Turkey in July 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews.

Where to go in Turkey in July: weather and prices for tours

Summer vacation is a dream of a working man. But planning a vacation in Turkey in July, be prepared for surprises of the subtropical climate. With the height of the season in the country comes a strong heat and high humidity. To make the trip brought only positive emotions, assess your own capabilities soberly and study the weather forecast.

From midland to subtropics

The weather in Turkey in July is pleasant only at first. The sun shines and there are no clouds in the sky all day long. Only in the mountains rains from time to time. At the coast it rains once or twice a month. The temperature of the sea reaches its maximum of 26-28 °. In the water you feel as if you are in a home bath. It would seem, rest and enjoy life!

But reviews are full of cautions. No matter how good the beach vacation is, the heat is tiring. Especially if the thermometer goes over 35 degrees, and there is no escape from the heat even at night.

On the other hand, the climate of the middle zone often surprises by temperature records, and the Russian tourist is ready for any disaster. How do you stand the heat on Turkish shores? The situation is saved by a fresh sea breeze and an abundance of greenery. And yet the midday hours should wait in the shade.

To comfortably spend your vacation, try to choose the right resort. Especially if you’re going with older companions or children. Let’s run through mentally the cities and find out where in Turkey to rest in July.

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Weather on the Mediterranean Sea

No matter how you would like to vacation in Turkey with the whole family during the peak season, tourist tips categorically state: with a child is better to choose a different time of year. Extreme vacation will not be good for your health. The aggressive sun, scalding sand, the risk of heat stroke will make you spend most of the time in the room under air conditioning.

On the south coast the temperature can rise to 40-42°. It’s a little cooler on the Aegean Sea. Here the air temperature is 32 °, and the water temperature reaches 25 ° in early July.

Weather in the Mediterranean resorts:

  1. In Alanya in July is very hot. The air heats up at times to 38-40 °, the calm sea resembles a warm bath (28-29 °) and almost does not refresh. The palm trees planted near the hotels are no protection from the scorching sun. The sweltering heat persists in August. Only in September can you enjoy a comfortable weather in Alanya. Alanya, as well as Alanya, brings down on guests all the heat of the southern sun and the stuffiness, from which there is no escape even at night. No matter how cold it is in the water, 27 or 28 degrees, you can feel the freshness on the beach. You should take some swimming trunks with you when you pack, as they just don’t have time to dry. will meet you with the clearest, blue sea, marvelous nature and temperature up to 40°. The mountains and coniferous forests help to some extent, but there is no escape from the high humidity, even on the beaches and in the parks.
  2. The microclimate in Side is drier, and high temperatures (up to 38 °) are easier to tolerate. The sea is 27 °, at the end of July 29 °. The city has a little entertainment in Side, but most beaches are Blue Flag rated. The pine forests soften the heat a little, but to go to the resort with a child is better in June, when the sea is heated to 25 °, or in September. The peculiarity of the climate is that even in the middle of July nights are relatively cool, up to 21°. Take this into account when you decide what clothes to bring.

Despite the heat, hotels are overcrowded with holidaymakers. During the day the desperate tourists have fun on the beaches, after sunset poured out on the streets. The best resorts of Turkey – Alanya, Antalya, Kemer – turns into a solid nightclub. The daylight hours in July reaches their maximum. What time does it get dark? The sun hides behind the mountains at 6:30 p.m., and at 9 p.m. the southern night descends.

    – unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.
Where to eat tasty and inexpensive food in Istanbul

Only Russian-speaking guides.

Weather in the Aegean Sea

If you have planned a holiday with a child in July, keep in mind that the usual Kemer and democratic Alanya – not your option. It is better to fly to the fresh Aegean Sea:

    seems cool – from 27° during the day, maximum 34°, at night 25°. How many degrees in the sea? The temperature of 26° is quite comfortable for swimming. During the whole month there may be one rainfall.
  1. In Bodrum, the temperature “swings” are remarkable. During the day the air heats up to 30-34 °, at night cools to 21-23 °. The largest fluctuations occur in the mountains – from 27 ° during the day to 11 ° at night. The sea is comfortable – 25 °. will please the full calm and clear, cloudless weather. The sea is invigorating, at the beginning of the month – 22°. By mid-July the water warms up to 25-26°. The air temperature reaches 32-34° during the day, with a minimum of 18-19° at night.

