Vietnam in February 2022. Weather and where to rest best

Rest and weather in Vietnam in February 2022, reviews of tourists, water and air temperature

At all tourist resorts in Vietnam begins to influx of tourists due to the improvement of the weather in February, especially in Nha Trang. There is a warming, especially noticeable in the north where recently there was cool weather in Vietnam not allowing beach lovers to enjoy a beach holiday. All conditions are greatly improving. Where to find cheap air tickets? The most convenient way is to look for it on the aggregator Aviasales – it compares the prices of all airlines and chooses the best one.

Water and air temperature

In the southern resorts, as in January, it is very pleasant to relax on the beaches. Lots of sunshine, and swimming is a pleasure! The water is warmest in the South China Sea on Fukuoka. Clear days on the island more than at other resorts in the country. The sun shines for up to 8 hours a day.

In February, the weather improves in the central resorts of Vietnam. The evenings become warmer, and the sea is less stormy.

But the weather in North Vietnam is still cool and overcast. It is +20°C during the day and +16°C at night. Sea water is warm up to +19 ° C, and in Halong Bay – up to +21 ° C. It’s not comfortable to swim and sunbathe, but the conditions are excellent for sightseeing.

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Dmitry: “The weather was sunny, with almost no precipitation. Of the 10 days – two overcast. The wind blew and there were big waves. After Nha Trang I went to Phu Quoc, where I spent 10 beautiful days in the sun on the beach.

Luda: “Half of the tourists in Phan Thiet are couples with children. There are a lot of children here, because the sea has small waves and there is no stifling heat in the daytime.”

The resort t air water t
Nha Trang +27°С +25°С
Phu Quoc +30°С +28°С
Mui Ne +31°С +25°С
Da Nang +25°С +22°С
Hoi An +25°С +23°С
Hanoi +20°С

What the weather in Vietnam in February

Climate and weather of Vietnam in February

Vietnam has a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate, being influenced by the northeast monsoon from October through April. The monsoon brings drizzly, cool weather in February in the north and dry weather in the south. In general, temperatures are relatively warm everywhere except in Hanoi, the far north, and the Central Highlands, where it can be cold, foggy, which reduces visibility over short distances.

In February, Vietnam may be subject to typhoons (tropical cyclones of the Western Pacific) off the central-southern coast. They usually dissipate over the sea before reaching the shore, but can cause large waves, making for good surfing conditions.

Pros and cons of a Vietnamese vacation in February.


  • The heterogeneous climate by region,
  • In the north of the country can be cloudy and cold, especially in the mountainous regions,
  • The sea temperature in the northern areas is not warm enough for swimming,
  • In early February, cities are busy because of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrations,
  • Increased prices for services, hotels due to the high season.


Relatively warm winter weather,

  • no heat, which is good for sightseeing,
  • low humidity, little precipitation, but frequent fogs,
  • The possibility of beach recreation and water sports on the south-central coast, where the weather is dry and sunny,
  • the country has picturesque nature and rich cultural heritage, it celebrates New Year’s Eve in February, many festivals.
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Precipitation and Hurricanes

February in Vietnam is the month of the dry season. Rains are rare. No need to worry about monsoon storms and hurricanes! On Phu Quoc Island only 35 mm of precipitation per month. On the coast in the central part of the country, light rains are more likely in the first half of February.

IunAndrei: “The first two days in Nha Trang were fine, the sea was calm. Then the weather got worse, there was a strong wind, the sea was stormy – no swimming, and only before leaving the sea more or less calmed down. It’s probably better to go in March.

What to do in Vietnam in February

In February in Vietnam there are a lot of holidays and festivals:

  • Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan) – Vietnamese Lunar New Year, the first day of spring. It is celebrated according to the Chinese (lunar-solar) calendar, on the first day of the lunar year, which usually falls at the end of January/beginning of February and is celebrated for up to 9 days with street parades, festivals, performances.
  • Lim Festival. Held on the 13th day of the first lunar month in Bac Binh Province, 35 km from Hanoi. Famous for Quang Ho folk songs and traditional events.
  • Chua Huong Perfume Pagoda Festival. Starts on the 6th of the first lunar month at Perfume Pagoda, 70 km from Hanoi.
  • Yen Tu Pagoda Festival. Held on the 10th day of the first lunar month in Quang Ninh Province, 130 km from Hanoi.

