UAE in May 2022. Where to rest, weather and reviews

UAE in May 2022. Where to rest, weather and reviews

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

Weather in UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews, tourist tips. All about Dubai in May

Arab Emirates in recent years, more and more tourists are attracted to stay. It is not surprising, because the country has more luxury hotels, new beautiful buildings are being built and there are the so-called new wonders of the world. Plus the shores of the country is washed by the Persian Gulf. Which waters are warm at any time of year. And if we take into account the high prices, the UAE are a tidbit for tourists who want to rest and get everything at once. But the country is not always comfortable to rest. It can be hot, very hot and just unbearably hot. If you are going here in late spring, then find out what the weather in the UAE in May 2022 is expected, what the prices are and do not forget to read the reviews of tourists, which will certainly help in the decision.

In May, there are long vacations in Russia. And Russians want to fly to the sea, where it is warm and sunny. Earlier the choice fell on Turkey and Egypt, but now with the known events to go to these countries is dangerous and scary. then Russians switched to Europe, but on European beaches is still cool. Unless you can swim in Spain. But the long flight, not the lowest prices discourage tourists. and then they turned their attention to the UAE and its capital Dubai. In May it is still possible to relax in comfort, although the temperature is already giving to understand that the hot and merciless Arabian summer is coming.

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

The beginning of May in the UAE is not so hot. It can be around +37 degrees during the day and there is a lot of evaporation. Because of the evaporation, the humidity increases and it feels like it’s not actually +37, but 100 degrees! Not everyone can bear such weather. Especially people who suffer from heart problems and blood pressure. But this is not the temperature limit yet. The second part of May is even hotter, and in the shade the thermometers show +40 +43, and the humidity is only increasing. Even the locals, who have lived here all their lives, don’t rush out of their houses. Many prefer to leave the country for that period of time, visiting relatives or traveling to other countries.

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

You shouldn’t expect any mercy from the night either. After sunset, the heat goes down, but not so much that you can breathe easily. At night the temperature doesn’t drop below +23 degrees and the humidity is still as high. Without air conditioning in the hotel room does not sleep, and with it is not always comfortable to rest.

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Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

The only good thing in the UAE in May is the sea. Its temperature reaches a mark of +27 degrees, and the water perfectly cools you in such a scorcher. Large waves are not expected, as well as wind. The sea these days is calm, serene and it’s nice to be in it. But be careful that the sun does not overheat you, otherwise you can get a sunstroke and other troubles. As you have already guessed, it does not rain in May. And there are no clouds in the sky. So you should not hope for a life-saving downpour or a small cloud. The whole month is hot, sunny weather, and at this time it is not very comfortable to rest here.

If you are going to visit the UAE in May, then choose the beginning of the month. In the first days of May it is still bearable, the temperature is not the hottest, and the evaporation is just gaining momentum. Plus, we recommend that you rent a car. Yes, it’s a little bit expensive, but you can comfortably travel around the city and country. It is impossible to do otherwise. And it will help you in more comfortable conditions to bear the heat.

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

If a car is expensive for you or you do not know how to drive, then you have to travel on the subway and buses. We’ll tell you right away that on hot days in public transport air conditioners are not turned off. You’ll say – great, it’s cool there! No, it’s cold and very cold. Just imagine how after +40 degrees outside you find yourself in a fridge. Can you imagine? Not surprisingly, the majority of tourists who vacation in Dubai in May and summer on the second day begins angina. Such a difference in temperature leads to illness, and sometimes to very serious throat problems. So be careful, especially if you have children.

Tourist reviews. Rest in May in the UAE is still a pleasure, but still tourists from Russia are flying here to warm up after a frosty winter and not the warmest spring. Here are their reviews.

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

Masha. “May in Dubai is hot and scorching sun. From the morning it is unbearable here. Before you go outside. You have to put on cream, otherwise your skin will burn. You leave the hotel, put on a hat or open an umbrella. The only salvation is the sea. But even there you have to be careful, because the sun burns right into your head. In this weather it’s best to go shopping, to visit the new wonders of the world. Only in the evening, when the sun has disappeared below the horizon, you can live here. And in the evening hours, the city comes alive. There are a lot of tourists on the streets. Everyone rejoices. That there is no sun and enjoy the minutes of warmth, not heat.”