The cool water of the Aegean Sea is not too fond of jellyfish. This is a huge plus for tourists. Jellyfish prefer the warm Mediterranean Sea. In the waters of the Aegean they appear later and in much smaller numbers.

Let’s talk about prices

If your goal is Turkey in July, the prices will be exorbitant, the choice of rooms is limited, the beaches are crowded. But to achieve his dream the most frivolous person becomes a good organizer. You can buy a ticket relatively inexpensive tried and tested ways:

  • burning tours on the eve of the trip;
  • Choose cheap vacations in townships near major resorts;
  • Use promotional codes and special offers from tour operators.

Whatever city you live in, it is more advantageous to buy ready-made low-cost tours, preferably for two or more people. Get your tours from reputable tour operators, even if the price is a little higher. In this case the search for tours will not be a headache. Your task is to order the tour, and all the problems will be taken care of by professionals. You will be offered several options, will be told how much this or that hotel costs. They may offer to buy a tour in installments.

The cheapest tours from Moscow with 3* hotel accommodation:

    For 5 nights will cost 17 000 rubles per person;
  • Alanya – from 17 900 rubles;
  • A trip to Side is a little bit more expensive – from 18 700 rubles.
  • Even Belek offers cheap tours for 21 500 Rubles;
  • A tour to respectable Marmaris costs from 26 800 Rubles.

You can look for tickets for a charter flight and plan your vacation by yourself. But in high season it will be difficult, and the cost of the trip will be higher.

Your trip to Turkey involves a flight, transfers, insurance, accommodation and an all-inclusive meal plan.

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What to do?

In hot weather, interest in excursions traditionally decreases. The sea, the sun, fruits, beach holidays – that’s Turkey in July, reviews of tourists mention water parks, nightclubs, beach parties. Tourists do not have to be bored. On the contrary, it is sometimes difficult to find a quiet, secluded corner.

What can a tourist do? Active young people master water sports, rafting on the rivers, racing quad bikes or sea fishing for sharks. In search of coolness tourists sink to the bottom of the sea or climb mountains. The lovers of shopping are haggling in the markets and choose inexpensive products in the supermarkets.

Accustomed to the heat the Turks never tire of enjoying life, happily arranging holidays and festivals. In June, the end of the fast of Ramadan, and the locals devote three days to feasts, visiting children and parents, give each other oriental sweets.

Where to go to brighten up your holiday? Those who are not afraid of the heat should visit Istanbul. It is here that the best festivals of the country take place. In July, the city is filled with the melodies of saxophone, guitars and piano. In the Turkish capital begins International Jazz Festival. Concerts of famous musicians are organized in the open air for several days.

If you are interested in the history of Turkey, welcome to the city of Çorum in the north of the country, where folklore groups are performing.

Don’t want to stray too far from the sea? Marmaris hosts concerts in summer with the participation of international stars. The Antalya Festival of Opera and Ballet in July is an international event. Colorful performances take place in the ancient theater. The ancient stone steps are the place to sit, so visitors come with their own cushions.

Antalya in September 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

In the highlands, 50 km from Alanya, takes place the famous Oil Wrestling Festival, called Kirkpinar. The paradox is that before the contestants pour olive oil on each other. You try to defeat your opponent while he is literally slipping out of your hands. The ancient duel is a source of pride for the locals and the festival is included in the list of world heritage protected by UNESCO.

Features of summer vacation

In the hottest month of the year, acclimatization is not easy. This is especially true for children and older tourists. The coolest resorts are Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye.

