Turkey in January 2022. Weather and temperature. Prices for holidays.

Holidays in Turkey in winter – 2022. What will the weather be like in Turkey in winter?

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Is it true that someone goes to Turkey not from May to October, but from December to February? Yes!

Rest in Turkey in winter 2022. Tourist reviews

Although, they probably go to Istanbul or skiing – the unsophisticated person would think. No! Turkey in winter is still welcoming tourists to the Mediterranean coast, and they, in turn, tourists are actively taking advantage of its hospitality. And crazy discounts.


How to relax in a cool all-inclusive 5-star hotel for a ridiculous amount of money? Shift your vacation dates a bit – from summer to winter – and catch tours to Turkey online. It’s handy when all the possible offers from tour operators are lined up and ranked according to prices or hotel ratings. You compare, research, choose.

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New Year 2022 in Turkey.

Vacationing in Turkey in January 2022 is not a bad plan for a New Year’s vacation. Of course, you should understand that in the winter time on the coast because of the weather is not up to swimming and frying in the sun.

But do not rush to disappointment, at your disposal any 5-star hotels and their spa centers, hammams, indoor pools, buffets, fitness centers, and in addition, responsive staff, because you are one of the few dearest clients. And if you arrive with children, you’ll get even more attention. Want a room with a view of the sea / mountains / garden? You’re welcome, and you don’t have to pay extra. The New Year’s Eve program begins.

New Year’s program will die down, and tourists are again immersed in solitude, disturbed only by the occasional “hello” from neighboring Europeans. Hotels in Turkey in winter are particularly popular among foreigners, because nowhere else can you find such an excellent value for money. It is economical, and the conditions are at a high level.

By the way, those Russian tourists who went on holiday in Turkey in January, reviews leave positive and note the obvious advantages and features of this vacation – not a lot of people, a reasonable budget and top service.

Choosing the “on your own” option? Then:

Turkey in winter, reviews of tourists - Tours in Turkey in the New Year

Walking near the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Tours in Turkey for the New Year

You can vacation for New Year’s Eve 2022 in Turkey either on your own or with a tour. Most often the second option is cheaper than the first, because the country is “typically” touristy.

It is worth noting that the closer to the date, the higher the prices for New Year’s Eve for everything: tours, hotels, tickets. Therefore, as usual, it is better to think about the trip in 2-3 months and bet on the early booking, saving up to 40% of the cost of the same tour a week before departure.

  • Prior to December 27, the prices for a week trip for two to the Turkish coast with a flight from Moscow – from 28,000 rubles, after – from 45,000 rubles.

Where to go in Turkey in winter?

Although seaside resorts and answer the two main questions – where to go with children and where in Turkey is warm in winter (relatively) – they alone the country is not limited to them.

What is mesmerizing winter Istanbul with its unusual combination of ancient Islamic monuments and Christmas decorations, green palm trees and light snow, and obligatory attributes like fluffy cats and hot bagels!

Antalya in September 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Ski resortsUludag, Palandoken are also worth a visit. Turkey would not be Turkey if the budget “Alps” did not have the option to rest on an all-inclusive basis The older category will attract thermal springs Pamukkale, Karahait, Kangal, Yalova, where you can improve your health.

Incomparable with Russian cold weather, interesting excursions without the Chinese, winter sales and more than affordable prices – in general, Turkey in winter is very diverse, and the potential to turn it into a year-round resort is huge.

Turkey in winter, tourist reviews - Where to go in Turkey in winter?

Winter Resorts

Turkey’s beach resorts in the winter recede from the seasonal influx of tourists, but they are never empty. The reason is the above-mentioned “tasty” price tags and rather warm weather (+10 ° C … +17 ° C).

In Antalya and Kemer during the day you can sometimes walk even in a light T-shirt, but a jacket and umbrella travelers keep, the period is still considered rainy, with cool nights. The sea in Turkey in winter – from +16 ° C and above. It is preferable to swim in a priory pool, if you do not class yourself as a walrus. In Belek, for example, the golf season is heating up.

Vacationers from all over Europe gather at the thermal spas of Turkey. In winter, here you can undergo a course of recreational therapy with fish, salts, and mineral waters for various diseases. They are located all around the country, and some of them are widely renowned. Both from Istanbul and Antalya, it is possible to take a 1-2 day trip.

Ski vacations.

Of course, Turkey’s busiest winter resorts are the mountain resorts.

