Turkey in September 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews.

Holidays in Turkey in September – 2022

September in Turkey is one of our favorite months. It is an opportunity to extend the summer, swimming in the warm sea, eating juicy fruits, visiting canyons and mountain gorges. It’s warm outdoors, but without that heat wave that overwhelms resorts in July and August. And also families with schoolchildren and students go away, it becomes p-r-o-s-t-o-r-n-o! As a bonus, also the prices for the tours are reduced, in a word, beauty! Let’s talk about the weather in Turkey in September, resorts for recreation, tours, attractions, tour prices.

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Why Turkey?

September in Turkey can be compared with June. The prices are not high, not a lot of tourists. But if in June the sea has not yet had time to warm up, then in September it is just great.

  • Here you do not need PCR-tests, vaccines and other stuff!
  • The sea is warm, it is possible to bathe from morning till evening.
  • The mass of entertainment: animation in hotels, water parks and waterslides, excursions anywhere.
  • The season of juicy fruits: ripe citrus fruits, bananas, pomegranates, persimmons, figs, peaches, pears, grapes.

Conclusion one – we must go!

I love Alanya” sightseeing platform

Tour prices in Turkey in September – 2022

The prices of tours to Turkey in September can not but rejoice. After crossing the line of “September 1” everything suddenly becomes cheaper, the demand decreases, and hoteliers are trying to lure tourists by attractive prices at once. Now is the time to choose a better hotel and pay less than in summer. There is no point in looking at 3* and 4* hotels, because the difference from 5* may be only a few thousand rubles.

The “air sanctions” in 2022 have made adjustments to the prices for tours. There is no more budget rest up to 50,000 ₽. What are the prices of tours to Turkey in September? The budget A’s don’t seem so cheap anymore. Tours to Hedef Resort & Spa 5*, Asia Beach Resort & Spa 5*, Club Hotel Anjeliq 5* cost from 112,000 ₽ for two adults with all-inclusive or ultra all-inclusive meals.

Holidays for two at Galeri Resort 5* can be had from 141,000 ₽, Aydinbey Gold Dreams 5* from 132,000 ₽, and Diamond Hill Resort 5* from 153,000 ₽. While doing this review, we looked at “last year’s” prices and cried – they were exactly 2 times lower.

Turkey in September – all inclusive

Remember this system – choose ONLY “all inclusive” and “ultra all inclusive”. It is proven by years of experience, never breakfasts-lunches-dinners in the cafe will be more profitable than the food at the hotel. Now, not all cafes can pay with a MIR card, so the “all inclusive” will save you a lot of headaches.

If you go with children, then there should be no doubts at all. A well-fed child = a satisfied child. And this is a pledge of peace of mind for parents. If your baby’s appetite is not strictly at lunch and dinner, take “ultra all inclusive” – the food will be non-stop. When you want it, you eat it. And a bonus – snacks, ice cream and scones gezleme.

Looking for tours is easier, more convenient and faster directly through Travelata and Level.Travel. You don’t have to go anywhere, all the hotels are in the palm of your hand. You can read reviews and look at the ratings. Payment by Russian cards.
8 Best Restaurants in Side

Weather in resorts of Turkey

The first half of September in Turkey is not much different from summer. During the day the air heats up to +28 +33 ° C, at night +20 +22 ° C. You can safely rest on the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. The water temperature on the Antalya coast is +25 + 28 ° C, in the Aegean region +24 + 25 ° C. The weather is clear and sunny, and precipitation in the resorts is unlikely.

In the second half of September is better to stay in the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea – Antalya, Belek, Side, Kemer, Alanya. Aegean coast season is shorter, and the sea cools down faster. The water temperature in Bodrum, Didim, Kusadasi drops to +22 +23 ° C, tourists are still swimming, but you can feel the end of the season. And in the Antalya area the sea is still +24+25 °C.

In September, popular holiday in Istanbul . In 2022, it is a replacement for “sightseeing Europe”. And although the holiday here is not “beach-all-inclusive”, the demand for such trips is also there. During the day it is comfortable to sightsee, in the evening – to cozy up on the veranda with a glass of wine. The temperature during the daytime is +27 ° C, at night it is +22 ° C. The water temperature is +20 +23 ° C. What is the air and water temperature in resorts in Turkey in September?

