Turkey in March 2022. Where to relax? Weather and Reviews

Holiday in Turkey in March

Find out from the reviews whether to go on holiday to Turkey in March: whether it is already possible to swim, how best to dress and whether it rains a lot. Where to rest inexpensively and what to consider when traveling with children.


Air temperature

In the first month of spring in Russia, winter continues, but in Alanya, Antalya, Side and Kemer is already green and quite warm. The nature wakes up, the sun gets hotter and the first flowers and green grass appear.

The warmest weather in March is in Kemer. On clear days the air warms up to +20. +In the end of March it reaches even +26°C. By our standards it is the real summer! It is still cold in Istanbul. In the ancient city in March there is little sign of the arrival of spring. The daytime temperature is +7. +9°C during the day and at night it is about +3°C.

According to tourists, the weather in Turkey in March is variable. Sunbathing by the sea is still cool. In the morning you want to warm up, and during the day you can already walk in a shirt with short sleeves.

The air temperature by day and night in March:

Resort t daytime t at night
Alanya +18°С +14°С
Antalya +17°С +10°С
Belek +17°С +12°С
Kemer +15°С +9°С
Side +18°С +12°С
Istanbul +13°С +9°С

LauraS: “Holidays in March. I stayed in March and enjoyed everything. The warm pool is a lifesaver in the off season. Special thanks to the lifeguard who worked during this period.”

Olga Solnechnaya: “The air temperature did not exceed +15. +18 ° C degrees. A couple of days of a week we managed to catch +20 ° C, sunbathed to our utmost, swam in the pool.

Water temperature

Compared with February, the sea calms down in March. There are fewer storms. You can always meet people swimming in Turkish resorts, but in March, when the water temperature in Turkey does not exceed +9. +10 ° C, only true brave ones go to the sea.

According to reviews of tourists, for a beach holiday in March to Turkey to go early. If you want to swim, get a room at a hotel with a warm pool. Such proposals are available at any Turkish resort.

Olga: “One can feel spring, but it was not sunny, it was mostly cloudy. The sea was cold, only +9 ° C. I only wet my leg, so I did not even bother to come in.

Elena: “In March we were in Antalya. It did not rain, we were lucky with that. We swam only in the pool, children loved it, adults too”.

Weather in Turkey in March

Istanbul in the morning (Photo: unsplash.com / @johnnyhammer)

How to dress for the weather

The first month of spring is cool in Turkey. The thermometer rarely rises to +20°C. No need for beachwear! Take a light sweater and shirt, long pants, a sweater, a windbreaker with a hood, and comfortable shoes for walking. If you plan to swim in a heated pool, put a bathing suit in your suitcase.

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In reviews, tourists complain about the cold, piercing wind near the sea. Especially noticeably dank becomes after sunset. For a promenade on the waterfront dress warmer! A good windproof jacket and a hat will come in handy.

Regina Kowalczyk: “Of course there is no snow and icicles, but there is no heat either. Even during the day I had to wear a hat because of the gusty wind. T-shirts and shirts are only needed for walking through the malls.”

Precipitation and hurricanes

The weather in Turkey in March is predominantly sunny, but over 100 mm of rain falls per month. Usually the rains are brief, but sometimes it rains for 2-3 days in a row. Marmaris receives the largest amount of rainfall. The Turkish resort in March has 10 days of rain – 2 times more than in Antalya.

The sea is calmer than in February, but because of the winds there are storms. Tourists like to walk along the coast and look at the high waves.

Holidays in Turkey in March

Good weather in Belek in March (Photo: wolfgang.weigelt / flickr.com)

Prices for tours in Turkey in March

Holiday in Turkey in March allows you to save significantly. Tours in the spring are 40-60% cheaper than at the height of summer. Until the high season, accommodation and tours are inexpensive. You can rent a room at an all-inclusive 5* hotel for the price of “three”.

Travel to Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer and Side are more expensive than the Aegean and Black Sea resorts. In March it’s easy to buy an inexpensive tour to Istanbul.

See how much tours to different resorts in Turkey cost in March 2022. Prices are per tour from Moscow for two people for 7-11 nights:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Antalya from 38 000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Alanya from ₽ 31,000 Найти тур >>
Belek from ₽40,000 Найти тур >>
Kemer From 35,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Bodrum From 43,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Side from ₽ 39,000 Найти тур >>
Marmaris from 38 000 ₽ Найти тур >>

Holidays with children in March

The idea of vacationing with a child in Turkey in March is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. During the school vacations, many tourists try to take their children to the sea. Walks, fresh sea air, wonderful spring nature and exciting excursions – there are many arguments to come to Turkey in March.

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In changeable weather, it is nice to visit the thermal resorts – Pamukkale, Kangal, Yalova or Bursa. Show your child the beautiful natural sights, ancient cities and fortresses. In March, the ski season in Turkey continues. Relax with your family by the sea and go skiing on the snowy slopes!