The popular center of ski tourism – Uludag – is chosen mainly by beginners in the conquest of snow slopes and, for the most part, Russians. Here you will not be able to catch adrenaline, because the slopes are simple and dispose to non-traumatic learning for all comers. Snow in Turkey on the slopes in Uludag lies three winter months.

Typically, stays in local hotels include the use of their own ski elevator in the price, but the equipment and instructor must be rented. Active spending calories on the slopes and no less active compensating them with a smorgasbord – how about that perspective?

By the way, ski holidays in Turkey since 2018 became one resort more diverse – a new destination called Erciyes, near the city of Kayseri, has opened.

In any case, skiing is much cheaper than in Austria or Switzerland. So, a day ski pass on Erciyes costs 70 Turkish Liras (1200 rubles).

Turkey in late November (our blog from Istanbul)

Istanbul in winter

An alternation of overcast, rainy and clear but windy days is very typical of the city from December to February. The temperature rarely gets below freezing, and not everyone is lucky enough to see snow falling over the Bosphorus.

So the program of an average tourist is traditional: sightseeing, trying to feel the oriental color, scaring the seagulls and stroking seals. It will differ except for the liters of pomegranate tea and Turkish coffee and photos with a scarf wrapped around the nose. Yes, and a little more spending on shopping – in winter there are huge sales and mega discounts!

The real Christmas holiday – with trees, festivals, noisy crowd of cheerful citizens in Santa hats, fireworks and discos – in Istanbul. The Christmas holidays are celebrated in a Western manner, and the good half of the celebrators are foreigners, who arrive here by the last days of December.

Real estate for rent - a new vacation trend in Turkey

Winter Turkey, Traveller reviews - Winter Turkey

What to do in Turkey in winter?

Let’s imagine the impossible: a tourist finds himself in Turkey in winter and seems uninterested in activities such as:

  • relaxing in an all-inclusive hotel
  • Dashing down the slopes
  • shopping sprees
  • soaking in hammams
  • soaking up the sea air
  • enjoying spa treatments

What is left to entertain? Excursion! Organized or independent – at your discretion, but I will add that to rent a car in Turkey out of season can be very cheap, literally for 10 euros a day! And you can drive on four wheels from Antalya to Cappadocia, where the balls fly in winter, and to Pamukkale and Aegean resorts.

  • Here’s our big guide to car rentals in Turkey (the latest, from 2022)
  • And here’s the best car rental service LocalRent.

Winter sightseeing vacation

Winter holidays in Turkey, what to see and do on winter excursions

Turning from Istiklal to see the Galata Tower

Excursions in Turkey are cheaper in the winter due to decreased demand. The queues at the iconic places are shorter for the same reason.

In December and January there is no great influx of vacationers, and you can safely explore the sights of Turkey. The weather is quite suitable for informative walks and there is a lot to see.

In Istanbul alone it will take at least three days to get acquainted with the ancient castles, ancient mosques and museum exhibits. If it suddenly begins to rain, the tour can be done by bus:

For the sake of an unusual experience in December, the ancient town of Konya, where pilgrims and ordinary tourists come to see the dance of dervishes – Muslim monks spinning in a trance. In early January, not far from Izmir (in Selcuk) are camel fights. Yes, they know how to do more than spit There, in Izmir, are also the ruins of the libraries and temples of ancient Ephesus.

The Mediterranean coast is not deprived of historical interest. Near Antalya are the ancient Phaselis and Olympos, the remains of the Lycian Kingdom. In Pamukkale is the famous Cleopatra swimming pool, and in Bodrum – the mausoleum of King Mausolus.

Hotels in Turkey in winter 2021-2022

Side Royal Palace Hotel Beaches in Turkey

Hotels in Turkey, working in winter on the sea, from the category of five-star with appropriate service and maintenance. Since even in the cold season tourists do not mind swimming, and need something to entertain them for lack of heat, usually these are SPA hotels with a heated indoor pool (and, of course, all inclusive).

Top five for the winter period:

  • 5* Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, Belek
  • 5* Ela Quality Resort, Belek
  • 5* Titanic Deluxe Belek, Belek
  • 5* Adalya Elite Lara, Antalya
  • 5* Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort, Side

And here’s a list of hotels with heated OPEN pools (agree, this is another matter): *the list will be updated

  • 5* Alva Donna Exclusive, Belek
  • 5* Bellis Deluxe, Belek
  • 5* Alva Donna World Palace, Kemer
  • 5* Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort, Side
  • 5* Long Beach Resort & Spa Deluxe, Alanya

The prices at this time are more than budget, not even compared with the season. Accommodation, SPA procedures and hammam will cost twice cheaper. In addition, hotels in Turkey in winter take mostly tourists from Europe, and such a contingent provides peace and quiet without excesses.

