Turkey in June 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

Rest in Turkey in June 2022 – prices, reviews, all inclusive.


Where to relax, how much is the tour and whether the Mediterranean Sea is warm? We close all your questions about Turkey in June.

Yes, Turkey in June is attractive for travelers. The resort season is just beginning, the hotels are not yet overcrowded, and you can swim not only in the pool, but also in the sea. It would seem that the plus on the plus. But still there is a climatic “spoon of tar”, about which – a little below.

Turkey is open. Conditions for entry back to the old form: you only need a passport.

  • The best prices for tours are on the aggregators Travelata and Onlinetours. Planes fly from many cities in Russia, check yours on services.


Beach holidays in Turkey – June weather

Vacation in Turkey in June should be chosen primarily because there is no exhausting sticky heat, and the water is gaining a comfortable temperature for bathing from the first numbers. But it’s guaranteed warmth – not to get out of the sea – will be in the middle and end of June.

Personally, we were in Turkey in mid-May, and already fully bathed – so that the June water temperature is definitely not unbearable.

Rest in the resort of Alanya The Fortress in Alanya

And this is Alanya. Isn’t it beautiful? .

Water and air temperature in Turkey

At the beginning of the month, the wind may stir or rain, but it will not disturb the beach holiday: the air temperature reaches +28 ° C … +30 ° C. In the second half you can already feel a hint of the upcoming Turkish heat.

At first it may seem that in June you can only sunbathe, because the water temperature during this period ranges from +21 ° C to +25 ° C, but, according to reviews of tourists, by lunchtime the sea is well warmed, especially the shallows.

Where is the warmer sea in June? Relevant question, because Turkey – for the record – is washed by four. “People’s” resorts (popular among Russians) are concentrated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea (the other two are the Black Sea and Marmara Sea). Which one to choose?

  • The Mediterranean Sea is the warmest of all seas: the water temperature in June is close to +25 ° C, and there is almost no difference between resorts.
  • Aegean – essentially a continuation of the Mediterranean Sea, but cooler: in the first summer month maximum +22 ° C.

Well, if we clearly demonstrate where the sea is warmer in Turkey in June:

Resort water temperature, ° C
at the beginning of June at the end of June
Alanya +22 +26
Side +22 +25
Belek +22 +25
Kemer +22 +25
Bodrum +21 +23

Prices for tours in Turkey in June – 2022

Spend your vacation in Turkey in the summer of 2022 is relatively inexpensive – tours start from 45,000 rubles for two people for a week. You can find out the minimum price for the dates you need with the help of online aggregators:

The concept of these services is simple and convenient: they analyze the databases of leading tour operators, compare prices and show the best deals. We ourselves found our inexpensive May tour on Onlinetours (but we also monitored the other two).

What is the cost of the tour, if you take not only the standard 7 nights for two?

Holidaying for 10 days costs from 55 000 rubles for 2 people.

✓ Do you want a decent hotel on the 1st line with good reviews? Then the bar rises to 65 000 rubles for a week (which is still acceptable in principle).

Family vacation for four (mom, dad, 2 children) price starts at 70,000 rubles for a simple all-inclusive hotel for a week.

Where to vacation in Turkey in June? Choice of resorts

Beach in Gumbet (Turkey)

On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey will please both the supporters of a quiet family vacation, and fans of all sorts of activities and nightlife. Looking for a town where it is better to go, highlight the most important criteria for you (eg, cost, level of comfort, beach “coverage”).

How much does it cost to go on vacation to Turkey. Our spending and prices 2022.