Antalya +26+31 °C +28 °C
Alanya +25+30 °C +28 °C
Side +26+31 °C +27 °C
Belek +26+31 °C +28 °C
Kemer +22+28 °C +25 °C
Marmaris +26+31 °C +24 °C
Bodrum +25+29 °C +25 °C
Istanbul +20+27 °C +22 °C

Can we swim in Turkey in September?

The answer to the ultimate question is: BATHING IN SEPTEMBER IS SAFE! And you must! If you’re looking for the warmest sea in Turkey in September, you should choose resorts around Antalya – Side, Belek, Kemer or Alanya. Here the average temperature is +28 ° C. The water is cooler in the Aegean Sea, where at the end of September it’s already +22+23 °C. We swam in Kusadasi and Didim even in October, but could not be more than 5 minutes in the water. Where you should not go for a beach holiday is in Istanbul. The water in the Black Sea is +20 ° C, while the water in the Sea of Marmara is +21 ° C.

Fortress of Alanya

What resort to choose

In the list of popular Turkish destinations for September are traditionally Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Side, Belek, Marmaris and Bodrum.


Antalya is a resort in Turkey near the airport. It has the largest number of attractions and attractions: aquarium, water parks, museums, shopping centers, the old town of Kaleici and the port. The city itself is lively, with lots of traffic and tourists. There are several districts in Antalya, but the best of them are Lara and Kundu. The coastline here is occupied by luxury hotels. Popular hotels include Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5*, Adonis 5*, Grand Park Lara 5*.

Tours in Kemer in June


Belek is the main resort of Turkey for holidays with children and golf lovers. The hotels here are high class, prices are higher than average. But the level of service is high, the transfer from the airport is short, and the beaches are covered with fine sand. Belek is famous for its amusement park The Land of Legends and luxury premium hotels: Alva Donna Exclusive 5*, Granada Luxury 5*, Bellis Deluxe 5*, Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & SPA 5*. Family hotels in Belek: FUN&SUN FAMILY Life Belek 5*, Throne Seagate Belek 5*, Cesars Temple De Luxe 5*.

The author of the article in Belek

The author of the article in Belek, TTH Imperial Hotel 5*

Side is a Turkish resort with sandy beaches and a colorful ancient city, not as pathosy as Belek, and not as expensive. The ruins of the city, the ancient theater and the temple of Apollo are some of the oldest preserved buildings in Turkey. The hotels here are of varying types: there are city hotels closer to the center and luxurious resorts in the neighboring villages of Side. Aska Side Grand Prestige Hotel & Spa 5*, Euphoria Palm Beach 5*, Cesars Resort Side 5* are worth considering.

The 16 Best Cappadocia Cave Hotels with Balloon View

Turkey beaches in December

Sandy beaches in Side


Kemer is a Turkish resort surrounded by picturesque mountains and pine forests. The scenery here is truly fascinating, and at the top of Tahtali the snow does not melt until the beginning of summer. Rest here is suitable for young people, because in the center there are popular nightclubs. In neighboring villages vacationing families with children, not the smallest, as beaches in Kemer pebble. Many of them are awarded the “Blue Flag”. Here is one of the best hotels in Turkey for family holidays – Rixos Sungate 5 *. Other popular hotels in Kemer: NG Phaselis Bay 5*, The Land Of Legends Kingdom & Rixos Premium Tekirova 5*, Robinson Club Camyuva 5*, Rixos Premium Tekirova 5*.

Turkey Kemer


Alanya is a budget resort in Turkey at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Here is the largest number of inexpensive hotels and the lowest prices for “ultra all-inclusive”. These are, first of all, Hedef Resort & Spa 5*, Asia Beach Resort & Spa 5*, Club Hotel Anjeliq 5*. Alanya will suit those who love sights, there is a fortress on the top of the mountain, shipyard and the Red Tower. Nature lovers will love the caves of Dim and Damlataş, the valley of the Dim Chai River. Popular ultra all-inclusive hotels in Alanya are Ozkaymak Select Resort 5*, Adin Beach 5*, Delphin Deluxe Resort 5* .

