Vacation with children at sea in December 2022. Where better to go

Where to go to rest with a child in December

Time flies by quickly: before the summer is over and winter is on the nose, so it is worth planning in advance where to go with a child in December – the first month of winter, traditionally perceived as a time of pre-holiday rush, preparing for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Everyone lives in anticipation of gifts and changes, including holiday trips. December offers are very diverse: from the usual conservative beach vacation at the seaside in Egypt, Turkey or Thailand to the dynamic vacations at the famous European and Russian ski resorts. Magical holiday atmosphere pre-Christmas colorful fairs in the squares of European cities, a trip to the residence of Santa Claus in Lapland, or Russian Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug will be remembered by children for many years.

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Christmas winter fair Germany

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The month before Christmas, all of Europe is transformed into a wonderful fairy tale, blooming with :

  • colorful fairs in the squares;
  • picturesque Christmas trees;
  • garlands of all kinds;
  • cheerful illumination;
  • New Year’s props;
  • traditional Christmas treats.

The streets are filled with performances and entertainment, attracting a lot of Russian tourists with children. The most popular New Year’s Eve trips to Prague, Nuremberg, Vienna, Munich and Paris. In Finland, in addition to fairs, children will be interesting to take part in the traditional fun – riding on the dogs and reindeer. Here for them are theater performances on the theme of winter fairy tales with the participation of Santa Claus and many other holiday programs. Russian Santa Claus is waiting to visit the kids in his residence in Veliky Ustyug with a prepared program of entertainment, and in Kostroma – his granddaughter, Snegurochka.

ski resort austria

© jeff_sch / / CC BY 2.0

December is the height of the winter season at famous ski resorts in many countries :

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Winter resorts in Croatia, Belarus, Czech Republic are becoming more and more popular these days with attractive prices of accommodation and services. Many lovers of winter sports, active rest and extreme entertainments develop the best Russian slopes at Krasnaya Polyana, Arkhyz, Rosa Khutor, Dombaj and Prielbrusye. While going to the mountains with children you should know if the place is adapted for kids and if there are any conditions for them to feel safe and interesting. Among Russians in demand sightseeing tours, sanatorium tours and participation in all kinds of events.

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Beach vacations

December is considered a great time to travel to seaside resorts. People already miss the warmth and sunshine. When there is snow outside, summer can be remembered only in the distant southern countries. Most attractive tours in Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand and other visa-free destinations, where you can fly with a child without problems with registration of documents. In addition, in early winter, agencies often offer attractive discounts on tours to hot countries.


Thailand beach kids

© linvoyage / / CC BY 2.0

Many parents prefer to spend the winter season on a beach vacation with their kids at the sea in Thailand, although it is a long way to fly there. The weather during this period is quite comfortable. Every year there opens more and more children’s entertainment centers:

  • a large-scale water park in Bangsaray Bay with characters from popular cartoons;
  • Arab World amusement park in Cha-Am;
  • Bangkok Snow Amusement Park with ice sculptures and fake snow rides.
    – Unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.

In Phuket, a lot of hotels with excellent infrastructure for children and bargain offers free accommodation for children under 16 years old in the same room with their parents. December weather pleases favorable conditions – 30-degree temperatures and luxurious sandy beaches with warm sea. In addition, Russian tourists traveling to Thailand are attracted by:

  • The abundance of tropical fruits;
  • affordable prices for accommodation;
  • exotic vegetation;
  • tame elephants and monkeys, which are allowed to treat bananas;
  • a variety of excursion programs;
  • a variety of amusement parks for children;
  • boat trips and water fun;
  • rides and water parks for teenagers.

Many Thai resorts that provide beach holidays in December, well developed infrastructure to serve children, there is a quality medical care and the ability to purchase baby food in large commercial enterprises.


vietnam beach

© gilad_rom / / CC BY 2.0

Holidaying in December in the south of the country allows the affectionate welcoming clear weather. Travel to Vietnam is gaining popularity in the tourism industry, attracting vacationers with children seeking new experiences and sensations. On the sandy coast of the island of Phu Quoc the daytime air temperature is 30 degrees, and the water temperature is not below 25 degrees.

At resorts in Vietnam all sorts of entertainment for the kids in the neighborhood square, and teenagers can learn how to kiteboarding and windsurfing. They will be interested in excursions to ancient temples to statues of Buddha. In Ho Chi Minh City they can visit the zoo, botanical garden, and amusement rides. A big plus is considered a comfortable accommodation and inexpensive high-quality food.

