Uninteresting Crimea: 6 terribly boring places

Uninteresting Crimea: 6 terribly boring places

The most boring and disappointing sights of the Crimea that we visited. Do not repeat our mistakes and do not be tempted by the guides and attractive descriptions!

Note: this is our personal opinion, it does not coincide with the majority and may not coincide with yours.

We were in the Crimea many times, we traveled it far and wide, and by bus and by car, and brought here and friends, and relatives, have written about it dozens of articles, guides, and notes. Behind a lot of experience and understanding of how everything works on the peninsula. Therefore, ridiculous lists of the most beautiful and interesting places in the Crimea, wandering around the sites, the authors of which have never been in the Crimea, we are just shocked and confused. What nonsense not only advise woe-guides poor tourists!

To save you from the destructive influence of bad guides, we have compiled a list of boring, ugly and uninteresting sights of the Crimea, the visit which is worth avoiding. It is better to spend your time in other places – there are a lot of beauties in the Crimea.

What to see in Crimea? Read our itinerary of the most interesting places.

The most boring sights in the Crimea:

Swallow’s Nest in Gaspra

Crowns the TOP of interesting places in the Crimea usually Swallow’s Nest – a neo-Gothic palace, a symbol of the peninsula. Many people think it is beautiful, but to us it seems ridiculous. Wasting time and money is not worth it. The entrance to the territory is free, inside – 250 rubles for 2 halls. There are exhibitions. Parking – 200 rubles (there are official and unofficial). Next – on foot on a long staircase. There are a lot of tourists. Rest in Gaspra →

Tip: If you decide to go, stop at the observation deck about halfway – there is a better view.

Swallow's Nest, Crimea

Swallow’s Nest in the Crimea. Photos from our trip. Barely parked (and this in May!), made our way through the crowd of tourists, took a picture and hurried to a much more pleasant and beautiful place – the Vorontsov Palace.

Photos of places in Crimea

(Photo: wikimedia.ru / Armineaghayan)

Khan Palace in Bakhchisaray

Another pulled by the ears attraction of the Crimea. We were there with the excursion, which was imposed when buying a ticket. The interiors are very modest, even poor, in contrast to the Ottoman palaces. The guide honestly said that many of the exhibits and interior items are not real – the palace burned, and everything was reconstructed in the 20th century. Since 2018, the palace is under reconstruction, so many of the rooms are closed – presumably for 6 years. The ticket costs 250 rubles (300 – with the excursion), plus in some rooms for the entrance must be paid separately.

Advice: In Bakhchisaray, instead of the palace visit the cave cities of Chufut Qale, Mangup Qale and Tepe Kermen and others, as well as the Karaite cemetery Balta-Tijmez (Jehoshaphat Valley). The views from the cave cities are amazing!

Khan Palace from outside (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Alexostrov) Khan Palace from inside (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Alexostrov)

Aluston fortress in Alushta

This fortress is the most ridiculous attraction that we have ever been to. It causes only bewilderment. From the once imposing fortress left a tower and a fragment of wall, to which, like clams, sucked horrible houses, garages, and buildings of unknown purpose. Don’t even waste your time on it, unless you have nothing better to do.

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Tip: Alushta is a boring and ugly city. It is better to spend time in nature and go to the Valley of Ghosts.

The fortress itself and a fragment of the wall (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Sergiy Klymenko and Ekaterina Borisova) Demerdzhi Mountain near Alushta is a very picturesque place. Be sure to go there for a hike for half a day. Especially beautiful when the cliffs Demerdzhi envelope the fog.

Mount Mithridates in Kerch

Mountain as a mountain with a staircase in the style of classicism (since 2018 on repair) and mediocre views of the sea and the city. There is nothing to see yet: the obelisk, cannons and a little further away the excavations. When they open the necropolis hidden in the mountain for tourists, it will be interesting to visit!

Tip: Do not come at noon – the sun is scorching and a lot of excursion buses.

Mount Mithridates in Kerch. Sitting bored, wasting time. We need to go on – there are many interesting things in the Crimea! Obelisk on the mountain (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Insider) Stairs (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Andrew Butko)


The hero-city did not like it at all. It’s noisy, chaotic and uncomfortable, and almost all the sights are military. If you are not interested in the battle theme, you should not visit it.

Tip: Concentrate on the surrounding area – there is a lot to see. Walk along the Sunny trail to the fig tract, admire the Fiolent and Vinogradny capes, visit Balaklava and the Submarine Museum – it’s surprisingly good.

