Trip to the Altai Mountains by car. Recreation savage. Where to go

How to travel in Altai by car

Traveling by car is the best way to explore the Altai Mountains and have a great wilderness vacation. Check out my itinerary and read the tips. Learn where to go in a passenger car and where to go in an off-road vehicle. I tell you how to organize a safe and interesting vacation.


My impressions.

I love road trips! They give immeasurable freedom and a lot of impressions that you can not get on the excursions or travel by public transport. Traveling by car in Altai, you can get to the coolest places in a short period of time, and at the same time very inexpensive. All in all, a trip by car is the best way to get acquainted with Altai, to have an inexpensive and interesting vacation.

I gathered a team of friends, and we spent the whole month and a half driving along the Altai roads. During that time we saw almost all the main attractions of the Altai Mountains. Of course, we could do it in less time. Our trip turned out so long, because in some places we had a long rest as campers. We spent one week each in the Uch-Enmek park and on Ulagan lakes in the middle of charming taiga, practically alone, without tourists in the neighborhood. We spent several days in a tent on the shore of Katun river near Manzherok and visited our favorite places (Mars, for example) several times.

If you have only a week or two at your disposal, even this time is enough for you to get acquainted with the main sights. Below I’ve sketched out a route for a short but busy road trip around Altai.

Driving along the Chuisky Tract in Altai. Uch-Enmek Park.

Roads and gas stations.

The main road in the Altai Mountains is the famous Chuisky tract. We traveled along it all the way to the Mongolian border. I advise you to do the same. This is an amazing road: for several hundred kilometers, the scenery is constantly changing, one better than the other. The route is in excellent condition, there is good asphalt everywhere, the traffic is low even in the height of the summer season. On the way there are a lot of camping sites, guest houses, gas stations, canteens, so it will be comfortable to travel by car.

Secondary roads in the Altai Republic are worse: somewhere broken asphalt, somewhere rolling dirt track, somewhere chiseled grate, and somewhere fierce off-road, accessible only to off-road.

We were traveling by UAZ “Patriot”, so we were able to get to some most remote and inaccessible places, about which few people know: Dzhumalin keys, as well as Achik Pass with an amazing view of all the major ranges of the Altai Mountains and Belukha. However, even if you have an ordinary car, you can still visit almost all the sights on your own. Only a few places you will have to give up or order a jeep tour.

As I said above, the Chuisky Tract has all the infrastructure necessary for auto-travelers. The situation is worse on secondary roads, but there are gas stations and cafes in large villages and away from the tract. Try to fill up every chance you get if you turn off the highway. Check where the next gas station, canteen, or store is in the app or on your navigator.

Chuysky tract – the highway is in excellent condition. Gas station in Ak-Boom. But don’t be afraid – there are also normal gas stations.

Where you can go by any car

Here I’ll tell you about the coolest places of interest in Altai Mountains and sketch a route for a car trip. More photos and information about each place you can find in our guide to places of interest in Altai.

Even if you don’t have much time, I advise you to drive along the Chuisky Tract. First of all, there are many sights along the way, right by the road, that are easy to get to. Secondly, it is a very beautiful road. According to many, one of the most scenic in the world. The route is especially good near the end, when the Kurai and Chuya steppes begin, over which snow-covered sharp mountain ranges rise majestically. The beauty is unbelievable! In general, the Chuisky Tract is the minimum program for your tour around Altai by car.

What to see on the Chuisky Tract and nearby

Uch-Enmek Park is a picturesque place with historical monuments. It is enough to drive not to the very end (there is a difficult road), and to drive aside from the tract only 10-15 km to the steles and mounds, to look them and to return back on the highway. Two-three hours will be enough for the sightseeing.

Ilgumensky rapids . Here you can see the harsh temper of Katun, go rafting or swim in the cool waters of the river. One or two hours will suffice. If you want, you can stay in a tent or a cottage at the recreation center.

You can visit the confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers. The water in the rivers has different colors, so the place of their confluence has become a popular attraction. Half an hour is enough time to see it.

Petroglyphs of Kalbak-Tash and Adyr-Kan tracts . The first is a popular place with petroglyphs of different eras, they even hold excursions there. The second one is a wild tract, where you can imagine yourself a researcher and look for ancient paintings by yourself. We chose the latter option. It takes about two to three hours to look around.

Dzhumalin keys - radioactive Altai

Shirlak Waterfall . It is located almost by the highway, you have to walk about twenty minutes. But the waterfall is not interesting at all, so you can safely skip it.