What resort to choose in Turkey? At the links – our detailed texts about each of the places. Gradually tell you about all:)

  • Kemer is a favorite mix of conifers, mountains and beaches. They – the beaches here are pebble (somewhere coarse, somewhere smaller), fringed with pine forests. Keep in mind that this is a region where the heat spreads more slowly because of the hilly terrain (it catches up from mid-June).
  • BELEC – the beaches here are exceptionally sandy and occupied by sun beds of cool and expensive 5-star hotels, for which the resort is known. What else is noteworthy? On the territory of Belek is the coolest amusement park The Land of Legends!
  • SIDE is a share of antiquity and history in the form of ruins, which are studied on tours, excellent sand and “children’s” entrance to the sea. And also, hotels on any purse, numerous cafes and restaurants, developed infrastructure. In a separate article we compared what is better – Side or Kemer.
  • ALANIA is cheap and far from the airport. There are almost no top 5* hotels, tourists settle in neighboring settlements, not the city itself, but the beaches are sandy and wide. Alanya is a beautiful place with many attractions.
  • BODRUM and MARMARIS are on the Aegean coast. Both are partying and youth resorts of Turkey, holidaying here mostly Europeans. The climate is different, so in June the water is still a bit cold.
  • Fethiye – is located in the Mediterranean Sea, further from Kemer. This means that it is even greener and hilly. Fethiye is very picturesque, and the view of Oludeniz Bay is the same “paradise” Turkey, that they show in advertisements.

Beach in Side

We stayed in Side, we chose it for its sandy beaches and historical sites! And also a tour on the Fortune system:)

Good hotels in Turkey – top 6

A weighty advantage of June is the “freshness” of the hotels and staff. Territories and rooms are cleaned, animators work with zador (for adults – tennis, aqua-aerobics, discos), restaurants please with a variety of “included” dishes.

We have made a list of the 6 best hotels in Turkey, where you can relax in June and the quality will not suffer.

  • 5* Port Side Resort, Side is ideal for a relaxing family vacation. Accommodation includes meals all inclusive, which in its quality and variety will satisfy any gourmet. Seven nights tour: from 100 000 rubles for two people
  • 5* Trendy Palm Beach, Side – accommodation will also let you enjoy a quiet comfortable rest. The hotel has several swimming pools and a picturesque garden with fruit trees, and in the evenings there are great shows with guest artists. Seven nights tour: from 105 000 rubles for two persons
  • 5* Pine Beach Resort, Belek – the hotel is located on a sandy beach surrounded by a huge park, literally buried in the greenery. In addition to an excellent buffet (in June you will eat delicious strawberries), you will definitely be amazed by the quality of service and developed infrastructure. As a nice bonus – water park on the hotel territory. Tour for 7 nights: from 120 000 rubles for two people
  • 5* Emelda Sun Club, Kemer – attracts with a huge territory with a luxurious park (there is even a pond with goldfish) and an excellent beach. Entertainment is provided for holidaymakers of all ages, terrific animators work with children, which allows parents to relax a little. 7-night tour: from 120,000 rubles for two people

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Chimera tour Botanical Garden in Kemer

Excursion to the Chimera and the Botanical Garden in Kemer

A trip to Turkey is not only all-inclusive beaches and hotels, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of this country and enjoy the incredible nature. Turkey in early June disposes to long excursions, because at this time of year you will not suffer from heat and stuffiness.

Here are the most popular excursions in Turkey from any resort:

  • Overview to Antalya or Alanya – $30-$35 per person
  • The Land of Legends amusement park in Belek – $45-$50 per person
  • Trip to Pamukkale – $45-$50 per person
  • Trip to Cappadocia by bus – from $40, but without the balloon ride + overnight stay at the hotel
  • Boat trips in Kemer or Alanya – $10-$15 per person, if you book directly at the port
  • Hamam – $13-$15

Please note that these prices are if you take entertainment in street agencies. At the tour operator they cost $10-$20 more. We bought an excursion to The Land of Legends Park from locals ($45 vs $60 from the tour operator), and it went well.

But in general, you can rent a car – and drive around Turkey on your own! This, of course, is more of an idea for an active trip, not a hotel vacation. Soon we will release a big material about car rentals in Turkey and our route (we were in Pamukkale, and Cappadocia, and the canyons). In the meantime, keep it as a bookmark and use the best rental service in Turkey – LocalRent. It’s doubly nice that the Russian guys are behind it!

What else can I do?

– Of course, all kinds of water activities on the beach are in demand: bananas, catamarans, parasailing.

