Tourist reviews of holidays in Sharjah – 2022

Hotel reviews for Sharjah

I loved the hotel. Located in the city but inside it feels like you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thank you to the architects. Being in the hotel, you can hardly see the neighboring buildings, you can’t hear the city. Read more

Thank you so much Victoria at reception, you were a great help, sorry you were not there when we left. I wanted to thank you so much. These are people with a problem with the US government. Read more

Everything is very good. I would love to come back again as we really enjoyed everything. Thank you all the staff It would have been nice to get drinks and water at the evening OR meal It was very strange to participate. Read more

Old hotel, dirty rooms, monotonous food, not friendly staff. Towels and bedding with holes. Declared playground for children 2-3 years old who have nothing to do there! Insects. Read more

Breakfast, dinners, pool with slides Did not like : muddy water on the beach, the bottom a bit with silt. Read more

Holidaying in August 2022. Beautiful hotel, perfect as a sand castle. Rooms and lobbies are clean everywhere. The staff is very friendly and attentive. There is air conditioning everywhere inside, to be in. Read more

We stayed in this hotel because we were on a connecting flight to Kenya. The hotel was excellent, modern, comfortable, clean, and our room was huge with large windows and a huge seating area. The room is comfortable, clean, and has large windows. We enjoyed our dinner and had a great breakfast. It took us 5-10 minutes to walk from the airport. Read more

Checked in right away (arrived at night), the food was breakfast only, breakfasts are quite dense, there are porridges, frash, sausages, cheeses, fruit, etc. Only the menu is monotonous (assortment).Bedding. Read more

We had our first stay at this hotel and everything was perfect, we stayed in two rooms booked and one of them was given to us immediately, we didn’t wait for the appointed check out time, staff was polite and everything was fine. Read more

UAE in August 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

UAE, Sharjah, July 2022 1. Flight by FlyDubai from Ekaterinburg on time, travel time about 5 hours. At Koltsovo airport I had to have a PCR test or vaccination certificate at check-in. Read more at

The staff was very polite, but unfortunately the hotel needs renovation a long time ago. Food is not varied, there is almost no fish and seafood, no salmon. It is impossible to get a bus to Dubai, as there are not enough seats by reservation. Read more

Really liked the service, hotel staff helped with all issues including early check in. The room has a very large bed, really King Size. The hotel has a great pool on the top floor, nice. Read more

Best regards, our room was on the ground floor, we walked in and had a huge bed, real King size, and nice pool. It was on the first floor, not that we really care as it was only for sleeping. Read more

I walked in on the floor and walked out on the balcony. The hotel is very good. I have been to the UAE for 10 times and will stop again next time. Read more

I really liked the hotel. Very welcoming staff! Great soundproofing! The room category was upgraded for free-very nice! I would recommend the hotel to those who are tired of the noise, for a relaxing holiday. The sea is warm. Read more

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Sharjah – Prohibition and Low Prices

How to Relax in Sharjah

Why do tourists like vacationing in the most conservative Emirate? What time of year is it best to come here? Learn about the pros and cons of vacationing in Sharjah in 2022. Find out what holidaymakers say about the beaches, prices and food, hotels, entertainment and excursions.

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Reviews of the weather and seasons in Sharjah

Sharjah has year-round summer weather by our standards, but there are high and low seasons in the Arab country. According to feedback from tourists, it is best not to visit Sharjah between May and September, when the weather is really hot. During the day the thermometer rises to +37. +46 ° C, and at night it never drops below +31 ° C. The hottest months are July and August.

Tourists and locals can not easily endure the sweltering heat and high humidity. Especially poorly cope with high temperatures young children, holidaymakers of age and those who have chronic health problems.

According to tourist reviews, the best months to vacation in Sharjah are October, November, March and April. In late autumn and early spring the air gets up to +27. +32 ° C, and the sea water has a very comfortable temperature for swimming +24. +28°С.

Reviews about the weather in Sharjah

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Many people like to come to the Emirates in the middle of winter. In December, January and February the temperature is +24. +27 ° C, and the sea +19. +22°С. Those who think that it is too cold, swim in the heated pools.

According to reviews from tourists, during a vacation in Sharjah, you do not have to worry about the rain. The Emirates receive only 100mm of rainfall per year. This is 8 times less than the amount of rain that falls over the Russian capital.

Tip . In September and October in shallow water, beware of contact with stingrays and jellyfish. They are especially poisonous during these months.

When best to rest in Sharjah according to reviews of tourists

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Reviews of beach vacations in Sharjah

In addition to the Muslim rules and laws of the country, the emirate has its own, stricter prohibitions. They concern the drinking of alcohol, the dress code on the beach and in the city. Here it is not accepted:

  • sunbathing topless;
  • appear on the shore in short bathing trunks and open swimsuits;
  • to walk around town in shorts and overt dresses;
  • Taking pictures of women, mosque interiors, and worshippers;
  • showing affection in public.

