Traveller reviews of Istanbul. Holiday tips – 2022

Traveller reviews of Istanbul. Holiday tips – 2022

Have been to the airport 6 times already. It’s huge. That’s one. Convenient and logical. That’s two. Comfortable. That’s three. Passenger-oriented. That’s four. Fast enough in terms of transfers and getting luggage. That was five. And by a special voucher that you print after scanning your documents, you’re online. That’s convenient. That was six.

How we almost had dinner for 200,000 rubles! And Other Adventures of Russian Tourists in Turkey in March 2022 Just got back from Istanbul. All the troubles that everyone knows about now took us by surprise during the trip. We flew there without any incidents, only a short delay of an hour on the flight and the flight time was 30 minutes longer than usual. We were Turkish Airlines. The return flight was delayed for a day (probably due to the snowfalls), the operator contacted us and we were provided with a hotel, for free. We were given a hotel at the other end of the city, but that’s not the worst thing.

Immunization in Istanbul: 3 days, 25,000 rubles My girlfriend and I used to go to Europe often for weekends and we miss going to Rome, Paris, and Barcelona very much. As soon as we heard about vaccinations in Turkey we decided to probe the topic at once. In the forums and chats we found several clinics that vaccinate tourists. We contacted one of them (MEDIPOL).

Before writing a review, I want to say: The responsibility for your health lies with you and the attending physician. I am writing this review as a recommendation, not as a guide. If you decide to get vaccinated

5 Days in Istanbul: fun, Tasty, and Beautiful! I share the best places to shop! Hellenes forgive me, but in Istanbul as in Greece, there is everything! It is an amazing city. One of the few where I’m ready to return several times a year at any time of year. There are plenty of reasons to do it! It’s always nice to walk here, it’s not cold in winter and not too hot in summer.

Turkey in July 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews.

It will be interesting to people of all ages, social statuses and religions. If there are people who haven’t been to Istanbul, it’s urgent to fix that! I am sure you will like this city, even if you don’t like it.

Lyra is falling, it’s time to go to Istanbul! Wanted to vacation before the New Year, but didn’t consider a beach vacation, I don’t like winter. It is too difficult for me to go through such transfers, if from winter to summer is still okay, but back to winter is unbearable. After a vacation like that, I’m immediately on sick leave for another 2 weeks. We considered a trip to Budapest, or Greece, but then my husband suggested Turkey.

Turkey seemed to me one of the best options. Istanbul. The arguments in favor of Istanbul are many. The wide range of attractions in the city, the cuisine

What tourists think about Istanbul

Tourist Reviews of Istanbul

Read tourist reviews of Istanbul for 2021. Pros and cons of holidays, tourist tips. Learn firsthand about the weather, hotels, excursions, entertainment and shopping.


Istanbul Weather Reviews

Istanbul attracts a rich cultural heritage and oriental flavor, so tourists come at any time of year. In winter, the weather is overcast and rainy. In December it is +10 ° C, and in February it is +8 ° C. Spring begins early, so the streets of Istanbul quickly turn into a blooming garden.

Yulia Yeresko: “I did not think that the weather in March would be so cool. The thermometer showed +10°C in the evening. During the day it was warmer than +14°C, the sun was shining, but there was a piercing wind. I even had to take my hat out of my bag. I really got cold”.

Beach season starts at the end of May, when the water in the sea warms up to +19. +20°С. The middle of summer is hot. Daytime air temperature rises to +30. +35 ° C, and sea water up to +21. +22°С.

Tourist reviews about holidays in Turkey - 2022. How is it now

Lilia Migal: “How wrong I was when I thought it would be unbearably hot and stuffy here in July. Not at all. Because of the constant winds the heat was not felt at all”.

According to what tourists say, this is the ideal time to relax by the sea, go hiking or take a cruise on the Bosphorus. It’s still very warm at +25°C in September. Is it nice in Istanbul in October? According to tourist reviews, at the beginning of the month the air temperature during the day +19 ° C, at the end +15 ° C. The sea water is +16. +19 ° C – to bathe is already cool.

Olga Svetikova: “No hats and scarves. A light blouse during the day will suffice. In the evening you can warm up a little. But it all depends on the walk.

According to feedback from tourists, from a trip to Istanbul in November is better to refrain. In late autumn the weather in Turkey is cool and wet.

Holiday Reviews in Istanbul

Spring boat ride on the Bosphorus (Photo: / @reo)

Tourist reviews of hotels in Istanbul

Look for discounted hotels on Here are the main rules of hotel search.

Visitors to Istanbul have no problem with accommodation. Hotels of different level are in any area of the city. Tourists who go to see the historic center, like to stay in Sultanahmet and Beyoglu, the lovers of luxury hotels – on the coast of the Bosphorus, and those who came for the nightlife – in the area of Istiklal Street.

To make your vacation in Istanbul in 2022 a success, check out the reviews of tourists about hotels. They help to make the right choice.

Irina : “I liked Hilton Istanbul Bomonti 5* very much. I stayed in a wonderful room and I would love to stay there. The spa area is wonderful. The staff deserve special praise, requests were carried out quickly.

Icmeler. Leisure time reviews. Do I go to 2022?

Tatiana : “I like everything about Sapphire Istanbul 4*: location, service, decent breakfast. “Sapphire adds charm to this wonderful and unique city.