View of the city from the Ferris wheel (Photo: shuttera / pixabay.com)

Greek temple in the village of Laki

There used to be a wonderful attraction in the Crimea, authentic and keeps the memory of the past. To see a half-destroyed Greek temple with frescoes, I dreamed of a long time ago. It was offensive to tears when instead of romantic ruins, I saw the orthodox newly built, sparkling with gold and whiteness. It is not worth spending the effort, time and gasoline – it is 20 km to the temple, and part of the way on dirt.

Temple in Lucky, Crimea

The Greek temple in the village of Laki only on the photo among the green trees looks beautiful.

TOP-17 scariest places in the Crimea

In the Crimea, there are a lot of places that are considered scary and can be visited only by tourists in search of extreme sports, or by those who love thrills. What is particularly un-fun – not all local “fear zones” created by nature.

№1. Adzhimushkay cemetery for children

  • Address: 36 Brothers Malchenko Street, Adzhimushkay village, Kerch.

Among other things people (at least biologically they were considered as such) are responsible for the appearance of the place, which the majority of Crimean tourists, including the most rabid skeptics, believe to be the most creepy on the peninsula. This is one of the premises of the “Adzhimushkay quarries” memorial.

In 1941 thousands of Kerch civilians hid underground from the Nazis in the quarries. Among them were a lot of children, including very young ones. Hunger, lack of water, Nazi bombings, blasts, chemical attacks almost did not leave them a chance for life.

Children cemetery in Adzhimushkay

The young inhabitants of the quarry were all buried in one of the underground halls, separately from the adults (and brothers and sisters, who had already entered the color of pioneer age, and therefore were also considered fighters) – innocent victims of the Nazi war of annihilation.

Crimea in the winter 2021-2022. Holidays in December, January, February

Today, the cell where the Adzhimushkay children’s cemetery is located is almost entirely filled with toys. These are gifts from the children of our days, those who were not able to play with them during their lives.

№2. Concentration camp “Red”

  • Address: Simferopol district, Mirnoe village, Belova street.

And the second most terrible place of Crimea also owes its appearance to the Nazi invasion. In the village of Mirny (near Simferopol) was arranged a concentration camp, its terrible efficiency could compete with Buchenwald.

Tens of thousands of Soviet prisoners of war, Simferopol Komsomol underground members and ordinary people who did not like something to the occupants, ended their lives there.

Concentration camp Red

Now there is a memorial at the site of the concentration camp. It is not completed yet, but already makes the strongest (and heaviest) impression. The most terrible places of this terrible place are the “death wells” (vertical shafts into which the people – the shot and still alive – were thrown).

And after all one must take into account that the ominous lists of “Krasnoye’s” victims (engraved on commemorative stone slabs) will inevitably be added to…

№3. Bagherovsky ditch

  • Coordinates on the map: 45.368942, 36.378122.

This place is the Crimean version of Babi Yar. During the war the village Bagerovo near Kerch was a place of massacres of civilians.

Bagherov moat

An anti-tank ditch was used for hasty burial. When the Red Army returned temporarily to the Crimea in 1942, the ditch was filled with the dead, mostly women, small children, the elderly and the sick. It was here that the Crimean Jews (not only from Kerch) were annihilated.

Now there is a memorial complex “Bagerovsky ditch”. But it’s not it that’s scary, but the very place where thousands of lives ended untimely and without guilt.

№4. Dead Bay

  • GPS coordinates: 44.965561, 35.288699.

A small bay near Koktebel is best suited for shooting post-apocalypse or some “black” fiction. Reviews are unanimous: it is impossible to evaluate it by photos.

Dead Bay

In the area of Dead Bay as if there were never any wind – the water is smooth, the air is still. At the same time, it has a special property – to change the shape of objects, to give the landscape a vague, ghostly. The landscape itself is also good – strangely shaped hills, with no sign of trees or shrubs, and in summer and the grass burns out. All in all, the planet Shelezyaka, no different.

And what is characteristic – nearby is Silent Bay, which seems to be the same: no wind, no woody vegetation. But there is no sense of extraterrestriality and alien world! Therefore, in the quiet bay is arranged wild recreation area, and it enjoys considerable popularity. But in the Dead Bay people come only rarely and do not stay long …

№5. Troll’s tongue

  • Coordinates: 44.818912, 34.841561.

There is a similar site in Norway – they are very similar to the Crimean one. “Troll’s Tongue” is a rocky outcrop overhanging the sea near the Cape Ai-Foka (Sudaksky district). Its height is 230 meters.

Troll tongue

It is clear that the small rocky ground at such a height is really not safe. But some lovers of “cool” pictures contrive to shoot on it with his back to the cliff! Scary stories about the “last photo” that captured the moment of the fall, have already appeared, although the “Troll’s Tongue” has become popular relatively recently.

