Tourist reviews for holidays in St. Petersburg – 2022

What tourists think about St. Petersburg.

Leisure time in St. Petersburg.

Want to spend a vacation in the city on the Neva? Read tourist reviews of St. Petersburg in 2021. Find out what they write about the weather, hotels and excursions, and what the pros and cons of vacationing in St. Petersburg are. Tips of tourists.


Reviews about the weather in St. Petersburg

According to reviews of tourists, the best weather in St. Petersburg in the summer. Especially good to come in the period of white nights, which lasts from late May to mid-July. In late fall, winter and early spring in the city is cold and dank.

According to reviews from tourists, the weather in St. Petersburg is unpredictable and can bring unpleasant surprises. Take warm clothes! In winter you will need gloves, a jacket with a hood and a scarf, and in the warmer months – a waterproof raincoat or umbrella.

Meteorite: “On the whole, the local climate suits me fine. There is no exhausting heat in the summer. For me the rest of the seasons is like this: I like autumn until the 25th of October. After that there is gloom and gloom and depression, which sometimes lasts until the New Year.

na-ta4: “In summer the rain spoiled only one day of the whole week, it scared me a little and then rewarded me with a beautiful rainbow.

Reviews of weather in St. Petersburg

Vitebsk station (Photo: / @denisotree)

St. Petersburg hotel reviews

Look for discounted hotels on Rumguru. Here are the main rules for finding hotels.

The choice of places to stay in the city is huge. On New Year’s Eve and White Nights, the best options are in high demand, so prices skyrocket. At other times of the year to find decent accommodation is not a problem.

According to reviews, a good holiday in St. Petersburg offer a small private hotels and apart-hotels. Here rent a cozy room with breakfast or full board, which is very convenient for couples and for traveling with children. If you want to rent a room for a night starting at 800 rubles, you can stay in cheap hostels.

There are many great cozy apartments and rooms for reasonable prices on Look for lodging in advance – good options are sold out very quickly!

If you are counting on a luxury hotel, choose a 5* hotel in the historical center of the city. A lot of positive reviews received luxury hotels in St. Petersburg Astoria, Europe, Angleterre, Golden Garden, Grand Hotel Emerald, Talion Imperial, Corinthia Nevsky Palace, Kempinski Moika 22, Russian Empire and Trezzini Palace.

To make your vacation in St. Petersburg in 2022 a success, study the reviews of tourists about hotels and choose comfortable accommodation for your trip.

Where to stay in the center of St. Petersburg - 14 variants

Arkadiy : “The Nevsky Kontur Hotel is a great location. Most attractions are within walking distance, the hotel itself is located inside a courtyard, so it’s quiet in the room.

Alexander : “The hotel “Catherine 5*” friendly staff, very beautiful interior, clean rooms, great breakfast. We will come again.

Hotel reviews for hotels in St. Petersburg

Room in the hotel “Nevsky Kontur”. Photo:

Tourist reviews of excursions in St. Petersburg

Those who come to the city for the first time like sightseeing tours of St. Petersburg, guided trips through the night streets and bus trips to the picturesque suburbs: Peterhof, Pushkin, Kronstadt, Oranienbaum, Sosnovy Bor and Gatchina. Prices for excursions in 2022 start from 500 rubles.

Look for excursions on Tripster site – there are unique author’s tours that will show the city from a new side. Read the reviews of tourists about the best tours in St. Petersburg and choose the routes that you like best.

Alexandra : “From rooftop to rooftop in the center of St. Petersburg – an unforgettable experience! I recommend this tour to everyone! Too much adrenaline and a storm of emotions provided. Read more about the tour →

Aleksey: “Excursion is great, Peterhof is just beautiful, it’s hard to imagine how people made such a beauty hundreds of years ago. In a word, it’s a real delight. Read more about Tours →

Pros and cons of vacationing in St. Petersburg.

According to the reviews of tourists who have been to St. Petersburg in 2021, rest here brings a lot of pleasure. In one of the most beautiful cities in Russia it is interesting to go alone, and in the company of friends, and with children.

Recreation in St. Petersburg in 2022, according to reviews of tourists:

  • Convenient transport links to many parts of the country.
  • Many accommodations for tourists.
  • Architectural and historical monuments.
  • Special atmosphere of the former imperial capital.
  • Welcoming locals.
  • Interesting excursions.
  • In the canteens you can eat cheap and delicious.
  • Large selection of free entertainment.
  • Colorful celebrations.

Vera-Don: “Coming out of Vitebsk station, we immediately got to Zagorodny Prospect and what’s called opened our mouths. Right in front of us were such stunning buildings.

Minuses :

  • Raw and overcast weather.
  • Prices for housing are inflated.
  • The trips are expensive. It is more convenient to travel on your own.
  • A lot of tourists.