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Dominican Republic

dominica palm beach

With the approaching winter season tourists are rushing to the gentle shore of the Caribbean Sea, where the cyclone season is over, the daytime temperature is 30 degrees, and the crystal clear water heats up to +28. Family vacation with a child in the Dominican Republic is desirable to plan on the south coast, obscured by coral reefs from the sea waves.

Most often, travelers who are not afraid of a long 12-hour flight, prefer resorts located near the airport and equipped with playgrounds, parks, dolphinariums. Kids love to frolic in the water with dolphins and seals, walk along the dinosaur paths. More serious entertainment is prepared for teenagers:

  • Hiking in the jungle and waterfalls;
  • Riding on seagoing vessels;
  • Selfies with real blue whales and starfish;
  • visits to underwater caves.

In the Dominican Republic, there are excellent hotels, adapted for recreation with children, equipped with its own guarded beaches and piers, children’s clubs with animators and teachers. The staff mostly speaks Spanish.

Cuba varadero palm beach

© feario_com / / CC BY 2.0

A trip to the legendary revolutionary Liberty Island attracts tourists with its inimitable features. You can vacation on the oceanfront here all year round, but the winter dry season is considered the best, with the most vacationers coming during the Christmas and New Year vacations. A string of beaches is just a quarter hour drive from Havana, they are usually unoccupied. Cuba attracts fans of diving, windsurfing, and scuba diving. Entertainment consists of excursions to caves, a tobacco factory, a crocodile farm and participation in jeep safaris.


The flight time from Russia to Mexico is 12 hours, making it difficult to travel with children. However, there are places that are immaculate for children’s vacations and have comfortable beaches next to the hotels. Children will love visiting the turtle sanctuary, butterfly park and pink flamingos. Scuba diving lessons are allowed from the age of 10.

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Maldives baby kids beach

© benandgab / / CC BY 2.0

Mostly these islands are chosen by lovers and newlyweds. For a trip with children should find a family hotel, most of these hotels are located near the airport. Holidays in the Maldives, which previously could afford only a very wealthy people, allows parents to relax, children have complete freedom to play on the sandy beaches, safely swimming in shallow waters, catch crabs, learn about tropical marine animals: dolphins, rays, turtles. December, marked by 30-degree daytime temperatures, is considered a high season, and tour prices are pleasantly surprising.

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December holidays with children at sea can be varied – depending on the preferences and capabilities of travelers who need to take into account the direction of the resort and choose a place equipped with special infrastructure and conditions for the children’s and parents’ comfort. Many vacationers prefer sightseeing tours to Europe on the eve of the holidays for the New Year’s Eve fairs and Christmas shopping. A lot of health benefits and fun will get a trip to the famous ski resorts. And for those who like to rest at the sea with his family are prepared tours to the south to the sea and ocean coast.

Family vacations in December

Holiday with children in December at the sea

Planning to go to the sea with children in December 2022? We made a list of the best destinations for a family vacation by the sea. We tell you about the weather and children’s activities at the resorts.

Who said that a holiday by the sea is only possible in summer? December is a great time for a beach holiday, but the main thing is to choose the right destination. We inform you about the most popular places for holidays by the sea with children in 2022.

Attention! This review describes the best beach destinations for this time of year, but not all of these countries may be open to tourists now. See the list of currently open countries.

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Thailand is a tropical paradise, which you get right in the middle of harsh winter. A great place to relax by the sea with your child. In December in the south-eastern regions of the country sets dry and warm weather: daytime +26. +30 ° C during the day, +21. +23 ° C, sea water +26. +28°С. During this period, it is better to go to Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi Phi, a little bit cooler in Pattaya. Do not go to Koh Samui, where it still rains.

In addition to sandy beaches, juicy fruits and generous sunshine, Thailand has a lot of entertainment for children. Almost every major resort can offer its own cultural program – kids love the local zoos with elephants, monkeys and turtles, water parks and amusement parks. And if you get a little sad and want to go back to winter, Bangkok has a winter amusement park with ice sculptures and slides. Given the tropical climate, the park operates in an enclosed area where the temperature is -15 ° C. There is a rental of warm clothes and shoes for all comers.

