Tourist reviews for Protaras 2022. Holiday prices, tips

Tourist reviews for Protaras 2022. Holiday prices, tips

Prices in Cyprus right now are great! Beautiful, delicious, no crowds! As soon as the news about the opening of Turkey and the emergence of official flights to Cyprus (June 28), tour prices were reduced. So we grabbed a tour to Cyprus for 66,700 rubles for a week! We bought the tour two days before it.

We bought the tour two days before departure, we made good time with the tests and visas. We bought the tour two days before the flight, got all the tests and visas done in time, flight transfers were canceled, etc. The flight is still with passengers, but it was not afraid to fly, no fear of cancellation. The flight left on time, was no different from the usual flight, the only thing was that they did not feed me at all, only drinks.

This summer I finally visited Cyprus, as for the last five years I had been dreaming to see this island. We went on a trip together with my husband and children who are 5 and 15 years old. I can honestly say that I did not expect that the holidays in Cyprus would be so great that I would not even want to consider something else for a trip with the kids in the future. Protaras has all the conditions for children’s and family holidays. Cafes and restaurants usually close at 2 a.m., so it is safe to sleep with the windows open in the hotel. We stayed at the hotel Papantonia,

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach.

Not impressed, although my daughter liked it. After visiting zoos and aquariums in large cities, this will seem a zoo.

Myastros hotel in Protaras, everything is good, the water is clean, haven’t seen such clean water and clean beach. Meals at this hotel is poor, very few fruits, breakfasts are the same, I liked the dinner, room service, too.

We had a great stay at the hotel. We had a lot of good restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. And one of the best hotels in Protaras (as for me – by far the coolest) – our Sunrise. From the sea – it is impossible to take your eyes away. After grey gloomy April cold, damp and dull off-season, with spring which does not want to come, here in Cyprus, we were in a tender, gaining strength summer. Flowery, green, lush and enveloping-warm. For this happiness, for the opportunity to be transported in just a few hours.

Love Ayia Napa: 27 best sights

The wonderful resort town of Cyprus. The island I have visited many times, and the last time I went to Protaras, and I can say with confidence that it is the most landscaped place in Cyprus. It is very quiet and peaceful place, there are few parties and discos, so the city is ideal for family holidays, as well as holidays with children. Very many hotels here are equipped with water parks, amusement rides and other entertainment. All this is surrounded by a huge number of trees, flowers, mountains, fresh air from the sea and an amazing atmosphere. There are no sights in the center of the town, but there are several stores and restaurants of homemade Cypriot cuisine. We vacationed in this town with two children who were very happy to be here. The beaches of the year are perfectly clean, there is not a single dirty thing or garbage in the sand. There were a lot of lifeguards on the beaches, so I was calm for my children. The water is also clean, I myself observed how in the morning, people combed out the seaweed that the sea knocked out on the shore. Rest very much liked!

We went to this town with my family and two children, we rented an apartment. The place is very beautiful and quiet. There are almost no noisy festivities, nightclubs and other entertainment. There are a lot of quiet and cozy restaurants, a cafe with a Russian menu. There are not many souvenir shops, but for entertainment and shopping you can go to Ai Napa, which is not far away. In Protaras beaches are clean and sandy, at every step you can see children’s slides and mini water parks. There are even animators on the beach. There are a lot of kids here, and the main thing is that the water is very clean. The beach was cleaned every day, I personally watched it at 5 am. In the center of the city there are grocery stores, not supermarkets, but you can buy food.There are beauty salons, and for some reason there are a lot of places where you can score a tattoo. Cab around town is not expensive, went several times to the waterfront – the most beautiful place in town. It’s a nice, quiet and peaceful town, a perfect place to relax with kids. I advise you to visit.

Cuisine of Cyprus: food prices - 2022. What to try.