– Hotel animation – even in our modest, according to connoisseurs of Turkey, hotel every day there was aqua aerobics and bochata so incendiary that I wanted to join in:)

– Dinner at a local restaurant – yes, yes, you have all inclusive, but the food at the hotel is not comparable to the real kebab, lahmajun and baklava. In Side we liked Umut Pide Kebap, inexpensive and delicious.

How much money to take with you for all this fun, we have calculated in this article.

Where is the best place in Turkey with children in June?

Rest with a child in Turkey

The mild Mediterranean climate is perfect for children, so if you are tormented by the question of where to go with a child, do not hesitate to head here.

In addition, it is difficult to find a more suitable time for family holidays in Turkey. Season is just beginning, and this means that the influx of tourists is not too great, so there will not be crowds, queues and fighting for sun beds on the beach, and you can safely enjoy the heat, sea, and, of course, seasonal fruits and berries.

If they go to Turkey with children in June, they choose resorts such as Side, Belek, Kemer, Alanya. They all provide their guests with good conditions for recreation.

  • The most comfortable for family holidays are Belek and Side – the beaches are exclusively sandy, and most hotels – on the first line and work in the format of “all inclusive”. In addition, the closest to them is to get from the airport.
  • Kemer is not usually recommended for travelers with children because of the pebble beach. But the number of family tourists is still not counted here: they come for the healing pine air.
  • If your choice falls on the Aegean coast (Bodrum or Marmaris), do not stop in noisy Bodrum, but rather go to the suburbs – there are small sandy and pebbly beaches, located in small mesmerizing coves.
  • …and a dozen more useful things about children’s holidays in Turkey read in this article.

Queens Park Resort in Kemer

Terrain near the Queens Park Resort hotel in Kemer

The pros and cons of vacationing in June

If you’re wondering how the pandemic has affected Turkey, what has changed in the hotels, and whether they are as brutal with masks as they say on TV – go to this article. We went to Side after the borders opened and wrote a detailed report.

The advantages of vacationing in June:

+ Relatively few tourists, especially early in the month

+ The heat has not yet attacked the coast. Again, in the first half of June.

+ Open the doors of new, not “shabby” hotels. Which of the hotels will open in Turkey this year – read here

+ All inclusive prices in Turkey in June – very nice. From 45 000 rubles for a trip – what is not budget?

+ In the early days there are still ripe strawberries!

And so little minuses:

– Weather. She still may present a surprise in the form of a mini storm or downpour. Less risky by the end of the month.

– Perhaps some people will find the sea cool in early June.

Where else to go in June – a list of open countries:

Copying materials is allowed only with the obligatory indication of a direct, active and open for indexing a hyperlink to howtrip.ru.

Where to go in Turkey in June: weather and prices for tours

The long-awaited summer has come, and Turkey opens the holiday season. In your mind you are already at sea. But to create the best vacation, find out in advance everything about the weather, prices, entertainment, read reviews, watch photos and videos.

About the weather in June

Antalya Antalya Persian Gulf beach

© yusufk53 / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

What’s good about a holiday in Turkey in June? Nature has finally switched to summer mode. If the end of May can still be marred by clouds and rains, in early June it becomes warm and sunny. Spring showers and high humidity are a thing of the past. Even in the mountainous regions the rainfall decreases and the difficult touristic routes become available.

The weather in Turkey in June pleases holidaymakers:

  • the average air temperature during the day ranges from 24° to 30°;
  • at night cooler – from 15 ° to 19 °;
  • The sea temperature is 21 °, with some resorts of 23-25 °.

The sun is scorching, but the real heat will come only in mid-June. Until then you can relax and enjoy the gentle heat. The weather forecast is favorable for traveling around the country.

When the second half of June comes, the air heats up to 30-35 °. The sea gets warmer and tourists get a full beach vacation. With each day the water temperature rises, you can swim and sunbathe at least all day. At night the heat subsides, crowds of vacationers take to the streets. For them are organized street concerts, parties, discos, but warm clothes do not hurt.

In late June the sea finally warms up, the flow of tourists is growing rapidly, and with them grow expensive vouchers.

Search for last minute trips on the search engines Onlinetours and Travelata. With the help of these sites you can compare the offers of more than 120 tour operators at a time. Read the secrets of finding the best deals on tours.

