Turkey in November 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

Holiday in Turkey in November 2022.

Holiday in Turkey in November – this option of travel is chosen by lovers of unhurried and secluded rest, as well as those who prefer to see the sights without the crowds of tourists. The high season at the resorts of the country ends in October. In November, in the south of the country is still warm weather with prevailing sunny days, but from the sea are blowing chilly winds. Soft sunshine, low prices for holidays in Turkey in November, the small population and the relative warmth – all this makes the country one of the ideal places to escape from the dank weather of Russia.

The last month of autumn in Turkey is equally well suited for hiking in the mountains, as well as for the exploration of historical sites. According to reviews, holidays in November in Turkey pleasantly pleased with the cost of accommodation and sightseeing services. But it is worth bearing in mind that many hotel complexes in resort towns by November are closed until spring. Also, many catering establishments, tour bureaus are not working. Since November is more suitable for active travels around the country, for a stopover, choose cities from which it is convenient to get to the important cultural and historical sites. The most convenient way to travel around Turkey in November is by car. Major tourist centers are connected by regular bus services. For longer distances it is more convenient to travel by plane – in November domestic flights are cheaper than in summer. When planning a vacation in Turkey in November, formulate your interests and preferences – as in the country you can vacation at the sea, and in the mountains or explore multicultural cities.

Istanbul in November


Where is the best vacation in Turkey in November? Most travelers choose to vacation in Istanbul. The local parks in November have a very romantic atmosphere. The average daytime temperature is +16 °C, often there are days with temperatures of +20 °C and above. For promenade walks and sea crossings you should dress warmer, as there are piercing winds. There are few rainy days in Istanbul, in case of bad weather tourists have a rich entertainment program: tasting Turkish coffee in cozy coffee houses, visiting shows with a national flavor, rest in hammams.

Istanbul in November

While resting in Istanbul in November, should visit the Ayia Sophia Cathedral – the main monument of Byzantine architecture, the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque, climb the towers – Galata Tower or Maiden Tower, a ride through the city center on a vintage streetcar, buy souvenirs in the Grand Bazaar. Go to TurquaZoo Aquarium and Jurassic Land Dinosaur Park, Vialand Amusement Park and Dolphinarium with children. Among Istanbul’s museums worthy of attention are the Archeological Museum with 1 million objects of different historical eras, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art with unique samples of arts and crafts, the Byzantine Mosaic Museum .

Book tours to Istanbul:


The historic region, located in the center of the country, is often referred to as the “heart of Turkey. Cappadocia is a place of interest both for those who enjoy outdoor activities and those who are interested in cultural and historical sites. The landscapes of Cappadocia look alien: volcanoes, low cliffs, rugged valleys. There are early Christian churches in the rock caves, and people still live in some of the cave towns.

The average temperature in Cappadocia in November is +10 ° C. It is usually a weekend trip here. In just 2 days you can visit Göreme, an open-air museum with 30 cave churches, take a hot-air balloon ride over the beautiful landscape and see the Ihlara Gorge, a long canyon of volcanic origin. You can stay overnight in Cappadocia in one of the boutique hotels located in the caves. In November, this type of accommodation is quite affordable.

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“Cotton fortress” of Turkey are the snow-white terraces of the therapeutic resort of Pammukale . In the summertime, the travertine terraces are crowded with tourists. During the season, it is impossible to enjoy the beauty of the area and swim in the thermal waters because of the intense heat. But in November, the contrast of water (+55 ° C) and air (+13 ° C) creates a wonderful feeling.

Pammukale is usually visited during a day trip. But it is possible to stay at the health resort for several days. Prices in November for vacation in Pammukale are very favorable. If you are planning a full course of treatment, it is worth stopping in Karahaita. And if you are primarily interested in visiting the snow-white terraces with azure water, then choose Pammukale itself. In the lower village stay, mostly foreign tourists, and rest “upstairs” choose the Turks. From this in the upper village of stricter morals – for example, there is a ban on the sale of alcohol.

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Antalya coast

The main attraction of Russian tourists in the summer, from November turns into a quiet and peaceful piece of the coast. Resort villages practically go into hibernation: many restaurants and hotels close, animators and guides go to other, tropical, resorts. The “all inclusive” on a holiday in Turkey in November is still possible, but the number of hotels that offer this type of power is sharply reduced. Going to rest in Turkey in early November at the resorts of the Antalya coast, you can still catch the swimming season – the water temperature is kept at a mark of +22 … +20. During the day the air warms up to +20 °C, but in the evenings it’s already cooler +13 … +15 °C.