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And thrill-seekers vacationing in Sudak, Novy Svet or Morskoye should be concerned about not getting into such news.

№6. The Mole

  • Coordinates: 44.611355, 33.570901.

This structure was also supposed to be a power station, but a thermal one and completely underground in case of war. The construction works were started back in the 1930s, but for some reason they were not completed – this is already a reason to suspect something is amiss.

The Mole

Today, the heating service of Sevastopol uses a part of “The Mole” buildings, but the risky “stalkers” tell eerie stories about numerous underground floors, tangled passages and incomprehensible equipment.

By the way, there really is something to be afraid of in the neglected premises of the “Mole” – their condition is unknown, you can become a victim of an accident at once. That is why only individual enthusiasts get in here.

№7. “Object 100”

  • Coordinates: 44.494057, 33.638684.

This is another underground cave in the vicinity of Sevastopol, this time purely military purpose – a large abandoned underground missile complex. It was built in 1945-1956, and up to the beginning of this century was successfully serving. The complex was abandoned already by the Ukrainian military – as a part of fashionable at one time disarmament.

“Object 100” is a really dangerous place, it is not guarded, its size is large, its condition is poor. But it looks even scarier – metal-covered tunnels, endless passages, multi-storey dungeons…

Adventurers who have climbed there, be sure to tell about Satanic symbols – how could it be without them. And add to the place eerie entourage stories about atomic weapons – which, however, was never there.

№8. Binbash-Koba cave

  • Coordinates: 44.784784, 34.286682.

This underground cavity is famous as V.G. Korolenko said that he had seen whole placers of human skulls there. The legend of their appearance is typical – some conquerors choked a group of peaceful locals hiding under the ground with smoke.

Binbash-Koba cave

Now it is even sometimes called the “Cave of a Thousand Skulls,” although none of our contemporaries have seen any remains there.

In fact, the cave is not dangerous. It is not equipped for visiting, but its length is only 120 m, there are no vertical shafts, narrow places or rockslides. Therefore, people who are not inclined to mysticism visit it on their own and are not frightened by ghosts. But still it is believed that “somewhere” in Binbash-Koba still lie unburied victims of someone’s ancient villainy.

№9. Taurus cave

  • Coordinates: 44.655151, 33.877527.

It is located near Bakhchisarai, is not equipped for visiting, but generally safe (requires only a good source of light). But the nature and people have made this cavity a scary place by joint efforts.

Taurus cave

Nature has decorated the Taurus cave with numerous stalactites and stalagmites of small size, looking like needles. Or teeth. Therefore, its second name is the Dragon’s Mouth, and this is not a place where everyone would willingly climb. The second reason for the fears is almost scientifically proven.

Archaeologists have found here numerous ancient burials (just the Taurian period), executed according to more than a strange rite (just look at tied hands of the dead!). Therefore, it is believed that buried here were those who were familiar with the unclean force during their life. And who knows what they decided to do after their death…

№10. Cape Meganom

  • Coordinates: 44.793141, 35.080724.

Many miracle-lovers are seriously asserting that the entrance to the realm of Hades is located on the Meganom, the same gate that was used by Heracles, Odysseus, Orpheus and other Greek heroes.

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No one has managed to find this gate after them, but there is some ground for the legend – the bare surface of the Meganom and the cunning shape of the cape, resembling a huge hand or a paw with outstretched fingers, impresses even the skeptics.

Cape Meganom

The more frightening glory of the Meganom is due to its steep stone slopes, and legends about numerous crashes that took place near it, and stories about all sorts of monsters and treasures lying at the bottom…

True, all this does not scare away wild tourists, honoring local beaches the best in the Crimea – not that much, but they are constantly found on the shores of the mystical peninsula.

№11. Valley of Ghosts

  • Coordinates: 44.751931, 34.407872.

This is a well-known, popular tourist spot. But all the same, many people see all sorts of devilry here.

Ghost Valley

The Ghost Valley is a place between the Demerdzhi spurs, where wind and water chopped up many complex-shaped “sculptures” of soft rock. Let us add here another natural feature of the mountain range – frequent unexpected fogs. As a result, people with a good imagination see ghosts among the stone figures. Or they begin to think that the very stone “sculptures” move and move.

For a more effective “tickle your nerves” is recommended to visit the Valley of Ghosts in the evening. But even in the daytime there is a lot to see here, and at the same time it won’t be frightening.

№12. Yeni-Sala Caves

  • Coordinates: 44.851026, 34.360005.