Benefits of vacations in June

Antalya beach mountain sea antalya

© yusufk53 / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

If you read the reviews, you will be convinced that it is better to go to Turkey in early June:

  1. It’s easier to acclimatize. This is especially important if you’re flying with children.
  2. The fruit season is in full swing, ripe fresh crops.
  3. The resorts are not yet an influx of vacationers. The hotels are quiet and peaceful.
  4. Inexpensive excursions are available. July and August are peak season, prices soar on everything.
  5. June is rich in holidays and festivals.

The only minus is that the water in early June is not yet warm enough. You will have to choose: comfortable air temperature and invigorating sea or scorching heat, warm sea and rest exclusively on the water. Before you decide where to rest in Turkey in June, find out all about the local climate, find out how many degrees in the water and air, are there mosquitoes.

The best articles on the topic

Where to go as a tourist

umbrella beach sand sea

© Matthias_Lemm / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

The weather at the resorts varies slightly, everywhere is sunny and warm. But the summer vacation involves sea bathing, and the Mediterranean comes first. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea – from 21 ° in early summer to 25 ° in late June. Russians are ready to fly here during the whole season, but with children it is better to avoid the scorching sun.

On the Aegean coast like to rest active tourists. Therefore, reviews are diametrically opposed. Someone admires the natural beauty and is ready to swim even at 18 °. But if you are accustomed to the warm sea or go with a child, it is better to go to Alanya or Side. The temperature of the Aegean Sea is 20 ° in mid-June, at the peak season the water gets warm to a maximum of 22 °.

The cost of packages does not affect the water temperature. Local resorts are beloved by Europeans, and hotels are in no hurry to dump prices.

Russians are really few on the Aegean coast. This is explained by a small number of direct flights from Russia. The only direct connections to Dalaman airport are from Moscow, St. Petersburg and a few other big cities.

Flights to Antalya and Istanbul are more affordable. Direct flights are not only from Moscow. Tourists fly from Samara, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar and other cities.

On the Black Sea, mainly local residents rest. The water temperature in June is the same as at our resorts – 21-22 °.


Kemer beach beach sun loungers

© jarmoluk / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

It is not easy to choose a resort, there are too many proposals. The list of popular places to vacation opens Kemer, Turkey, the weather in June is established windless, without precipitation. The air temperature:

  • In early June, 20-24° during the day, 13-14° at night;
  • At the end of June: daytime up to 30 °, night 18 °.

Water in the sea during the month warms up from 22° to 25°. On the beaches a lot of entertainment for children – slides, trampolines, playgrounds. Sold fresh fruit. Coastal strip is pretty narrow, and walk barefoot on the shingle is not too pleasant, but a clean, clear sea more than compensates for minor inconveniences.

In the middle of summer in Kemer comes down and intolerable heat – up to 40 °. Therefore, the elderly and families with children is better to rest in the first half of June.

There are places to go – to the caves of Beldibi, to the fiery mountain Yanartash. The cableway will take you to the top of Tahtali Mountain. Take your child to Dinopark, Dolphinarium, Zoo.

Tours in Turkey in June have not yet reached their peak. Last minute tours with a flight from Moscow will cost you 35 000 roubles for two.


This mega resort city annually receives millions of tourists. Weather in June in Antalya, Turkey:

  • daytime up to 35°;
  • At night it gets sharply colder to 17-19°;
  • in the sea 25°, in enclosed bays up to 28°.

The beaches are covered with sand, but you can also find small pebbles. All kinds of water sports are available – diving, snorkeling, water skiing. In the city and its surroundings a lot of monuments and natural beauties. Excursions to the Aegean Sea, including Fethiye and the famous Blue Lagoon resort Oludeniz.

How much does a vacation in Antalya cost? The average price for an all-inclusive vacation is 56,000 rubles for two in a 3* hotel and 65,000 rubles for a room in a 5* hotel.

Side sea palm trees

© Allavissta / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

A quiet, peaceful town, as the reviews reflect, ideal for holidays with children. Especially pleased with the weather in June in Side, Turkey during this period will also please older travelers. If in May it still rains briefly, then with the onset of summer the sky clears and the temperature reaches 25-26 ° in early June and 28-32 ° by the end of the month.

