Tunisia in October 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

October in Tunisia – the best time to travel to Tunisia.

October is the perfect time to travel to wonderful and inviting Tunisia. Tourists enjoy sunny days, warm sea and a variety of fruits. The lack of exhausting heat and stuffiness favors excursions, walks and hikes.

Profitable tours “all inclusive”.

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Weather and sea temperature

The maximum daytime air temperature in the resort of Hammamet and the island of Djerba is +27 degrees, in Sousse slightly cooler – about +25.

The average number of sunny days in October is 28. During the night hours the thermometer goes down to +19 degrees on Jebra, up to +17 degrees in Hammamet and up to +16 degrees in Sousse, so you should always take some warm clothes on holiday.

The water temperature in October in Hammamet is on average +24 degrees, in Suss – about +22 degrees, on the island of Djerba about +26. In the morning, the sea may seem cool, but during the day to swim quite comfortably. Rainfall is very rare and does not vary in duration. The chance of rain increases towards the end of the month.

Should beware of jellyfish?

Jellyfish may be encountered along the Tunisian coast only during certain seasons, however it is almost impossible to predict the exact locations of their mass accumulation. These sea creatures appear at different times in different parts of the country, starting in July.

The mass influx is noted in August, when the sea warms up to the maximum temperature.

According to statistics, up to October there is a possibility of an unpleasant encounter with jellyfish off the northern coast of Tunisia, but the sea is so cold in this month that the problem is unlikely to be considered urgent.

Beach Holiday

Tunisia attracts tourists with its clean beaches with fine white sand. The beaches of Mahdia and Djerba Island are considered the best beaches of the country. Mahdia is ideal for a quiet family vacation on beaches not crowded with the cleanest white sand.

In the northeast of Djerba there are sandy recreation areas, protected by a long spit, forming the Lagoons. Due to its location, Djerba is the warmest resort in Tunisia, where the bathing season starts earlier and ends later than others.

The beaches of Hammamet, located in the eastern part of the country, are also highly rated by tourists. Clean and sandy beach resort allows you and a good rest, and to do any kind of sports, diversifying your leisure.

Please note! Some hotels continue to operate and after the official end of the beach season, which lasts from May to October. Instead of beach holidays many tourists prefer thalassotherapy procedures.

Where to relax: a comparison of resorts


Several Tunisian resorts are very popular in autumn. The main resort of Tunisia is Hammamet, which attracts vacationers with well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of hotels of different price categories. There are a large number of 5* all inclusive hotels, large thalassotherapy centers, a water park, amusement park, a lot of bars and nightclubs.


The island of Djerba, which is connected to the mainland by an ancient Roman road and away from the bustling cities, is not less popular. The cost of recreation here is also higher than in other resorts of the country hotels are 4 * and 5 * and work on an “all inclusive”. Djerba is great for a relaxed pastime and family travels.

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Young people prefer to relax in the bustling Sousse – the largest resort in the country, where you can visit the many nightlife spots, as well as diving and visit many excursions. Hotels in Sousse are in 3* and 4* categories.


Lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday prefer Monastir, but the resort offers relatively little entertainment. Here you can play golf and go scuba diving. The advantage of the resort is an abundance of various attractions, which are not difficult to reach. Hotels in Monastir have 3-4*. Next to Monastir is Skanes resort area, which has comfortable hotels, clean comfortable beaches (mostly sandy) and a wide range of entertainment. Skanes is perfect for family and sightseeing holidays.


For a peaceful and relaxing vacation may also prefer the resort of Mahdia . However, please note that the infrastructure here is weaker, and the choice of options for recreation is not very wide, most of the hotels have a category 3 * or 4 *.

So, for a quiet holiday and recovery best suit Hammamet, Mahdia, Djerba and Sousse, where there are health centers, spa centers, hotels with thalasso centers, for active young people – noisy and fun Sousse with its nightlife.

Where to go with a child?

October is best for a family trip to Mahdia or Djerba Island. Mahdia beaches with white soft sand are considered the calling card of the country. They are distinguished by a smooth and gentle entrance to the water, landscaped recreation areas and the availability of water attractions.

An advantage of Djerba is a convenient location of the island and a relatively warmer climate than the resorts on the mainland. The island has many hotels with water parks, amusement rides and entertainment complexes.

Great for a family vacation and Hammamet with its health centers, water parks and numerous mini-clubs in hotels. The beaches are clean and safe, even for kids.

Current prices

Experienced tourists recommend to go to resorts in Tunisia in the second half of Autumn, when the cost of tours is almost halved compared to summer. Since Tunisia is a “package” country, the prices for holidays in October will depend on the value of the package.