On average, a room for two in a 5 * hotel costs from 2500 rubles per night, 4 * – from 1300, 3 * – from 500 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey on New Year’s Eve organize parties for their guests, the holiday is celebrated in a noisy company. It is better to choose a place for a holiday in winter, because the prices will be more attractive.

Tekirova: Traveller reviews on holidays. Do I go to 2022?

What is the weather in Turkey in winter at the resorts?

What is the winter like in Turkey? Very ambiguous. The warmest on the southern coast: the sun may even be +17 ° C … +19 ° C, and the water warms up to +16 ° C … +17 ° C. Instead of snow, it rains, but clear days are not uncommon.

The coldest weather in Turkey on New Year is in the western and northern resorts, with temperatures dropping to +5 ° C. In the mountains lies the snow, and at night the thermometer decreases to -10 ° C. Weather data from Yandex.

Resorts Weather in Turkey in winter, average temperature, +°C
December January February
day night day night day night
Alanya 17 9 15 7 16 7
Antalya 15 6 14 4 14 4
Belek 15 6 14 5 14 5
Bodrum 15 10 13 8 13 8
Kemer 16 6 14 5 15 6
Marmaris 16 8 14 6 15 7
Istanbul 10 5 7 2 8 2

Turkey in December 2021

Reviews of tourists about holidays in Turkey in December are that this time is best suited for good shopping. In the clothing markets you can get cheap not only clothes and shoes, but also home textiles, for which this country is famous. Turkey December 31 to light up the colorful fireworks, pamper the delicious food and funny multinational company, which meets New Year.

  • Prices for tours to Turkey in December starting from 22 000 rubles for two people for 7 days

Weather in December

On the coast is quite comfortable: in early December it is still warm, and it gets cold only at the end of the month. In general, the weather in Turkey in December is the most “gentle” of all the winter months. During the day you can dress easily, but in the morning and evening is windy and damp.

In Alanya and Kemer especially the brave take sunbaths at noon, and every now and then check the sea for the degree of suitability for swimming. Water in Turkey in December is not the same, but its temperature can reach +18 ° C.

In Antalya and Belek is cooler, and in Istanbul it often rains, and almost always windy. Based on what the weather in December in a particular resort, it is much easier to make a choice.

However, on New Year’s Eve there are natural disasters: in December 2020 there was such a powerful storm in the resort of Turkey with heavy rain that it flooded the center of Marmaris and Kemer with Belek.

Winter Turkey, Visitor reviews - Turkey in January 2022

In my opinion, Turkey in late fall is perfect, especially its parks

Turkey in January 2022

Turkey in January, especially in its second half, takes a break from bushwhackers and pays full attention to visiting guests.

Most of the tourists Turkey receives on January 1 and the New Year vacations: if you want to buy a ticket for these days, book it in November. But closer to the end of the month you will save a substantial amount that you can spend on sales or spa centers. January – a good time to relax at the thermal and ski resorts.

  • Tours in Turkey in January are rapidly falling in price after the 10th number. So, the prices for a tour are from 35 000 rubles for a week in a 5 * hotel for two.

Weather in January

Weather in Turkey in January is the coldest. In Istanbul, there are even small frosts and snowfalls, often blowing with icy winds.

In the resort areas the air temperature also drops by 2-3 degrees, it is very wet and at night and cold – about +5 ° C. The water temperature in January for swimming is no longer categorically suitable, but it rarely falls below +15 ° C … +16 ° C.

Istanbul in winter. Weather and temperature. What to see?

Turkey in February.

By the way, do not rely on hot deals. Many hotels in the winter period are closed – is being prepared for the new season – and the weather is far from ideal. But nothing prevents a good rest.

Reviews about Turkey in February tourists leave positive: in the mountains are beautiful slopes with pure snow, attractions do not lose their mystery, the cuisine is traditionally delicious, there are few people and get everything for a penny, from a hotel room and ending with a cab ride.

Especially attractive holiday in February for those who do not like noise and bustle: very rarely come families with children and student companies.

  • Turkey in February 2022 – from 30 000 rubles for 7 nights for two

Weather in February

Weather in Turkey in February begins to improve a little: less precipitation, and less strong winds. The temperature, as compared to January, keeps at the same level and increases by the end of the month. If you have planned a vacation at this time, warm clothes will come in handy, the spring will come in a few weeks.

Turkey in winter – when and where is cheaper to rest?