March weather in Turkey

Pamukkale Geothermal Springs (Photo: LoggaWiggler / pixabay.com)

Is it worth to rest in Turkey in March

According to reviews, the weather in Turkey in March is good for sightseeing, hiking and recreation. Do not count on swimming in the sea and sunbathing!

A big plus is that the prices are lower in spring than in summer. Without the heat and the crowds of tourists see the most different parts of this country and visit interesting museums.

Weather in Turkey in March 2022: air and water temperature

March is a time of a little stagnation, when it is no longer possible to ski and not yet sunbathe on the beach. Still, tourists begin to arrive slowly, especially towards the end of the month, as prices for holidays are still low, hotels are in anticipation of the summer boom.

Air temperature

In March, spring does not immediately assert its rights. The weather in Turkey in March is very changeable. The warm cloudless days give way to cold and windy nights. After the cold February the weather hardly wakes up and only towards the end of the month the air begins to warm up a little. The average air temperature is no higher than +18 ° C during the day and +9 ° C at night.

Where is warmer in Turkey in March?

In March, as a rule, the air temperature jumps, the air can warm up to +20 ° C during the day and still fall to +8 ° C at night. On average, the temperature stays at +17-18 ° C. Typically, warm weather is established in coastal areas near the end of March. The Mediterranean coast is the warmest, this southern region pleases tourists with warm weather since early March +18-19 ° C.

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Water temperature: Can I swim?

With the beginning of spring, the sea slowly begins to warm up, for a month the water temperature rises by a couple of degrees +16-17 ° C. Storms at sea becomes a rare phenomenon, but only in the second half of March. Bathing in the sea is not yet available to tourists, sea bathing is possible only in heated pools.

Where is the warmest sea?

Gradually the cloudiness disappears, becoming minimal by the end of the month. With this goes also overcast days, so the sun is already able to heat the sea. The warmest sea is +18 ° C in the Mediterranean Sea, a little colder in the Aegean Sea +16 ° C. The Black Sea and Sea of Marmara are still very cold with sea temperature +9-10 ° C.

Antalya weather and seasons by month. When to have the best time

The weather in Turkey in early, mid and late March

The weather in March is changeable. At the beginning of the month the weather is more reminiscent of February, the day may be sunny +17-18 ° C and at night a cold wind blows and the temperature drops to +8-10 ° C. But since the second half of March the weather becomes warmer: the winds abate, the rains become less frequent, the sea warms up a degree or two.

Turkey in early March

The beginning of March does not feel much different from February: a cold gusty wind, high waves at sea, heavy cloudiness. However, in the mountains, in Uludag, Palandoken and Erzurum, it is still possible to catch the optimum weather for skiing.

There is still snow on the slopes of the mountains, and it is still quite firm, but only in early March. The closer to the end of the month, the more the snow melts, and it is no longer suitable for skiing.

Turkey in mid-March

From the second half of March usually begins blooming of tropical plants. In this regard the beginning of spring is a good time to admire the blooming greenery, because in summer all this beauty will fade under the relentless scorching sun.

March is usually the month of blossoming orange trees. So if you get to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the second half of the month, you will definitely feel this unforgettable citrus aroma.

Turkey in late March

At the end of March, the ski resorts are finished. The air warms up so that the snow inexorably begins to melt.

It is believed that spring comes after the day of the equinox, March 21. And this is the time of the Turkic New Year in Turkey, when the winds die down, the sea calms down, and the sun begins to warm the air and sea water.

Weather in the Mediterranean Sea in March: Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, Side

Mediterranean resorts are some of the first to feel the arrival of spring, and then the summer. The temperature rises faster in the south than in other seaside areas. The average daytime temperature is +18-19 ° C, at night it is +8-19 ° C.

Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, Side

The warmest in Kemer, the air there is heated to a record for this time of +19-20 ° C, but nights are still cold +8-10 ° C. And the Mediterranean Sea water temperature is +18 ° C.

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Weather in March Antalya Kemer Alanya Side
air temperature during the day +17.2 +15.8 +17.6 +17.5
air temperature at night +10.4 +8.5 +14.7 +11.2
water temperature +17.0 +17.0 +17.2 +17.0
air temperature min/max +8/+23 +9/+19 +11/+20 +8/+22
Water t°C min/max 16.5/17.6 16.5/17.6 16.9/17.9 16.6/17.8
Number of sunny days 20 20 23 21
Number of rainy days 4 5 2 3
Light duration of day, h 11.4-12.6 11.4-12.6 11.4-12.6 11.4-12.6
Precipitation, mm 61.1 79.4 47.7 54.1

Aegean Sea weather in March: Izmir, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Fethiye

The weather on the Aegean coast is also pleasant, with an average of +16°C during the day. However, there are still some cloudy days, so if you are going to the west coast of Turkey in March, choose major resorts to spend time on excursions or bazaars during the cooler days.