In the north of Vietnam, including the capital Hanoi, thanks to the many festivals in February you can enjoy a festive atmosphere, in the center and the south paradises and pristine islands with white sandy beaches, clear water, warm, sunny weather (Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, Con Dao) are the best places for sunbathing and water sports (swimming, snorkeling, diving).

Popular tourist attractions in Vietnam to visit in February are the floating markets in the Mekong Delta, ancient cities with unique architecture Hue, Hoi An and Halong Bay, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to dress for the weather

In the south of Vietnam in February, the difference between day and night temperatures is 8-10 degrees. According to reviews, the evenings are chilly by the sea. Take a light sweater and windbreaker for walks! Tourists who plan to go on excursions in the mountains, we advise to stock up on warm clothes. At the end of winter it is still cold there +5 … +10 ° C.

Margarita Gutorova: “There are huge waves in Mui Ne, it is absolutely impossible to swim. Just go into the water, and it knocks you down. Squall wind from the sea constantly, since morning. I wanted to dress warmer.

Holidays and festivals

February 2022 will be remembered by travelers with a rich and varied holiday. The month is rich with holiday events. Therefore, those who want to be in the thick of it and get acquainted with the national colors and traditions, it is best to go to Vietnam in February.

The main event is the Chinese or Oriental New Year. It is celebrated and in Mui Ne in February, and in other resorts, but always – on different numbers. In addition, there are a lot of national festivals and festivities. You can catch celebrations such as the paper lantern festival, the celebration of the first full moon of the new lunar year, wrestling festivals, fragrant pagoda at Huong Temple and much more.

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The fruits at this time in Vietnam you can try the classic coconut, mango and pineapple, as well as jackfruit, dragon’s eye, litchi, rambutan, papaya and other exotic delicacies.

Beach Vacation

Vietnam in February: weather

Beach vacations in Vietnam Many tourists visit Vietnam in February to relax on the spacious beaches and bathe in the gentle sea. The best place for such entertainment is considered Phu Quoc. The island is always crowded in February.

In Phan Thiet, Vung Tau and Nha Trang, the sun is very rare. The water in the sea is also a little cooler (no more than +25). Here there are high waves, which is especially attractive to people who surf.

  • Resorts, located on the east coast, also have a comfortable beach pastime.
  • In Da Nang the water gets warm to a maximum of +24 C.
  • In the northern regions a vacation on the coast will not work, the sea is quite cold, a maximum of +21.

Phan Thiet and Mui Ne

Photos of Phan Thiet

You can get to these regions of the country by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Many people here speak Russian, there are excellent conditions for various water sports. The main disadvantage of both resorts is their remoteness from the international airport.

  • In Phan Thiet and its suburb Mui Ne attract fans of surfing and fans of a vibrant nightlife.
  • In Phan Thiet is something to do and lovers of active leisure. The resort and its surroundings have natural sites and architectural sights.
  • If you want, you can spend your free time exploring the local beaches. They differ significantly from each other. The closest to the center of the resort is Doi Duong. On this section of the coast, locals love to relax.
  • Suoi Nuoc is an ideal place for kitesurfing and windsurfing, as there are always waves. Hon Rom is interesting with its bamboo bungalows and century-old coconut palms. Ke Ga attracts tourists with its ancient lighthouse and is a place for extreme romance.
  • Surfing and wakeboarding are popular on Fanyet. On the coast work school kitesurfing and windsurfing (for a single lesson with an experienced instructor will have to pay about 4000 rubles).
  • Riding sandboards and quad bikes is organized on the Red and White dunes. Once in this part of southern Vietnam, you can allocate time to explore the Fairy Creek, Lotus Lake, Red Canyon.

On average, a night in a double room with breakfast in these resorts of the country is 2800-3200 rubles.

Cuisine and seasonal fruits

Resting in this Asian country, it is definitely worth trying the dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. It is famous primarily for seafood: crabs, lobsters, shrimp, oysters . You can even try the shark soup. All these seafood is not stored frozen, and cooked immediately after catching.

Rice is usually served as a side dish. Vietnamese chefs create all kinds of sauces that contain exotic ingredients and spices. At the same time, the prices of the food are very low. Astronomical delight in Vietnam is guaranteed!

Southeast Asia is a major supplier of fruit to Russia. So, coming to stay in Vietnam, it would be a mistake not to try succulent delicacies, which in our stores are much more expensive than in the place of harvesting.

