Tours in Greece. Review of prices for the summer of 2022

Tours to Greece in Summer 2022.

This section presents the cheapest prices for tours to Greece in summer from Moscow in 2022. We’ve specially for you selected price offers only from reliable tour operators. You can buy a tour at the best price online or in any of our sales offices.

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Selecting the summer tour at the best price

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The tour package includes

  • – Airfare from Moscow to Greece
  • – Transfer (pickup and drop-off at the airport)
  • – Food and accommodation according to the chosen system
  • – medical insurance

Tourists who are still undecided where to vacation this summer, should definitely pay attention to the popular resorts in Greece. Compared with other European countries, the prices for recreation here are quite democratic, the flight does not take much time, and certainly there are a lot of entertainment for every taste.

Is it worth to go to Greece in the summer of 2022?

Summer 2022 is the best time to visit Greece. In early June the water in the sea warms up to 22-24 ° C – the perfect temperature for swimming. At the same time in Greece is almost never too hot, so those who love to swim in the sea, but do not tolerate the exhausting heat will be comfortable. Tourists who prefer active rest, too, will find something to do in the Greek resorts, because this country is versatile and interesting for everyone. The main thing is to determine the purpose of rest.

Summer is the best time for beach holidays in Greece

Those who are planning to vacation in Greece this summer should make a tour selection at least two months before your trip. First of all, summer is the highest season for visiting Greek resorts, and by getting a tour in advance you can save a lot of money. In addition, in order to get to Greece, you need a Schengen visa, for which it is recommended to apply at least 2 weeks before departure. The Greek consulate rarely refuses tourists to obtain the Schengen visa, the main thing is to comply with all requirements for the paperwork. The main reason for rejection is the lack of funds in the bank account, so the tourist should take care first of all about his ability to pay. The amount required for a positive response on a visa is at least 50 euros per day per person.

Holidays with children in Corfu. Hotels and beaches in Corfu

Where to vacation in the summer in Greece?

Each Greek resort is attractive in its own way, because in any part of this country you can find something interesting and unusual. For example, the island of Rhodes is good for beach holidays and for fans of active entertainment. The sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea – the perfect place to swim and bask in the sun. The Aegean Sea with its high waves is perfect for surfing. In addition, the island has a lot of attractions with a rich history.

The picturesque and distinctive island of Corfu will not leave any traveler indifferent. The island’s beautiful nature, abundance of greenery, dense olive groves, secluded coves with clear water, surrounded by a chain of mountains – there is nothing better for couples and honeymooners, as well as for those who want to just enjoy the solitude. Corfu is also suitable for family vacations, as the island has many hotels for families with children.

The capital of the country – Athens – must visit anyone who is interested in Greek mythology. This is just a treasure trove of legends and mysteries, time seems to stand still here, and travelers can literally go back many centuries. The variety of museums, ancient buildings, and ancient ruins provide a stark contrast to modern Athens. And in between sightseeing you can spend time on the beach, there are plenty of them in the city too.

The incredibly beautiful and unique volcanic island of Santorini offers stunning views, unique architecture and beautiful beaches. A true paradise in the middle of the Aegean Sea. You can spend your whole vacation here, or you can come on an excursion from nearby Greek resorts. Santorini harmoniously combines a quiet and comfortable holiday, a vibrant club life and informative excursions, which means that any tourist, regardless of preferences, will not be bored here. However, it is worth considering that the prices for recreation here are quite high.

The Agora in Athens

Greece – it is fascinating excursions, clean warm sea, gentle sun, a lot of entertainment and, of course, a variety of Mediterranean cuisine. During one vacation it is simply unrealistic to manage to do everything at once, so tourists who have visited Greece once, will certainly return again.

Prices for summer tours in Greece

Tours in Greece in the summer of 2022 are very cheap! This destination can even be considered one of the most inexpensive among the overseas. Let’s find out how much a trip to Greece in June, July, August and September cost by flying from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities.

The prices in the examples are relevant at the time of writing, the cost of tours is changing in real time. We encourage you to search for trips with all tour operators at once at special online services Travelata and Level.Travel – so you can choose the best option from the variety of offers. Read also our tips on how to find and buy the cheapest tours online.

As a rule, the cheapest tours to Greece for summer 2022 can be found on the islands of Crete and Rhodes . Vacation packages with rest on Kos, Corfu and other resorts are usually slightly more expensive.

Cheapest way to relax in Greece, buying last minute tour with a flight in the next few days. The cost of such packages can be incredibly low! We often write about such proposals in our news section (for example, tours to Greece for 7500 rubles per person). But there is a nuance – the last minute tours in Greece are only suitable for holders of an open Schengen visa, because because of the soon departure time to make a Greek visa is often not possible.

  • To choose the best time for a holiday in Greece, read the article about the weather.
  • If you have not decided where you will rest, read more about the resorts of the country.
Weather in Crete by month. When is the best time to travel?

