Tourist reviews of Calella. Holiday tips – 2022

Calella – traveler reviews

Reviews about Calella, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Spain) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Calella is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Calella is a small town on the highway along the sea, for which Spain is famous, in the region of the southern Costa Brava. I was passing through here, as was Vilassar de Mar nearby.

Calella has many pluses compared to neighboring towns and resorts . Here are some of them:

  • In Calella begins a large beach, that is a real Costa Brava. There is just an incredible amount of space for all tourists, of which there are, however, not many, which is also a plus. The town has about 18 thousand people, and it feels (in a positive way).
  • There is a nature reserve next to the town. In fact, the entire northern part of it is occupied by green mountains and hills, which create a stunning microclimate here.
  • The main highway does not pass through the town itself. This is a big plus for the coast of Spain (and Portugal), as this is often a problem in the resorts – everywhere the cars are in a continuous flow (in high season, of course) from east to west or vice versa.
  • There is an electric train here, it runs right along the beach, the fare from Barcelona is 5 euros and only takes 1 hour. You can stay here, close to the beach, but once every couple of days go to Barcelona to see the sights. They go all the time only in summer, in winter you need to check. The distance is about 50 km.
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But there is a rest in Calella and its minuses. I had time to consider them, even considering my rather hasty departure from here. Surprisingly, on a subconscious level, I often couldn’t stay more than a couple of days in towns that are essentially not a good place to live. I always ended up finding out that the place I left so quickly had dark secrets or surprises of its own.

So, the downsides of vacationing in Calella:

  • Spain, especially Calella, is not Turkey. Here there is graffiti on the walls, ugly houses of local residents of below-average affluence, a lot of cars, a huge outlet for the river, which, while empty, becomes a haven of strange personalities.
  • Spain, and especially Calella is not Turkey. Here you can not just spend hours walking around the resort town, exploring it up and down, finding the beautiful and picturesque streets. There are a lot of untidy places, strange parking lots, and the lack of sidewalks, as well as the undeveloped gardens and yards, just striking. Yes, there are palm trees here, but their arrangement is not at all like resort landscaping.
  • Complicated traffic interchanges, inconvenient roads, pandemonium of cars, the train that runs along the beach, the huge flow of cars. This is Spain, baby! There is no sense of a resort in the sense of proximity to nature. True, Calella still boasts that there are green mountains next to it. This definitely has a big impact on the climate, but the gases from cars don’t go anywhere.
  • In principle, for the persistent feeling of poverty and depression of the local population I do not like Spain. No, they are excellent professionals in hotel management (if you take an expensive hotel). The beaches here are good. In fact. And the feeling is that there is no delight here, no wonder that you want to get when you come for a vacation. I love Spain, but more for her. Barcelona, for her. Madrid. for her. Valencia! Maybe I love Spain the way it used to be. And now all these cars, old buildings, typical housing with peeling plaster… it all follows you to every small resort. Believe me, it’s hard to get away from it and start relaxing.
  • There are few restaurants, cafes and bars. They are there, of course. But not on every corner. Not for every wallet. Not for all tastes. To find a decent place, you have to go around the city, and it’s not so nice.
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To go or not to go.

To Calella, no. To Spain, yes! Discover the great cities of Spain – Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, interesting and green Santander. But Calella, in my opinion, is not worth a day of your attention, especially if you plan to travel just for a week or two.

With children, I always advise – Turkey, Turkey and once again Turkey. Not for nothing everyone goes here, it is really good! Many people think that Turkey is banality for a summer vacation, but only those who have not found their favorite resort. Visit not only the Mediterranean Sea, but also on the Aegean coast, visit at least 6 cities. You will understand at once that Turkey is different! Quite different!


You should not delude yourself that cheap trips to Spain are some kind of a winning ticket in the lottery. There is a crisis in the country, which is not so strongly felt in major resorts. But just go inland, or just drive along the coast to small towns like Calella, and you’ll realize that it’s “not luxe at all.”