Geyser Lake is a very popular attraction in the Altai Mountains. It is easy to visit it: you leave the highway to the tourist center “Little Paradise”, pay 30 rubles for the entrance and walk along the wooden bridges to the lake. One hour is enough to see it.

Kurai and Chuya steppes . Fantastically beautiful landscapes! Admire them directly from the car window and make a couple or three stops at the viewing points, there are numerous rolling dirt roads on the right side – choose any.

Giant ripple currents in the Kurai Steppe . This is an unusual and little-known sight in the Altai, which is easy to see in any car. You need to leave the highway and drive a few kilometers along the dirt track. Having climbed a hill, you will see an unusual landscape in the form of ripples, which thousands of years ago were left by a glacier that descended from the mountains. The ripples are best seen at sunrise or sunset in the sideways light. It takes about an hour or two to see and travel.

Mars is the brightest and very popular attraction in the Altai Mountains. Multicolored rocks create a bizarre landscape that you won’t see much elsewhere. I strongly advise to visit this place, we have been there three times. You can get to Mars from the tract by the dirt track of normal quality, so you can pass it by any car. You can spend from an hour to a whole day here.

Petroglyphs on Dzhalgyz-tobe is another complex of rock paintings, only this time without a single tourist. Few people get this far into the heart of the Altai Mountains. And it is only necessary to drive 7 km by dirt road from the highway. It was very enthralling to climb the mountain, to seek out and decipher ancient drawings. We spent two hours here.

The valley of the Yustyd River . It is a pearl among the sights of Altai Mountains! At the very end of the Chuysky Tract, just a couple of kilometers away from the Mongolian border. It is very pacific and beautiful here. Visit the valley at sunset – I guarantee, it will be unforgettable end of your automobile trip across Altai.

We came to see the steles in Uch-Enmek Park. Geyser lake near Aktash village. Chuysky tract, a section in the Kurai steppe. Martian landscapes of the Altai Mountains. The valley of the Yustyd River is the easternmost point of our auto-expedition in the Altai Mountains.

Places away from the Chuysky Tract.

There are a lot of other beautiful places in Altai, where you can go by any car.

The route from Aktash through Ulagan to the Katu-Yaryk Pass is very popular. Along the way you will see the famous Red Gate and charming Ulagan lakes, where I highly recommend you to stay for a day or two. At the end of the road you will see the Katu-Yaryk pass itself and a stunning view of the Chulyshman river valley from a height of 800 meters. Any car can drive up to the pass, even if it’s quite broken down, but the way down to the Chulyshman valley along the famous serpentine should be done only by a four-wheel drive car. To go down simply, but to get back up again not everyone manages – in this case, come to the aid of local, ready to tow for 5-6 thousand steep serpentine towing tourists stuck below. The Chulyshman River valley is the only way to get to the south of the Teletskoye Lake by an off-road vehicle. I’ve read the reports of some people who risked driving in a car and ended up staying there. We didn’t go to the valley: by that time we had been driving in the Altai for a month, and didn’t have much desire.

Also you can go to Tarkhatinsky megalithic complex by the car. It is a kind of Altai Stonehenge – an ancient observatory, built of stone slabs. It is an interesting place for those who are interested in history. One has to drive 30 km from the village of Kosh-Agach in the Chui Steppe. There is a dirt track leading to the complex, unpleasant and dusty, but accessible to any car.

Katu-Yaryk, Altai Mountains

View of the Chulyshman river valley from the Katu-Yaryk pass (the farthest point from the parking lot – no people at all).

Where to go in an off-road car

You may travel in Altai Mountains by any car, but only the owners of reliable four-wheel drive car can visit some very cool places, where are almost no tourists, and the beauties of the sceneries are simply mind-blowing. Let’s see, where it is worth going!

There is one secret place in Altai almost nobody knows about – Achik Pass. You have to drive along a very steep uphill and full of big boulders, that’s why you have to drive a trustworthy cross-country vehicle only. A breathtaking panorama awaits you at the top, with a chance to see Belukha and all the main Altai mountain ranges. We spent the night there, watched the sunset and the sunrise and received a lot of emotions. On the way there were no other souls, but on the way there were a couple of cars, which had already returned.

Fear and Loathing in the Altai Mountains: Safety Tips

For those who are looking for a wild vacation without the benefits of civilization, Internet and mobile communications, I advise to go to the Karakol Nature Park “Uch-Enmek”. You should go to the very end, to the cordon “Aru-Kem”. We stayed there for a whole week in a national Altai shelter, an aila. You can walk to the sacred Lake Aru-Kem.