Izmir, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Fethiye

The coldest places in March are Izmir and Kusadasi, where the temperature during the day is 15 C and at night it is only +6 C. And the water temperature is different in these cities, in Kusadasi +15 ° C, in Izmir – +17 ° C. The warmest nights in Bodrum are +10 ° C.

Weather in March Izmir Kusadasi Marmaris Fethiye
air temperature during the day 15.7 16.5 16.8 17.1
air temperature at night 9.2 9.1 9.6 8.7
water temperature 14.8 16.0 16.7 16.9
air temperature min/max 5/19 4/21 6/21 7/21
Water t°C min/max 13.1/15.1 16.0/16.8 16.5/17.8 16.9/17.8
Number of sunny days 16 18 19 23
Number of rainy days 4 4 5 3
Light duration of day, h 11.3-12.6 11.4-12.6 11.4-12.6 11.4-12.6
Precipitation, mm 49.3 61.5 72.7 50.8

Black Sea weather in March: Samsun, Giresun, Rize, Trabzon

In March it is too early to talk about beach holidays. The sea water is still very cold in all Turkish resorts, especially on the Black Sea coast. The water temperature is not higher than +8-9 ° C.

Samsun, Giresun, Rize, Trabzon

The northern coast of Turkey is the coldest, so there is no warming in March on the Black Sea. The air temperature is still February +11-12 ° C during the day and 5-6 ° C at night.

Weather in March Samsun Giresun Rize Trabzon
air temperature during the day 11.5 10.6 11.7 11.6
air temperature at night 5.2 6.3 6.7 6.7
water temperature 8.3 8.5 9.0 8.8
air temperature min/max 0/19 1/16 2/18 1/19
Water t°C min/max 8.1/9.6 8.0/9.3 8.7/9.4 8.3/9.9
Number of sunny days 11 15 17 15
Number of rainy days 5 5 4 4
Light duration of day, h 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6
Precipitation, mm 61.1 57.2 59.6 55.6

Marmara Sea weather in March: Istanbul, Yalova, Ankara, Tekirdag

Vacationers on the Sea of Marmara will be lucky, if not in the weather, then definitely in one very unique phenomenon – the migration of dolphins. Each year in March dolphins return from their wintering grounds to their Black Sea home. They swim just through the waters of the Sea of Marmara, namely through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits.

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Istanbul, Yalova, Ankara, Tekirdag,

Weather in Istanbul disposes to walks and hiking tours, daytime air temperature +12-13 ° C, night – +9 ° C. A little colder in the center of the country, in Ankara and Cappadocia +11 ° C and night temperatures fall to +2 ° C.

Weather in March Istanbul Yalova Ankara Tekirdag
air temperature during the day 12.4 13.0 11.6 12.4
air temperature at night 8.9 7.3 2.8 7.2
water temperature 8.3 9.0 9.3
air temperature min/max 7/19 2/20 -1/18 4/18
Water t°C min/max 7.6/9.6 8.1/11.1 8.3/11.0
Number of sunny days 12 13 16 13
Number of rainy days 4 5 3 5
Light duration of day, h 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6
Precipitation, mm 45.8 60.4 36.9 57.7

The Weather in the Mountain Resorts in March: Uludag, Palandoken

Holidays in the mountains will still be a good decision in early March, when the snow is still flat and dense. But the closer the end of the month, the sun becomes more active and the snow cover gradually melts.

Uludag, Palandoken

Seize the chance to enjoy clear days and smooth snow cover at ski resorts in Turkey: Uludag (150 km from Istanbul) , Palandoken (5 km from Erzurum), Sarikamysh (53 km from Kars), Kartalkaya (225 km from Istanbul), Saklikent (50 km from Fethiye), Erciyes (20 km south of Kayseri), Tahtali mountain (13 km from Kemer).

Especially good will be a ski vacation in Palandoken, where the nights are still minus -6 ° C, and during the day +1 ° C.

Weather in March Uludag Palandoken
air temperature during the day 13.2 1.9
air temperature at night 5.3 -6.0
water temperature 9.2
air temperature min/max 1/22 -14/5
Water t°C min/max 8.6/11.3
Number of sunny days 14 16
Number of rainy days 6 1
Light duration of day, h 11.3-12.6 11.3-12.6
Precipitation, mm 73.3 27.9
Snow days 1

Reviews of tourists about the weather in March

March can leave a good impression of a trip to Turkey, if you know where and in what period of the month to go. If you choose the beginning of March, the ski resorts will be an ideal choice.

If you are planning a vacation in the second half of the month, you should choose the Mediterranean coast. March is the time of blooming tropical flowers, which you will no longer catch in the high season.

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