But beach vacation is not the main tourist destination in November. Travelers come to Antalya, Kemer, Alanya to enjoy the coziness of the deserted streets and sights without the crowds of tourists. While having a rest in Antalya it is worth visiting the historical sites of the city: Hadrian’s Gate, Hydirlik Tower, picturesque Kaleici neighborhood and the antique Perge neighborhood. You can visit an aquarium with children, go shopping – to one of the large outlets or to the market Charshamba. Active people love to spend their holidays in Turkey in Kemer in November: you can go scuba diving in underwater caves (diving centers are open until November 20) or conquer the highest mountain in southern Turkey – Tahtali . Also interesting is the Yanartas Mountain with the centers of fire on the slope, where the gases that explode out of the ground constantly burn. From the historical sites around Kemer the ruins of the Lycian city of Phaselis, founded in the VII century BC, are of interest.

Hotel in Kemer in November

Alanya in Turkey for a vacation in November is the most suitable. This is the warmest resort on the Antalya coast. But if the sea seems cool, you can go and see the sights of the resort: the 13th-century Alanya Castle and Kizkalesi Castle on a tiny island, the legendary Cleopatra Beach, the caves and sea caves. In Side it is worth to visit places that have survived since ancient times: the amphitheater, the Roman aqueduct, the Temple of Apollo. Belek is most often chosen for a relaxing vacation in the hotel complexes. The resort is also famous for its golf courses.

Holiday in Turkey in November 2022 – prices, reviews, weather


Turkey in November 2022: planning a vacation? Judging by the cost of travel – of course! And even with some hope for good weather and the sea. About this and about the best places to go, about suitable hotels and reviews of tourists – in our article.

Antalya 5 Star All Inclusive First Line Hotels: Top 10 Hotels in 2020

Background. A year ago, our friends went to Beldibi at the end of October and grabbed a couple of days in early November. And got a tan, and had time to swim, with the sun was lucky. Arrived as well-fed and happy as a Turkish cat.


Weather in Turkey in November

What is the weather in Turkey in November? Let’s be realistic, it’s not the best month for the hot sun and the beach all day. But it is ideal for long walks along the sea and sightseeing – as September somewhere in Moscow. Okay, for “swim a little” will also do.

By the middle of November the number of tourists significantly decreases, many hotels stop receiving guests, and the holiday season is coming to an end.

Air temperature

If in Turkey in early November you can still get burnt – the air temperature is about +23°C – at the end of November “cools down” to +20°C *. Rain drizzles, but not for long; and there are only two days of showers during the month. In the evening the temperature drops below 18°C, so you should pack a jacket or sweatshirt.

*This is about Alanya – it’s warmer here in November than in other resorts. A little cooler in Antalya and Side. And in Kemer it is quite uncomfortable (daytime it’s +18 ° C), and it gets dark at 6 pm.

Beach in Side Side Turkey

Walking on the beach in Side / View from the observation deck near our hotel 5* Barut Acanthus – in November it is more affordable than ever!

Where is the warmer sea in November?

Can I swim in Turkey in November? Till the early 20’s it is.

  • The Mediterranean Sea (Alanya, Side) is still warm from the summer, the water is +23°C. The Aegean Sea (Bodrum, Alanya) is still warm.
  • But in the Aegean (Bodrum, Marmaris) it’s already cold, +20°C … +21°C, and most of the local hotels are closed.

If you’re lucky, in the first half of the month from lunch until about three o’clock the water temperature will be pleasant (+23°C … +24°C). In the second half of November, the wind blows, and the water will have to run in/run out.

Turkey in November: Where is the warmer sea?

Outdoors, °C In the sea, °C
at the beginning of the month End of month
Alanya +21,2 +23…+24 +22
Antalya +20,9 +22…+23 +21
Belek +21 +23…+24 +21…+22
Kemer +18 +22…+23 +20…+21
Side +21 +23…+24 +22

Sandy beach in Turkey

Empty beach in the city part of Side .

Prices of tours to Turkey in November – 2022

Where to look for tours to Turkey and what are the prices in November? We buy tours on our own on online aggregators – they show the most profitable trips directly from tour operators. And do not forget about the fuel surcharge (it is often included in the price). You can immediately set filters by hotel stars, rating and distance to the beach – and maximize ease of search:

And it’s best to compare offers on all three aggregators, so you’re sure not to lose out on price.

What’s good about the off-season? The flow of tourists is minimal, the sea is still possible to run into, and the cost of tickets for luxury hotels 4 and 5 stars drops almost twice. See for yourself (we take tours from Moscow):

✓ Prices for Turkey in November 2022 for 7 days for two start from 35,000 rubles.

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You can get a tour to a good five-star all inclusive tour inexpensively – from 45 000 rubles at the beginning of the month; in the second half of the month the bar will drop to 40 000 rubles.

