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Georgia, Ureki – reviews

Greetings from you! We have traveled many places in Georgia. And we didn’t forget to visit Ureki) Just one day, while in Batumi, we woke up and decided that we want to visit sandy beach. After all, in Batumi and its suburbs it’s pebbly. Nice, fine pebbles, but pebbles.

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On one of my trips to Georgia, more precisely to Tbilisi, I wanted to spend a couple of days by the sea, which in Tbilisi, unfortunately, does not exist. After visiting tourist sites with reviews I decided for Ureki, which I visited (and later even more than once).

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I have written in previous reviews of Georgia, that even though I really wanted to be there, but after I went there, I had a feeling close to disappointment. I am writing based on my own experience.

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We went to Georgia by car for a week in August 2017. I really wanted to dive into the sea as soon as possible, so from the border we made a serious stop only in Kutaisi to change rubles to lari.On the road near the turn to the village is trading Stop in Ureki was a spontaneous decision.

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Hello everyone! Our sea voyage to Georgia is over! I can’t wait to share my impressions with you. This time we decided to stay in the resort Ureki. A little bit about Ureki.

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My sister came to visit us, so we decided to stay in Ureki for 5 days. The beach itself is sandy, but the sand is unique with its healing properties, even in Ureki because of that sand…

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Greetings all! My husband and I have been living in Tbilisi for half a year and from time to time we go to the sea, of course. This review will be about our trip to Ureki for two days. Let me tell you right away that I don’t really like classic beach vacations, especially in high season.

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Good day! In the summer of 2017, we decided as a family to fly first to Adjara in Georgia, but after we decided to stop at the resort of Ureki) How to get there. Personally, we, bought plane tickets( you can also use anything: shuttle, car, train, etc.).

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Ureki is one of the few places on the Georgian coast, where the coast is not stony, but sandy. In addition, the sand there is black magnetic, which is considered healing. That’s actually the end of all the advantages of Ureki. In the center of settlement the beach is jammed with people even in September (it is already considered not a season).

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It’s already our second summer in Ureki. We live in the Baltic States, we’ve been to all the resorts in Europe, the Red Sea, the Caribbean islands, we’ve been to Thailand. But next year we also plan to go to Georgia. We like Ureki for the opportunity to fully relax and rest without regard to convention.

We went on vacation with the whole family and to take care of the younger one, because the ossification nuclei were not formed. We chose the hotel for value for money (as described on the website).

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Good day to you all! We recently took a trip to the sunny country of Georgia. For a beach vacation we chose the resort of Ureki. You can read more about Ureki in my review. We decided to stay in Ureki at the hotel Albatross. We stayed from 11 to 17 September.

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I should say at once that I have never been to Georgia, and I have dreamt of doing it for a long time. Another remark: I have been in many other countries, so I can afford to compare. So, Batumi.

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Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia. One of the most visited attractions from Tbilisi. Amazing confluence of two rivers – Lermontov wrote about these places.

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Greetings to you! Upon arrival to Tbilisi we “galloped through Europe” began to make a plan, but what exactly we need to visit. There were many variations. But after consulting with our guest, from whom we rented accommodation, we decided that we will definitely need to look into the first capital of Georgia – small town …

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As two brave girlfriends traveled 2000 km to their dream)) A detailed report on the trip Samara-Gudauri January 2017 and lots of gorgeous photos.

Hello all! This my review will be unusual in the first place for me, as I have not written such reports before, but I will try to set out everything in detail and accurately.

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I went to Kutaisi from Tbilisi by a day train, which is a little cheaper. I planned to stay there for 3 days, but as I didn’t have internet on my phone, I hadn’t booked lodging. On the train I met a couple of Cypriots, a woman who spoke fluent French. She booked me a hostel.

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The smell of rotten eggs in the bath. And you are willing to pay money in order to dip into this “unique” aroma? Unique photos straight from the legendary sulfur bath. Landscapes, mesmerizing in their beauty! The benefits and dangers of the Georgian sulfur baths.

Both summer and velvet seasons in Georgia have come to an end, but tourists keep coming to sunny Tbilisi from all over the world. In my previous review I told about an incredible event that turns the Georgian capital into a colorful celebration for two days, the celebration of Tbilisioba, when…

Hotel reviews for Ureki

Great hotel compared to the ones next to it. Great courtyard, there is fun for kids. Two large swimming pools, walking distance to the sea is 2-3 minutes. The hotel is very popular with kids. Very tasty food. Read more at

Excellent and inexpensive hotel. Breakfast was great. Possibility to order lunch and dinner. Very friendly and attentive staff. Read more

Holidays in Georgia in August 2022. Weather and Prices

Lovely Georgian hotel. With a local flavour and very warm people. Clean, cozy, and very comfortable. Staff is attentive and courteous. Home atmosphere. And very generous hosts! Wine and advice. Read more

Staff helpful. Disadvantages : The access to the sea is terrible, you can break your legs on the rocks, gravel, dirt. The location is uncomfortable. The hotel is very well located, you can not even drink tea after 22-23 hours in the room. Read more

I did not like it : everything is old, the bed is in holes, the rooms are not comfortable. Read more

Not far from the sea. Have a communal kitchen, private pool. Clean. I did not like it : I could hear the TV screen on in the room across the hall, hear someone washing. Read more

Everything was great! Cons : Didn’t like that we didn’t spend much time there. Could have been more, but vacations are not rubbery. Read more

The hosts are trying to create comfort, the food is closer to home, the weekly menu is not repeated, not expensive. The hotel itself is in need of repair, and so are the beds. Household appliances are functioning, there was a refrigerator, TV, air conditioning. More info

, large area, first line, lots of greens, children’s animation, views from the room to the sea. The staff was friendly and helpful, with a sun bed and awning on the beach. The staff was friendly and helpful. Read more

I liked the hotel very much, 3 minutes walk to the sea, a bit away from the noise, which is a definite plus, there is always parking, inexpensive restaurant at the hotel, very responsive and attentive host. Read more

What I liked. We stayed in July 2022 as a family of 2 adults and 3 children. The room is clean, freshly renovated. There is a TV, mini fridge, shower, toiletries. Comfortable. There is a table and chairs outside. Read more

All about rest in Poti. Prices, reviews and personal experience

The room is clean there is wi-fi and air conditioning. There is a fenced parking lot in front of the hotel. Front desk attendant was courteous and explained everything nicely. Cons : The hotel is located in a very noisy area until late at night in the neighborhood. Read more

The staff is trying their best. Cons : Instead of one double bed there were two single beds. Tired renovation, probably takes its toll from two years of the pandemic. Breakfast was a trifle. In a double room. Read more

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