Yeni-Sala is a complex of several caves located nearby. Archaeologists have proved that in ancient times these caves were inhabited by people at least one of them (Yeni-Sala-2) was used as a sanctuary. Then came the imagination, following the long-tried route – bloody Taurian cults, human sacrifices…


The caves of Yeni-Sala are not an official tourist attraction – tourists climb into them themselves and tell horror stories on their own behalf. They talk about the silhouettes of people seen under the ground, heard distant voices and hurried footsteps… In general, there must be a lot of ghosts in Yeni-Sala…

№13. Crimean nuclear power plant site

  • Coordinates: 45.391473, 35.802680.

Construction of the nuclear power plant near Shchelkino (in fact the city was to become the place of residence of its employees) began in 1975. In 1986, it was ready for 80%, and then a Chernobyl caused in the country just a panic fear of nuclear power. So the construction was frozen.

Crimean Nuclear Power Plant site

Though it’s clear for a long time that it’s stupidity and carelessness, rather than nuclear power plants, that the Crimean nuclear power plant is unlikely to be completed.

Its site is now a living set for a “post-apocalyptic” movie. It is the lifelessness of the failed plant that makes a heavy impression. And different “stalkers”, getting in there in search of adventures, tell all kinds of horror stories about satanic symbols…

№14. Kastel mountain

  • Coordinates: 44.640114, 34.384149.

Mountain near Alushta is slightly higher than 400 meters and is not too steep. But to create its “scary” image worked very hard: the writers of historical legends, the Ministry of Defense, nightmares of gold diggers and the “red rooster”.

Legends tell that the castle atop Castel (which actually existed) was the last stronghold of the struggle of the inhabitants of the Principality of Sugdea against the Genoese. The story features treachery, the death of all defenders and rivers of blood that left scouring in the mountain slopes is the first. At the top is an air defense base, and this is for a reason – this is the second.

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Kastel Hill

Among the local rocks is pyrite, “false gold,” a mineral that has actually caused many suicides and insanities among gold prospectors – this is the third. Finally, the mountain is a protected area because of its plant and geological richness. However, a few years ago, a fire destroyed almost every living thing on its slopes – that’s the last thing.

All together it looks really intimidating, although the furrows on the slopes of Castel are caused by geological phenomena, the air defense must be placed somewhere, the pyrite is not to blame for the death of people for the metal, and the vegetation of the protected area is already recovering from the fire.

№15. The extinct volcano Karadag

  • Coordinates: 44.933102, 35.230906.

Thousands of tourists with a materialistic worldview walk the tourist paths of Karadag every year and there is nothing. But esotericists and ufologists believe the mountain massif is one of the most mysterious (and therefore scary) places in the Crimea.

Extinct volcano Karadag

In course are different celestial phenomena, allegedly regularly observed here (they are associated with UFOs), and magnetic anomalies, and underwater grottos. One of them is nicknamed The Roaring because of the sounds and fountains of water gushing out of it, and others believe the resting place of the famous Karadag snake. There are even stories about the “mechanical noise” coming from the ground, no different from the hell or from the underground alien factory…

Many of these stories have long been disproved by science, others have quite a materialistic explanation (for example, magnetic anomalies), and others have never been convincingly confirmed. But the spooky legends don’t go anywhere.

№16. Villa “Xenia”.

  • Address: Yalta, Simeiz, Sovetskaya Street.

This interesting building from the beginning of the 20th century was built in Simeiz as a boarding house for wealthy tourists. After the revolution it was nationalized and turned into an apartment building, and is now abandoned.

Villa Xenia

However, tourists often say that in the photos of “Xenia” you can see silhouettes of people (often women) and “devils” in the windows. They say that the ghosts in the villa appeared due to the fact that the fate of its last owner was very unfortunate.

“Xenia” is now in a state of disrepair, it is impossible to go inside. But this situation only adds to its fame as a “haunted house.”

№17. Abandoned ship “Prince Bagration”

  • Coordinates: 44.825363, 35.037823.

The abandoned steamship, built in 1912, lies on the shore of Kapsel Bay near Sudak. “Kapsel means “lost place”, which already hints at things not good. The spectacle of the gradual destruction of the miracle of technology – a sight unnerving, too.

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But here is the important thing: the stalkers who regularly get on “Kniaz Bagration” recently began to tell that the door of one of the punishment cells for guilty sailors suddenly opened. Earlier all such rooms on the ship were tightly locked…

It can not be helped: fear is often very attractive, especially in our time of obsessive safety. Therefore, the “terrible” attractions of any region are doomed to popularity, the Crimea is no exception. It is important not to turn fear into real danger.

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