Vietnam in April 2022. Weather and where to relax

Vietnam in April 2022 – preparing for a fruitful vacation

In April in Russia it is still cool, and in some places there is snow. In Europe, it is cold to swim, so many tourists rush to enjoy beach activities in Southeast Asia. April in Vietnam is full summer. Along the coast is comfortable sunny weather. The sea is warm up to +26 … +28 °С.

During the daytime, especially in the south, it’s hot. Not to get burnt and not to get a heat stroke, vacationers hide in the shade or wait out the heat under the air conditioner.

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Natasha: “We vacationed from April 12 to 28. The weather is great: sun, heat and no clouds in the sky. The sea is awesome, children love it.

Svetlana: “Water in the sea is warm, and even a little hot. And in the afternoon and is better not to swim, as it does not refresh, but only increases the heat. The sun shines mercilessly.

The resort t air t water
Nha Trang +31°С +27°С
Phu Quoc +32°С +30°С
Mui Ne +33°С +28°С
Da Nang +30°С +25°С
Hoi An +30°С +25°С
Hanoi +31°С

What the weather in Vietnam in April

Resorts in Vietnam

In April you can choose any destination in Vietnam and do not fear natural disasters. Typhoons are rare at this time. In all provinces there is a comfortable weather, allowing to enjoy all the charms of Asia. Let us take a closer look at the most famous resorts.

Halong and Haiphong


If you do not like the heat, we recommend choosing the northern part of the country. One of these is the resort of Haiphong. It is a small and cozy town, which will please you not only with sandy beaches, but also allow you to shop and visit excursions. Very rarely in the third largest city in Vietnam, the temperature reaches 36 degrees. The average daily rate is kept at +26 degrees, at night can drop to a mark of +20 degrees. The water is warm enough +23 degrees and is suitable for bathing children. Making the choice in favor of this resort town, be sure to visit for a couple of days Halong Bay.

The distance from Hai Phong to Halong is only 64 kilometers, and it can be overcome by cab or rental car. You can also venture out on a bicycle if you are ready to spend 3 hours. April is considered the most ideal month for swimming. There is almost no rain in the first half of the month, and you can see a little haze until the afternoon. The unreal beauty of this place will amaze your imagination and allow you to enjoy a paradisiacal holiday without the crowds. And at night you can party at a fiery disco.

Da Nang and Hoi An

Da Nang

Da Nang (Photo © motta-producoes / One of Vietnam’s largest ports, Da Nang is located in the heart of the country on the Pacific Ocean. It is world-famous for its gorgeous golden sandy beach, China Beach. This corner gathers surfers and kite surfers from all over the world for an active pastime. Da Nang is a modern resort equipped with excellent five-star hotels, dive clubs and a large amusement park.

The weather in April here can’t be called very hot. The average daytime temperature is 29 degrees and the nighttime temperature is +25°. But sometimes there are hot days and the thermometer rises to +34 °. The sea warms up to 27 degrees. Precipitation is rare. According to tourists’ reviews, the first half of April is the hottest here.

It is impossible to get to Da Nang by direct flight. There is an alternative in the form of a connecting flight: Vietnamese airlines offer flights from Moscow to Da Nang via Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. From other regions of the country you can get here by intercity bus.

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30 kilometers from Da Nang on the banks of the river Thu Bon is a small town Hoi An, made in the Chinese style. To get here you can take a shuttle or rent a car. The climate is not much different from Da Nang. The resort is famous for its two beaches, An Bang and Cua Dai, with well-developed infrastructure and pristine waters.

The resort of Hoi An suits lovers of relaxation, here on the beach, even practicing yoga. When traveling to Hoi An, be sure to visit the ancient Japanese Bridge and enjoy a cruise on the river Thu Bon. You can move here on foot or by bicycle. This paradise place is famous for cheap fresh fruits.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang

If you choose this Vietnamese resort in April, you will not regret it. The city is a sea of entertainment, restaurants with different price points, a vibrant nightlife and a lot of attractions. The youth resort is known for its noisy nightclubs and the opportunity to truly enjoy a beach holiday. Nha Trang is an ideal place for surfers. Nha Trang is the most popular resort in Vietnam. In addition, it is the only place where you can get to without additional transfers and flights. Cam Ranh Airport is only 35 km from the city. April is considered a golden mean: the coolness of winter months has receded, but the heat of May has not yet replaced it.

The weather in Nha Trang in April is very stable. It is the driest and sunniest month of the year, the rainfall does not exceed 22mm. Big waves on the sea, characteristic of the winter period, in the middle of spring is a rarity, so the water on the beaches is cleaner and more comfortable to swim.