Sharjah has public free beaches and private beaches owned by hotels. They are all covered with clean sand. The water entry is gentle and there are no potholes or rocks at the bottom. Where jet skis are allowed, the bathing areas are fenced off. On Mondays it is ladies’ day on the Emirate’s beaches, and no men are allowed in.

Between Dubai and Sharjah lies the popular Al Khan beach. It has its own lifeguard station, restaurants, cafes, stores and a playground for children. The lagoon is quiet and deserted on weekdays and in the mornings. But on weekends, so many locals come to the beach that it can be hard to find a free spot.

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Reviews of vacations in Sharjah

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According to tourist reviews, holidays in Sharjah are good at the wide public beach of Al Corniche . It is close to the city center, so it is crowded on any given day. Keep in mind that there are sometimes dangerous undercurrents near Al Corniche – look out for the warning signs on the beach.

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Another great beach at Al Sharik stretches from the Sheraton Hotel to a small cove that borders Al Corniche Lagoon. The sea is calm because of the breakwaters and parents with children come here.

The Haur Fakkan is also a good spot for a beach holiday in Sharjah. The rich underwater world and picturesque coral reefs attract beginners divers and professional divers.

Tip . Dress appropriately before heading into town or onto the beach.

Russian map of Sharjah

Map of beaches, sights and things to do in Sharjah

Price reviews for your trip to Sharjah

Not everyone is happy with the strict dry law, so trips to Sharjah are cheaper than to Dubai. During the high season of 2022 a tour for two people for 7 days with accommodation in a 3* hotel will cost 50 thousand rubles. A tour of the same length with accommodation in a 4*-5* “all inclusive” hotel will cost from 154 thousand rubles. Airfare to Sharjah and back from Moscow starts from 10 500 rubles.

According to the reviews of tourists, a holiday in Sharjah in 2022 will please fans of shopping. The Emirate is a duty-free zone, so the prices here are lower than in Dubai.

Local restaurants and cafes feed visitors with Lebanese, Iranian, Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Holidaymakers note the large portions and good quality of food. Prices, like everywhere else in the UAE, are above average. The average bill for breakfast in a cafe for two is $10, lunch is $14, and dinner at an expensive restaurant starts at $25.

Cost of food and drinks:

  • Seafood kebabs, $13;
  • Samosa – $0.6;
  • salad – 3-6$;
  • soup – $4-7;
  • beef steak – $16;
  • coffee – $2.50-$4;
  • tea, $2.3.

Tip . Kamat, Safire Restaurant, Gazebo, and Rainbow steak house all offer inexpensive, quality food in Sharjah.

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Travel Reviews and Reviews for Holidays in Sharjah

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Hotel reviews

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Because of Sharjah’s strict mores, there are no hostels in Sharjah. Most hotels were built 30-35 years ago, when the coast was not yet a tourist boom. It is not difficult to find inexpensive accommodation within a five-minute walk of the beach. A room for two in a 1*-2* gesthouse or hotel costs $25-35. Staying prices in 3* and 4* hotels start at $40. A night in a comfortable 5* hotel will cost $ 90-100 and above.

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According to reviews, holidays in Sharjah in 2022, as elsewhere in the UAE, enjoy a high level of service. The hotel staff is excellently trained and quickly responds to any requests of the guests.

Tip . For vacations with children are convenient rooms with their own kitchen. They are offered by many hotels and hostels.

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Reviews of excursions and entertainment

Sharjah is often called the cultural capital of Arabia. The city is home to one of the revered Muslim shrines – the Mosque of King Faisal, which is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. Take a walk around the ancient quarter of Mereja and the vast promenade, see modern skyscrapers from the Ferris wheel, visit a huge oceanarium, and look for souvenirs in the colorful oriental markets.

According to travelers’ reviews, many tourists go on excursions during their holidays in Sharjah:

  • Sharjah sightseeing tour – $30-40; – $55;
  • Al Ain – a traditional place of sheikhs – $75;
  • Hatta mountain lakes – $100;
  • trip to the Indian Ocean – $55;
  • Sharjah Desert Park – $40;
  • Ferrari World amusement park – $110.

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Reviews of vacations in Sharjah

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Outdoor enthusiasts prefer:

    – 40-85$;
  • Hot air balloon flight – $370;
  • helicopter flight – $310;
  • deep-sea fishing, $90;
  • crab hunting – $100;
  • swimming with dolphins, $240.

Tip. If you like to look at museum exhibits, visit the museum of retro cars, go to the Islamic, historical, ethnographic, art and archaeological museums of Sharjah.

Traveler tips for your trip to Sharjah

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Pros and cons of vacationing in Sharjah – 2022

The vast majority of vacationers left positive reviews about their trip to Sharjah. They called the emirate the best in the country and noted that a vacation here has many pluses :

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