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Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

Xusha. “Always wanted to visit Dubai, so I flew here. I chose May as it was a long May vacation and I wanted to spend it not at dachas, but somewhere beautiful. I do not know what it’s like here in winter, but in May in the Emirates it’s hot as hell. I’m from the south of Russia myself, but even in August, it’s not that hot in Anapa.

Weather in the UAE in May 2022. Prices, reviews

The sea is warm, and compared to the heat it’s even a little cooler. Almost all the time I was walking around the city, looking around. I went everywhere by myself. I did not take any excursions. Because I was an interpreter myself and with the help of maps I easily found and read everything. I liked the trip, but now in Dubai only in winter, when there is no heat.

Prices, tips. Since the high tourist season in the UAE is over, the prices in the hotels are dropping a bit. And there are no special entertainments in the country these days, everyone is waiting out the heat. If you decide to visit Dubai in May, you can save a lot of money, but it is unlikely you will get pleasure from a holiday in such a heat.

Rest in the UAE in May

Holidays in the UAE is a quality holiday in one of the most civilized countries in the world. The UAE is interesting for both children and adults, and young people. UAE is expensive, beautiful and super modern. Holiday season in the UAE lasts all year round, but the ideal time to visit the Emirates is October and April, as in summer it can be too hot. May is the month between a super hot summer and a pleasant spring.

The climate of the Emirates is very hot and dry (tropical desert), so it is not surprising that the average daytime temperature in the Emirates is 35-37 ° C, or even higher (41-42 ° C). Nights in May in the UAE are also very hot, even stuffy – up to 29-30 ° C, sometimes a little lower (around 25 ° C). Weather in all the emirates is about the same, varying just a degree, half a degree. It is also worth noting that the difference in weather between first and last decade of May in UAE is also insignificant, the only thing – by the end of the month the daily variations of the thermometer column (they are small) are reduced and the temperature is quietly creeping upwards to the summer heat. In general, the hottest resorts of UAE are Al Ain (which, by the way, is not on the coast), Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaim.

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It does not rain in the UAE in May and the locals and tourists would be delighted to have a refreshing drop of rain over the Emirates (although it may rain a couple of drops at night. Two or three). Instead of rain over the Emirates the sun shines mercilessly (which lights up the heads of tourists for 13.5-14 hours a day), and, of course, cloudless clear skies.

In coastal resorts the heat is tolerated quite well – probably because of the proximity of the sea. But still, in such conditions it’s rather problematic to move around the city, walk, visit excursions. The best thing in such a heat – to sleep or lie on a bench in the shade. Under the blazing sun to walk – a pleasure – doubtful. Yes anybody and does not walk, to tell the truth – get out on streets by the evening. If you do decide to go for a walk in the daytime, be sure to wear three layers of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat with larger brim. You can even take a summer umbrella to fend off the rays. The nature of the UAE is almost always the same – the desert is the desert, but do not think that the UAE resorts – all buildings and sand. Not at all, there are beautiful green parks, alleys and lawns.

As for bathing, in May, all very well. The water in the bay warms up beautifully by May. On average the temperature of the sea off the coast of the UAE in May – 29 – 30 ° C, by the end of the month the water temperature reaches 32-33 ° C. A little fresher (not colder, of course, but fresh) water will be on the coast of Fujairah, because he is the only one washed by the waters of the Ottoman Gulf. And so, in this “steamed milk” you can swim as much as you want and do not be afraid to get sick.

Well, you know, figures, figures, but the water may be cooler, and the air temperature is higher. And vice versa. This is the weather, unpredictable and insidious. Anyway, the weather in May in the UAE is quite pleasant and offers a good holiday.

What to do in the Emirates in May? Actually, everything the same as in the other months of the year. Excursions, trips, bars and beach holidays. About the beach holiday all is clear – the beaches in the Emirates are wonderful, and on man-made islands and natural beaches. Excursions local travel agencies offer a whole bunch. Thank God May is not July, so it is quite possible to travel without fainting under the scorching sun on the main sights of the country.