One of the most remote places in the Altai Mountains is Dzhumalin Springs, where the locals like to treat themselves in the radioactive water (though sometimes they die right in the bathtub). This is a wild and far from the civilization land, to get here from the nearest village Kosh-Agach is needed whole 100 km on rough and off-road tracks. There is no communication or electricity, but there are several lodges with bunks and a fireplace. The place is very beautiful, I advise to visit it! But to bathe in the spring and drink water from it I do not advise – we feel bad from such procedures. Only when we returned home, we learned that the water there contains a radioactive element – radon.

Farther from Dzhumalin springs, beyond the Teply Klyuch pass, is the Ukok Plateau shrouded in legends. This is exactly the most distant and hard-to-reach place in Altai. I really want to go there, but to get there, not enough just to have an off-road car: need a prepared car with a winch and a snorkel, and surely must go in a group, because off-road there are serious, with fords and swamps. By the way, it was on the Ukok Plateau where the mummy of the famous Altai princess was found.

Approximately in the same area is the village Dzhazator (Belyashi), where I would also like to visit, but in the last trip had no time. I want to see the surrounding mountains and the Samaha steppe, located a little further.

One more interesting place for the lovers of off-road driving and magnificent panoramic views is Aktash repeater. I started uphill, but almost at the beginning of the way I bumped the front axle on a boulder very badly, even cutting off part of the metal. An unpleasant feeling arose, and I decided not to go, and instead we went to Achik. If you climb up, you will see a magnificent view of the Kurai steppe from a height of 3000 meters above sea level at Aktash.

Sunset on the Achik Pass. View of Belukha (in the evenings it is in clouds). The road to the Dzhumalin springs.

Recreation by camping in Altai.

If you travel by car in Altai you have a good chance to have a rest in the wilderness, far away from civilization and tourists, for whom rest means only loud music, booze and shashlyk. Such people usually rest only in the area of Chemal, Manzherok and in the north of the Teletskoye Lake, that is, in the very beginning of the Chuisky Tract. Beyond the Seminskiy Pass tourists are much fewer in number and their recreation culture is different. Almost every tourist center in these parts is suitable for having a rest easy. But for those who even this is not enough, I will tell about the places that are completely wild and deserted.

Quiet rest far from civilization can be found at Aru-Kem wilderness camp. We lived there for a week in a traditional aila, paying 400 rubles per person. You can also put up a tent or stay in an ordinary guest house. There is no connection.

Look for wonderful wild recreation at Ulagan lakes – they are very beautiful. There are many lakes, so it is easy to choose to your taste. There are with relatively civilized campgrounds, and there are quite wild ones. We spent a week in a tent on the shore of Igistu-kol lake. This place is amazing! There is virgin forest and the sea of blueberries and cowberries around.

There are quite good camping places near Aktash. From pluses – proximity to stores, canteens and availability of communication.

For one night we stayed in an ail at a tourist base in the Kurai Steppe. We were lucky: a musician came that evening, and we, sitting by the fire under the stars, listened to real throat singing.

I don’t recommend pitching a tent in the wilderness. The locals explained to us that almost all land in Altai belongs to someone, so you may be easily approached by the owners, or those who pretend to be such, for proceedings. It’s better to avoid that, so camp only on the territory of tourist zones by prior arrangement with the management. You’ll usually pay 50-200 rubles per camping person. Somewhere the price includes a shower, somewhere they charge extra for it. The civilized bases are equipped with a kitchen, Internet, and a place to buy firewood.

I recommend searching for hostels and other accommodations on Buking, as well as on to find discounts. If you have not booked in advance, you can find accommodation on the spot – just go and choose the bases you like. But keep in mind that in high season at the popular bases may not be available – we have experienced this.

The Igistu-kol Lake in Ulagan region is a perfect place for the rest by car. Our camp is on the Achik Pass.

Top 25: the best attractions in the Altai Mountains. Where to go and what to see

How much money is needed

We spent a month and a half in Altai – July-August. We drove our car from Perm in the company of five friends. We bought most of the groceries in advance and often cooked by ourselves. We lived in tents, hotels, on camping sites.

