (Photo: yakovlevmax0 /

Hotel reviews for Tivat

Search for discounted hotels on Here are the main rules of hotel search.

The Montenegrin resort has hotels for all tastes and wallets. The most luxurious Regent Porto Montenegro 5* is ready to fulfill all whims of guests. The comfortable hotel offers spacious rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, a modern spa, a yacht club, its own restaurants and bars on the waterfront. Most holidaymakers stay in budget apartment hotels or rent accommodation in the private sector.

To make your vacation in Tivat in 2022 a success, read the reviews of tourists about the hotels.

Reviews of tourists about Montenegro. Tips for your vacation - 2022

Nikolay : “Regent Porto Montenegro 5* is a stylish, luxurious and comfortable hotel. Most of all, I liked that any issue was resolved instantly. You have the feeling that all the staff are happy to help you and are happy to see you.

Artem : “Villa Royal Tivat 3* is an excellent hotel. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. Everything is clean and comfortable.

Hotel reviews for hotels in Tivat

Photo: Hotel Villa Royal.

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Tivat

At the Montenegrin resort are not wide pebble beaches or concrete platforms. Many of them belong to hotels. The entrance to the sea is steep, the depth begins close to the shore. The water is clean and clear – in shallow water you can see small fish.

According to reviews of tourists, for recreation with children in Tivat suitable fine pebble beach Belane, which is located in the center of the resort and has a convenient entrance to the water. In the suburbs of Tivat – in Donja Lastva, Selianovo and Kalardovo – there are several good places for recreation.

A little further from Tivat are the beaches of Lustica peninsula and the most beautiful sandy beach on the coast, Plavi Horizonti, which has the honorary Blue Flag.

Hope: “What a sea! It’s just gorgeous! Clean, transparent, a little invigorating, of course, but its beauty was more than offset by the coolness of the water.

Reviews about rest in Tivat

The beach in Tivat. Photo: OlgaIlinich /

Tourist reviews of excursions in Tivat

The most famous attraction in Tivat is the beautiful Boko-Kotor Bay. Judging by the reviews, tourists liked the excursions to the largest in the Balkans Skadar Lake, Perast, Herceg Novi and travel through the mountain ranges of Prokletija.

During your vacation in Tivat take a trip on your own to Kotor, the historical pearl of Dalmatia, which is under UNESCO protection. Admire the Old Town and the fortress gates, palaces of aristocrats and medieval churches. The distance between Tivat and Kotor is only 11 km, so it takes 15 minutes by bus.

Take the kids for a walk in the Veliki Gradski Park, visit the white-white yachts on the waterfront and the island of Flowers. For entertainment go to Budva. The neighboring resort has a water park, a luna park and a rope park.

Beach Mogren in Budva

Search for excursions on the Tripster website, where you can find unique author’s tours, which will show the resort from a new side.

Olga : “We had a great time on the tour “Tivat – Three Faces of the Seaside City”, we had time to see a lot. I highly recommend it. Read more about the tour →

Pros and cons of the holiday in Tivat

According to the reviews left by tourists for 2021, cozy and quiet Tivat liked the relaxed atmosphere, proximity to the airport and a good beach vacation. The seaside town made a pleasant impression, so many would like to return here again.

The pros of vacationing in Tivat in 2022, according to the reviews of tourists:

  • No need to apply for a visa.
  • The mild climate.
  • Clean Adriatic Sea.
  • Diving in Boko Kotor Bay.
  • Good Montenegrin cuisine.
  • Interesting excursions.
  • Luxury park.
  • Picturesque seaside landscapes.

Tatyanja: “Boka Kotor Bay is an incredible place! On the coast, private sector and hotels, yachts and boats stand by the water, the water is clear and calm, and there are mountains behind it. Not a lot of people at all.

Cons :

  • Few activities for young people.
  • Montenegrins and tourists smoke a lot in public places.
  • In summer, accommodation, food and tours are expensive.

Julia Kaledina: “In Serbia it was possible to rent a good room for two in 15 euros. But here we could hardly find a room with bathroom on the floor for 40 euros.

Reviews about rest in Tivat

Restaurant on the terrace in the Bay of Kotor (Photo: VinceTraveller /

Vacation nuances in Tivat and travel tips

The resort town is ideal for holidays with children of preschool age. Tivat is 4 km from the international airport. It has a well-developed infrastructure, you can rent comfortable accommodation and have a good time by the warm sea.

According to tourist reviews, there is no boredom in Tivat. In February, there are carnivals on the coast, which are associated with the festival of the sea. In May, Montenegrins celebrate Dandelion Day and Youth Day. Throughout August there are theater festivals. In addition, in the last month of summer the resort hosts the Bokel Night festival, and a succession of decorated boats and yachts sail along the shores of Tivat.

Rest "all inclusive" in Montenegro. Tour prices - 2022

One of the popular activities for active tourists is diving. There are several diving centers in Tivat, where you can rent equipment or hire a Russian speaking instructor. Test diving costs from 40 €, and the training course from 220 €. Night diving is very interesting. See the underwater beauty of the Adriatic Sea and descend to the sunken ships.

Anna: “Yes, it’s not the Red Sea, but believe me – there is something to see in the Adriatic too.