So, the minimum cost for a week tour for two at a cheap hotel is from 45000 r.


We recommend renting accommodation on safe websites:

    – the world’s leading hotel rentals – compare hotel prices in 70 booking agencies

The average cost of accommodation in 3* hotels varies from 1500 to 5700 rubles, in 4* hotels – from 1800 to 6500 rubles. Rooms in luxury and boutique hotels are offered at prices from 3,600 p . In October, the cost of a day in hotels in Tunisia is relatively lower than in the peak tourist season in summer.

Entertainment and excursions

October is considered a favorable time for excursions and discovering the unique monuments of the country, because the temperature is quite comfortable even for long trips. Tourists have the opportunity to slowly explore the ancient ruins, visit the desert and national parks.

Exciting tours for vacationers and travelers here: Tripster.ru – service of unusual excursions from local residents and guides who can tell you about the most interesting things in their city.

The most sought-after tours to popular attractions in the country :

  • Two-day tour to the Sahara, leaving the most vivid impressions (from 9,400 p.),
  • Tour to the oasis of Ksar Gilan (from 5,200 rubles),
  • Tour to Carthage (from 4200 p.),
  • Tour to Tatuan and Shinini village (from 3200 p.),
  • Tour to Dugga (from 3900 p.),
  • A visit to the laser show “El Zahra” in Sousse (from 2500 rubles),
  • Visit to Frigia Zoo (from 3,500 rubles),
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Among the popular activities available to tourists in mid-autumn are diving, surfing and other water activities.

Diving under the water, you can see incredible scenic rocks, reefs, sunken ships and sea creatures. The most popular resorts for diving are Tabarka, with the country’s largest coral reef, Mahdia with its shipwrecks, and Djerba Island, where divers can dive to a depth of 40m.

Very popular walks on the sea on yachts and motor boats . Cost of yacht trip is from 1000 rubles, family boat trips with animation from 450 rubles, banana ride from 200 rubles, parachute flight from 500 rubles.

Moreover, in October there are national holidays: Day of New Era (October, 7), Day of evacuation of French troops (October, 15). Sometimes in late October falls the beginning of the international film festival, which is traditionally held in Carthage, accompanied by colorful dance shows and theatrical productions.


Breakfast in a Tunisian café for one person will cost from 90 to 120 rubles on average, a combo set at a fast food restaurant – about 180 rubles, lunch for two – about 900 rubles, a full dinner at a restaurant – about 1000 rubles. If you like the service, don’t skimp on the 10% tip. A detailed article on the fruits of Tunisia is here.

Approximate cost of some dishes in Tunisian restaurants:

  • Shish kebabs on coals – from 350 p. per serving,
  • Salad with olives – 100 p,
  • Olive Pita – 20 p,
  • Grilled Dorada – 120 p,
  • Coffee, tea – 20-40 rubles,
  • Wine – 100r/liter.

What fruits are there in Tunisia in October?

A detailed article on all fruits of Tunisia here.

The October harvest is rich in apples, prunes, grapes and a variety of citrus fruits. In the south of the country, date oases are abundant in October.

Prices for fruit are not high; bargaining is possible in the markets. A kilogram of apples costs about 65 rubles, oranges 35 rubles, bananas up to 80 rubles, grapes 35 rubles, dates 130 rubles.

Holiday reviews

October is one of the most favorable months for holidays in Tunisia. The summer heat is gone and the weather is comfortable in every way: the intense heat recedes, the sea is still warm, but sometimes the weather can be variable. Among the advantages of traveling to Tunisia in autumn, tourists note a seasonal reduction in prices and the absence of a large number of holidaymakers at the resorts.

Which month is better to choose – September, October or November?

The best month for a holiday in Tunisia is September. The summer heat subsides and the air warms up to +31 degrees, and the water in the sea is still nice for swimming. Maximum comfort staying in resorts of Tunisia is from mid September to late October. In November the winds and precipitation are probable.

Holiday in Tunisia in October 2022 – weather, sea, reviews


Gentle, warm sun, a refreshing sea breeze and water of such a comfortable temperature that you can not always achieve a similar balance in your own shower. The beach season in September and October is like an endless immersion in the embrace of velvet.

For those who need a break from the stress of everyday life, a holiday in Tunisia in October is just what the doctor ordered. And in the literal sense of the word, too. The famous Tunisian thalassotherapy is aimed just at the recovery of the body 🙂 .

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At the moment Tunisia is open to Russians, BUT: there are no direct flights from Russia. Look for other, reliable holiday destinations in October. If you are not embarrassed by the lack of air service, now let’s lay out Tunisia in October.