Despite the stable dry weather, the temperature varies a lot from year to year. In 2021, the daytime air temperature for the whole month was at +30 °. A year earlier, the beginning of April was relatively cool. The daytime temperature did not rise above +27 ° and only in the second half of the month the temperature was close to +30 °.

The water temperature can also vary from year to year. In early April last year, the sea was surprisingly warm +28.5 °, and in the middle of the month warmed up to +30 °. But in 2021, in the first half of the month the sea temperature was + 25.5 … 26 °, and in late April +28 °.

According to feedback from tourists who regularly vacation in Pattaya, in years when the April weather is colder, to rest at the resort is not at all worse, and even vice versa. And if this year you meet in Nha Trang in a cool April, consider yourself lucky, it will not be so hot. And it’s better to come here in March April, when the heat is just beginning to dig in.

Phan Thiet and Mui Ne

Mui Ne

These small beach villages washed by the South China Sea, will suit those who like a quiet holiday. April is ideal for traveling here with children: the number of dry days is about 27, which will not spoil your vacation rainy weather. There is a slight breeze on the beaches, which helps you better endure the heat.

According to tourists’ reviews, the weather in April at the Vietnamese resort is quite hot and the sun is scorching in the daytime. Stable +34 ° can be established in March and April. And during the month it often jumps up to +36 °. At night the air is cooled only to 24 … 26 ° C and you can’t do without air conditioner in the room.

To Vietnam by yourself: how much does it cost?

The beaches in Mui Ne are not as equipped as those in Nha Trang, for example, and not everywhere you can find a convenient shoreline and a water entrance. But democratic prices, an abundance of seafood and a relaxed atmosphere will allow you to relax and take a break from the bustle of the city.

There is no way to get to these villages by air, so you have to fly to Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang, which are served by flights from major Russian cities.


Another name for this city is “Vietnamese Riviera”. It is 128 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, so you can easily get here. You can take an intercity bus or a cab from the airport. And around Vungtau, the best way to get around is by bicycle.

In April it’s quite hot here: the daytime temperature reaches 29 degrees, and the sea water will please you with 26 degrees. You can swim on well-known beaches: Shelkovichniy, Prednemniy and Zadnemniy. Some of them have a shady recreation area, where you can hide from the heat of the day.

A wide variety of attractions and a huge number of Buddhist temples will allow you to enjoy not only a beach holiday, but also to arrange a cultural and educational program.

On the beach and markets in April you can always buy fresh fruit at reasonable prices.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc (Photo © arvydas-arnasius / The paradise spot in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand is called Phu Quoc. The island is located 15 kilometers south of the coast of Cambodia and is the largest in Vietnam. Wild jungle, coupled with well-developed infrastructure – the main differences of this bounty-island.

You can get here cheaper from Domodedovo Airport by “Vietnam Airlines” with a connection in Ho Chi Minh City. A flight from Sheremetyevo to Hanoi will cost twice as much. If you are already in Vietnam you can take a ferry.

The weather in April here is quite hot. Maximum daytime temperature in Phu Quoc is 34 ° C, at night it drops to 24 ° C. A small amount of precipitation is unlikely to spoil your vacation in both the first and half of this month. The water during this period warms up to 29 ° C.

Beautiful nature, combined with quality massage and an abundance of choice of seafood will leave warm memories of a vacation on this island.

Precipitation and hurricanes

A trip to Vietnam in April 2022 is not a bad idea! There is dry weather throughout the country. Except for the far north, mountainous areas, Hanoi and Phu Quoc Island, rainfall is unlikely. Beginning in the second half of April, the wet season begins in the provinces that border China. However, don’t expect monsoon showers and violent storms!

BeautyHealth: “April is considered one of the best months in Vietnam, when it is dry and sunny outside and the sea is warm and calm. The sun is very active here, and spf 30 protection is not enough. Need a minimum of spf 50-80.

Holiday reviews

Olga was resting in Nha Trang. The weather was hot, in the evenings going down from 31 to 24 degrees. It was very nice and no wind. During the week stay there was not a single rainfall.

Vladimir vacationed with his wife on Phu Quoc Island. He chose this resort because the average temperature is always around 36 degrees. I was afraid of the rainy season. As a result, only on the day of arrival was a downpour, the other days the weather was sunny and clear. Temperature about 40 degrees. The sea is like fresh milk. Recommended to take with itself a sunscreen, otherwise it is impossible.

How to dress for the weather

From the cold Russian spring you come to the real summer! There is no need to take a lot of warm clothes, you will not need them. Swimsuits, trunks, shorts, summer shirts and sundresses are topical in April in Vietnam. The evenings are warm. It’s a pleasure to walk by the sea!

