Turkey in October 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

Holidays in Turkey in October 2022 – prices, reviews, all inclusive.

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If the idea to replenish the supply of vitamin D came along with the first frosts, one of the successful destinations for travel in October is Turkey.

Holiday in Turkey in October 2022 - prices, reviews, all inclusive

Holidays at sea is especially nice when they send pictures of the rain from home, and you’re meanwhile thinking about how many spf to choose, so as not to get burnt Hasten to please: Turkey in the summer is much truer “fry” than Turkey in early October, because this period – the end of the Indian summer, when it is still comfortable to swim, but no exhausting heat.

In Turkey you can. The country is open and the ptsr tests were canceled.

  • Tours in October cost from 45,000 rubles for two people for a week all inclusive. You can clarify and see what is offered at all on the aggregator Travelata, which collected tours from all leading tour operators.


Weather in Turkey in October

In brief, the situation is as follows: the holiday season is ending, and the Mediterranean Sea is still warm enough for bathing (+25°C). Accordingly, there are few people (do not believe in Turkey in October) and lower prices for holiday tours (those who believe and go – a minority).

In addition, the weather in Turkey in October is ideal for excursions – no red-hot buses and historical ruins, everything is measured and fun

Street in Side All Inclusive Hotel Wristband

We stayed in Turkey in mid-May (in October, the weather is similar, only the sea is warmer), we bought a tour on Fortuna 4 stars

Air temperature

The hottest weather on the coast of Turkey in October in Alanya and Side. The temperature reaches +28 ° C during the daytime. Next come Belek, Antalya, Kemer, where it’s slightly cooler, +26 ° C. In the evening is worth bringing a pair of windbreakers.

In addition, when choosing a date for a trip, keep in mind that with the advent of autumn the beach holiday is complicated by rain. So, in late October, the rainfall is more frequent, but not critical.

Where is the warmer sea in October?

The Sea in Turkey

Here everything is simple: the further to the east the resort is situated, the warmer is the water temperature.

  • Among the warmest places for swimming: Alanya, Side, Belek and Kemer, the temperature is kept at around +25 ° C, so that even children will be comfortable.

Turkey is generally a great choice for a trip in October with children (below we will consider why). Aegean Sea (Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi) – more no than yes, the water temperature, as well as the air, drops to +23 ° C.

Average air and water temperature in Turkey in October:

Outdoors, ° C Sea, ° C
at the beginning of the month End of month
Alanya +26 +26…+28 +25
Side +26.5 +26…+28 +25
Belek +26 +26…+27 +24…+25
Kemer +23 +26 +24
Marmaris +24 +24…+25 +22…+23

If you are wondering what the situation in the resorts now, I suggest after this article about October Turkey to read our new texts:

Tour Prices to Turkey in October 2022

You can always get a cheap trip to Turkey. But it happens that travel agencies, where they usually go for a trip, are not always interested in small price tags. Therefore we always advise to look for tours on their own – on the online-aggregators:

You’ll see the same database of offers that the travel agent has on the screen – from the cheapest offers to the luxury. Aggregators compare prices for all major tour operators (limited choice? No, not heard), and therefore are able to 1) catch any promotional or hot tour, 2) suggest a minimum cost and when it is better to fly.

✓ Prices for Turkey in October 2022 start from 45,000 rubles per week for two (from Moscow). The tours are budget, but the level of the hotel is not high – 2-3*.

✓ All inclusive in good “four” – from 55 000 rubles, and in five stars – from 60 000.

Honestly about Fethiye. Vacation reviews of tourists - 2022

By the way, having paid 6-10 thousand extra, you can stay for 10 days Always check the different dates of the trip.

Beach in Side

The beach in Side next to the hotel chain Barut, where we went

Where is the best vacation in Turkey in October? Choosing a resort

“Which resort to choose in Turkey?” – is probably the first question you’ll ask when planning a vacation.


If you want to rest inexpensively, Alanya is a win-win option for a holiday in Turkey in October. The democratic prices can be explained by the remote location from the airport (120 km) and a modest level of service and quality of the hotel fund.