The coast is covered with soft sand – from gray to golden yellow. The water is 23-24°. Attractions for every taste: “bananas”, jet skis, catamarans, yachting, water skiing. Near the beaches come hotels, orange groves, further spread the cotton fields.

There are restaurants, stores and markets in the city center. Fruits in June – cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots. The first watermelons and melons appear.

Variety beach holiday will help a trip to the Green Canyon, to waterfalls, monuments. Entertainments here are few, the nightlife is practically absent. But it is convenient to go from here to Kusadasi.

You can buy decent last minute tours for 35 thousand rubles for two people. Departure is from the capital, the food system is “all inclusive”.


Despite the remoteness of the airport, Alanya is the most popular resort for family vacations. The reason for this is cheap tours, warm sea and weather in June in Alanya, Turkey on the east coast is surrounded by shallow water. Here, on the sandy beaches, it is good to rest with small children. Adult active tourists go to Alanya on the west coast, where they are waiting for sea fishing, diving, parachute flights.

In early June the weather is quite comfortable:

  • 24-27° during the day;
  • 22-23° at night;
  • Water temperature 23-24 °.

At the end of the month the thermometer often rises above 32 °, and the sea gets up to 25-26 °.

The places of interest are the VIII century fortress, the shipyard, the picturesque caves and the old lighthouse. You can take your children to a dolphinarium and a water park. Adults will be interested in cafes, nightclubs, stores and markets where you can buy fresh fruit.

At the end of June the prices for tours increase up to 50 000 rubles. At the beginning of the month you can go on vacation for a week for two for 34 500 rubles.


Belek Antalya beach Mediterranean Sea

© byrev / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

In summer, lovers of luxury and comfort rush to Belek (Turkey). The weather in June pleases with sunshine and warmth:

  • up to 30° during the day;
  • at night at least 20 °;
  • In the sea 25 °.

The resort is suitable for all categories of tourists. For children and elderly couples is convenient gentle entrance to the sea, soft sandy beach. Active tourists play golf, tennis, volleyball. Scattered flowering trees shelter from the heat.

Excursions to one of the national parks, rafting on a mountain river, a trip to Pamukkale are offered. It is worth visiting the local dolphinarium. For tickets you have to pay $ 90 for the three members of the family.

The price for an all inclusive tour starts at 56,000 rubles.


A great choice – Marmaris, Turkey, the weather in June allows all day indulge in a relaxing holiday on a sandy beach:

  • 30-35° during the day;
  • at night 19-20°;
  • in the sea 21-23 °;
  • sunny days – 30.

There are many Europeans in the Aegean resorts. For Russians, the hotel system is unusual. There is no animation, buildings have no more than 4-5 floors, dense construction, meals – buffet. Night spots, concerts and shows open after 10 p.m., the town buzzes with excitement until morning.

To get a tour at an affordable price is possible if you plan your vacation in early June.

Listen to the reviews and look for deals on a 5* hotel. The average cost is from 60,000 rubles for two people.


The climate of the resort is characterized by stability and lack of strong heat. The influence of the cool Aegean Sea affects it. Bodrum, Turkey, weather in June:

  • 26° during the day, maximum 29°;
  • at night 19°;
  • The average water temperature is 21°.

The resort impresses with its natural beauty and unique underwater world. Fans of diving and scuba diving come here for a reason. Children will find the sea cool, for them are open pools and water parks.

The price for a tour for two starts from 58 000 rubles. Early booking will allow you to choose the best room in the hotel at a reasonable price.

Main events of June

It’s not just the beach vacation that a tourist dreams of. Someone is interested in an amateur tennis tour, and someone lives in anticipation of music festivals.

Here is what awaits you in June in Turkey:

  • Muslim Ramadan;
  • Tennis tournament;
  • Izmir Opera and Ballet Festival;
  • Tea and strawberry festivals;
  • Bullfights;
  • Folk Dance Festival.

Whatever the temperature of the resorts, you will not get bored. The main thing is to have enough time and energy, and the Turks will try to make your holiday bright and cheerful.

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