Good day, yesterday came back from Cyprus. We stayed in Protaras. I liked everything. The staff there were very nice Russian speakers and will always tell you what you need. The goods are of high quality and the most important thing is the very reasonable prices! I also went to the Romeo restaurant. It was a great cuisine and a great concert program. Do not regret to come to Cyprus to rest!

What a fun city Protaras is! Most people say that Protaras is a quiet town for old people and families with children. However, I want to assure everyone that this is not so! We went there as a group of 5 young people. And how everyone thought that we will go from there to Ayia Napa to the night discos and bars. The first few days we decided to walk around and go to a couple of bars. And we were not disappointed! First of all, there are a lot of bars! They serve a great variety of beers, snacks, etc. There are soccer games almost every day. And often in the

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach.

Cozy and ideally clean town We vacationed in Protaras in June 2013, stayed in Connos Bay Hotel, near Protaras. Protaras is a small European resort town where there are 2 times more tourists than locals. Across the city by bus costs 1.5 euros, or a cab on the counter the minimum order of 5 euros, by the way almost all cabs in Protaras brand “Mercedes”. In Protaras it is a lot of small supermarkets, but in them dear, all purchases were made in the big German supermarket Lidl, you can buy everything.

Tips for recreation in Protaras

Leisure reviews for Protaras

Read the reviews of tourists about Protaras for 2021. What do they write about the weather, hotels, beaches, sea and excursions in one of the best resorts in Cyprus? Prices for holidays in 2022. Pros and cons of vacationing in Protaras. Tips from tourists.


Reviews about the weather in Protaras

On the island all year round comfortable weather. The resort season lasts from April to the end of October. In the sea begin to swim in May. In summer in Protaras is very hot – in July and August the thermometer rises to +35. +40 ° C, and there is no rain.

The most beautiful places of Cyprus

Tatiana Lemesheva: “Temperature in August reached +32 ° C. Evenings were warm +22. +23°С. A pleasant respite after the heat of the day. You can walk for pleasure, and on the open terrace of the restaurant to sit and breathe the sea air”.

According to reviews of tourists, very good weather in Protaras during the velvet season.

Tatiana: “Until September 20, from 11 to 15 hours the sun warms up strongly. After the 20th is more comfortable, but at night +22 ° C. It seemed cool. After the 20th there were more holidaymakers with children. The sea after 16 hours is very warm”.

In the off-season, resort life comes to a standstill, and many hotels close for a hiatus.

Weather reviews for Protaras

Protaras (Photo: TeryKats /

Protaras hotel reviews

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The seaside city is small in size, but there are plenty of accommodations for tourists. Those looking for comfort, stay in large hotel complexes 4-5*. According to feedback from tourists in Protaras popular hotels 3 *, budget gesthouses and family apartments. It is cheaper to rent a house from locals. An apartment with one or two rooms costs from 30 euros per night.

To make your vacation in Protaras in 2022 a success, study tourists’ reviews of hotels. Learn about all the nuances and make your choice!

Alexxx88: “Tsokkos Protaras Beach 4 * is a cheap hotel, tours to it are in the medium price range. If you’re going to the sea, but not to sit in a hotel room – take it.

nastik86 : “The room in Tsokkos Polycarpia 4* is big, white and clean, there are some small repairs, but it’s minor things. The hotel is very well located, our room is clean and the bed linen was changed often and once a week. I liked the food.

Berkana7 : “I recommend Tui Fun And Sun Anastasia Beach Hotel 4* for grandparents, children. No heavy climbs, descents. Everything is close by.”

There are hotels that some tourists did not like.

Al 1770955 : “The only plus of Tsokkos Marlita Hotel Apartments 4* is the proximity to the beach. The music rumbles from the neighboring cafes and hotels so that you can’t hide anywhere! The room is in such a sad state that even the kitchen and the second room are not fun.

Spring in Cyprus - 2022. Weather in March, April, May

Traveler Reviews for the Protaras Weather

Tsokkos Protaras Beach (Photo: / Tsokkos Protaras Beach)

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Protaras

Protaras is often called the best beach resort in Cyprus. There are many sandy beaches in and around the city with a comfortable shallow entrance to the sea and large stretches of shallow water. Everywhere are equipped with changing cabins, toilets and showers, and vacationers can rent sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun.