Prices in June

Tours from Moscow

Now you can find a lot of cheap last minute tours to Greece in June 2022. The cheapest tours from Moscow for 5-6 nights cost from 25 thousand rubles for two people. As a rule, it’s a tour with rest in hotels of 1-3 stars with no food.

Examples of very cheap trips to Greece from Moscow for June 2022:

Tours for a week now cost from 28-30 thousand – these are trips with accommodation in the most modest hotels. At the same time the rest in the hotels of a higher level (3-4 stars and excellent reviews of tourists) is only a little bit more expensive – from 35-40 thousand rubles.

Anyway, pay attention to hotel reviews – you can often find excellent hotels with high ratings of guests, tours to which cost less than 30 thousand rubles.

Those who are going to rest on the sea for a longer period of time can also buy an inexpensive tour to Greece. For example, we were able to find a trip to the island of Rhodes, with a flight from Moscow in June 2022 for 14 nights for 32385 rubles!

tours in greece

It is very inexpensive to buy a tour to Greece and the system “all inclusive”. In June 2022, such tours from Moscow cost only from 27-30 thousand rubles for 5-6 nights.

Tours from St. Petersburg

Cheap to fly to rest in Greece is possible not only from Moscow but also from other cities in Russia. For example, tours from St. Petersburg in June 2022 cost from 28 thousand rubles for 6 nights, from 35 thousand for 7 nights, from 50 thousand for 10-14 nights.

All Inclusive” tours to Greece from St. Petersburg cost from 38-45 thousand rubles.

Tours from other cities

Tours to Greece from Ekaterinburg in June 2022 cost from 32 thousand rubles for 6-7 nights at 2-3 stars hotels without meals or only breakfasts. All inclusive tours you can buy from 42 thousand rubles for a week of rest.

The best beaches in Rhodes and hotels by the sea

Even cheaper tours to Greece from Samara. From 30 thousand rubles are tours for a week without meals, from 40 thousand rubles is the rest of 10-14 nights, and the rest 9-10 nights on an “all inclusive” costs from 45 thousand.

Prices in July and August

Now the prices for tours in Greece in July and August 2022 are a little higher than in June. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of last minute tours with deep discounts for the next June dates. If you buy a tour in July a few days before your departure date, you will likely find offers from many tour operators at prices similar to those now available for a June vacation. But this tactic has a downside – there is a risk that the best hotels will already be sold out.

Anyway, now on Level.Travel and Travelate you can find tours from Moscow to Greece in July 2022 at prices from 34 thousand rubles for 5-6 nights, from 42 thousand – for a week, and tours “all inclusive” – from 45 thousand rubles. Tours from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Perm and other cities in Russia are on average 10-15 thousand rubles more expensive.

Prices for tours in August even a little higher: for example, tours from Moscow for 5-6 nights are now available from 48 thousand rubles, for 7 nights – from 52 thousand, “all inclusive” – from 59 thousand.

An example of an inexpensive all-inclusive tour to Greece, with a flight from Moscow in July 2022

Prices in September

Prices for tours from Moscow to Greece in September are significantly lower than in August. Tours for 7 nights cost from 40 thousand, for 10 nights – from 48 thousand. You can buy an “all inclusive” tour from 43 thousand rubles for 5 nights.

Buy a week tour to Greece from St. Petersburg can be from 45 thousand (without meals). From 46 thousand are tours on a system of “all inclusive” for 5 nights with accommodation in 3-star hotels.

Loutraki: Traveler reviews and tips for your vacation - 2022

From Ekaterinburg for 7 nights cost from 60 thousand rubles, the vacation of 5 nights on an all-inclusive basis costs from 70 thousand.

You can fly to Greece from Kazan from 55 thousand rubles (7 nights, without food or just breakfast). All inclusive” tours for 5 nights cost from 52 thousand rubles.

When to vacation and when to buy a tour

The best time for a holiday in Greece is May, June and September, when there is not only ideal weather for holidays, but also the lowest prices for tours. However, for vacationers with children May and September are not suitable – school is in session.

As for the best time to buy a tour, it is not easy to determine. If your budget is severely limited, then you can try to postpone the purchase of the tour at the last moment in the hope that there will be a very cheap last minute tour (for example, only 7-10 thousand rubles per person). But to buy such a tour to Greece may only be open to holders of Schengen visas, otherwise you may not have time to do it (it is advisable to apply for a visa at least a week before departure). If you do not like risk, and for you it is more important to plan your vacation in advance, choosing the resort and hotel of the right level, then it is better to buy a ticket now.

Anyway, you can choose your ideal tour on your own or with the help of consultants at the popular services Level.Travel and Travelate.

First photo: Panegyrics of Granovetter / / License CC BY-SA 2.0.

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