Here were our expenses per two people (except for gasoline, which was the total amount):

Gasoline for round trip 23 000
Gasoline in Altai 10 000
Car repair 1 000
Travel lodging 5 600
Lodging in Altai 19 500
Groceries 21 500
Cafe 10 700
Coffee reserve 3 400
Internet and communication 1 700
Sightseeing 1 300
Life 5 000
Tick vaccinations 3 500
Medications 2 900
Total for two 109 100 rubles

We saw almost all the sights for free. Lunch in a cafe or soup kitchen for two usually came to 300-700 rubles. Accommodation in lodges costs 400-700 rubles per person.

Additional expenses: tourist outfit – 48,000 rubles. I had to buy many things, but they are things for more than one trip.

If you do not count gasoline and lodging on the road, repairs, vaccinations, first aid kit and coffee beans (without which we personally can not live), it turns out 70,000 rubles for two, or 35,000 rubles per person. This is pure spending on a holiday in the Altai Mountains. Not much at all! After all, we spent there a month and a half and visited almost everywhere.

I hope my itinerary and tips will help you organize a great trip to the attractions of the Altai Mountains by car. I wish you good luck!

Where to go with tents in Altai: climb mountains and see lakes of different shades

Sometimes you want to get away from everyone to the edge of the world. And this edge of the world can become Altai. There are many places where you can relax from everyone and everything. Recreation in tents is very popular in the region. It can be divided into two categories: in civilized campsites, where you will have a certain level of comfort, and “wild”. In the second case, you will test yourself and know all the charms of life in harmony with nature.

Recreation with tents is one of the most popular in Altai. Photo: Ivan KOSTYUK, “KP”-Barnaul

To go with tents in Altai you can go to steppes, mountains, to the shores of lakes. Everyone can find an option for himself.

The best places for a rest by the water

Zavyalovsk Lakes

Address Altai Territory, Zavyalovsky district, Zavyalovo village
Coordinates 52.885580, 81.013144

Zavyalovsky lakes of Altai Krai are a real natural phenomenon. Just imagine: on one spot nature has created three lakes at once – fresh, salty and alkaline.

Nature has created three lakes – fresh, salty and alkaline – at one spot. Photo:

Tourists from all over the country come here not only to rest, but also to improve their health. The water in the salty lake is truly healing, and at the bottom and on the banks of the deposits of therapeutic mud and blue clay. Because of the high concentration of salt here is impossible to drown, the water itself keeps you on the surface. Alkaline lake is no less unique. Its water is mineral (chloride-carbonate-sulfate type), to the touch it feels soapy.

Bathing in Zavyalovsk lakes helps improve the condition in arthritis, intervertebral hernia, neurodermatitis, psoriasis.

Bathing in Zavyalovsk lakes helps to improve health. Photo:

The lakes are surrounded by relict pine forest, so the air here is not only clean, but also very useful, it contains an increased amount of phytoncides.

On the shores of the lakes there are camping sites and campsites. Most tourists are accommodated in tents. It is very budget-friendly and has all the necessary infrastructure – showers, rides, cafes.

How to get there

From the bus station in Barnaul to Zavyalovo and then to the lake – 7 km by cab. Travel agencies offer transfer from Barnaul.

Cave Waterfall

Address Altai Territory, Zalesovskiy district
Coordinates 54.102411, 84.769742

There is a 10-meter waterfall in the Zalesovsky district of Altai. Photo:

Deciding where to go with tents in Altai, so that there are bodies of water nearby – go to the Zalesovsky area. There is a lake and a waterfall of 10 meters high. It flows quite warm water from the lake, so tourists are happy to take a natural “shower”. At the bottom of the waterfall are lined with stone “baths”, which are constantly filled with bubbling flowing water. Nearby is a cave where people take selfies.

The lake is surrounded by black taiga and the grass is taller than a man. And what a fragrance it is!

There are a lot of fish in the lake. On the shore in the tent camp there is always the aroma of ukha cooked on the campfire.

How to get there

Raspberry lake

Address Altai Territory, Mikhailovsky district
Coordinates 51.691168, 79.740121

Raspberry Lake is called Crimson Lake for a reason. The color of its water has an unusual coloring due to the crustacean Artemia salina, which produces a pink pigment. The color of the water varies depending on the season: in the spring and summer, the lake bright crimson, in the fall it becomes brown.

The shade of the water in the lake changes depending on the time of year. Photo:

The concentration of salt in Crimson Lake is very high. Even the bottom of the reservoir is covered with a salt crust. Since ancient times, salt has been extracted here (which, by the way, also has a delicate pink hue) and even supplied it to the royal table of Catherine II – the empress loved to surprise her honored guests, especially foreign guests.