Nigar : “The staff at Element Suites 3* are helpful. They allowed us to leave our luggage with them both before and after check-in.”

Istanbul Hotel reviews

Sapphire Istanbul Hotel Photo: / Sapphire Istanbul)

Tourist reviews of excursions in Istanbul

Look for author’s interesting excursions on Tripster’s website. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

In Istanbul, a large selection of excursions with Russian-speaking guides. A lot of positive feedback received a tour of the Old City, an evening stroll along the Bosphorus, a bus and walking tour of the history of Istanbul and a boat trip to the mountain resort of Yalova.

To plan a vacation in Istanbul in 2022, read traveler reviews of the tours. Choose tours that suit your tastes!

Ninaanto : “We liked everything on the City of Two Continents tour! The guide answered our questions and explained everything in detail. Would highly recommend it.

Roksolan : “Old Istanbul and its antiquities” – everything was organized. Very good guides.”

Dilara : “Turkish street food – very tasty tour. I advise everyone to try it. Read more about the tour →

Reviews of tourists about the entertainment

Istanbul is a city of contrasts. Here spacious squares and cozy little courtyards, and majestic temples and modern mansions. Visitors look at the bustling bazaars, visit the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and the Galata Tower.

There are many interesting museums in the city. According to reviews of tourists, Istanbul with children should go to the Park of Miniatures, dinosaur park Jurassic Land, Toy Museum, Dolphinarium, amusement park Vialand and to aquariums.

Catherine: “After watching the series “The Magnificent Century” I wanted to visit the burial place of Sultan Suleiman and his wife. Süleymaniye Mosque was very interesting.

Cappadocia's 12 viewpoints with balloon and sunset views

Culture: “TurkuaZoo is a beautiful aquarium. You can see everything beautifully in the tunnel. It feels like you can pet a shark or a stingray.”

anamax1976: “There are no trees or any shelters in the Miniature Park. If it’s a hot summer day, you’ll get fried in the sun. Well, if it rains or winds, you’ll get wet or freeze.”

Tourist reviews about your stay in Istanbul

Sultanahmet Mosque (Photo: / @Sultanahmet)

Tourist reviews of shopping in Istanbul

Shopping in Turkey is profitable. Istanbul is considered one of the centers of world trade since the Middle Ages. There are sale seasons twice a year: from mid-January to the end of February and from July to September. During July, the city hosts a large-scale shopping festival.

Look for quality clothes, children’s items, leather goods, carpets, jewelry, furs, tableware and shoes in boutiques, outlet stores and shopping malls. Souvenirs, Turkish sweets, sauces, spices and wine are better to take at the oriental bazaars. According to tourists’ reviews, Istanbul’s best shopping is on Istiklal Street, in Zeytinburnu quarter and in Laleli district.

Vasilisa P.: “The mall Cevahir Istanbul sells a variety of Turkish brands, most of which are simply not available on the Russian market.

Jutta: “Shopping has never been the main purpose of my trips to Turkey. However, it is often a nice bonus, an opportunity to get positive emotions, to save money on something and to bring back pleasant memories”.

Tourist Reviews of Istanbul

Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı) in Istanbul (Photo: / @omar_dc)

Pros and cons of vacationing in Istanbul

One of the oldest cities in Turkey leaves no one indifferent. According to 2021 tourist reviews, the fabulously beautiful Istanbul captivates with its rich history and special atmosphere. In this city is sure to want to return.

The advantages of vacationing in Istanbul in 2022, according to the reviews of tourists:

  • Russians do not need to obtain a visa.
  • Short flight.
  • The warm climate.
  • Rich historical heritage. Many architectural sights.
  • All-inclusive hotels.
  • Excellent shopping.
  • Well-developed infrastructure.
  • Convenient public transportation.
  • International traditions.
Tekirova: Traveller reviews on holidays. Do I go to 2022?

LV_Pff: “Istanbul combines East and West, not only geographically, but also in spirit. Everyone will find something interesting here.

Cons :

  • Lots of noise and hustle and bustle.
  • Trash.
  • There are beggars and homeless people.
  • Tourists are perceived as a bag of money and often want to cheat.

Kirpichenkova Sv: “You should go, but be alert, ready for boorishness and deception, and not to let it ruin your vacation.

Holiday Reviews in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

The nuances of holidays in Istanbul and tips for tourists

Istanbul is a real tourist mecca. Because of the influx of visitors to the ticket office of popular attractions often queues line up. Less crowded in the morning or just before closing time.

Kiticka: “There are long lines at Hagia Sophia Cathedral. It is worth going as early as possible. When buying a ticket, take tickets to Topkapi and the archaeological museum at the same time.

Most stores are closed on Sundays. This does not apply to large shopping malls in the city center.

According to tourists’ reviews, in Istanbul you need to know how to haggle. In a good haggling, the seller can give up the price by 1.5-2 times.

Every year, the Muslim world celebrates Ramadan. The dates of the holy festival are from late spring to early summer. It is possible to visit Istanbul during the holidays. The city is decorated with bright lights and there are many concerts. The beaches and water parks are free, because Muslims can not swim. Disadvantages – during Ramadan almost everywhere, including hotels, do not sell alcohol. In addition, in the evenings it is difficult to find a place in restaurants and cafes, as believers gather after sunset for iftar – the evening meal.

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