But the beach Cleopatra is within walking distance from any point (provided that you do not live in the settlements) and has a fine golden sand and a gentle entrance to the water. Alanya is practically the only resort that has municipal beaches. In other regions of Turkey, all the beaches belong to the hotels, and it is not so easy to get to them by an outsider.


From Antalya airport it takes about an hour to reach Kemer. Kemer is also a budget destination, and its only drawback is the poor “five” economy class (going for the price of “three”).

But in Kemer transparent water – thanks to pebble beaches – and stunning mountain views. The air here is clean, because pine trees grow everywhere. In addition, many bars/clubs are open, and even in the autumn, the nightlife does not stop.

Beach in Kemer Beach in Side

Kemer / Side. Do you want to know where is better?

Generally, Turkey is associated with these two resorts – Alanya and Kemer – and it is, in principle, understandable: cheap, warm, you can swim. We will list the other locations, also popular, but preferred by certain categories of tourists:

  • Side – for those who need clean sea, sandy beach, quiet atmosphere and a share of history. Particularly loved by parents with children.
  • Belek is a luxury vacation in 5* hotels with golf courses and concerts of Russian stars.
  • Antalya – the capital city of the coast, where it is better to rest not sitting on the spot activists A lot of inexpensive city hotels and appropriate infrastructure.
  • Fethiye – a very beautiful and natural place, here already begins the atmosphere of a European vacation.

The Aegean coast of Turkey (Bodrum, Marmaris), we do not advise in October, because it is colder and, in general, it is already off-season.

Rest in Turkey with children in October

One of the most important factors when choosing a hotel by the sea for a family vacation with children is the beach – it is desirable that it was sandy. And the kids should not be bored, because because of the vagaries of the weather the possibility of bathing in the sea will not always be, and to choose what to eat, if the first 10 dishes are not satisfied. There’s no time to write a whole review of children’s holidays in Turkey, which we did : )

Where is the best place in Turkey with children?

Holiday in Turkey with kids

Side is ideal – fine sand and no sharp inputs into the sea, in addition, there are no bars and discos. A great place for a relaxing holiday in Turkey with children in October.

If you take into account the reviews of tourists, it is very popular Kamelya World chain, which consists of three hotels – Kamelya, Fulya and Selin. In Kamelya children will love undoubtedly: a water park with slides!

In Alanya family travelers mention Avsallar and Incekum area – good beaches and decent hotels (for example, 5* Azura and 5* Oz Hotels Incekum)

Belek is also suitable for holidays with children, the hotel Mega Saray offers as a children’s menu porridge and soup, the beach at the hotel is sandy, in addition, a large number of Russian families will allow older children to make friends.

Top 5 Restaurants in Fethiye

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Waterpark Legend Waterpark Legend

We went to the Aquapark Legend tour for $ 55 per person (all day).

In addition to the traditional activities (diving and riding “bananas”), do not forget that you get to one of the most ancient lands. Visit the ruins of ancient Troy and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (which we know is one of the wonders of the world). It’s also worth a trip to Pamukale ($50), a plateau with salt deposits. In early October, outside of the Turkish heat, you’ll be able to enjoy this place to the fullest.

What else to see in Turkey:

Alanya: the Dimcay and Yalan Caves; the fortress; the Alanya sulfur spring (smells unpleasant, but comes out beautifully in photos)

Kemer: Lycian Tombs; Mira Theatre

Belek: The Land of Legends water park ($60 per adult, $48 per child)

You can get to all this by excursion or rent a car on your own at Localrent, which is the only aggregator that accepts Russian cards. But apart from this pleasant fact, it’s a great service – we even wrote a detailed article about our experience with them to rent a car in Turkey (with routes, Turkish driving characteristics and tips).

Pluses and minuses of the holiday

The most important plus of a vacation in Turkey is the absence of a visa regime with Russia. It saves both time and budget for planning a vacation. As well as Tunisia or Cyprus, where in October is equally good.

The subtropical climate of Turkey is also a plus. Due to high humidity acclimatization is easier for all family members (including toddlers and older people), compared, for example, with Egypt, and if you think where to go with your child, feel free to stay in Turkey.

The food system “all inclusive” – a plus for the vacation, you can enjoy unlimited juices, snacks and seasonal fruits.