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In February you can try:

  • bananas
  • grapes
  • oranges
  • tangerines
  • pineapples
  • watermelons
  • coconuts
  • melons
  • lime

You can also buy fruits such as pitahaya, longan, papaya, sapodilla, durian, and koimito.

Synopsis. The official currency in the country is the dong, but the American dollar is ubiquitous. The banknotes in the country are made of thin plastic to protect them from rain and moisture.

Nha Trang

Photos of Nha Trang

Nha Trang In February, guests at this resort are waiting for a diverse and rich vacation. Among the distinctive features of Nha Trang note a lot of opportunities for entertainment, excellent infrastructure.

  • a large number of vacationers;
  • the lack of private beaches.

You can go on vacation with the whole family.

Rest on the beach

Vacationers at the city beach Chang Phu can settle on the sand or rent a deck chair (for about 55-60 rubles per day). Along the coast is a promenade with luxurious coconut palms, many restaurants and bars. The promenade is an ideal place for evening walks.

Not far from Nha Trang are wild beaches, where lovers of solitude prefer to relax. For example, you can sunbathe on the bounty beach Zoclet, or on the romantic Bai Zai.

Nha Trang is a major resort town. It has an excellent infrastructure, so this Vietnamese resort tour operators recommend for holidays with children.

At the service of holidaymakers:

  • warm clean sea;
  • beautiful and safe beaches;
  • pharmacies;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • playgrounds for children;
  • stores with exotic fruits.

Dream Beach is equipped with play areas and a children’s pool with several slides. Hotel complex for recreation with children is better to choose away from the central promenade, as in the first line of the sea is quite crowded and noisy.

The main children’s entertainment in Nha Trang is Vinpearl Land. The cost of admission tickets is about 2000 rubles.

You can stay at the following resort hotels:

  • Sentosa Hotel Nha Trang (cost of daily accommodation from 1,300 rubles for two people);
  • Hanoi Golden Hotel (overnight costs from 1400 rubles for two guests, breakfast included);
  • Marle Leaf Hotel and Apartments (daily accommodation for two with breakfast will cost 1450 rubles);
  • Lucky Stay Hotel (from 1500 rubles, breakfast included).


Photos of Phan Rang

Phanrang From Nha Trang to the resort go by bus (travel time is three hours) and train (travel time is two hours).

Among the main advantages of this region of Vietnam note the beautiful nature and beautiful beaches.

Phan Rang is an industrial port city in the southern part of the country. Many hotel complexes are located near the central beach of Ninh Chu. It is on this stretch of the beach are stores, cafes, and restaurants. In the hotels for guests are open items to rent special equipment for kitesurfing, snorkeling.

The promenade, passing near the promenade of Ninh Chu, separates the area of the beach from the many tourist and grocery stores.

Prices in the hotels located on the shore range from 680 to 3800 rubles (double occupancy).

Entertainment and excursions

Vietnam is a country that is full of interesting sights. Experienced tourists recommend to decide which of them there is a desire to get acquainted with and follow the plan. Someone is interested in resting on the coast, and someone wants to visit the capital or visit the islands. Shopping, diving, surfing, excursions to holy places – all this is available to tourists who came to Vietnam.

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Vietnam in February: weather

Attractions in Vietnam

Phu Quoc

If you want to go scuba diving and laze on the beach, you should choose Phu Quoc or Con Dao Island. Those who are not interested in diving can visit Bong Nguyen Island. One way to get there is a mini-trip by boat (starting point Nha Trang).

Nha Trang

  • Of particular interest here is the Tri Nguyen Aquarium, which is home to more than a dozen sea creatures. Nha Trang is an ideal resort, which can be recommended for a family vacation. Tourists can recover in the spa, visit the waterfall “Ba Ho” and visit the spring “Suoi Tien”.
  • Nha Trang boasts a huge number of attractions in the form of temples and original buildings. Local restaurants and cafes offer delicious dishes, most of them are made of seafood.
  • Hong Che Island is also noteworthy. There is a huge entertainment park “Vinpearl Land”, you can reach it by cable car (the route runs over the sea).

The cost of a tour in February rises by up to 30 percent compared to the fall months . January also comes out a little cheaper. A budget tour for two people for seven days in a three-star hotel will cost about 120-140 thousand rubles.