The Red Tower


Marmaris is a Turkish resort at the junction of two seas: the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains and pine forests. There is a lot of life in the center, bars and clubs, and a large number of young people come here. Further away from the center are quiet family hotels. There are many places of interest around Marmaris, national parks, and paradise islands. Popular all-inclusive hotels are Turunc Hotel Premium 5*, Labranda Mares Hotel 5*, Grand Yazici Club Palace 5*.


Bodrum is a resort on Turkey’s Aegean coast for discerning tourists and is considered elite and premium. Hotels here are the most luxurious, and service is aimed primarily at wealthy Europeans. Most tourists come from Britain, while Russians are not numerous at the resort. VIP-tourists arrive in Bodrum on private yachts. The hotels are distinguished by their “premium features”: separate VIP-zones, private beaches, villas. Luxurious hotels in Bodrum: Lujo Bodrum 5*, Rixos Premium Bodrum 5*, La Blanche Island Bodrum 5*.


Holidays in Turkey with children in September 2022

September in Turkey is a good time for holidays with children. With warm weather, comfortable sea and no risk of sunburn. Many tourists with children specifically waiting for September and the “velvet season” so as not to drag a child on vacation in the hot July and August. We recommend children’s hotels in Turkey:

    – hotel with a huge water park and children’s animation, prices are not high, service is on a high level, a large number of Europeans rest. – Our favorite children’s chain hotel in Turkey, with transfers and free visit Land of Legends, in summer prices “bite”, and in September you can already relax at a discount. – Hotel with good service, all children’s infrastructure and reasonable prices.

Turkey with children

In Turkey, with a child

What to do

September in Turkey is a good time for excursions. If in summer to be outdoors at the peak of the sun is unbearable, then in the early autumn there is no problem with this. You can visit ancient cities, mountains, waterfalls and canyons.

Tourists with children should spend a day in a park Land of Legends (a ticket with transfer costs $ 70), look at the Aquarium of Antalya (a ticket with transfer costs $ 50), visit the water park Atlantis in Marmaris (prices from $ 12).

The truth about tours in Turkey - 2022. Deception schemes, prices, tips

History lovers can visit the fortress Ic-Kale in Alanya, mountain villages of Turkey, the ruins of the ancient city of Syedra. View different options for excursions in Turkey can be found online on Tripster and Sputnik. Here are guides – local residents, there is no need to travel around in “promotional stores” (all tour operators sin with this), and before a trip you can read reviews and get acquainted with the guide.

Excursions, rafting, boat trips, trips to the canyons and Pamukkale – all this can be found on Sputnik8 and Tripster. And what is most important in our “difficult times” – to pay with any Russian bank card. Acquiring passes through Russian banks.

Dim Chai River

Holidays and festivals

September in Turkey is rich in festivals and holidays. In the resort of Alanya after September 20 begins an international jazz festival. Musicians from different countries come to the event and the entrance is free.

The Grape Holiday is celebrated in Manisa in mid September. The grapes are especially ripe and sweet at this time. The program includes performances of Turkish artists, contests, songs. The festival marks the end of the “grape” season. The Diyarbakir Watermelon Harvest Festival is held in Diyarbakir. The festival is celebrated with all the Turkish fanfare, with songs and dances and, of course, tasting different varieties of watermelons.

Features of vacations

The main feature of Turkey in September is that autumn comes to the resorts at different times. The water in the Aegean Sea cools faster than in the Mediterranean. Waves and storms are also possible, although they pass in just 1-2 days. The daytime thermometer readings at the resorts around Antalya remain the highest.

There are fewer tourists, but they all choose warmer resorts, so the difference in Alanya or Antalya may not be noticed. The evenings can be cool, when the air cools down to +18+20°C. In addition, there is no heating in the hotels, so sometimes you have to sleep under a warm blanket. We summarize the features of rest in Turkey in September in the next paragraph (about the pros and cons).

Turkey in September 2022 – where to vacation? Weather, traveler reviews.

Are you planning Turkey in September 2022? In the article left all-inclusive prices, told in detail about the weather, where to go with a child and about tourist reviews of the season.