Do not skimp on accommodation. Choose a room with air conditioning, otherwise you will not be able to rest comfortably. Ideal would be a hotel with its own water park. In large resorts there will be recreation areas for children with waterfalls, slides, underwater tunnels, aquariums.

Observe the correct regime. No matter how much you want to sleep an extra hour, spend the morning on the beach, while the sun is not so active. Don’t leave the room without sunscreen. Drink plenty of water, but don’t get carried away with cold drinks with ice.

Turkish resorts are famous for their oriental cuisine. Be aware that in the heat the food spoils quickly, so it is safer to dine in reputable establishments.

You should not walk around the streets half-naked. Respect other people’s culture. Moreover, covered shoulders will protect you from aggressive ultraviolet light.

Is it worth to go to Turkey in July, when the sun burns mercilessly, and the humidity makes you covered with sticky sweat? It is up to you to decide. With children is better to choose a cooler time of year. Adult tourists are free to dispose of their time and health enjoying the summer, vacation and the warm sea.

Rest in Turkey in July 2022 – prices, reviews, all inclusive


Agree that summer is not May or September. “Summer” is synonymous with the word “warm,” not “invigorating.” And that’s why the month of July = the most holiday season for the eastern visa-free country.

Below is a primer on vacationing in Turkey in 2022 at the height of the tourist influx:

  • what the weather can throw up
  • where best to go on vacation in July (and hotel advise)
  • and what to occupy yourself and your child, if any?

Turkey is open to Russians.

You will only need a passport to enter, and you can forget about the masks on the spot (but will come in handy on the plane).

  • The best prices for tours are on the aggregators Travelata and Onlinetours.


Beach holidays in Turkey – weather in July

Alanya Seashore (view from the castle) Sea in Turkey

Turkey in early July is familiar to Russians not only with skyrocketing prices, but also with prohibitive marks on the street thermometer. Daytime temperatures strongly break +30 ° C and then gradually approaching the hardest to bear +40 ° C. However, in Turkey there are places where it’s warm, not hellishly hot – about that two paragraphs below.

Tip: to avoid sunstroke and other charms of the midday sun, arrange a siesta for an hour or two. And wear a panama hat. The weather in Turkey in July is a bit (understatement) oppressive!

Water and air temperature in Turkey.

So, outdoors from +28 ° C to +38 ° C, and the sea in mid-summer to feel like a hot tub (+27 ° C … +29 ° C), and swim in it – a pleasure. The water in the beach shower is even colder! But degrees vary by coast / resorts.

Where is the warmer sea in July? Taking into account the thermometer readings and reviews of tourists, the water temperature in Turkey in July can be divided as follows:

  • a la steamed milk: the Mediterranean Sea (Alanya, Antalya, Kemer) – around +28 ° C. What is not a vacation in Egypt?
  • Comfortable: do not boil in the Aegean Sea (Marmaris, Kusadasi, Bodrum) and Marmara Sea (Bursa) – in them about +25 ° C
  • For the hardy and independent: the north and the Black Sea with +23 ° C (Sinop, Trabzon)

And visually – where in Turkey in July the sea is warmer:

Resort water temperature, °С
at the beginning of July at the end of July
Alanya +27.7 +29.5
Side +27.8 +29.5
Belek +27.8 +29.5
Kemer +27.4 +29.2
Bodrum +24.5 +25.2

Alanya Resort in Turkey

Tour Prices to Turkey in July – 2022

Already tried popular aggregators to find really good deals? If yes, we suggest you do it again; if not, then remember:

These three services compare prices across all tour operators, find available promotions and discounts, adjust for your wishes (from dates to pool availability) and output the most interesting options.

Bosphorus Sorgun 5* in Side. Our hotel review and prices

How much is Turkey in July?

✓ In 2022, prices for all-inclusive Turkey in July start from 45,000 rubles for two for 7 nights. Is it cheap? Actually yes, if you look at the cost of tours to other seaside countries.