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Useful information about Thailand: what is the weather in December and where is better to rest with children?

Holiday with a child in December abroad

Amazing Banana Beach on Phuket Island with a minimum of people, clean sea and sand, lack of infrastructure and scenic views.

Moderately warm weather is formed on the Gulf Coast. Of course, it’s not the tropics – in December at the popular resorts of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah during the day +26 ° C, +22 ° C at night, the water in the sea +23 ° C. Almost all the days are sunny. And everything would be fine if not for the surprises that the weather likes to present: then blowing sandy winds, then scare a sudden jump in temperature, bringing a sudden warming or cooling.

Where to go on holiday with a child in December 2022? Tourists recommend Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Luxury hotels, impeccable service and a lot of entertainment for the whole family. Just look at Dubai Zoo – the oldest on the peninsula, game centers and amusement parks with water parks and rides. The boys will love the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, and the lush nature reserves are a great place for family fun.

vacation at the sea in december

The beach at Dubai Marina in December.


В декабре сухо и тепло на юге Вьетнама — песчаные пляжи острова Фукуок, Фантхьета и Муйне просто созданы для отдыха с детьми. Днем +30°С, ночью +22. +26°С, вода в море +27. +29°С. А вот в центре и на севере страны пока прохладно. Популярный Нячанг тоже лучше посетить в другой период: погода в декабре часто непредсказуема, море периодически штормит и стелются туманы. Прочтите подробнее про погоду в декабре >>

A quiet and peaceful beach holiday in December with a child is better to plan on the island of Phu Quoc – there are white sand, pearl plantations and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Still popular with Russians resort Mui Ne near Phan Thiet thanks to the spacious beaches and comfortable hotels. Young children will love the entertainment at the local park, and older children can learn kiting and windsurfing.

where to go with a child in December by sea

(Photo: ntien268 / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Dominican Republic

With the onset of winter, more and more tourists are heading to the azure shores of the Caribbean. Why don’t you, too, go on a December 2022 vacation with your kids to the Dominican Republic? Hurricane season is long past, the air temperature is +30 ° C, water +28 ° C. To vacation with a child is better to choose resorts on the south coast, closed from the waves of a coral reef. However, the Atlantic coast is also quite comfortable: in Punta Cana, the Samaná Peninsula and Puerto Plata only a couple of degrees cooler.

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Where to vacation in December with children? Tourists usually choose the resorts of Punta Cana and Bavaro. They are located near the airport, there are playgrounds and a lot of entertainment: Adventure Park, Dolphinarium, Manatee Park, Marinarium. You can swim with dolphins and seals, try rides and even walk along dinosaur trails. Older children can go with their parents on a real journey – to see the jungle and waterfalls or take a boat ride along the coast, to look at the whales and sea stars. And of course, do not forget the traditional beach vacation, which at this time is especially good. There are no waves in the Caribbean Sea, and the water is perfectly clear and warm, suitable for long swims.

holidays with children at sea in december

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. (Photo: / @joelcasilla)

Куда еще можно поехать отдыхать с ребенком в декабре, как не в Индию? Многие туристы для зимнего отдыха выбирают именно это место. С первыми зимними деньками открывается высокий туристический сезон в штате. Днем +32. +34°С, ночью +22. +24°С, температура воды +28°С. Прочтите о погоде в декабре в Гоа >>

Самые лучшие отели, предназначенные для семейного отдыха, расположены в Южном Гоа — отдыхать здесь дорого и престижно. Северный Гоа выбирают любители экзотики и бюджетные туристы. Для спокойного пляжного отдыха подходят курорты Морджим, Арамболь, Ашвем и Мандрем. Отели в этой части штата значительно скромнее, и для семейного отдыха обычно арендуют частные дома. Узнайте, где лучше отдыхать в Гоа >>

There are no specific activities for children in Goa, except for the children’s animation in the hotels and the recently opened water park in Anjuna. So swimming in the ocean, elephant rides and excursions are the main amusements for all holidaymakers. Also in the state there are several preserved old forts, you can visit the reserve, a butterfly park and the Big Foot Museum.

holiday at sea in December with baby

(Photo: belyakovacat /

Other resorts

Of course, this is not a complete list of resorts where you can go on vacation with children in December 2022. Good weather conditions at this time in the Maldives, Mexico and Brazil, Cuba. The only disadvantage of such trips – the high price.

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