For families: vacation prices in Turkey in November for mom, dad and a child – from 50 000 rubles for a week. This is not even a last-minute tour.

Turkish resorts – where to vacation in November?

Turkish resorts are washed by four seas. Not surprisingly, the climate of the north (Istanbul) is very different from the south (Antalya, Alanya, Kemer). But what resort to choose and where to vacation in Turkey in November? Especially if the hope to bask in the sun and get into the water – at least once – hasn’t died.


View from the observation deck in Alanya (we took a cable car up from Cleopatra Beach).

We will start from the southernmost point of the Mediterranean coast – Alanya. It is warmer here, the weather even allows you to swim in the sea and get a tan. The beaches, by the way, are sandy.

The main entertainment area … shopping: leather goods, jewelry, fabrics and scarves. And also – excursions. Open to the public are:

  • Red Tower (12 lira) with shipyard (5 lira),
  • The Fortress of Alanya (the lower part is free, the upper part is 40 liras, but if you take the 39 liras cable car, the entrance is free),
  • The Archaeological Museum (12 liras),
  • Damlatas Cave (12 liras for adults).

Alanya is one of those resorts that does not “wind down” with the onset of the off-season. Because a lot of Turks live in the city themselves.

November is the perfect time to save on a trip to one of the super-mega-luxury hotels in Belek. It is considered Turkey’s most expensive location for a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea.

Belek has pine and eucalyptus forests, many golf centers and soccer fields, and more:

  • The ancient city of Perge nearby (50 lira),
  • National Park Canyon Keprulu (tour costs $35-$50 per person),
  • and The Land of Legends Theme Park (from November 1, the price per ticket drops from $ 60 to $ 25)! All month – and all winter – only the part with rides is open, the water park area is closed.

How to calculate how much money to take with you to Turkey? Excursions, tips, shopping… Here’s our article, where we calculated the cost of both an independent trip and a tour, and on different budgets!

Beach in Kemer

The city of Kemer is colder and the beaches are narrower

Kemer in November is more popular with the older generation. Beach recreation at the resort is unlikely – too cool, but the pine and sea air to breathe and ride on the sights is possible:

  • to the ancient towns of Fazelis and Olympos,
  • Demre-Mira-Kekkova excursion ($40-$50),
  • to the fire-breathing mountain Yanartas,
  • climb the funicular to Mount Tahtali ($45-$50),
  • and much more – all in the Kemer guide article.
View from Side Hotel Our Side trip

We were in Side in May and September.

Where to go in November? In Side, on condition that you choose a good hotel with a territory and animation, because in low season here is boring. But it’s warmer than in Kemer and Belek!

Yes, ancient columns and arches neighbor modern hotels, but the cultural program may include only a long embankment and the Old City with the ancient amphitheater, the gate of Vespasian and the temple of Apollo – and all can be bypassed in an hour or two.

Best Hotels in Turkey – Top 10

Hotel Barut Cennet in Side

One of the best hotels we have been to – Barut Cennet Acanthus 5*. We did not try to stay at hotels too expensive like 5* Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa, but we avoided the 3* level as well. In November we asked for comfort, coziness and warmth, not a clean towel once a week By the way, pay attention to the fact that we were not in the same hotel.

Where to rest in Turkey: 12 cool resorts in 2022

By the way, note that not all hotels are open in November. Some prefer to go into hibernation until the next season. In the selection I have included only hotels working this late fall-winter.

So, where is the best place to go and how much will Turkey cost in November 2022 (we give all inclusive prices):