✓ To a 5 star hotel – already from 58 000 rubles.

Holidays for 3 people and a child in a good hotel and at all – from 75 000 rubles for 7 days.

Turkey with a departure July 1-4 will be more expensive, because in theory – this is the beginning of vacation. With the 14-15 July is also a price tag increase: a stronger “heats up” the season. And finally: sometimes 10 days tours are a little more expensive than 7 – so we advise you to check.

Ready to book Turkey now? We remind you that you can get a discount of 2000 rubles on a tour to Turkey from the service Travelata:

  • AFT2000howtrip – a coupon for 2000 rubles for tours of 100 000 rubles and more

Coupon must be entered on the final page of the booking – before payment. The tour can be on any date!

Where to have a rest in Turkey in July? Choice of resorts

The solution to the dilemma of “what resort to choose in Turkey?” depends on the criteria put forward. If we take into account the arrangement of beaches, sea and entertainment, then:

1️⃣ Side is good hotels (functionally and by service) and sandy beaches. Thus, the beaches of Cholakli, Evrenseki are solid sand and a gentle entrance to the sea (a plus for kids). Sorgun village is surrounded by coniferous forests, palm trees and fruits (everywhere).

Prefer a cultural vacation in the form of strolling the waterfront and learning about history? Write down the ingredients: hotels in the old part of the resort (Side Center). You can swing for villas or large hotel complexes, but no one cancelled the peak prices.

  • In Side-centre we highly recommend 5* Barut Acanthus hotel – it is worth every rub even in a season (but we prefer to stay there in October or May:)).

The nightlife is concentrated in Kumkoy: only the deaf can not hear the echoes of discos till the morning.

2️⃣ Belek is a resort village on a sandy coast diluted with fine pebbles. There are more hotels with gigantic grounds and impeccable service. The only thing that spoils the picture is the muddy sea at times.

But the resort is teeming with excursions: in the direction of Antalya (waterfall Kursunlu, the ruins of Perge and Aspendos) and in the direction of Side (a fortress city on the hill Seleukiya, Green Canyon). There is nothing to see in Belek itself, but everyone comes here to have fun in the “legendary” amusement park The Land of Legends.

3️⃣ In Bodrum – “sugar” city of white two or three-story buildings – rarely go to the sun (narrow beach). This location attracts Europeans with a wider purse and fans of surfing.

So if you want to rest in the first category, or belong to the second, and you think where to relax in Turkey in July with a swing, you’re here.

Ah yes, the water/climate on the Aegean coast is cooler, so for bearable weather – here too.

4️⃣ All resorts are good, but you want to see the mountains from your hotel window and the sea was more transparent than ever? Welcome to the “Turkish health resort. Kemer is a few villages, one greener than the other.

There are many options for excursions: a one-day tour in Istanbul ($ 250) or a trip to Pamukkale for $ 45, for the extremes – rafting, diving or hiking in the canyon Gaynuk. A lot of standard entertainment, such as nightclubs and boat rides on yachts or pirate ships.

As for the coast, there is a stony entrance to the sea – somewhere a pebble larger, somewhere shallower. But the water is blue and clean!

5️⃣ Fethiye is still the Mediterranean Sea near Kemer, but towards the Aegean resorts. The nature here is even more lush, and the sea is bluer. There are fewer all-inclusive hotels in Fethiye, as the concept of rest is a bit different.

  • But recently here opened a great great resort – 5* Liberty Fabay. Hotel-picture, hotel-city – say it, having been there in person.

This resort is loved by Europeans that get up with the birds, have breakfast, take a ski pole in hand – and go ahead, climb the mountains and eco-trails and soar over the sea on a paraglider!

6️⃣ But the question of where best to rest, the answer is: Alanya . In short, it has it all:

  • sandy beaches
  • natural attractions: you can climb a mountain or descend into a cave
  • Historical places: towers and castles
  • Budget hotels (there are even a couple of new ones).
Open hotels in Turkey in 2022: how to check the certificate

Alanya is quite for the fans of the movement, but if you want to “know zen” in silence, too, will succeed. In the city to be a stroll through the streets: it is large and beautiful.