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Irina Golovach: “Travel to Vietnam in April, it is better to travel light: the sun is strong and hot. Things just take a lot of just do not. I recommend to take: a couple of sets of shorts, closed clothes for visiting temples, comfortable shoes, headgear.

What to do?

Resort areas are just for beach lovers, and for active people – the sea of opportunities for water sports. Lovers of wildlife will get a chance to explore the unique jungle, and supporters of colorful spectacles will be able to visit the celebrations and festivities, traditionally celebrated every year in this month.

Beach Vacation

In April there are no strong winds, which makes the sea impeccably clean and clear, and this allows you to fully see all the beauty and diversity of the underwater world. All the beaches of the country are a sandy coast, where tourists from many countries of the world comfortably rest.

Beach vacation in April is best planned in the following places :

  • China Beach;
  • Lang Co in Hue;
  • Cua Da and An Bang.

These beaches are located in the central part of Vietnam. At this time there are not many people, compared to the “high” season, so the vacation will be very comfortable.

Active Recreation

  • In Halong, tourists can go scuba diving. Caves and grottos will be a paradise for all fans of this sport.
  • In Nha Trang and a lot of entertainment: snorkeling, trips on yachts and jet skis. Prices for these services are quite democratic: jet ski rental will cost an average of $ 150 per day, boats with a skipper from $ 300, diving from $ 63 for two dives, snorkeling more budget entertainment – from $ 25.
  • Fans of surfing are a little less lucky – for this holiday is better suited to the winter months. But the changeable weather can please and allow a couple of days to ride somewhere in Mui Ne or Vung Tau. Rent a surf is from $ 20.

With children

Those tourists who come on vacation with children, it is best to go to the resorts located in the southern part of Vietnam. This category of tourists is especially attracted to the island of Hon Che, which is located Vinpearl hotels, where the eponymous water park, with playgrounds, rides and a huge area.

Also for family vacations would be Phu Quoc island and the resort of Phan Thiet, Mui Ne.


Excursions in Vietnam

Excursions In April, you can sign up for the following excursions:

  • A familiarization trip around Da Nang ($50);
  • Trip to Halong Bay (tour for 2 days will cost at least 250 dollars, discounts for children);
  • Visit the rice paddies ($ 40).

A trip to the country will allow you to see many amazing places of ancient Asia. There are sites that tell about the life of the first settlements. Tourists will be able to visit Buddhist temples and royal palaces.

In April, the local population has a holiday called Hung King Memorial Day. On this day, there are colorful processions and fireworks. Also in April, the “Festival in the Clouds” is organized. Many visitors flock to see the fun and interesting competitions of trained elephants.


Holidays in Vietnam in April

Vungtau is considered the most popular family resort. It is considered the second most popular resort after Nha Trang. However, there is no rough nightlife here. Luxurious beaches, hotels for all tastes and wallets.

Air temperature during the day Water temperature
April 36.2°C 29.5°C

When to visit Hanoi, Halong Bay and North Vietnam

Halong Bay in Vietnam

The North of Vietnam offers picturesque Hanoi with its many historical sights, the famous Halong Bay with 3,000 islands, one of the main symbols of the country, beautiful nature parks and scenic hiking trails.

New Year - 2023 in Vietnam: Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

The best time to visit northern Vietnam is from April to June and October to November. This dry, warm and comfortable time for recreation.

At 320 km northwest of Hanoi are the rice terraces of Sapa. This is a great place to go during the rainy season from May to September: rice loves water, and the emerald plantations look fantastic in summer.

In September and October, Sapa is also very beautiful, with many travelers preferring to take pictures of the golden rice terraces.

In winter in the north of the country is quite cool, and the temperature can drop to +5 ºC. From July to September in and around Hanoi there is an incredible heat of +28-35 ºC and it gets very hot because of the rain.

Cheap Tickets to Hanoi

Choose a nice hotel in Hanoi

Hotel Prices

The cost of the tour depends on the class of the hotel and the number of days of stay. The airport of departure is of great importance. We recommend renting accommodation on secure sites:

  • – the world’s leading hotel rental service
  • – compare prices on hotels in 70 booking agencies

If you choose your own holiday destination will cost from 40,000rub . per person, accommodation for a couple from $ 16 per day . In April the price of double room hotel 2 * for 10 days (including flight from Moscow to Nha Trang) will be from 50 000 rub. 4 * hotel with a flight and all meals “all inclusive” will cost from 110000 rubles . For a family of 3, a trip to the store for groceries will cost from 10 $.