The disadvantage of rest in Turkey is the great popularity of the country – in the high season a free place in the sun to find quite difficult. But this does not apply to those who decided to rest in Turkey in October – the “peak” tourist activity is over, and the resorts are not so crowded.

Reviews about Turkey in October

The waterfront of Side (old town)

In addition to walks, the promenade of Side is great for morning jogging

If we look through the reviews of tourists on the query “weather”, what we see. In Side in October, a sudden storm can mar the holiday. In Kemer and Alanya, the rains begin to fall in mid-autumn, the temperature also drops. At the beginning of the month in all the districts of Kemer (Beldibi, Geynyuk, Tekirova) the weather is fine and the rains fall only on 2-3 days, which you should dedicate to a visit to the hamam and the stores. Belek can be upsetting with wind and chilly periods of the sea.

In addition, in Turkey in October, the daylight hours are short enough, so carefully plan the evening at leisure.

What else is useful to read about Turkey?

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Turkey in October 2022 – Where to go? Weather, travel reviews.

Turkey in October 2022 – a place where it is warm, sunny, green and all-inclusive prices do not bite. I think tourists choose this month for vacation to escape from the Russian dank autumn and grab the last piece of summer.

In this article I tell you about the subtleties of Turkish autumn: where to vacation, where to go with a child and what the weather is like at this time.

The Ruins of Fazelis A house in Antalya

Self-trip to Fazelis / The streets of old Antalya

Weather in Turkey in October

In the battle for a warm pleasant climate in Turkey, the months of September and October are in the lead. There is no stifling heat like at the end of summer, and it’s time for active walks and excursions. Beach recreation is also relevant – the sun is not aggressive, and the water temperature is a couple of degrees lower than in August. And this time is called the velvet season .

Cyprus or Turkey: where to vacation in 2022

Water and air temperature

The beach in Okurcalar

One of the beaches of Alanya in October (Okurcalar)

At this time of day in Turkey, it is warm but not hot. The highest temperature in Alanya and Side is +25.8 ° C. But in the resorts of the Black Sea and Marmara in the evening will be useful to wear a light windbreaker. In late October, closer to November, rains and storms are frequent guests.

I vacationed on the Antalya coast in late July, August and early September. Each vacation was a success, but the sticky heat, heat and stuffiness occasionally bored me. So next time I plan to go in mid-autumn.

Weather in Turkey in October (° C):

Resort Air
Antalya 25,6
Alanya 25,9
Side 25,8
Bodrum 24,1
Marmaris 24,8
Fethiye 25,0
Samsun 18,7
Sinop 19,2
Trabzon 19,1
Izmit 19,3
Yalova 19,9
Bursa 19,6

Where is the warmer sea in October? If you want to swim comfortably, choose the Mediterranean Sea – an average of +25.5 ° C. The water in the Aegean is slightly colder – +24 ° C. In the Black and Marmara Sea is already refreshing – +19.5 ° C.

Turkey in October: Where is the warmer sea (° C)

Sea Resort Water temperature
Mediterranean Antalya 25,4
Alanya 25,7
Side 25,5
Aegean Bodrum 23,0
Marmaris 24,0
Fethiye 24,7
Black Samsun 19,6
Sinop 19,4
Trabzon 20,7
Marmara Izmit 19,2
Yalova 19,1
Bursa 19,4

Resorts: Where to go in Turkey in October?

Thinking about where best to go to Turkey in October 2022? Check out the top 10 resorts from our editor. And I’ll tell you briefly about the most popular ones:

Choose Belek for the good 5* hotels, wide sandy beaches and mild climate. The main contingent – families with children and older couples. The resort of premium class, so the trips here are not cheap. You can dilute the hotel and beach holidays in the golf center, thermal springs, the ruins of Perge and the ancient Aspendos.

The Streets of Bodrum Old Bodrum

In the center of Bodrum

Bodrum is popular among young people. The climate here is not like on the Mediterranean Sea – in October it can be cool in the evenings. Of attractions: diving, the Old City, the Amphitheater, the Mausoleum of Mausolus and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology (under reconstruction). Read our article about Bodrum – in it about prices, beaches, excursions and the best hotels.