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If you are not staying in Dubai, then by all means visit there. You can do it on your own (thanks to transport will not be a problem), you can take a guide. Probably easier with a guide, because Dubai is a city of contrasts, which successfully combines ultra-modernity, while retaining its traditional roots, and only knowledgeable people will show you the secluded corners of this wonderful place. Trips and excursions to Dubai can be very diverse and include visits to different sights, but certainly such a tour will be interesting.

Be sure to visit Abu Dhabi, which is a little more traditional, but nevertheless contains incredible modern buildings, which are always surprising.

There are trips to the east coast, for those staying in Dubai, for example. You drive along the country from west to east to the Emirate of Fujairah, with visits to farmland, deserts and mountains.

As for entertainment , in this respect the UAE is very, very cool. Entertainment is at a high level, and will suit the most discriminating tourists. Water parks, for example, here will shut up the water parks in a number of other popular among our tourists countries. Ras Al Khaimah’s Ice Land Waterpark is made with an ice theme (there are mountain peaks, snow and ice, and penguins).

DreamLand is between Ajman and Ras Al Khaim, a 15-minute drive from Sharjah, is simpler than the above, but still a good option for a family vacation. Wadi Adventure Water Park in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is at the foot of one of the highest mountains in the state – Jebel Hafit and it is also very cool. And the most popular is probably the Wild Wadi water park in the prestigious Jumeirah district of Dubai. It is very cool, themed and imitates a mountain river flowing among the rocks and oases. Everything in the park is built on the legend associated with Sinbad and his friends. Naturally, all the water parks are open in May and other months of the year.

Moreover, it is very pleasant to plunge into the winter coolness on hot days – in the ski complex “Ski Dubai” . Incidentally, this is the first in the Middle East, indoor ski complex with five slopes of varying difficulty, and it is located in a giant Mall of Emirates in Dubai. All year round, and in May, respectively, all the slopes of the complex are covered with artificial snow and the temperature in the complex is no higher than -1 ° C during the day and -6 ° C at night and at night. By the way, next to the slopes there is the world’s largest indoor snow park, as well as sledding tracks, a playground for children, an ice cave and a penguinarium.

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While in Dubai, be sure to visit the dolphinarium. Again, this is the first indoor facility of its kind in the Middle East, and it is very large! If you come on vacation with kids, visit the zoo, which is home to rare animals (wild cats and rare species of chimpanzees). If you find yourself in Al Ain, then look at the local zoo and aquarium. By the way, this is the largest zoo not only in the country, but also in the Middle East. It consists of several zones: one zone is for cats (tigers, leopards, etc.), the second zone for reptiles, the third zone for desert animals and birds (Arab wildcats, owls, hedgehogs) and the fourth zone for birds. There is also a huge aquarium.

As for nightlifein the UAE, we can say that it is ambiguous, but dynamically changing. But you can definitely say that there is nightlife in the UAE. Of course, the UAE is a country with strong traditions and a clear pattern of oriental life. So there are no whole districts or streets in the UAE that are completely occupied by bars and discos, as in Europe and some other resorts. Disco in the UAE can be divided into “discotheques” in bars (there is a small dance floor and live music, for example) and discotheques with a dance floor and a DJ, and you can still see the differences in the contingent.

By the way, I hope you are aware that alcohol is officially banned in this country, but tourists can still drink alcoholic beverages in strictly designated places – hotels and restaurants, cafes and some bars. However, in contrast to Egypt and Turkey, the state is struggling with alcohol consumption, and even in the minibars of the rooms in most hotels, and alcohol can only be bought in specialized stores – and there it is expensive. By the way, hiking down the street and, being drunk, and singing “Ooi blosset kaleiinaa…” I strongly recommend you not to get into trouble. If you are little interested in alcoholic beverages, then you can safely go to Sharjah, where alcohol is prohibited in general, everywhere and always.

So it is safe to go to the UAE in May. Do not be frightened by the weather forecasts that predict +40 in the daytime and boiling water. All in fact it may not be so scary and the rest will be qualitative and interesting – because the UAE is a very interesting country in every way.

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