Beach holidays at sea in Tunisia

Once upon a time, in good times, Tunisia in October was among the ten most popular destinations for Russians. Why?

  • First, you do NOT need a visa to enter the country.
  • Secondly, an inexpensive exotic resort in northern Africa – it is almost 1500 km of sandy beaches and the clear Mediterranean Sea. Eyewitnesses claim that you can see the fish swimming underwater from a sun lounger on land. The entry to the water is gentle, without unexpected sea urchins or boulders.
  • Thirdly, the seasons here, as in Russia. The very southern Russia. In Sochi. Therefore the beach season coincides with our traditional summer and autumn period.

Tunisia in early October allows you to combine both full “tunneling” in hotel all inclusive, and sightseeing. Interfering with unnecessary motion the heat subsides, wishing to wander through the ancient Carthage or go to the Sahara, really get positive emotions from the excursion.

Pirate ship in Tunisia

Weather in October in the resorts of Tunisia

On average, there are about 28 sunny days. The coastal area belongs to the subtropical climate, and therefore the weather in Tunisia in October remains suitable for the beach. Although those who go to Tunisia in late October, it is worth to think about leisure in case of rains and storms, which also happen – the coast is open to the winds.

To swim and lie on the beach in the fall, choose the island of Djerba, where it is warmer by a couple of degrees. The holiday season here lasts somewhat longer than on the mainland.

Tunisian air temperature in October

On the coast, the temperature in Tunisia in October stays at +24°C. The weather can be unpleasant because of the winds, but they usually blow steadily towards winter. In mid-October you can sunbathe almost all the coast. On Djerba, again, the southernmost, it’s +26°C warm.

Around 5pm the tide comes in and with it the evening chill, you don’t really want to sunbathe. On the other hand, the sun goes down at six, and it’s already technically impossible.

Water temperature in Tunisia in October

The average water temperature in Tunisia in October is about +24°C. In the region of Djerba is higher, +25 ° C … +26 ° C. By the end of the month, depending on the region, the sea temperature drops to +22 … +23 degrees.

In different years, the sea in Tunisia in October can both please holidaymakers with calm warm water, and hit the shore with a 2-3 day storm.

Summary table of average temperatures in October in Tunisian resorts:

Outdoors, °C In Sea, °C
early of month End of month
Hammamet +24 +25 +22…+23
Sousse +25 +25 +22…+23
Mahdia +25 +25 +23…+24
Djerba +25 +26 +23…+24

Tour prices in Tunisia in October – 2022

Tunisia is a “package” country. Usually prices for holidays in October depended on the cost of the trip. But now the dream of a vacation in an all-inclusive hotel on some Djerba will have to be postponed until better times.

But instead of Tunis tour in October 2022, you can fly to Turkey, Egypt, UAE and the Maldives. Here’s where to look for trips not to overpay and fully fit your inputs:

What to bring from Tunisia - the prices of gifts and souvenirs

Online aggregators compare offers from all the leading tour operators and give room for choice and imagination 🙂 Also, tell you when it’s better to fly.

How much did tours to Tunisia usually cost?

✓ On average, prices for tours to Tunisia in October started at 45,000 rubles for two people for 7 days in a modest hotel with breakfast. Is it worth mentioning when most people are hunting for allinclusive Tunisia?

✓ All inclusive cost from 55,000 rubles for two for a week.

✓ But what everyone praised October for was super discounts on great hotels with great reviews. How about this: 120,000 in August against 60,000 in October for a 5* Royal Thalassa Monastir?

Tunisia tours in October 2022

Where to go for a holiday in Tunisia in October? Resorts ranking

Which resort should I choose? Where is warmer in Tunisia in October? Here is a rating of resorts for 2022.

  1. Джерба — главное отличие: это остров, и здесь самое теплое море. Приличная публика (семьи с детьми, пенсионеры, молодожены) и всего 4 часа на экскурсионном автобусе до Сахары. Но, говорят, скучновато. В общем, для отпуска уровнем повыше. Найти тур >>
  2. Махдия — один из дорогих курортов. Потому что чистое море и супер пляжи с хрустящим белым песочком. Место для семей и романтИк поездки. Найти тур >>
  3. Хаммамет – это вторые, после Махдии, по красоте пляжи, основные центры талласотерапии и аквапарк для всех возрастов. Район Ясмин-Хаммамет более туристически цивилизованный, чем сам город. Найти тур >>
  4. Sousse is a youth location. Here they sell the cheapest trips, there is an active nightlife. The beaches are normal, may be dirty, but it depends on the hotel.
  1. Монастир — неудобное географическое положение: далеко от столицы, но если выезды не планируются, то и Монастир хорош. Он как раз для недорогого отдыха — здесь самые демократичные цены после Сусса. Найти тур >>

In any case, the answer to the question of where to vacation in Tunisia in October, depends on the motives of the tourist. Will it be a beach holiday, a rich excursion or SPA.

