Truth about Alupka. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Truth about Alupka. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Alupka fascinates . The best place on the South Coast! Going more than 10 years. Tried to rest in other places in the Crimea. Everywhere is good, but Alupka is special. In this cozy small town there is everything. And the sea and the park and the proximity of attractions. Stunning nature and views of the mountains. I understand why Governor Vorontsov built his palace here! And the palace itself is a masterpiece! And on this beauty you can walk every day for free, which can not be said about other parks in the Crimea. Amazing beauty bottom – a paradise for those who love to admire the underwater world. On our favorite children’s beach a variety of bathing every day. Huge stones protect the beach from the waves and you can swim and have fun in any storm. Moreover, in a storm everyone is especially happy. The waves hitting the rocks, give thick foam and lots of bubbles. In a delight all: both children and adults! Everyone would recommend at least once to come to this town and enjoy its atmosphere and beauty.

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Alupka. Quarantine. From 2020 to 2021 Alupka – a wonderful green beautiful place with a beautiful Vorontsov Park and the Palace. About a history of park and the unique Vorontsovsky palace from diabase (diabase stronger than granite) you will read in the Internet, but for our family this palace will remain unique valuable memories at the moment of our stay here, unlike the Alupka.

The landscapes of the English park zone of the grand Vorontsov Park are stunning. Valuable species of trees, panoramic views, cleanliness in the park – immaculate, but

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Alupka completely justifies the name. A miserable beach, one supermarket PUD to which it is necessary to jump on steps as a hole-jumping saiga, however as well as from a beach up to the house. At 9 pm the city falls asleep and life stops. There is no embankment, the streets are as narrow as a nun’s slit, there is no place for women to get their eyelashes done.

Private Sector in Alushta without intermediaries. Prices - 2022

I can not understand where you stay in Alupka? Perhaps you should settle closer to civilization. This is not the cheapest place. Consider, for example, the guest house “Magnolia”. To the beach 5 minutes in the park, to PUD m even less. Or other places, but closer to the sea. And you will have a different impression. And maybe you do not need to rest here.

Excursov Yaroslav – super. I liked it all! Special thanks to the tour guide Yaroslav, a very interesting and professional person, keen of his work and striving to pass their knowledge and a great love for the Crimea and its history, the guests of the beautiful Vorontsov Palace and the park. We are absolutely delighted! Thank you so much from the tourists from Tula! Definitely will come again!

Dream vacation in Alupka Alupka – resort town on the southern coast of Crimea, sprawling on the slopes of Mount Ai-Petri. Thanks to its unique location and curative climate this place attracts not only idle tourists, but also people wishing to improve their health.

Currently in Alupka there are many hotels of different stars, guest houses and more than a half dozen health resorts. The local resorts through the use of various medical techniques successfully cured diseases of varying severity, including

Reviews about hotels Alupka

I love Alupka and Hotel Mare-Nero.I come here 3 times.And not once regretted.All as always at the highest level.Very beautiful, cozy, as at home.Beautiful comfortable room(this year vacationing. Read more

We had a holiday in the room “Yachtenny” with 3 to 13 August. Our room was very comfortable, nice and cosy but we had problems with it. The main advantages of which. Read more

We had a great holiday at Alupka in the centre of Alupka and it was worth mentioning. The hotel is located in the center of Alupka. Read more

Last week I had a rest in Kedr-West. Excellent location: sea close, Vorontsov Garden nearby, comfortable rooms (all amenities), great view from the observation deck, near the Temple. Thanks to the staff. Read more

The Crimea or Turkey: where to have a rest in 2022. Our review

We had a great stay! Thank you so much to all the staff at the hotel. Nice comfortable room, clean.Delicious breakfast and wonderful dinner with music. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Road. Read more

Really lovely hotel, very well decorated. Beautiful well maintained grounds, friendly staff and very good breakfast. Bathroom was a great room with everything you could possibly need. A park and the sea. Read more

Very nice park hotel, but just for the Crimea! Large beautiful and well maintained area with a steep descent to the sea on the steps. Rooms are quite comfortable and convenient. But unfortunately, to compare our native. Read more

Really enjoyed our stay at this hotel. Beautiful well maintained area, friendly staff and very tasty breakfast. The wifi is excellent, the room has everything you need and more. Near the sea and the park. Absolutely. Read more

The area is green, a lot of cypresses, to the sea to go down not far, the beach is good, but we collected a big bag of garbage from it, i.e. it is common and for it nobody watches and garbage rolls. On the beach a couple of abandoned. Read more

The hotel is outwardly stylish, beautiful, well maintained. Nice courtyard. The entrance is actually on the third floor :). In walking distance to the grocery store “Pud”, cafes, bank, Vorontsov Park. The parking lot is a walk away. Read more

We have been here three times. It’s a very nice place to stay. It’s quiet, cozy and comfortable. Polite staff. The view terrace is a plus! A lot of greenery and almost tame squirrels)) If we again will go to Alupka, I think here again. Read more

Perfect hotel! Magnificent room! Alevtina showed and explained us everything very well and professionally! Breakfast was great and I liked the attitude. Would recommend your hotel and it’s the best. Read more

How to book a hotel/lodging in the Crimea by yourself in 2022

We visited 4 hotels on this trip and have something to compare it with. We liked the price/quality. Very friendly staff, gorgeous grounds at the hotel. Good breakfasts, they are included in the room rate. The sea. Read more

Overall Overall Overall very good value for money but lacking some minor details, no toilet paper holder, no toilet paper holder, no toilet paper holder, no toilet paper holder, no toilet paper holder, no toilet paper holder, clean sheets, replaced on time, no panlus in the hotel. Read more

We had a wonderful stay at our hotel. It was like being in Greece or Spain all over again. A very good restaurant. Live music on the terrace at weekends. Wonderful format of the hotel with clean and spacious rooms. Read more

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Forget about lions, leopards, elephants, and others. The natural world is rich with less famous, but no less interesting creatures, which are worthy of your attention.From very strange birds, to.

Rest in the Crimea. Evpatoria 2022 Travel is our everything. We can not sit still when so many interesting things around us. And let quarantine, coronavirus, lack of finances, we still travel. Some go abroad, and some-.

St. Petersburg is a city where the soul rests Why is St. Petersburg becoming more and more popular lately? People from Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions and cities come here just to take a walk and relax. Even foreigners.


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