Good hotels in Turkey – top 8

Aquamarin Side 5 Side Prenses

The main feature of Turkish hotels – almost universal use of all inclusive and ultra all inclusive. This is a nice trump card, especially for families with children, they have enough of a fuss without any organizing moments.

On a side note: Al is when the cost of the tour includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and a local alcobar during the day. UAl is the same, but all day. On the ultra, the check entitles you to 0.0 lira for imported booze (read: free).

  • 5* Aydinbey’s Queen Palace & Spa (Belek) is the youngest of all the hotels in the rating. Over the past season has managed to earn most positive reviews: close to the airport and near the park The Land of Legends (and no excursions, just go and buy tickets at the ticket office), excellent food, the hotel beach sandy with a gradual entry into the water. Of the drawbacks: the beach can be reached by shuttle (5 minutes to go), the territory to walk, the hotel has no. 7-night tour: from 95 000 rubles for two people
  • 5* Adora Golf Resort (Belek) – a proven option for many years. The first line, a wide beach, the food is not abundant except for seafood. The hotel is loved by tourists with children, there is animation for the whole day and quite fascinating. In the pluses also write updated fitness room, the friendliness of staff. And in the disadvantages – poor wi-fi. Tour for 7 nights: from 100 000 rubles for two people
  • 4* Side Aquamarin Resort & Spa (Side, Evrenseki village) is a decent hotel for its money. Tourists note active entertainment, a good and varied buffet and friendly staff. The location is advantageous: literally across the road a huge shopping center, grocery, souvenir, cafe-restaurants. The hotel is compact, not an “anthill”, the rooms are small. The staff is not too far from the beach, but a bus takes us to the beach. Although you can walk to the beach. Seven-night tour: from 75,000 rubles for two people
  • 5 * Side Prenses Resort Hotel & Spa (Side Center) – high-rise hotel, almost no territory, to the sea 3 minutes on foot. But it is located in the central part of Side, and it’s a plus: along the beaches stretches a long promenade, which is nice to walk in the evening or at dawn, and for 10-20 minutes you can walk to historical sites. Seven nights tour: from 100 000 Rubles for two persons
  • 5* Michell Hotel (Alanya) – hotel for ages 16+. That is, without children, only adults and teenagers. The beach is sandy and pebble, but somewhere there are large stones, it is better to take corals. The buffet does not receive any complaints, all are satisfied. The spa – it is for an extra fee, but the prices are acceptable. We have a wide range of entertainment, night club in the evenings will not substitute. Infrastructure around more or less: and grocery, and a cafe will be found. Seven-night tour: from 85,000 rubles for two people
  • 5* Acanthus&Cennet Barut Collection (Side Center) is a classy premium hotel, suitable for couples, but not with children. At the link – our reviews and photos. Seven nights tour: from 200 000 rubles for two people
  • 3* Orient Suite (Alanya) – it is difficult to find a Turkish “three” with a good rating. This is one of a few. Yes, the hotel without animation, staff do not speak Russian, walk to the sea 15 minutes, but the standards of service are respected, staff are friendly, cleaning is thorough. Food as in 3 stars, nothing unusual. In short, for such a price – a godsend. Yes, and in the city of Alanya, do not have to spend money for travel by bus (usually Alanya hotels are located in settlements). Tour for 7 nights: from 50,000 rubles for two people
  • 5 * Sherwood Exclusive Kemer (Kemer, Geynyuk village) – the hotel, where the scenery is hilly, and the area is large and green, and excellent food, and imported alcohol undiluted, and animation does not give boredom, and the service is courteous, and the beach, despite the pebble surface, nice. Plus, the aquapark! The price for all this, of course, appropriate. Seven-night tour: from 140,000 rubles for two people
  • 4 * Pine House (Kemer, Chamyuva village) – reliable 4 stars. For a quiet holiday, without round-the-clock entertainment for children. The beach pebble, a lot of food, but without extravagances. Alcohol, included in all, good. Staff know Russian. Tour for 7 nights: from 75 000 rubles for two people.
Holidays in Kemer with children - 2022. Best hotels and beaches

But every year new hotels open in Turkey and the demand grows. We have a separate article, where we talk about it in more detail and keep a list of “novelties”.