*I stayed twice at this time on Turkish shores – in Kemer and Bodrum. Got a tan, had a rest and was satisfied with a vacation. I share with you.

Bodrum Mills

From my trip to Bodrum – 18th century mills

Weather in Turkey in September

In my opinion, the climate and weather in Turkey in September is the most comfortable, especially in the second half of the month. So I always try to take this time in my vacation schedule and in general, the velvet season (+ April, May, October).

Water and air temperature

Okurcalar beach

Okurcalar Beach (Alanya)

Turkey in early September is not much different from the summer – the temperature is +30°C … +40°C. Closer to the middle the degrees fall slightly +28°C … +34°C and it’s a good time for excursions. By the end of the month it gets cooler in the evenings, but the holiday season closes only in mid- to late October.

Where is the warmer sea in September? In the southern part of the country on the Mediterranean coast, of course. The water temperature there stays at +28 ° C. During the summer the sea is warmed up and you can safely swim until October, and even longer.

Turkey in September: where is the warmer sea and air (in °C)?

Sea Air Water
Black (Istanbul, Trabzon, Sinop) 25, 5 23, 5
Aegean (Bodrum, Marmaris) 28 24
Mediterranean (Kemer, Antalya, Side) 31 28, 3
By the way, the fruit in Turkey ripens from April to October. In September you can taste the apple, plum, pear, watermelon, pomegranate and peach.

More about the holiday season by month, read our article

Resorts: where is the best place to go in Turkey in September?

Still wondering where to rest in Turkey in September by the sea? I can advise the following resorts, where it is warm and cozy.

7 Best Restaurants in Kemer


In the location feel free to go for the elite hotel relaxation, golf courses and thermal springs. The beach in Belek is sandy, the infrastructure is at a high level. In September, the air temperature stays at +31.4 ° C, the water temperature is +28.4 ° C.

The cost of tours in Belek is higher than average, if you consider only the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey in the autumn of 2022 for two people here will cost from 65,000 rubles.


Kemer port

Walking at the port of Kemer.

A youth resort for lovers of motion, excursions and discos (if we mean the Kemer center). In settlements – Tekirova, Chamyuva, Beldibi – beach rest is quieter and calmer. But all the entertainment is on the territory of the hotels. The beaches here are pebbly, with one exception – Moonlight in the Kemer center, where the only sandy shore. In September, there is no severe heat, the weather is pleasant +28.7 ° C. The sea temperature is about the same at +28.3°C. The picture is brightened up by the mountains and coniferous forests.

Side beach

A sandy beach in Side

On the subject – what resort to choose in Turkey for adults and children. All because in Side there are sandy beaches with a gentle approach to the water. And also local hotels are oriented precisely on families with children. September weather disposes to sunbathing, the average air temperature is +30.6 ° C. The water is warm +28.4 ° C.

The price for a week trip for two people starts from 54,000 rubles.



September water in Gumbet (Bodrum)

A completely different Turkey in the resort of Bodrum with its Greek architecture, the waters of the Aegean Sea and one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. September is the final month of the season for this resort, so be prepared for the evening chill and wind. Daytime in Turkey, its western part, the temperature is +28.3 ° C, sea +25.1 ° C. You can safely go to Bodrum in late summer. Read our article about Bodrum: prices, beaches, tours and the best hotels.

Where better to go in Turkey in September and at other times, you can see in our article about the most popular resorts:). There are many of them, marked on the map.

Prices in Turkey in September

Not only the weather can make tourists smile, but also the prices in Turkey for tours in September. If you compare with summer figures and book in advance. Since I usually use online travel search services, I will leave links to my favorites:

Favorites, because I’ve been using them for more than two years. Aggregators are handy, they analyze the offers of all tour operators and on one of them you can find the most suitable option.

Prices for tours to Turkey in September

Not to be unsubstantiated, made a compilation of figures on the most popular requests. Let’s see how much Turkey costs in September on an all-inclusive system in 2022:

✓ The cost of a trip for two for 7 days starts from 45,000 rubles, for 10 days – from 55,000 rubles.

✓ A tour to a good hotel 5* for a couple will cost from 80 000 rubles.