Antalya is the most frequent answer to the query: which resort to choose in Turkey. It has a mega-developed for the country infrastructure, large shopping centers, water parks and equipped beaches. And also a lot of interesting things: the area Kaleici, Düden waterfalls, the oceanarium, museums, and the ruins of ancient cities in the vicinity.

Sunset on Cleopatra

The famous Cleopatra Beach in Alanya at sunset

A versatile resort that won’t hit the wallet. Sandy beaches with a “blue flag”, a lot of greenery and excellent infrastructure. There is also a lot to see: an ancient fortress, cable car, salt cave, museum, and the valley of Dim Chai. In October it is the warmest here.

People go to Side for a lazy quiet rest on the beach: sandy beaches and shallow entrance to the water. There are few entertainments: Manavgat waterfall and the historical center with antique buildings. To diversify the cultural program you can take excursions.

Down the street in Kemer

Mountains and vegetation of Kemer

Kemer is pebble beaches, green mountain ranges and youth hangouts after sunset. You can diversify this program by taking a ride in the ancient town of Fazelis and a cable car up the mountain Tahtali.

“European” resort, popular among young people because of the endless partying. There is a quiet sea, sand and pebble beaches, clubs and bars. Lovers of gawking will not be disappointed: Fortress, a dancing fountain, yacht club, turtle beach and an ancient amphitheater. Holidays in Marmaris are relatively inexpensive. How much?

Turkey in January 2022. Weather and temperature. Prices for holidays.

Still haven’t decided where to rest in Turkey in October? With the choice will help detailed reviews of the resorts: Side, Kemer, Antalya, Alanya, Marmaris, Fethiye.

Map of resorts in Turkey

Prices in Turkey in October

One of the main questions when planning a vacation – how much money to set aside for the trip? So as not to disappoint in the rest and not to overpay. Let’s see what the prices in Turkey in October.

Prices for tours in Turkey in October.

When it comes to finding a tour to Turkey/Cyprus/set my own, I turn on my laptop and open 3 services at once:

Thanks to them for all my package trips, especially Onlinetours. Has bailed me out more than once. In my opinion, these are some of the most convenient aggregators. But you can, of course, use your tried-and-true method.

Services look through the offers of all tour operators. And give you the most relevant – it depends on the filters configured. Closer to the numbers.

The cost of an all-inclusive trip to Turkey in October:

✓ for two for 7 days starts from 45,000 rubles, for 10 days – from 51,000 rubles.

✓ for a week’s rest in a 4* hotel for couple starts from 48 000 rubles, in 5* – from 53 000 rubles.

✓ for a family of three (mother + father + child) – from 58 000 rubles.

P.S. You can save 10% or even 30% due to the systems of early booking, fortune and hot tours.

*In order to get the expected service and comfort read reviews about the hotel on the forums beforehand, see if it has or does not have facilities on Travelate and video reviews of hotels (if available).

Entertainment in Turkey

Mango blouse Old Antalya street

Bought a Mango blouse Mall Mark Antalya / In Antalya’s Kaleici district

Turkey in the fall of 2022 is a combo of great weather (Antalya coast) and a wide variety of activities (the holiday season is still in full swing). What to do in October? Here’s my must do list – plus sign = done:

  • Stroll through the colorful streets of the Kaleici district and see the Düden waterfalls in Antalya (+).
  • Watch the sunset at Cleopatra beach and picnic in the pristine nature of the Blue Lagoon in Alanya (+).
  • Breathe in the pine air and see the ancient ruins of Fazelis town in Kemer (+).
  • Take lots of colorful pictures in the ancient fortress Kaleici and yacht club in Marmaris (+).
  • When the weather is good – try some water activities typical for local resorts: skis from $30, jet-ski from $45, banana or tablet from $15 (-).
  • And if it suddenly rains: relax in a hammam (from $15) or go shopping in the shopping malls of Antalya (MARK ANTALYA, TerraCity, Mall of Antalya and Deepo outlet), Alanya (Alanyum, MarkaMix Outlet) and Marmaris (Blue Port, Kipa, Migros) (+).
  • Check out the local markets to buy fruits, nuts and cheeses at prices 2-3 times lower than at home (+).
  • Lovers of nightlife – have a bar-hopping on bar street in Marmaris and dance at nightclubs in Bodrum (Halikarnas, Chico’s Cocktail Bar, Marina Club), Kemer (Aura Club, Inferno, Barby Karaoke Bar) and Antalya (Soho, Havana Club) (-).

