Tourist reviews of Ajman. Do I go on holiday in 2022?

Ajman – inexpensive resort with white sand

Reviews about holidays in Ajman.

Read tourist reviews of Ajman for 2021. How did they rate the weather, hotels, beaches and sea? What they write about the attractions and entertainment at the Arabian resort. Learn about the pros and cons of vacationing in Ajman in 2022.


Reviews of the weather in Ajman

It is always sunny in the UAE. Overcast and rainy days occur only in early spring and very rarely in winter. During the cold season, Ajman is comfortable. The air temperature is about +24 ° C and the water in the Persian Gulf is about +18 ° C.

According to tourist reviews, the best holiday in Ajman is in the spring and autumn. In summer, the resort is too hot. The thermometer rises to +40 ° C and above, and the sea water heats up to +31. +33°С. Hot weather in Ajman is not suitable for holidays with small children. Come to the resort from November to April!

Anya Gladysheva: “It’s hot and humid in June. There is a sauna effect. The lack of air is especially acute after leaving an air-conditioned room. It took me little more than a day to adapt.

Lydia Michuryakova: “November weather all week pleased with stable warm days and cool evenings. All days were fine. No rains, no fog, no wind.

When to vacation in Ajman

Beachfront in Ajman (Photo: tutanh_blog /

Ajman hotel reviews

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The small emirate is not rich, and hotel construction in Ajman is slower than in Dubai. Tourists can stay in modest 3* hotels in the city and luxurious hotel complexes on the coast. If the hotel is located at a distance from the sea, a shuttle bus to the beach is arranged for tourists.

Guests speak highly of Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche 4*, Ajman Saray 5* and Ajman Beach Hotel 3*. For a successful holiday in Ajman in 2022, read the reviews of tourists about the hotels:

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NIKITA : “The food at the restaurant at the Ramada Beach Hotel 4* is generally good. The meat and hummus is very good. The service is super, everyone is polite, friendly, attentive, cleaning the room every day.” ,

Svetlana : “Bahi Ajman Palace 5* for a relaxing holiday. As a meat lover, I was happy: very tasty lamb, veal, beef, chicken, turkey, fish. The variety of vegetables was great.

Hotel reviews in Ajman

Photo: Bahi Ajman Palace.

Tourist reviews of the beaches and the sea in Ajman

The modest provincial town is loved for its excellent sandy beaches, which stretch along the coast of the bay for 16 km. In reviews of Ajman, tourists write about the clean white sand, transparent azure sea, good beach infrastructure and well-groomed promenade.

The entrance to the water is gentle, so the beaches of Ajman are well suited for recreation with small children. Many places on the beach have barbecue areas where locals and tourists gather.

Psypepper: “The lifeguards worked well, the sunbeds and umbrellas were clean. The water is good, didn’t see jellyfish for 10 days, none. White pleasant sand.”

Panorama of the beach in Ajman

Reviews of tourist attractions in Ajman

In Ajman there is not as much entertainment as in Dubai, but this does not mean that during the holidays tourists are bored. For vacationers organize excursions to Dubai with dinner on a boat and an evening show. Popular are boat trips to Palma Jumeirah, bus trips to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, desert safaris, water skiing, parasailing and diving.

Read tourist reviews of excursions in Ajman and choose your itinerary for sightseeing.

Nadezhda: “I really liked the tour to Sharjah, so we took two more. The guide took us to places where you rarely see tourists! I was especially impressed with the park.

Natalia: “I liked the tour to Abu Dhabi. The city is wonderful. Everything is beautiful, the streets are clean and the vegetation is lush. And it’s in the desert.

In the old fort, which was built in the late 18th century, is the Ajman Historical Museum. Look at the ancient firearms, dhow boats and unique artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations. According to tourist reviews, during a vacation in Ajman, it is interesting to visit the camel race, which is held at the Al-Talla Stadium.

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Excursions in Ajman

Amina bint Ahmad Al Ghurair Mosque in Ajman (Photo: / @maplepharaoh)

Pros and cons of vacationing in Ajman

A small emirate 10 km from Sharjah is liked by vacationers. Many of those who spent a vacation in Ajman, would like to return here again.

The pros of vacationing in Ajman in 2022, according to the reviews of tourists:

  • Convenient to get from Sharjah and Dubai international airports.
  • Warm sea.
  • Clean sandy beaches.
  • Relaxing vacation by the sea.
  • The high level of service.
  • Tours are cheaper than in Dubai.
  • Interesting excursions.

Yury98: “The overall impression of Ajman is not bad. The beaches are no worse than Sharjah, and the prices are a bit lower. If they ever finish the construction along the promenade, it will be quite good.

Cons :

  • Severe heat in the summer.
  • Restrictions for women.
  • For entertainment you have to go to Dubai.

Hellka: “For those who like to go for a swim – the buoys do not allow to swim far and deep, the depth in the area of buoys maximum ~ 2-2,5 м”.

The pros and cons of vacationing in Ajman

Playground on the beach at the Fairmont Ajman Hotel. Photo: Fairmont Ajman.

Holiday nuances in Ajman and tourist tips

Rest in Ajman has a number of advantages compared with more conservative emirates. According to reviews of tourists, in Ajman do not look down on women and girls if they walk around the resort unaccompanied or wear outfits with open arms and neck. But short skirts are not allowed!

There is no “dry law” in Ajman. Alcoholic beverages and cocktails are served in hotel bars. There is a special store where they sell alcohol.

Podgornaya Natalia: “You can buy alcohol on the beach. However, not many people want to, the prices are cosmic. And you can drink only in the room.

Since there are no artificial islands near the emirate, the ecological system of the Persian Gulf is not broken. The underwater world of Ajman is richer than in other resorts of the UAE. We advise to go snorkeling and diving!

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City beaches are free. There are plenty of picnic places and playgrounds for kids. On certain days, the beach areas are open exclusively for women and children under the age of 10.

There are spa centers at some hotels of Ajman, which are loved by lovers of health tourism. Water from local mineral springs is used for treatment.

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