Accommodation in the Altai Mountains. Cabins, hotels, wilderness in tents.

The depth of the lake is only about a meter, so the water is well heated. Bathers come out white from the salt. You can take a bath in the fresh water pond, which is 400 meters away.

There is no service on Crimson Lake, so tourists rest in tents. The area is quite peaceful and does not attract many people.

How to get there

Best places for a rest in the mountains

Chemal: the Altai Mountains

Address Republic of Altai, Chemal district, Elekmonar village
Coordinates 51.493968, 86.375780

Go to the beautiful Karakol lakes in the Chemal region. Photo:

If you want to test yourself, go to the Chemalsky region on a trip to the highlands. Impassable roads, wild mountain trails, majestic and severe rocks are waiting for you. And the indescribable beauty of Karakol lakes awaits you as a reward. To get to them is not so easy, and not everyone dares. But if you dare to take this fascinating trip, the impressions will last a lifetime.

The Karakol lakes, which are high in the mountains, are seven reservoirs located from each other at a distance of 300 to 800 meters. Their water is crystal clear and transparent (you can see the bottom clearly at a depth of 10 meters), but very cold. Almost all the lakes have different shades of water due to the content of different chemical elements. For example, the second lake has an increased concentration of silver, and the fifth – of iron.

Karakol lakes are located in several natural and climatic zones. Photo:

The Karakol lakes are located in several natural and climatic zones, so they have very different landscapes. The lower lakes are surrounded by impenetrable taiga, the middle lakes by alpine meadows, and the upper lakes are among the tundra. Where else will you see it?

There is a camping site near the lakes, but you have to book seats in advance. Many people stay in tents on the shore.

How to get there

From Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk to Elekmonar village, Chemalsky District, Altai Republic. From it to the lakes is 30 km.

You cannot get to the lakes by an ordinary car. You need to order a specially equipped off-road car or a truck from the local residents. It takes about three hours to get to the lakes. To get to the highest lake you will have to walk or ride a horse.

Mountain Kolyvan

Address Altai Territory, Zmeinogorsk District, Savvushka Village
Coordinates 51.365577, 82.194079

In the village of Kolyvan Altai Territory there is a unique lake Kolyvan, which is included in the list of wonders of Russia. The lake is surrounded by a “Martian” landscape. The impression is that someone specially put here one by one huge rocks-boulders, thousands of years old, resembling either fantastic animals, or towers of castles, or human faces. The researchers explain this natural phenomenon by the fact that once upon a time there passed the shoreline of the ancient sea. Its waters washed the rocks, constantly grinding them down.

Lake Kolyvan is included in the list of wonders of Russia. Photo:

Many famous travelers and explorers have written about Lake Kolyvan with admiration. Alexander Wrangel, Baron, privy councilor, Chamberlain, said: “… I have seen many mountain lakes in my lifetime, but the fascination that engulfed me here, I can not forget. We were watching just like spellbound, not taking our eyes off, we had no strength to leave…”.

Pyotr Semyonov Tyan-Shansky, a Russian geographer, botanist and statesman wrote: “The granite rocks of Lake Kolyvan are rivaled only by the granite rocks of Brocken Mountain in Hartz.

The lake is surrounded by thousand-year-old boulder rocks. Photo:

In the Kolyvan Lake grows a water nut chilim, which is popularly nicknamed “devil” because of its shape. Many people take it as a souvenir. Chilim is a relict plant (preserved since preglacial times), it is included in the Red Book and grows only in clean water.

On the shore of Lake Kolyvanskoe there are several tourist sites and campsites, where you can rent a house or pitch a tent. It’s rather budget-friendly and convenient because the territories of the campsites are guarded and cleaned, and tourists are provided with a bathhouse, catamarans, scooters and other entertainment.

How to get there

Sinuha mountain

Address Altai Territory, Kuryinskiy district, settlement named after March 8
Coordinates 51.241796, 82.606788

Sinyukha is the highest point of the Kolyvan range. The mountain is a natural monument and is part of the Tigirek reserve. Tourists have long been fond of both the Sinukha mountain itself and the Beloye lake located at its foot. When the weather is clear, the mountain is reflected in the smooth surface of the reservoir like in a mirror.

Mount Sinyukha is the highest point of the Kolyvan range. Photo:

The lake has its own legend. In the middle of the reservoir there is a small stone island covered with a dense forest. It is said that in tsarist times coins were printed here secretly from Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. Upon learning of this, she was really angry and ordered a verification commission to be sent there. To avoid punishment, the secret mint was flooded along with the workers.