For a family of three, the combination “Turkey + vacation + September” tour price starts at 60,000 rubles.

Of course, in April or October tours are cheaper. But then the weather is not as pleasant and unpredictable. Saving another 10-30% will help early booking, hot tours and system Fortuna.

Entertainment in Turkey

The Ruins of Fazelis Transparent Sea

Photos from an independent trip to Fazelis

What to do in September at the Turkish resorts? The choice of entertainment for tourists is large. It depends on what kind of vacation – active or not so active.

➢ For those who are for relaxation: many 4 and 5 star hotels offer hamam and spa services. The cost of the procedure starts at $15.

➢ It is also possible to arrange shopping in local shopping centers – Antalya is good for this.

What to see in Bodrum: our top 8 places

➢ Extremes will be interesting diving, surfing and paragliding.

For young people there are lots of clubs and discos in Antalya, Kemer, Bodrum and Marmaris.

Almost every major resort has ancient monuments and interesting artifacts. Some can be reached either by organized or by yourself. I went from Kemer to Fazelis by public transport – no language problems.

➢ Where better to go for history is on the Mediterranean coast. Here you can see:

    (where the Red Tower, the fortress, the Damlatas Cave and the Archaeological Museum)
  • Side (Old city)
  • Antalya (Kaleiçi district).

Family vacation with children in Turkey is also possible. Firstly, many good hotels have mini-clubs and animation for kids. Secondly, until the end of the tourist season are water parks (Dolusu Park, Water Planet) and theme parks (The Land of Legends, Dino Park).

Best excursions

The Monuments of Ephesus Kotik in Ephesus

The ruins and SEALs of Ephesus

Between the beach and the buffet, you can hop on a tour. Personally, I’m not a big fan of sealing on a sun lounger day in and day out and rack up 2-3 trips for a vacation for sure. I usually look for excursions in advance on the services:

  • In Russian – Tripster and Sputnik
  • In English – Getyourguide.

Excursions are organized by local or professional guides. The format is a group or individual. The choice in Turkey is large, and this pleasure is inexpensive. On average, $40 per person.

Of the popular thermal springs of Pamukkale, the ancient Ephesus and Demre-Mira-Kekova.

Where is the best place in Turkey with children in September?

Gural Premier Tekirova

Palms in the village of Tekirova

Turkey with children in September would be a good idea for the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. But more for the former, of course. With the kids is better to consider locations with sandy beaches and gentle and safe entrance to the sea, for example:

With an older child, there are more options. Despite the pebbles families will be comfortable in:

In September, there are water parks, dinopark in Kemer and amusement parks. Children can be taken on excursions, if you are sure that the child will stand the road and it will be interesting.

Of the family hotels, looking at the reviews and rating, I can recommend the following (prices specified for three people):

✓ 4* Kandelor – from 88 000 rubles

✓ 4* Oz Side – from 100 000 rubles

✓ 5* Master Family Club – from 90 000 rubles

Travel reports about Turkey in September

The Road in Lara

A road in Lara district, Antalya

What do tourists say about holidays in Turkey in September 2021? Reviews, mostly positive. But there are those who were unlucky with the weather (they are few).

My wife and I go to Alanya every year in September. In the first half of the sea we get by running on the heated sand. And if we walk, only from shade to shade. It is hot and we have problems with appetite. But the water is like fresh milk. And with the second half of the month is usually already easier and more pleasant.

– Michael

For five years in a row we go with my husband to Kemer in September. The temperature runs up to 38 degrees usually, strong stuffiness we do not feel. We sunbathe either before dinner, or after three. We are seventh decade, the heat is easily tolerated.

– Svetlana

My feedback I went in the second half of the month and the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea. The first two days in Kemer was under 40 degrees, plus humidity – a little heavy. Then I got used to it and I didn’t feel any conveniences. Water and air as it is necessary, has typed excursions.

In Bodrum in the evenings already appeared piercing wind. Though day there was a comfortable weather. As a whole, I FOR September and May. And here at the end of July or August heat would have driven me crazy:)

Pluses and minuses of the holiday.

Quick summary. Turkey in September 2022 – pros and cons of the destination:

( No ratings yet )
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