Interestingly, I liked the neighboring (relatively neighboring!) Le Barcares in France better. It’s colder here, and it’s noticeable when moving quickly through the region, but it’s still very warm. I think Montpellier is an even better resort, here you can live in the city and go to the beach without denying yourself the comforts.

Interestingly, the towns on the Mediterranean are basically all alike. Spain is similar to Portugal, France is similar to Spain, Portugal is similar to Turkey, and so on. But still, the mood in them is completely different. I can say with confidence that the best places in each country are the greenest spots, surrounded by nature reserves, forests, mountains, in general, nature. True, you should choose the largest and most modern city in each particular region, as nature and clean air is not all you need on vacation.

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Tourist reviews of Calella. Holiday tips – 2022

Great, cozy little town. Calleja is a great little town. To be honest, any minuses for myself even did not allocate. It is quiet, small, cozy and clean. There is a chic natural locations and beaches. Filmed a video about my trip to Spain, the first half of the video is Calella or as I was corrected by locals – Calleja.

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

I advise in June, in Calella not for the first time. The sea was cool,but everything else is unparalleled. The Lakeshore is lovely and welcoming and the Lakeshore is lovely. I will stay here again in the future.

  • Rest individually
  • shop
  • vacation for seniors
  • go to interesting events
  • take pictures

I did not like it! Calella did not like it. The entrance to the sea is deep right away and waves every day. A lot of Germans teenagers – come to have fun and behave ugly / in hotels every night yelled music, flew bottles and drunken voices read rap./ The monotony gets boring already on the third day. In Salou more civilized. Although for every taste and every color.

A good place :) Good time everyone! Have had time to travel around, and on the beach to sunbathe and bathe. We went to Barcelona by train, there – on the bass – 2 days, the rest was already seen by ourselves. To Andorra-France-Girona – we rented cars for 2 days. To Montserrat – by train. Rest, as a whole, liked, a little bit strained the mode of the stores ;) Even one of the big supermarkets “mercadona” could

  • go on excursions
  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
  • go to interesting events

Was in Calella in 2008г liked everything. On my own, I took the train to Barcelona. The Spaniards are wonderful and good-natured, almost did not get into their train, so prompted the local gestures that we all understood. It was so nice to get into the train that we almost didn’t get on our own. We had time to see Barcelona and the cleanest beach. In the evenings there were concerts of Spanish music right on the street for the feeling that it was not amateurs-musicians. There were a lot of Russians in the hotel Amaika. Breakfasts and dinners in the hotel restaurant were quite satisfactory. We had lunch in town. We stayed in the evening, walked around the streets, it was good that it was not a hotel area, with only hotels, but a picturesque small town, where it was possible to see how the local population worked and lived. I want to go there again.

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Thank you for the reviews. I liked Stas’ review, it’s a pity he wasn’t there when we arrived)))) I had to do everything on the spot)))) Very much liked the city. The hotel. the beach. I liked the beach and the town, it was really close to Barcelona. I want to tell everyone not to hurry with the excursions, first Basturistik in Barcelona. and then decide what you need)))) Enjoy your vacation.

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

Calella in September 2013 Hi there. I decided to write my review because I have spent some time searching for a good description of this particular place, and I have faced some questions that could be avoided, thus saving time and money, if I knew beforehand some nuances. So, I traveled with my family (wife, child 7 years old and mother in law) Holidays there from 9 to 19 September. First of all the location. We flew to Barcelona airport. There I pre-booked a car with a company called Centauro. I understand that it is

  • go on excursions
  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
  • shop
  • Travel by car.

Calella – convenient location and affordable prices for active recreation Rest in this small, old and quiet resort town is very convenient and relatively cheap in comparison with other resorts in Spain. Convenience lies in the fact that g. Calella is located as if in the middle at a distance of about 60 km. on the one hand from Barcelona and on the other from Blanes, Girona, as well as conveniently located in relation to many other tours. I advise you to visit these cities and PortAventura on your own and not to spend money on a tour, which

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