True about Fishing . Leisure reviews – 2022

True about Fishing . Leisure reviews – 2022

We will not return, as well as advise others too. Boarding house “Granat” is not a boarding house! This is a private mini-hotel, the owners for some reason mislead. The owners constantly keep control of all their property, because of a little uncomfortable. You feel like a guest. Unusual, but it happens. The suite has a common kitchen where there are no planks to make a salad, no grater, no colander. A little confused the other guests were, too. In suites and standard rooms everywhere instead of sheets – curtains. and curtains to cover. at the request

  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach

Crimea is ours. I agree with the topic. A week ago we had a rest in village Rybachie. In a summer season were for the first time. The sea is clean and the beach in Rybachiy is excellent. Separately, we would like to mention a cafe “Veranda” on the central street (we had lunch and dinner there) – we were pleased with a variety of dishes, chic desserts, fresh products, prices and smiles? For one dinner went to Alushta. Dinner at the waterfront restaurant fortress cost 10000 rubles (hu) for 4 adults and two children. Packages in the grocery store there were 10 rubles. This fact, started

  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach

Guest House NIKA In June 2015, my little nephew (1.9 years) and I with a cheerful company went to rest in the most wonderful place in the Crimea – Rybachie settlement. The village is surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The sun there shines at an angle of 45 ° to the horizon and the mountains very rarely let the rain clouds pass. We stayed at the Guest House NIKA. This is not a hotel, it’s a veritable guest house, where you are welcomed and seen off as a dear guest. On the territory of NIKA there are two grounds. One area – parking, barbecue and gazebo.

Hello, seaWow!I'm flying!SunsetCheerful and sunburned, at home in Nizhny NovgorodAnchorsIt's beautiful here too!

  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach

Almost before leaving for fishing, at the pension “Favor” I decided to read reviews about it. They were different. People who were there were divided in their impressions of the boarding house into two groups. Some wrote that all was bad and to go there is worth it only if you want to spoil your vacation. Others were glad and happy to be there. My holiday came at the beginning of June (from 02.06.15 to 11.06.15) and I think that the impressions of it will stay long in my heart, showing my gratitude to all those with whom I was bind.

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Guest House Nika We vacationed in Rybachie from July 23 to August 6, 2014. The village has become much cleaner, the river by which allegedly flowed sewage into the sea has dried up (the truth in five years of rest personally I did not observe sewage). People this year it is less (in comparison with the last years), but the beach all is filled. Products enough, to any taste and purse (a lot of talk is conducted that in the Crimea there is no product), prices acceptable, from last year differ by 5-10 rubles. Prices for housing lower than last year. Rested in the guest house Nick. To the sea 15 meters, cross the road. Rooms are comfortable, with amenities, beautiful, modern renovation. We had two suites, very pleased with the kitchenette on the balcony. The area is fenced, coded lock, children play independently on the playground. In short, all pleasures. Many thanks to Innochka and Volodya for a pleasant stay.

  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach

Rybachie: only good emotions I and my girlfriend had a rest in Rybachie in 2009. I remember my vacation with only positive emotions. First of all I liked the beach, it’s very long and wide, mostly everywhere large pebbles, but there were places with fine pebbles. We always found a place where there were few people, and it was not difficult. On both sides of the main beach we had two nudist beaches, so the lovers of nudity had a place to play. We also often went to the bay of love )), so we called it the locals. There was

  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach
  • children and young people
  • have a rest individually
  • do scuba diving

Rybachye. where there are not only fish. Rybachye is an amazingly beautiful place. Although. it seems that everything is simple here. Houses where you can rent good accommodation for a reasonable price, waterfront, market, beach, sea. Many locals earn by building private hotels, which have everything you need for a good rest, and it will cost you less than the same boarding house. We lived in one of such hotels. The owner is a Tatar and his whole family works for this business. The hotel is one-story, arranged in a U-shape. At the head is a common kitchen, and on the sides