Lorena Mil35: “I’ve been in rush hour a couple of times. I’ve seen so much pandemonium of people in my town only on the day of the city at the fireworks! And this is taking into account that we went out of season. They say in summer there are a lot more people.

Night tours of St. Petersburg - 7 the most interesting

Tourism reviews for Saint Petersburg

St. Isaac’s Cathedral (Photo: / @vplameniraket)

Holiday tips for St. Petersburg

From May to October, St. Petersburg has the most tourists. Cheap tickets and lodging are in demand. Buy tickets and book hotel rooms in advance!

Plan in advance the routes of travel in the city. It is best to choose accommodation in the center, otherwise it takes a long time to get to the attractions.

Unlike other tourist cities in Russia, St. Petersburg has an excellent budget catering. If you want to save money, dine in canteens, pushechnyh, fast food establishments and inexpensive cafes.

According to reviews of tourists, the most profitable way to pay for public transport in St. Petersburg – the electronic card “Podorozhnik. Tourists convenient card for a period of 1 to 7 days, which can take any number of trips on all forms of transport, except taxis. Recharge the card is easy in ticket machines and kiosks that are in the vestibules of each station of St. Petersburg subway.

The choice of excursions in the city and suburbs is large, but the prices are high. See the sights of St. Petersburg on your own, and it will cost you half as much.

I sincerely recommend that those who travel by train take care of their travel documents 90 days in advance.

Tourist reviews of St. Petersburg

The Yard Well in St. Petersburg

An 11-day trip to St. Petersburg in May 2022. Our program + lots of photos

I am sorry, I screwed up. Six months ago I promised to tell you about our October trip to St. Petersburg, and as a result I wrote two articles. I have not told about the program (where we were, what we saw) and cafes/restaurants (where we ate). So now I will not promise anything. To begin I will present you. not to tell that the program, but the chronology of events of our May trip to St.-Petersburg. All the same, the program assumes a precise schedule, the schedule, and with us most of what happened happened by inspiration and love, rather than by plan. However, we are changing, too. And we are beginning to feel pleasure in excursions and cultural events planned in advance.

So, in advance, we bought tickets to the Alexandrinsky. So, in advance, we decided on a trip and an excursion to Gatchina. But for that, a huge thank you to Ira Kormiltseva. She was the mover who pulled our slackness together and pushed us in the right direction. And Lena Garifullina gathered our friendly company on a trip to Derzhavin’s museum-estate. It was a wonderful cultural trip!

New Year in St. Petersburg - 2023. How to celebrate: 10 programs

Almost every day in St. Petersburg was marked by meetings and conversations with friends. We walked a lot around St. Petersburg. Twice we traveled beyond its borders. Went to two performances. Visited five excursions. Twice we were invited as guests. Went to a dozen food establishments. Almost were not in stores (unlike last time, when we visited three bookstores). Such is our modest arithmetic, to summarize as a whole.

  • Day 1 (April 30). Arrival in St.Petersburg at 12.30. Check-in at the hotel “Kameya”. Rest. Strolling through New Holland. Dinner with the Gerasimovs and Garifullins at the restaurant “Old Tbilisi”.

  • Day 2 (May 1). Stroll in the center of St. Petersburg. Stroll along the route “Dostoevsky’s Petersburg” (addresses of characters from the novel “Crime and Punishment” + museum in Kuznechny Lane + monument to Dostoevsky on Vladimirskaya Square). Coffee and cakes at the “Bun Shop” in front of “Raskolnikov’s House”. Dinner at the cafe “Meat & Bread” on VO. Strolling around evening St.Petersburg.

  • Day 3 (May 2). Trip to Gatchina with Ira and Sergey Kormiltsev. Excursion around the palace. Dinner at Ira and Sergey’s house.

  • Day 4 (May 3). Walk in Kolomna. Walk in New Holland. Coffee with desserts in the cafe “Kuznya”. Dinner at the Gerasimovs’ house.

  • Day 5 (May 4). Visit to the museum-apartment of N.A. Nekrasov (together with Ira G.). Lunch at the cafe “Meat & Bread” on the VO. Play “Marriage” at the Alexandrinsky theater.

  • Day 6 (May 5). Stroll in St. Petersburg. Voskresensky Novodevichy Monastery + Novodevichy cemetery. Lunch at the “refectory” of the monastery.

  • Day 7 (May 6). Stroll in St. Petersburg. Excursion to the Marble Palace. Program “Marina’s Beloved” in the art cafe “Cellar of a stray dog. Lunch there, too. Dinner in a cafe “Meat & Bread” on the VO. Strolling around evening St.Petersburg.

