Tours for May holidays 2016: where to fly cheap?

Where is inexpensive to fly on May holidays!

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In early May, we celebrate Workers’ Day, Spring Day, Victory Day and Unplanned Vacation Week at work in a united kebab rush. Many countries have beautiful weather by this time, so May holiday week is best spent at a resort.

This year officially everyone will be on vacation from May 1 to 5, and then from May 9 to 12. If you take a couple of days off, it’s enough to fly to the sea and rest properly. Here are ready ideas where to go on vacation in May and not to spend too much. Each trip will cost no more than 40,000 per person. But book in advance to save money.

Swim in the sea and see the island – Cyprus, Larnaca

If you can not decide what you want – the sea or sightseeing, go to Cyprus, in Larnaca. At this time there are few people here, it’s warm and sunny: the water gets up to +20-22 degrees, the air temperature is +25 degrees. In addition to the beach there is something to do. The city has a beautiful old center, a lot of cozy taverns and cafes, and it is the best starting point for excursions in Cyprus. You can go to Paphos, Nicosia, Cape Greco, Kikkos Monastery, Stavrovoni and stroll through the picturesque villages of Lefkara and Lania.

Another “pro” choice of Cyprus in May is the festival of flowers, which takes place on May 6. Floral procession, fair, musicians, magicians – the holiday is celebrated in a big way. The city is transformed into one huge bouquet of flowers. It’s well worth seeing!

What to do in May in Larnaca:

  • Go on a jeep safari to the Troodos Mountains – see the waterfalls, the village of Lefkara and taste the local wine;
  • Learn how to dance Sirtaki on a tour;
  • go to Nicosia to go to the hammam and kofenio, and in Limassol to hang out in the nightclubs;
  • Sunbathing and swimming in the sea – by spring clean, cool, with fine soft sand.

On the beach without a visa in Turkey, Antalya.

Even if you have vacationed here a hundred times in summer, do not rush to reject Antalya. The resort in May can surprise you: there are not many tourists, there is no intense heat, you do not hear the harassing sellers of ice cream. At this time you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Antalya: the emerald green mountains, the azure sea, blooming trees and fragrances of flowers.

Beach holidays in December 2022. Where to rest on the sea

It’s still not really comfortable to swim – the sea gets only +20 at best. But the air temperature is quite summery – +25 and above. You can get a great tan on the envy of friends who stayed in town.

What to do in May in Antalya:

  • Walk along the promenade, enjoy the blooming trees in the Ataturk, Mermerli and Karaalioglui parks;
  • See Antalya’s Old City Kaleici, minarets and mosques and the singing fountain show in the center;
  • Go on a boat trip along the coast with fishing and sightseeing;
  • go with children to the water park and dolphinarium, and after that taste the traditional Turkish pastries in one of the local cafes.

Have a romantic vacation for two – Greece, Rhodes

A pink and blue sunset, a secluded beach, the quiet sound of water, a couple of glasses of young wine and slices of Greek cheese on a plaid nearby. Incredibly romantic! The island is exactly as it is usually imagined Greece. With fabulous villages, narrow streets with flowering trees, white-blue walls of houses, beautiful churches and a lighthouse on the coast. If you want this kind of vacation, settle in Gennadi. If you like nightlife and action, choose Faliraki. Sports, water activities, active tourism like in Yalissos.

The only “But”: you will need a Schengen visa. This should not be a problem, because the Greeks are quite loyal to give permission to Russians to enter and often put a multi-visa in their passports. Well, do not forget, you can always ask for help from Chip Travel – we will help you prepare the documents for the Schengen.

What to do in May in Rhodes:

  • Make a declaration of love and celebrate anniversaries;
  • Rent a car and drive around the coast of the island;
  • Taste delicious fish dishes in local tavernas and drink young wine;
  • Sunbathing and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea – Rodos has sunshine all year round and the water gets as warm as +21 by the beginning of May.

Walking around the city and eating good food – Tbilisi, Georgia

A great option for a budget trip in May – it’s a short flight, you don’t need a visa, you don’t need to know the language. In May in Georgia is unreal beautiful: the mountains are green, but here and there is still snow on the tops. In Tbilisi it is warm, dry and sunny, the city wakes up from its winter sleep and blooms. It’s the perfect time for long walks through the old part of town, photo shoots in front of the mountains and excursions to the surrounding sights. And forget about your diet: dozens kinds of fragrant khinkali, khachapuri and lemonades, fresh Georgian cheeses and tart-sweet red wine are irresistible.