Tourist reviews about Tivat. Leisure tips – 2022

Tivat in September There are few attractions in Tivat itself, so I advise to choose hotel and beaches more carefully. I advise to visit family and quiet park Zupa, and expensive and pompous Porto Montenegro is worth the money, excellent patisserie and pizza. We were looking for a hotel for a long time, but the most ideal place was Hotel Sun, in Selyanovo. It is about 3 km walk from the bus station. By the way, there is a chain supermarket Franca. I advise to buy there, including wine, a very good choice.

The bad news: beaches in Tivat

Yachting in Tivat Beach holidays in Tivat, I am not impressed. There are not bad beaches Kalardovo for example, or at the hotels Palma and Kamelia. For me, in Montenegro and in particular in Tivat from personal offers on yachting. If you are an experienced and independent in this business, I think you know all the charms. I will tell a little about yachting for “dummies”, so to speak for the first time. First of all. For the first time enough for a couple of days, with overnight stay in the cabin. (Hourly rentals are expensive and will not give the full picture).

Anna good afternoon, write your contacts, wanted to clarify from whom you chartered a yacht, if you were very pleased. Thanks in advance)

We were not sitting in one place, we went somewhere or went almost every day: Herzog Novi, Kotor, Budva, Bar, Podgorica, Petrovac, Lovcen, Skadar Lake and just along the mountains or along the coast.

And here’s what we learned from this trip: for a beach vacation, either too many people or water and beach quality repulsive, or sometimes both at the same time. In August it is so, in the fall or spring maybe

Montenegro resorts. Where to have a better holiday

Beware of thieves in airport security! Arrived yesterday from Montenegro! This is outrageous! Robbed by airport security staff! While you go through the metal detector and then they search you. They open your bags without your supervision, go through your belongings, and if they see something stabbing you. And on the sly, they rob you! They act as if by hypnosis. And they do not take everything. Otherwise there will be a ruckus! Limitless impudence and rudeness!

It is time to expand the airport I liked, but it is probably the merit of Montenegrins working there. There are an insane number of jokes and sayings about laziness of the Montenegrins, but in fact they are very fast. As soon as the plane landed they quickly unloaded the luggage, quickly got all passengers through passport control, customs, took their luggage and voila – went to the hotel! Check-in for the return flight was pretty fast as well, but I’m sure we were lucky too. There were no delays,

Tivat was optimal! Why? First of all because of the greatest possibility of a choice. Well advertised: Budva, Igalo, Petrovac, Rafailovichi etc, are very one sided and expensive. From Tivat to all these centers to go equally close, plus Kotor, Risan, the same Dubrovnik. Secondly: there are TWO beach options near Tivat. On the shore of Boka Kotorskaya bay (the water is warmer and there are no (!) storms) and the Adriatic. These are Plavi Horizonti and Blue Lagoon. In general, there are seven beaches in Tivat area. Any – to choose from. And, third, and most importantly, Tivat is not yet a popular resort, it is not spoiled by the big prices and can find an apartment for 30 euros and a meal for two with wine for 20-th. There is a promenade boulevard with an abundance of not expensive cafes, there is a seaport with cruises in the neighborhood, there are museums and a botanical garden. In short, there’s something to see and where to relax and it’s all in a minute (!) Accessibility from the airport.

Tivat Kolardovo. The warmest beach in Montenegro, you can swim from May to September.

  • go on excursions
  • swim and sunbathe on the beach
  • Do scuba diving

We were there from October 29 to November 5, 2013. I bought plane tickets – 24k and a 10k apartment reservation. I liked it very much. Weather our favorite – about 20-23, the sun shines, the sea rustles, a weak breeze. The town is very green, houses 2-3 storey with small gardens, grapes everywhere, but purely decorative, no one collects it. City House apartments we liked, lived on the 3rd floor, view of the mountains. It was quiet, sometimes you can hear the music school kids playing. Every hour, the bells on the bell tower rang.

  • go on excursions
  • swim and sunbathe on the beach
  • travel by car
  • sail
  • rent villas and apartments
Montenegro vacations with children - 2022. Resorts, hotels, prices.

Tivat airport – the way to happiness! We recently (July-August 2013) visited Montenegro! Beautiful country, but today I would like to stop at the place where it all started – the airport. Tivat airport is a small airfield, which is practically on the beach (which surprised us a lot at first). So, let’s begin. Our plane had landed and all passengers rushed to the nose gate – here began the adventure. It turns out that the airport is so small that the plane literally landed next to the entrance where

(rules of carry-on luggage)(rules of carry-on luggage from Tivat)

  • travel by car

Double bull’s-eye Sharing my fresh impressions. We decided to organize our vacation on our own, not trusting the tour operators. On this site we scoured the offers, compared prices and came to the conclusion that Montenegro will be best for us in “Flower Island”, even a block away, booked tickets, contacted the hotel administrator via Skype, right in Bar we met the driver and drove to the place. It was late evening, we were fed, such a huge meal, we refreshed and went straight to bed.

  • swim and sunbathe on the beach
  • Do scuba diving

Nineties, hello! It so happened that the choice and purchase of tours in Montenegro, we were engaged 5 days before departure. Manager travel agency through which we previously purchased tours on the day we need is not working. Only the 3rd travel agency was able to offer us a tour to Montenegro, corresponding to the specified parameters – for 7 days, 2 adults, flight Moscow-Tivat-Moscow, transfers, accommodation in apartments in Budva and insurance. We have signed a contract for services with OOO Marco Polo working on

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