  • 5* Galeri Resort is a very neat five for a family vacation. Of entertainment, two tennis courts, a miniature amusement park with a trampoline for kids, modest animation, a few pools, including an indoor pool. Tour price: from 55 000 rubles
  • 4 * Artemis Princess – a hotel for connoisseurs of European rest: clean, small, but, they say, cozy. For families with children allotted a separate building. Located near the main street with cafes and stores. Price of the tour: from 35 000 rubles (very cheap, even for a four!)
  • 5* Acanthus & Cennet Barut Collection is the hotel that I recommend in the first place. We vacationed here in 2020, and we loved it. For those who want a quiet (key word) vacation in a premium hotel, no kids and restaurant level food. In November the price is the best of the best, and the hotel is just as good for the winter season as it is for the summer season. We even wrote a report with photos and useful information. Tour price: from 115,000 rubles (ultra all inclusive)
  • 5* Bosphorus Sorgun – judging by the reviews, you will not be bored here. The hotel with active animation: water polo, darts, gymnastics. They praise the service and friendly staff. The only drawback: from vacation you can bring a couple of extra pounds. Chicken, veal, turkey, fish almost every day. And there is a lot of fruit – it is the season for it. Price of the tour: from 75 000 rubles
  • 5* Linda Resort Hotel is a small cozy hotel. In Linda two outdoor and one indoor heated pool, its amphitheater, gazebo, sports complex and even a “bird house” with peacocks. The winter concept of the hotel is slightly cut down in animation (less entertainment on the water). But disco and evening shows 2-3 times a week. Tour price: from 55 000 rubles
  • 5* Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort is a suitable place for a relaxing holiday with children (and it happens). And all because there is a playground and a mini club with animators. Tourists liked the spa, cinema, saunas, indoor pool. The food is not so that very diverse, but tasty. Rooms senkih, the hotel does not need repair. Price of the tour: from 75 000 rubles (ultra all inclusive)
  • 5 * Alva Donna Exclusive – one of the most popular and high-quality hotels in the Mediterranean Turkey. The beach is sandy and the sea is clear. If you are unlucky with the weather, you can dive into the heated pool. Tour price: from 95 000 rubles
  • 5* Granada Luxury Belek is a relatively new, clean hotel with a large territory and polite staff. It takes 5-7 minutes walk to the beach. The hotel compensates for the November bad weather with interesting evening programs and heated pools. And a huge water park for children! Tour price: from 90 000 roubles

In November, even the best hotels of Kemer are pleasantly inexpensive.

  • 5 * Limak Limra Resort – a large, proven hotel, a favorite of Russians. To have a rest in it for 70-75 thousand for two instead of seasonal 150 thousand… a dream! Come true in November. Price of the tour: from 70 000 rubles
  • 5 * Akka Alinda Hotel – an excellent family hotel within walking distance of the sea. Large, but clean and well maintained. Several pools: open with and without slides, paddling pool for children, swimming pool under the roof in the spa center and heated (the main filter for fall and winter). True, the animation is scarce. Tour price: from 100 000 rubles
Hotel Theft in Turkey: Our Cases and Our Advice

And in the new hotels in Turkey – pompous and not very “five” and “four” – you can go too inexpensive. List of those that have opened in 2022, look here!

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do in November?

Waterpark Legend Istanbul

We went to Aquapark Legend from Side in May / In Istanbul we had 1 day in November

Vacation in Turkey in November is much different from the summer beach-bathing. At this time, tourists increasingly go for a relaxing stay in the hotel, pleasant weather for walks and excursions.

Although why not sunbathe and swim on sunny days? Even if you’re unlucky with the weather, most of the remaining hotels in November have an indoor or heated pool. As the saying goes, it’s all on your dime.

You can go on the following excursions in November:

  • Cappadocia – $40-$60 per person
  • Lycian tombs – $30-35
  • The ruins of Olympos and Phaselis
  • Ephesus
  • Pamukkale – $40-45
  • Istanbul – $150-250
  • The Land of Legends theme park – $43-45

And do not look for that extra bottle of water, hiding from the merciless heat. Personally in November 2021 we drove to many sights in Turkey on our own by car – about the route and in general the organization of such a trip told in a separate article about rental cars.

Vacation in Turkey with children in November

Holidays with kids in Turkey

Information for responsible parents!

Who else but the moms and dads know that with children can happen anything. On the spot. So the first thing to do before a trip with a child – to take care of his most reliable insurance. At least for the sake of peace of mind.

The best insurance recognized by the ERV or Sberbank. Such insurance would cost 1,000 to 1,500 rubles for Turkey. You can find it on Comparison.ru or Cherehapa.

Where better to stay in Turkey with children?

Planning to go to Turkey in November with children? A family vacation by the sea at this time is better on the Mediterranean coast – in Alanya, Belek or Side. And of the “children’s” hotels we would recommend this four:

  • 5* Rixos Sungate, Kemer
  • 5* Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, Belek
  • 5* Rixos The Land Of Legends, Belek
  • 5* Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort, Side

Reviews for Turkey in November

Turkey beach Beach

What is Turkey like in November? We have studied the reviews of tourists, the weather over the past three years, and the experiences of our friends.

The pros and cons of the holiday.

A brief summary on points.

– It can be cold and rainy. You can’t really guess with the weather in November.

– Comfortable warm sea is also in question.

– Hotel concepts in terms of entertainment (especially water) and animation go to winter mode.

+ Noticeably cheap all-inclusive in good 4 * and 5 *.

+ For misanthropes or those who just crave peace: few, very few tourists.

+ The sea will be replaced by indoor or heated pools.

+ Ripening fruit: peaches, bananas, pomegranate, citrus fruits.

Well, if you do not like the idea of a holiday in Turkey in November, there are a few more fall destinations:

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