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  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach
  • to heal and relieve stress.
  • children and young people
  • have a rest individually

Fish Fishtail: ambiguous impressions about the rest Rybachie is a rather popular resort on the south coast of the Crimea. It’s not hard to get from Alushta – shuttle buses run regularly. For those who get carsick, the way along the serpentine mountains will be quite difficult, so you should stock up on anti-seasickness pills. The first impression of the fisherman was not very good. Since we arrived early in the morning, we immediately were not accommodated in rooms, and we all together (and there were 8 of us) were in one room until the other rooms were vacated. Having laid out the things,

  • children and young people
  • do scuba diving
  • sail.

Rybachie – an unforgettable place and sea Rybachie is a small village near Alushta. However, the insignificance of its size and makes Rybachye unique – everything here is somehow cozy, quiet and calm. This place is just perfect for a holiday, moreover, is located not far from the central cities of the southern coast. If you have no desire to order tours, you can just relax right here – great views of the sea, excellent pebble beaches and, most importantly, cleanliness – both in town and on the beach. Fisherman is something

  • to bathe and sunbathe on the beach

I went to Rybachye with my friend for the company, because she had rested there before. And not a bit regretted. Getting to the bus from Simferopol, I want to note that many cab drivers offer their services, but the prices exorbitant: 500 USD (2 tys. rub), while the bus 30-40 USD (150-200 rubles). Upon arrival at the station, we were immediately offered lodging at 100 USD per person. (500 rubles), and we agreed. But as it turned out, you could find a cheaper, and closer to the sea, just walk in the private sector,

Rybachie: tips on vacation

One of the small pearls of the Crimea is situated between Alushta and Sudak. We have collected reviews about Rybachie, a resort for lovers of a quiet holiday by the sea. Learn what pleases and upsets tourists in the seaside village, what the prices are for summer 2022 and whether you should come with children.

    – Private Sector in Rybachie. – Hotels and hotels in Rybachiy.
Holidays in the Crimea in the summer of 2022. What the weather and whether to go


Impressions of Rybachie

A small Crimean village is popularly called simply “Rybachka. It is not as well-groomed as popular resorts of the Southern coast of Crimea, but pleases with a relaxed atmosphere, a good pebble beach and clear sea.

Strong winds in Rybachiy are a rarity. According to reviews from vacationers, it’s always nice to sit near the water itself and enjoy the warmth of the sun. You can’t admire the sunset in Rybachiy. In summer, the sun hides behind the mountain at 7 o’clock and it gets dark on the shore.

Specimen: “It’s not crowded, there are no large queues, you can always find a place on the beach. The village is small and it takes no more than 20 minutes to get to the sea on foot. Prices for housing is much lower than in other cities in the Crimea.

Chanurina: “Visited the family Rybachie and were dissatisfied, more minuses than pluses. Dirt, dust, narrow roads, no light in the streets, you have to walk with flashlights, rude sellers, invented prices, no service. If bad from serpentine, this place definitely is not for you”.

Is it expensive to relax in Rybachiy?

A big plus of the resort village in the Crimea is inexpensive accommodation by the sea. According to the tourists’ opinions even during the high season you can find here quite comfy lodgings at the reasonable price. During the summer of 2022 a double room in a cheap hotel or guest house costs from 1200 to 1400 rubles per day, and in a 3* hotel with breakfast – from 2000 rubles.

In this article you will learn about the sanctions, which prevent the Crimean Tatars from listing their lodgings. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on the daily basis. Do not trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book lodging in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and reviews of tourists, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

For the use of the toilet on the beach you have to pay 15 rubles. Rental sun lounger under the awning for the day costs 150 rubles, and for half a day – 100 rubles. As for nutrition, it is not so easy. You will not get a cheap lunch in a cafe, and products are also expensive. Find out how to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea.

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Gaykanv: “The price tag in canteens is just cosmic. Even in expensive Yalta it’s cheaper.