The most popular resorts in Tunisia for diving:

  • Tabarka (Tunisia’s largest coral reef)
  • Mahdia (wrecks)
  • Djerba (dive down to 40 meters)

Are there jellyfish in October?

Deciding whether to go to Tunisia in autumn, it is important to know the situation with jellyfish. In October, the sea cools down so much that they are not a problem. Rarely can you hear about that in the coastal zone saw a jellyfish. And to see for yourself – that rarer.

Riding Camels in Tunisia

Where is better with children?

The main criteria for evaluating the resort, as a holiday destination with a child, are a gentle sandy beach and well-developed infrastructure of children’s entertainment. Both are well represented in all major Tunisian resorts: Hammamet, Sousse (Port El Kantaoui area), Mahdia, Djerba.

But if you doubt, why go to Tunisia, if all this is in Turkey, then you should continue with our review-comparison of the two countries!

The only thing that I advise for traveling with children, regardless of the country – supplementary insurance. The one that comes with the tour is pretty crappy, you probably know. The best insurance company – ERV with $100 000 coverage (for Tunisia for a week will cost ≈1500 rubles). A cheaper, but also good – Sberbank Insurance (≈800 rubles). See and compare prices for:

Oh yes, and remember about your consent to the departure of the child, if he is resting with grandparents (ie without both parents).

Food Prices in Tunisia - 2022. What to try.

Attractions in Tunisia – what to do in October?

Regardless of whether you can swim in October, Tunisia is worth the trip. The history of the country goes back centuries, and there really is a lot to see.

Top places in Tunisia:

  • Carthage. Recommended to all history buffs. In fact, of the ancient Carthage there is nothing left because the Romans razed it to the ground in the nth year BC And the archaeological park is an excavation of a Roman settlement, formed here 100 years after the destruction of the old city
  • Dugga. Another monument of Roman rule. Dugga has a beautifully preserved theater, which today is used for its intended purpose during the Dugga Festival. On the whole, the ruins in Dugga give a much stronger impression than those in Carthage.
  • El Djem. Those who have been to Rome and were impressed by the Colosseum must visit the second largest surviving Roman amphitheater.
  • Sidi Bou Said. Snow-white houses with bright blue shutters and views of the Bay of Carthage. A postcard picture from Tunisia, which you can get into for a few Tunisian dinars. For a little more, you can get a coffee and smoke a hookah there
  • Sahara. Have you been to Tatooine? Yes, yes, the one from Star Wars. For the record, it’s in the Tunisian Sahara. Excursions to the Sahara are one of the main attractions for tourists starting in September. If October weather has failed with plans to sunbathe, it is worth going for 2 days in the desert

In addition, almost every major city has a medina – a historical center, with the market, traditionally located right on the street. This Arabian shopping, with bargaining and unexpectedly bought a carpet, too, can solve the problem of what to do in Tunisia in October, except for the beach relaxation.


Tunisia in October – tourist reviews

Traditionally, reviews of tourists regarding what Tunisia is like in October, what the weather in the most popular resorts, where to rest better/cheaper/interesting – are very subjective. And yet most agree on the main points:

  • Beach holidays in Tunisia in the fall is possible. Bathing in October depends on two factors: objective – the weather, and subjective – the level of hardiness of the tourist. Water does not get warmer than +26 degrees even in the warmest regions.
  • For fans of active recreation Tunisia is interesting only for once. The country is small, and all the top places can be covered in 10 days.
  • The main contingent of tourists – middle-aged and older French, families with children. In the autumn, with the beginning of school, the latter becomes much less.
  • The local population is liberal to alcohol and women in European clothing. It is difficult to say whether they are “infected” by the French or whether Tunisians themselves are not conservative. But as a result, women without floor clothes and with their heads uncovered feel quite comfortable here. On the other hand, it is indecent to walk around the city in beach suits (for men, too).
  • In Tunisia French is the second official language (first is Arabic). But with English it’s not so good here. Sometimes even the hotel staff speaks only French.
  • With diametrically opposed to couscous (from the rapturous “food of the gods!” to “yuck, raw porridge”), reviews of Russian tourists about the local wines and fruits are positive.

Aside from Tunisia, October is a comfortable time to swim:

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