Best beaches of Protaras in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • Fig Tree Beach
  • Konnos Bay
  • Sunrise
  • Trinity
  • Pernera
  • Luma
  • Marlita
  • Mazura
  • Lombardi

Yumos19: “The beach at Fig Tree has a beautiful, warm sea. Not far from the shore is an island, which is easy to swim to, but it is better to go to it with slippers (very sharp stones). Around the island is interesting to swim with a snorkel.

Protaras Beach Reviews

View of Fig Tree Beach in Protaras (Photo: dronepicr /

Tourist reviews of excursions in Protaras

Search for excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Prices for excursions in hotels and street agencies are almost the same. According to reviews, Protaras popular excursions with Russian-speaking guides in the mountain villages of Troodos, the picturesque Cape Greco, the shrines of the island, Ayia Napa and the ancient monuments on the southern coast of Cyprus.

A child will not be bored in Protaras! The resort has a large water park and oceanarium. In large hotels, small tourists are welcomed by play areas, “paddling” and sports fields.

Read the reviews of tourists about the excursions in Protaras and choose the routes that you liked best.

Alyona : “The material of the tour “Cyprus in one day” is very diverse and interesting, it includes the history of the Orthodox shrines and traditions of life, as well as a detailed account of the history of the conflict between the north and south. Read more about the tour →

Tatiana: “I liked the excursion “Salamis – Famagusta”. We were very hesitant whether to go, because in Cyprus for the fourth time, almost all looked, remained unexplored only the north. Actually there is for sure something to see, to be amazed and to learn about. Read more about the tour →

How much does a holiday in Cyprus cost - 2022. The cost of travel

The pros and cons of relaxing in Protaras

This quiet and cozy town is perfect for a calm and measured rest on the beach. Everyone who visited Protaras in 2021 liked the resort.

Recreation in Protaras in 2022, according to the reviews of tourists:

  • No need to apply for a visa.
  • The warm climate and clean sea.
  • Wonderful beaches. Beach Fig Tree Bay is one of the ten best beaches in Europe.
  • Nearby is the national park Cavo Greco – a real gem of the island.
  • Interesting excursions in Cyprus.
  • The resort is a lot of greenery.

Latailes: “The streets of the city abound with bright vegetation. Lots of grass, trees, flowers.”

Cons :

  • From June to early September, Protaras is very hot.
  • In the peak season, the resort is overcrowded.
  • Not all hotels are close to good beaches.

Freya2014: “Protaras is an ordinary village, with three stores (where you need everything) and one large METRO, no entertainment at all.

Leisure reviews for Protaras

Protaras (Photo: / Beautiful Villa with Private Pool)

Tips for recreation in Protaras

Protaras is a young resort, and you won’t find any special attractions here. To get acquainted with Crete’s past, plan more excursions. If you like independent promenades, go up to the temple of St. Elias and see the Magic Dancing Waters water show in the center of the resort.

A great way to lose those extra pounds you gain in the hospitable tavernas of Protaras is to climb up to the observation deck on a steep 115-meter cliff. The reward will be the newly restored St. Elias Church and the best panoramic view of the city.”

The most accessible mode of transportation at the resort is buses. They run through the city and between the rural areas of Cyprus. Cabs are handy. In Protaras, there is a service “service-taxi” at the hotel receptions. The trip will cost twice as much as by bus, but is cheaper than a regular cab, because the car carries up to 10 passengers.

In Cyprus it is customary to tip maids, porters at the hotel and cab drivers. In restaurants and cafes a 10% service charge is usually included in the bill, so there is no need to tip.

For shopping we advise to go to Limassol, Larnaca or Nicosia.

There are a lot of mosquitoes in Protaras, especially at night. Use repellents!

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