Where to have an inexpensive vacation in winter 2022-2023 at a warm sea abroad

The weather in May is excellent: +20-23 degrees. But do not forget the warm clothes and closed shoes – they will be useful for excursions in the mountains.

What to do in Tbilisi in May:

  • Stroll around the Old Town, get hungry and eat a dozen khinkali at a local cafe;
  • go on an excursion to Svaneti – see the glaciers among the green mountains and ride near the towers of Svaneti on horses;
  • see ancient Mtskheta, Dzhvari monastery and the place where the two rivers – Kura and Aragvi merge;
  • Take your children to the amusement park on Mtatsminda Mountain, going up on a funicular tramway.

Immerse yourself in French chic – Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees are especially nice in spring when the gardens are in bloom, the grass is green and the sun is warm. There’s no better time than May to go to France and bring back a ton of vivid impressions. The Louvre, Picasso Museum, Montmartre, the Luxembourg Garden – there are many must-see places in Paris. A separate item is to sit in French cafes with fresh croissants and shopping in the Arc de Triomphe.

In May in Paris, the weather is warm – about +20 during the day. But do not forget to bring warm clothes for the evening and an umbrella – at this time of year it often rains.

What to do in Paris in May:

  • Go to the Chanel, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci boutiques on Rue Saint-Honoré, and then party hard at the more affordable H&M, Zara and Gap on Rue de Rivoli;
  • Have an alfresco picnic with a bottle of Bordeaux;
  • stroll through the Latin Quarter and have coffee at Les Deux Magots, where Picasso once met Dora Maar;
  • enjoy the lush landscapes of lush greenery and fragrant blossoms in the Bagatelle Park and the Tuileries Garden.

Rushing off to a tropical island – China, Hainan

Chinese exotics is especially good in May – at this time there is no strong heat, rains with wind and hurricanes have not yet begun. The weather is conducive to beach holidays and active excursions. Fishing, river rafting, climbing mountains and scuba diving to the coral gardens are the minimum list of activities. Getting out of the hotel area, look at the magnificent architecture of Buddhist temples and try out the effects of traditional Chinese medicine.

Beach vacation in October 2022. Where is inexpensive? Cheap Tours and Tickets

What to do in Hainan in May:

  • Swim in the South China Sea and take a cool photo shoot on the beach;
  • go fishing and look at tropical fish – barracuda, parrot fish, elephant fish;
  • dare to try traditional Chinese fast food – fried cockroaches, scorpions and other “delicacies”.
  • Go on the excursion to the Monkey Island, get positive emotions from monkeys and take hundreds of photos;
  • choose in the shop of traditional medicine drugs for all occasions.

For those who have been everywhere – Agadir, Morocco

“White City” on the Atlantic coast with luxurious beaches is a place where you can completely relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. The coast is considered one of the best places to splash in the water, get a tan and do water sports: surfing, diving, shark fishing. In May in the south of Morocco is a real heat – the air heats up to +30, the sun shines non-stop, and there is no rain. The city itself is quite European, without strict religious laws and prejudices.

Of all the proposed options this is the most expensive. A trip in May will cost from 45,000 rubles per person with the condition of early booking. It’s worth going here if you want something more than just lying on the beach. From Agadir it is necessary to go on a tour to Marrakech, Essaouira, Tafraut to see all the Moroccan color.

Tours for May holidays 2016: where to fly cheap?

Overview of options, where you can fly quite cheaply on a trip for the May holidays. There are tours costing less than 10 thousand rubles per person! Geographical coverage: the South of Russia, the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia. Departure point – Moscow.

Weekends during the May holidays in 2016: April 30-May 3 (Saturday through Tuesday) and May 7-9 (Saturday through Monday).