Vietnam in April

Vietnam is a country where the quality of the holiday is determined by the season. Travelling in April will be the most correct decision, because in all provinces of the country the weather is beautiful. In spring the northern regions of Vietnam are wrapped with long-awaited warmth, and in the south it is already hot in summer, the rains are more frequent, but do not create noticeable discomfort.

April weather in Vietnam

The middle of the calendar spring is considered to be a boundary period, which ends the dry season. In fact, in May the monsoons will come from the sea, and the rainfall will increase. In the meantime, tourists can bask on the sandy beaches, enjoying the warm sea, sightseeing, getting out on trips.

It is in April, you can choose any route to travel without fear of any natural disasters. The dry season continues in the provinces of Northern Vietnam. Only in a few of them, bordering China, the wet season begins in the middle of the month. In Central Vietnam, April is the driest month. Rainfall is no more than 50 mm and temperatures do not drop below 25. In the upland areas, for example, in the resort of Bana, it is a little cooler than on the coast. In the southern regions of the country the dry season will last almost until mid-May.

Weather peculiarities by regions

April is an ideal month for a vacation in any province of Vietnam. The northern regions are traditionally a little colder than the southern regions. However, air and water temperatures are not very different:

  • In Ho Chi Minh City the temperature reaches +28 during the day and rarely drops below +22 in the evening, it rains no more than 5-6 times during the month.

The cheapest way to get around Ho Chi Minh City is Uber. The fare is about $0.25/km, you can pay by cash or card.

  • The temperature in Halong Bay is about +26 during the day, +20 in the evening. Until lunch, there is light fog over the waters of the bay, but it does not rain suddenly in April.
Seasons in Nha Trang: weather by month and temperature. When is the best time to go?

Halong Bay is considered one of the new wonders of the world, which fascinates its grottoes and caves. It joins more than 3,000 islands, and its area is almost 1,500 km2.

  • Mountain town Sapa welcomes tourists with temperatures no higher than +23, and at night it can drop to +15. Therefore vacationers in this region should better bring pants and jackets. It would also be nice to have a raincoat or umbrella, because in April it rains for almost 15 days.
  • The central areas have a drier climate. However, there is no exhausting heat and stuffiness, and the ratio of humidity to temperature is ideal. In Hoi An, Da Nang, the temperature during the daytime does not rise above +30, evening and night remain a comfortable +24.
  • In the southern provinces, the rainy season begins at the same time as in the northern provinces. That’s why in April there is a real rush. The temperature difference in Nha Trang, Mui Ne ranges from +22 to +30.

Holiday options in April in Vietnam

April tours in this exotic country bribe with its diversity. Everyone can choose the ideal type of recreation for themselves. Lovers of lazy leisure on the beach at the disposal of resorts with developed tourist infrastructure, and active tourists can do water sports, visit attractions, a variety of celebrations and festivals.

April 26-29, Da Nang hosts the Festival of Fireworks . During this enchanting show the stars of the world pyrotechnics arrange in the night sky over the river Han carnival of music and bright colors, which can be watched from the waterfront.

Beach Vacation

In April, a full beach holiday is possible in any region of the country. Almost everywhere the sea is warm and the water is crystal clear:

In Halong Bay, the water temperature is +23. The most comfortable for tourists is Lan Ha Bay on Catba Island. Here a measured pastime is combined with contemplation of a delightful nature.

The waters of the provinces of Middle Vietnam warm up to +27. The most popular beach in Da Nang is China Beach, but divers should go to Hoi An. The coastline offers tourists a variety of entertainment: surfing, yacht racing, parachuting.

In the south the water temperature reaches +28, in some places in the Gulf of Thailand the temperature can reach +29.


Outdoor enthusiasts should start their trip from the Monkey Island, they will be interested in a cruise on Halong Bay, which is literally dotted with caves, limestone sculptures, mesmerizing rice terraces in Sapa, coffee plantations Dalata. A trip to Vietnam without visiting the capital Hanoi would be incomplete, because the city is full of century-old pagodas, museums, imperial residences.

Festivals and national holidays

An inexhaustible source of April experiences will be the national festivals. At the end of the month, Vietnam celebrates King Hung Memorial Day. Especially spectacular are the boat processions in Phuotho province. In the Dalak region there is a competition of trained elephants. Here you can see these majestic animals tug-of-war, play soccer and participate in short-distance races.

The price of an April vacation in Vietnam

April is the high season in Vietnam and the cost of package tours, flights, and lodging rentals is a little high. Although compared to the winter months, the price of a vacation decreases significantly. The specific price of the tour depends not only on the number of days of travel, but also the class of accommodation. Keep in mind that there are few 5-star hotels in the country, and in seasonal demand for them is extremely high. Therefore, discerning tourists are advised to book a trip in advance.

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