Analyzing the approximate dynamics, the cost of a tour to Turkey in December (end) and in January (beginning) is the highest for the entire winter season. Two weeks after the date X tour package is already much cheaper. Tourist feedback suggests that holidays in Turkey for the New Year should be booked a few months earlier, even though the status of the unseasonal destination.

The price of tours in Turkey on an all-inclusive basis will be most budget-friendly in Antalya, Kemer and Side. Belek and Bodrum are a bit more expensive. Prices for holidays at ski resorts in Turkey in winter, of course, higher and range from 62,000 to 95,000 rubles for 7 days, depending on the level of service and the selected hotel.

Copying materials are allowed only with mandatory direct, active and open to indexing a hyperlink to howtrip.ru.

Low prices and few tourists in Turkey in January

January is a great time to fly to another country for a vacation. In Russia, the New Year vacations, which last more than a week, and you can manage to fly anywhere, even Mexico, there is enough time. But people are trying to rest properly and save a decent fortune, so January tours in Turkey are in demand, though not the same as the summer tours. Strictly speaking, the weather in Turkey in January 2022 will not let you swim and sunbathe on the beach. The temperature of water and air, of course, higher than in our country and in many European countries, but for the beach vacation is still not suitable. But there are very, very cheap, you can go on excursions or skiing in the mountains. So what to expect from Turkey in January and if it is worth to come here.

Weather in Turkey in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether it's worth the trip.

In January, the resorts of the country are almost empty. They are busy to 50% of their capacity, and most of the tourists are Russians. They choose, as in summer, the well-known resorts such as Belek, Kemer, Alanya and others. Naturally, neither swimming nor sunbathing at this time of year here can not, but there are low prices, warm pools and near them you can have a great vacation.

Holidays in Kemer with children - 2022. Best hotels and beaches

Weather in Turkey in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether it's worth the trip.

All resorts located on the Mediterranean Sea, have about the same climate. During the daytime it is +13 +15 degrees, but at night the air cools down to +5 +8 degrees. The warmest nights are in Side and Alanya, where the temperature is kept at plus ten degrees. Antalya boasts the warmth during the day, but at night it is cool and sometimes even cold.

The sea is what is really warm in January. But warm does not mean that you can swim in it. The average water temperature is about +18 degrees and it is problematic to get into the water. Usually in January, the winds blow and high waves on the sea are common. So even in sunny weather and the absence of waves, you can not swim anyway, you can get overcooled.

Also in January in Turkey there is a lot of precipitation. In summer resorts it’s rain, and in the mountains it’s snow. Antalya gets the most rain, with at least 240 millimeters of precipitation per month. Belek and Marmaris are almost on par with them, with about 230 millimeters of rainfall. Kemer, Side and Alanya boast an almost dry January, although there are also rains.

Weather in Turkey in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether it's worth the trip.

The ski resorts of the country are in the mountains to the east. They were built recently, and everything is new and modern. Trails are suitable for experienced and for beginners. Nature in the mountains is picturesque, and the weather is ideal for skiing. There is a little frost during the day with a temperature of -4 degrees, at night it can drop to minus four. The snow is soft and perfectly slippery.

What to do in Turkey in January?

The beach season is completely closed, and the tourists themselves are not in a hurry to get into the sea. Even on the beaches there are not many people. But a lot of tourists at the swimming pools, where the water is warm. Here you can swim and quickly dry off, and drinks and snacks will give energy for further relaxation.

Weather in Turkey in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether it's worth the trip.

A favorite pastime among tourists in January are excursions. they are not numerous and are cheaper than in the season. Excursions are so diverse that you can not choose just one. The most popular are sightseeing tours and excursions to Istanbul. Then go nature tours and walks on the sea by boat or steamer. Shopping is another attraction for tourists. After the new year in stores enormous discounts. Showcases of shopping centers are hung with ads about the discounts. And tourists are happy to go shopping, buying quality things at low prices.

Reviews of tourists about the weather in Turkey in January

“We went to Side in January. We thought that you can swim in the sea, or at least get a tan. It turned out that it was impossible. The weather allowed us to walk in shorts and T-shirts, but it was still cold to swim in the sea. But we had a great rest by the pool. The water there is warm and the winds don’t blow in. Also pleased with the low prices on everything. And fruit, and clothes, and everything else at very low prices.”

Weather in Turkey in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether it's worth the trip.

“Had a holiday in Turkey last January. The weather is sunny but a bit cold. You can swim only in indoor pools, and only where the water is heated. But a lot of excursions and you can choose any and occupy yourself all day.

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