To brighten up a family vacation with children in Turkey will help:

  • The Oceanarium in Antalya: access to all the rooms for children $27 lira, for adults $35 lira. Were in the evening.
  • Aqualand Water Park: 100 Liras for adults, 80 Liras for children.
  • The Land of legends amusement and water park: $75 for adults, $60 for children.
  • Water Planet Aquapark in Alanya: adults 150 Liras, children 120 Liras.
  • Dolusu Park Kemer in Kemer: 300 LEAP for adults, 170 LEAP for children.

The best excursions

On Chimaera Mountain Saint Nicholas Temple

Another interesting excursion – Chimera Mountain, where the fire burns / Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Demre-Mira-Kekova trip program

Turkey in June 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

September and October is a good time for excursions. The sun is no longer as active, there is no heat, you can safely walk around the local relics.

But still do not ignore the protection and bring a hat. Even in the fall in Turkey, you can get burned or catch heat stroke.

I suggest you look for trips in advance and online at special services:

The choice depends on the location of your vacation. It is wider for the Aegean and Mediterranean coast. Excursions include trips to historical sites as well as something more active and extreme.

Turkey in October 2022 – popular excursions:

Excursions Cost
ATV Safari €30 per person
Demre-Mira-Kekova €60 per person
Pamukkale $40-$50 per person
Rafting on the river Koprulu $20 per person
Cappadocia From €60 per person

Where is the best place in Turkey with children in October?

The road in the neighborhood of Lara

The Road in the Lara District of Antalya

Turkey with kids in October can be a great idea because of the mild weather and the small (compared to summer) flow of holidaymakers. Based on tourists’ reviews, I’ve chosen the three best resorts, geared for a vacation with the little ones:

  • Belek – where the clean sandy beaches with safe entrance to the sea and 5-star hotels with an entertainment program for children. Plus: the resort is close to Antalya Airport (35 km). Minus: the rest is not budget – the wallet here is noticeably thinner.
  • Side is a quiet holiday away from the big resorts. Wide beaches with clean sand and shallow entrance to the sea attached. Pros: a quiet holiday without the fuss and the proximity of Alanya (60 km). Minus: a modest list of entertainment.
  • Alanya – in short: a well-developed infrastructure, a lot of activities and a relatively low price tag. With children is best to relax on the beaches of the east coast. Plus: the southernmost (= warm) point of Turkey. Minus: the distance from the airport (2 hours) and a poor choice of 5 * hotels.

Turkey in early October will be a good decision – the chance of running into weather surprises is not so great. In the middle and close to the end of the month there is a chance to catch some rain in the Mediterranean. And on the Black Sea and Marmara coast the temperature difference between day and evening is too sharp for a comfortable holiday with a child.

Good family hotels (listed cost per parent and baby):

✓ 4* Serra Garden – from 72,000 rubles

4* Artemis Princess – from 77 000 rubles

Tourist reviews of Turkey in October

Reviews of tourists in 2022 confirm – vacation in Turkey in October in many ways wins before the summer. Tourists note that the weather is pleasant and disposes to excursions, and the warm sea – to swimming. It rains for a couple of hours in Alanya and Side and sometimes downpours for 1-2 days in Kemer. The evenings are cool, so it is worth taking warm clothes.

Pluses and minuses of the holiday

Black Island

The non-tourist part of Bodrum, not far from the port.

Experienced tourists note the following advantages of rest in October:

+ no exhausting summer heat

+ bargain shopping – at the end of the season sells goods for half price

+ No endless crowds of tourists, like in summer.

+ travel is cheap compared to the summer.

And there are no minuses:

– tired by the end of the season animation in hotels

– rains and storms

– the evenings are cool

– the buffet is less varied if the hotel is not crowded with tourists

– Some hotels quietly remove sun beds, tents, etc.

Very briefly . It is obvious that the combination “Turkey, vacation, October” is attractive on several points at once: not hot weather and warm sea, low prices and noticeably smaller flow of tourists.

Useful sites for traveling in Turkey, which will be useful to the tourist now:

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