Tourist reviews of Rybachy

A view of Rybachie. Photo: nanka-photo /

Sea and beaches in Fishing

Rybachie has a wide pebble beach that is almost 2 kilometers long and has a clear sea. Part of the shore is used as a camping site for caravanning tourists. If you vacation all day long, rent a thatched bungalow that is perfect for hiding from the sun. On a beach there is an inflatable slide and water entertainments – jet skis, “bananas” and catamarans.

Connoisseurs of secluded rest go through the rocky ledge to the picturesque Love Bay. Beyond Rybachie, in the direction of the resort Kanaka, there is a nudist beach, hidden from prying eyes.

NataliaKiseleva: “The sea is clean, clean beach, though undeveloped. There are few people, we were not annoyed by corn sellers. From the sea side the buildings of cafes and guest houses look very miserable.

Panorama of the beach in Rybachie

Rest with children in Rybachie

This resort offers everything you need for a calm and relaxing vacation by the sea. Clean air, pleasant sea breezes and lack of noise – everything you can dream of tired in the city adults and children. The beach is not far from any street. There are pharmacies, market with fresh fruit, canteens and cafes with delicious food.

According to reviews of tourists for 2021, vacation with children in Rybachiy spoils a few moments. At sea there are strong waves and jellyfish. There are a lot of stray dogs in the village, and sometimes they behave aggressively. The streets are narrow, cars pass close to pedestrians, so you have to be careful. To avoid problems with transportation, tourists are advised to walk to the sea not on the main roads, and the alleys.

It is convenient that the institutions for tourists have small play corners for children. After 8 p.m. all canteens are closed. In the evening you can eat only in karaoke bars, but you will not go there with a child.

In addition to the beach and a small park with attractions for children, entertainment is not much. In reviews vacationers advise to take a walk with a child through Rybachie and its surroundings and see how grapes, pomegranates, plums and pears grow. It is interesting to go to the dolphinarium in Alushta.

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Assol12: “On the beach pebbles coarse, to walk is very painful, and it is impossible to pass in a wheelchair. Many people in special rubber shoes, we did not spend the money, went barefoot, convincing ourselves that this is an excellent prevention of flat feet.

Tourist reviews of Rybachy

Jur-Jur Falls (Photo: LilacBumblebee /

Interesting or boring at the resort

Rybachie is not Las Vegas! There is no entertainment in the small village. Resorts go on boat trips, visit the temple of St. Xenia on Shkolnaya Street and taste Crimean wines. You can go to Alushta and Sudak by bus. For those who likes diving there is a diving center.

According to the reviews of holidaymakers in 2021, excursions to Dzhur-Jur waterfall and Karabi-Yayla caves are popular from Rybachie. An evening stroll along the sea costs 750 rubles. For children under 3 years old free of charge.

Iliannelle: “From entertainments only excursions, because to get to water parks, city or interesting places by yourself is problematic, especially if there is no car.

Holiday reviews for Fishing

The Lighthouse Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in nearby Malorechenskoye (Photo: Denis Vitchenko /

When to go

The Crimean village lies in a valley between two mountains that protect it from cold winds. According to reviews, the climate in Rybachie is mild, there is no sharp difference in temperature during the day and night, there is no high humidity and mosquitoes.

Bathing season begins in late May and lasts until early October. The peak of the tourist season is in July and August. During the cold season there are very few people. In Rybachie come only those who want to improve their health in boarding houses.

Anna Reutova: “Quite often I go to the Crimea. I prefer to rest at the end of summer. I think the twentieth day of August is ideal for swimming and recreation in general.

Lyrics about Fishing: making conclusions

The Crimean village is a good place for a nice budget holiday by the sea in the summer of 2022. Here with pleasure go families with children and tourists in age. A nice bonus is a relatively inexpensive accommodation, a spacious beach and clean sea.

The tourists note in their reviews about Rybachie that you shouldn’t expect low prices and special service at the resort. But if you adjust to the local peculiarities you can count on a nice vacation in the Crimea!

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