Rest with children in Altai 2022: the best bases + tips

For vacationers on the shore there are camping sites, where you can pitch a tent. Rest on the White can be not only pleasant, but also interesting: tourists are offered climbing the mountain Sinyukha, visiting the museum of history and development of mining production, as well as excursions to the Kolyvano-Voskresensk plant. It was here that the tsar vase was made, which is now stored in the Hermitage.

How to get there

From Barnaul till the settlement named after March, 8. Then by a cab to the lake Belogo (about 7 km). Travel agencies offer transfer from Barnaul.

The best places for a rest in the forest

Akkemsky forest

Address Republic of Altai, Ust-Koksinsk region, start from Tyungur village
Coordinates 49.906971, 86.546753

The Akkemsky forest is a mountain taiga: century-old cedars, mighty larches and winding trails where you can spot traces of wild animals. It is located in the valley of the Akkem river, which flows from the lake of the same name at the foot of the Belukha mountain.

The famous thinker Nikolai Roerich gave Altai a special meaning, he believed that Belukha and the Himalayas are connected by invisible energy threads. You don’t have to be a mystic or esoteric to feel the beauty and peculiarity of this place. This is probably why hundreds of people come here every year with a tent. Some enthusiasts even make huts, caulking the cracks with moss. In such a shelter neither rain nor cold is terrible.

Akkemsky forest is situated near the lake of the same name at the foot of Belukha mountain. Photo:

To make walking more fun, mark your goal – Akkem Lake. It’s about 46 km through the mountain taiga with an elevation gain of almost 1000 meters. The route along the Akkem River, which flows from the lake, is usually split into two days.

There is no organized camping near the lake, so tourists are accommodated in tents. A couple of kilometers from the lake there is an alpine camp, where you can stay overnight and have a sauna.

As for the entertainments at the lake you can make radial exits to the Belukha glacier, take a steep path to the Spirit lake or visit the valley of seven lakes or the Yarloo. If you plan to enjoy a hike to the fullest, plan to spend at least four days on Akkem, plus the same amount for driving there and back

How to get there

From Gorno-Altaisk to the village of Ust-Koksa. Further on you can take a cab to the village Tyungur (about 60 km). Travel agencies offer transfer from Gorno-Altaisk (380 kilometers).

Priteletskaya taiga

Address Republic of Altai, northern part – Turochak District, southern part – Ulugan District
Coordinates 51.698815, 87.692330

A real treasure is the dense forest spread around the Teletskoye Lake. Photo:

Everyone has heard about Teletskoye Lake, but the real treasure is the primeval forest spread around it. Here you can feel like a real hermit. You can go deep into the Teletskoye taiga or pitch a tent near the village of Yailu, which is the administrative center of the reserve. There you can also apply for the necessary permits. Here bears roam (they keep away from people), and in July and August begins the season of berries and mushrooms.

You can find infrastructure in the form of guesthouses and camping sites. If you want to be absolutely secluded you can arrange the trip by boat to the remote places. Do not forget to designate the date of the trip, otherwise you will have to get through the rugged forest and rocks on foot. There is no cell phone connection here.

How to get there

From Gorno-Altaisk to Artybash village (157 km). From Artybash to Yailu is a bad dirt road, it is better to go by boat.

Multinskiy kedrarch

Address Republic of Altai, Ust-Koksinskiy district, start from Multa village
Coordinates 49.999134, 85.837426

The fairy forest is the best option for those who decide where to go with tents in Altai. There is moss hanging from the branches of old cedars and the trails are overgrown with lingonberries. One can lose track of time here, and you come to yourself when suddenly you hear somebody calling. It had to be a fairy!

The Multinskiy cedar forest not far from the lake is the best variant for those, who decide where to go with tents in Altai. Photo:

Not far from the Katunsky Range, there is the village of Multa, which is surrounded by a chain of lakes. Feel free to pack your backpack and tent and head here. You will never forget staying overnight in the Multa cedar forest or on the lakeshore. You don’t have to walk up on foot, you can be delivered to the places by Gaz-66 or by small boat.

You can easily find a place for your tent. The water in the lakes is clear, there are grayling, there are no problems with fire wood too. A big bonus of Gorny Altai is the absence of mosquitoes. The main thing is to take a warmer sleeping bag. On GPS-maps there are marked trails, so that you will not get lost.

How to get there

Take a bus from Gorno-Altaisk to the village of Multa. Travel agencies offer transfer from Gorno-Altaisk.

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