Alas, tour operators, airlines and hotels always increase the prices of departures for holidays, sometimes double or even higher – no one wants to get a cheap price during the peak tourist activity. But you can save money in the following way:

  1. Fly to rest not on the holidays themselves, but in the weekdays between two streams of weekends, that is, from May 3 to 6. There may be cheap tours and tickets to fly in the last holiday – for example, May 2 or May 3. But for this, of course, you will need to take a vacation, time off, or somehow else deal with not going to work.
  2. Fly out before the May holidays and / or return after them. Options: go on vacation as early as the end of April, and return after May 9, or fly May 8-9, and return May 12-13.
  3. Try your luck and check the prices of airline tickets in the search engines for the holiday dates – just in case you’re lucky.
Where to go to sea with a child in November 2022

In this selection we look at the cheapest tickets for the period from late April to May 9. We hope you’ll be able to take advantage of these hot and very attractive offers and inexpensive flight to rest during the May holidays.

The cost of tours is current at the time of publication. Prices change in real time. We indicate the cost of tours for two people when departing from Moscow (tours from other cities are usually more expensive).

May Holidays are the peak time for traveling and vacations. So if you are seriously looking to get cheap tickets and tours, find out where to go for the holidays as soon as possible and get started booking.

How to find a tour for the best price? To find a cheap trip we use services Travelata and Level.Travel – their advantage is that they compare prices for trips to 120 most popular tour operators in real time and therefore allow you to find the best offer. By the way, the tour can be purchased online, which is very convenient.

How to find cheap airline tickets? The best way to do it is to use the search engines Aviasails and Skyscanner.

May Holidays in the South of Russia and the Caucasus

Sochi → from 6500 rub/person.

Sochi in 2016 is not only the most popular destination, where Russians decided to fly to have a rest for May holidays. Good news is that you can fly to Sochi very cheap!

Tours of Sochi, Adler, Lazarevskoe and other nearby resort towns cost from 13135 rubles for two – and that’s as much as 8 nights vacation (for example, for departures May 5). There are a lot of good offers, you just need time to take advantage of.

Maybe you will be interested in our selection of excellent hotels and apartments in Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana.

Crimea → from 6,300 rub/person.

A very good option for a cheap flight to the Crimea on May holidays in 2016 is to fly there on a very cheap trip on May 7. Tour for two people for 7 nights will cost only from 12511 rubles. There is a great option with a holiday in the New World.

Holidays in March 2022 in Russia: Where to go

Useful materials on the Crimea:

Abkhazia → from 7100 rubles/person.

To fly to Abkhazia on May holidays is also very cheap. Tours for 3-5 nights cost from 14200 rubles. The most inexpensive tours are for departures on May 3 and 8.

Where to fly on May holidays abroad?

Greece → from 9300 rub/person.

You can buy a trip to Greece in early May from only 19587 rubles (7 nights). Simply fantastic cheap! You can choose from Crete, Rhodes and other popular resorts.

Czech Republic (Prague) → from 12000 rub/person.

You can fly to Prague for May holidays from 24058 rubles (3 nights). Tickets with a flight from April 28 and May 5, 2016 are cheaper. Will be able to escape on vacation in these days – you’ll save a lot.

Read also:

Spain → from 13100 rubles/person.

The Mediterranean resorts of Spain are another place where you can fly cheap to rest for the May holidays in 2016. Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Calella, etc. – The choice of resorts is great. Tours for a week cost from 26393 rubles.

Tunisia → from 15100 rubles/person.

Recreation in North Africa is also not so expensive. It will be possible to travel to Tunisia for under 30300 rubles for two people (for example, for four nights with a flight on May 3). Tickets for May 1 start at 37 thousand rubles (2-3 nights).

Cyprus → from 16100 rubles/person.

Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for Russians during the May holidays. It is also one of the most inexpensive destinations. Now you can buy hot tours to Paphos, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and other resorts of the island from only 32179 rubles (6 nights).

Italy → from 17700 rub/person.

Italian tours to Rimini are not expensive. You can fly to rest during the May holidays from 35343 rubles (7 nights).

Thailand → from 28000 rub/person.

That’s where you can get a really cheap rest in early May, it is in Thailand (Pattaya and Phuket). You can fly there for 7-11 nights and pay for such a long vacation need only 55872 rubles. But just the airfare alone on this route is usually so much. True, it will have to somehow increase the number of their weekends.

The cheapest tours are for departures on April 28, May 8 and 10. Most expensive to fly for a vacation on May 1 and 2 – tours cost from 80-100 thousand rubles for two people.

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