  • Day 8 (May 7). Excursion at the Museum of F.M.Dostoevsky. Coffee and desserts at the “Bakery” opposite the museum. Stroll in the center of St. Petersburg. Dinner at the cafe “Meat & Bread” on VO.

  • Day 9 (May 8). Eight people (Gerasimovs, Garifullins, Lucas) tour in the museum-estate of G. Derzhavin. Lunch in a cafe “Suvorov”. Night excursion by boat to the raising of bridges.

  • The 10th day (May 9). Trip to Vyborg. Dinner in a cafe “Krepostnaya, 5”.

  • Day 11 (May 10). Stroll in the center of St. Petersburg (Palace Square and surroundings). Trip to the Smolny Cathedral, climbing the bell tower. Walks around St. Petersburg again. Dinner at “Khachapuri & Wine” cafe at VO. More walking in St.Peterburg. Driving back home at 20.30.
12 unusual and beautiful apartments for tourists in St. Petersburg

  • Day 12 (May 11th). Arrival home at 06.30.

It’s something incredible, but we spent almost 11 full days in St. Petersburg! And I want more. Before the trip I kept thinking about what would be the most memorable moment of the trip. You know, I have a special day in every trip, or rather moments of supreme bliss, when everything merges – the beauty of the surroundings, inner harmony and tranquility. Did you see the first photo in this article? That’s probably the moment that represents this entire trip. Happiness. Of course, this trip was unique. We had never been in St. Petersburg for 11 days at a time. We’ve never had so much interaction in one St. Petersburg trip as we have now. And it is unforgettable. Thanks to everyone who was with us!

Excursions. St. Petersburg

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Ludmila's avatar

Good afternoon. Share your impression of visiting the art cafe “Stray Dog Cellar”. Also planning to go to Peter. And this cafe . How do you like the show, the atmosphere? Thank you.

Galina avatar

Hi Ludmila! We liked the cafe very much. The atmosphere was great, and the food was delicious. I liked the play more, my husband less. It’s just that we already know the theme and know that it could have been more powerful. I’ve started to slowly talk about “Stray Dog” on my Zen channel: it’s two posts (here and here) and a video. If you’re interested, read/watch it. I’ll continue my story a little later.

Avatar yana

Galya, thank you! Thank you for the beauty! Beautiful trip. St. Petersburg soulful meeting took place. It was so great. We are going to go to St. Petersburg in the summer. We missed it.

What to bring from St. Petersburg - the prices of gifts and souvenirs

Galina avatar

Ahh, it’s going to be Peter this summer after all. That’s great. What are the dates? Yes, we had a wonderful, I would even say large-scale trip. And I want to go to Peter again. Maybe in October it will be possible, I don’t know. :)

Avatar yana

Galina avatar

Avatar yana

Alexander Veselov's avatar

And I had a little bit unexpected trip to the City on the Neva. I won the quiz from the Tourist Information Center of the Leningrad region. I went for gifts. Went for a walk along Rimsky-Korsakov Avenue. Went to St. Isidor’s cathedral (this is the church of Estonian Orthodox parish). Then for good luck, came to the Mikhailovsky theater. And, oh, Miracle. Bought a ticket for the ballet “Don Quixote. In case there were no tickets, I had a few alternatives. There was a performance of Xenia of Petersburg at the Alexandrinka. The Comedy Theater had a performance of “Business Men.” And you could even probably get into a rock concert performed by a symphony orchestra. But I was lucky with the Mikhailovsky Theater. There was also a hotel nearby. But I was disappointed in it. Claimed 3 stars, but in reality only for the price of 3 stars. I booked my first hotel on Ostrovka. Very surprised, but was not asked to leave a review.

Galina avatar

Alexander Veselov's avatar

Avatar of user elenau

Galya, I haven’t read you for a long time – I missed you very much!) St. Petersburg program, as well as the entire trip, was excellent. Thanks for the many photos – looked at them with pleasure, read the atmosphere and absorbed the information. I have not been to many of the places you mentioned. So I take on my pencil and the Novodevichy monastery, and the Marble Palace (all don’t have time to go), and museums of Dostoevsky and Derzhavin. And how beautiful pictures from the night boat trip! I must take it in hand – we only saw the unfurling of the bridges.

I wrote down your new restaurants and cafes. Eateries are an important topic). Apparently “Meat and Bread” is a great place, since you’ve eaten there more than once. From nostalgic – admired the Gatchina Palace, Smolny Cathedral and Vyborg. Last summer, too, saw them with my own eyes. Tell me, Galyun, is the tower of St. Olaf still under restoration?

Thank you for the inspiring story and show! It was great to see all of you, see your beloved Peter and dream about a new date with the city! And it makes me want to read your opuses more often). Although I understand that these are different times, and the emphasis has shifted a bit. But God willing, there will be more trips, and your reports too!

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