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Flying over Side Morning in Side, Turkey.

You do not like to lie on the bench? What a pity, in July the weather and the sea promise a beautiful tan (if no excitement) … Ok. For 2022 Turkey has come up with more active holiday options:

  • Excursions – hot off the press, buy it! Inexpensive. We take either on the spot with his guide, or on the street. Here are rates for the most popular: – The Land of Legends amusement park – $ 45-50 dollars per person – sightseeing trip to Alanya or Antalya – $ 30-35 dollars – Pamukkale – $ 50-55 dollars – Rafting – $ 20-25 dollars – boat trip to Green Canyon – $ 30-35 dollars
  • Many offers diving – we recommend to look closely at Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye. And this place is also developed … trout fishing! Men are delighted.
  • Some resorts – a mecca paragliding. For example, the village Oludeniz in Fethiye. Extreme athletes are always welcome here.
  • Hamam – well, no vacation in Turkey can not pass without the Turkish bath. Bids on the spot start at $15 per person. At hotels, as a rule, is more expensive.

In general, there is a lot to do. In a special article, we calculate how much money will be needed for everything.

Rest in Turkey with children in July – where is better?

Holidays with children in Turkey

Let’s be honest with you. July on the Turkish beaches with children … possible at the beginning of the month (and better – in June) or later, but with breaks. Lying on the beach under the heat of the day away will not work. And a pebble with sand heats up like a frying pan on the stove. However, Turks took care of children’s entertainment in the heat.

So, where to go with a child?

If you want to have a beach holiday that needs clean sandy beaches and shallow water entry, choose Side or Belek. A bonus: close shuttle service from the airport.

The climate in Alanya boasts low humidity, an assortment of beaches and the warmest sea (all for children). The advantage of the resort – a large water park – Water Planet Alanya. But not without a fly in the ointment: it takes a long drive (135 km!) to get to the Antalya airport.

Kemer has prepared for travelers and their parents a lot of shade from pine bushes and some action:

  • Dinosaur Park in the village of Geynyuk, known as the home of life-size ancient lizards
  • cable car ride “to the sky” on the mountain Tahtaly. Just do not forget about warm clothes, the height as it is.

In the second half and in late July for a family vacation with children in Turkey, we suggest to take a trip to the Aegean Sea in Bodrum or Kusadasi (not so hot). Aqua park “Cactus” (children under 7 years old are free) and a museum of underwater archeology for little pirates will help to cool down.

But if the eastern country has already been around and a little tired, you can look for alternatives and compare, for example, what is better – Tunisia or Turkey? The latter somewhat reminiscent of the Crimea with the cypresses and palm trees.

Pluses and minuses of rest in Turkey in July – reviews of tourists

Holidays on the Mediterranean

Beach Cleopatra in Alanya – one of the most beautiful in the region

+ classic vacation without worries. The main thing – choose a suitable hotel, and leave the headache to treat tour operator (how to get to the airport, to the beach, where to eat)

+ In July the prices for tours in Turkey are much lower than in other summer destinations

+ Since you have already paid for the trip, the money with you can not take at all. Just kidding. What about souvenirs?

+ guaranteed warm sea

– Vacation in Turkey in July, first of all, will be remembered by a steam room and a couple of burns (if very careless)

– the queues in the restaurants, the fight for the sunbeds – the season is in full swing

– the quality of food in economy hotels can not meet expectations

Go in July you can go anywhere. The choice, in addition to Turkey, is great:

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