Tours and packages

You can see the prices on the site of Travelata and buy tours online. The cost of the tour includes: airfare, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation and meals at the hotel and medical insurance.

More elite four-star and five-star hotels will cost from 150 thousand for two people. At the same time, you can only count on breakfasts. All-inclusive meals are not common in Asian countries.

Prices vary depending on the choice of the resort. The most expensive is Nha Trang. Less than 65 thousand per person hardly get to pick up the tour. Fukuok a little cheaper, prices from 60 thousand rubles. And the most budgetary is considered Phanthet (Mui Ne), where you can relax even for 50 thousand.

Weather and Climate in Vietnam in February 2022: where to relax, whether it rains.

Are you sent on vacation in February? No problem, even in the last month of winter you can rest on the sea and do it much cheaper than in summer, and the quality of the rest will be several times better! Do not believe me? Let’s see what the weather in Vietnam is expected in February 2022, what the water temperature will be and whether you should come to local resorts such as Nha Trang or Phu Quoc.

Weather in Vietnam in February 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

If you want an unequivocal answer, here it is: coming to Vietnam in February is worth it. This month is considered one of the driest in the region. There is almost no rain, strong winds also paused, the sun shines for days on end, and the sea is calm and warm. What else do you need for a vacation? You need to choose a resort, where you will have an unforgettable vacation.

Weather in Vietnam in February 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

To do this, to choose a resort, is not very difficult. Take, for example, Da Nang. Here everything is fine, but it rains more than in other regions of the country. During February there may be 5-7 rainy days and the amount of precipitation for the month exceeds 80 millimeters. The sun does not shine as often as one would wish because of the frequent rains, so the daytime temperatures are not always high and often the thermometers stop at +23 +25 degrees. Water in the sea is also not very warm, only +22 degrees, which is cool for Vietnam.

Holidays in Mui Ne - 2022. Prices. Our review. Is it worth the trip?

Video about the top 10 places in Vietnam:

Another thing is world-famous Nha Trang. During the day there is a quite comfortable air temperature and not below 27 degrees Celsius. At dusk, the air cools a bit and becomes +21 +23. Evenings and nights at the resort are warm, so tourists are not in a hurry to disperse to their rooms, and walk until late at night. The water in the sea off the coast of Nha Trang is also warm and has a temperature of +24 +26 degrees. There are no high waves, as well as no strong winds. There is not much rain, and the amount of precipitation for the month does not exceed 35 millimeters.

Weather in Vietnam in February 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Phu Quoc Island is one of the hottest places in Vietnam in late winter. The daytime temperature easily exceeds plus 32 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to 26 degrees. At such rates of weather and the sea has a high temperature, warming up to +28 degrees. The rains do not pass this resort, although their number is not so great. During the whole month there is one rainy day, and the total rainfall of about 20 millimeters.

Phan Thiet – an even hotter resort than Phu Quoc. But it is hotter only during the day when the air can get up to +35 degrees. Otherwise, it is inferior to many resorts in the country. For example, the nights are quite cool for this region and at dusk the air plunges to +20 degrees. Because of the strong differences in the day and night temperatures the sea does not have time to warm up and stays around +23 +25 degrees Celsius. But this does not bother tourists, who rush to book hotels at the resort and start your vacation as soon as possible.

Weather in Vietnam in February 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Where to rest in Vietnam in February: beach vacation

To have a complete idea of what the weather and water temperature in the sea at the resorts of Vietnam, we offer to look at the summary table, from which you can easily understand where it is best to rest in Vietnam in February and what resort is best to choose for a beach holiday with children.

Weather in Vietnam in February 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Vietnam in February: weather and reviews of tourists

“The vacation turned out to be on five and plus. The sun was shining every day, there was no rain at all. The sea is calm and warm, bathed all without exception. The only disappointment – the high prices. But it is understandable, still this month in Nha Trang the best days for rest!

Weather in Vietnam in February 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

“It has become a tradition to come to Phu Quoc for Valentine’s Day. It’s always sunny and windless here in February. It rains little or sometimes not at all. But a lot of entertainment and excursions. We like it here madly, and we will always come here for February 14.

“I went to Vietnam for the first time. Vacation fell on February, so there was not much choice. At first I was afraid that I would spend money for nothing, but when I arrived I calmed down. It is sunny and warm. The sea is quiet and warm enough. Now I think, maybe always take a winter vacation and rest in Vietnam?

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