Vietnam in June 2022. Weather and where to stay

Rest and weather in Vietnam in June 2022, reviews of tourists, water and air temperature

Although Vietnam is a relatively small country, but it is located in different geographic latitudes. Therefore on the same day in the summer in the north of this state may experience heavy rains, and in the southern regions will come debilitating heat. June is no exception in this regard. Climatic conditions this month vary greatly from city to city. So to find out what weather awaits tourists in the first summer month, you need to consider each region separately. Where to find cheap air tickets? The most convenient way is to look at the aggregator Aviasales – it compares the prices of all airlines and chooses the best.

Water and air temperature

Despite the wet season, tourists love to come to Vietnam in June. In summer, especially in the south of the country, the weather is hot and sunny. The South China Sea is very warm, and bathing in it is a pleasure.

Even if the sky is overcast, you’ll get a great tan. The sun is very active. Try to spend time on the beach before 11 am or after 4 pm, and be sure to use a good sunscreen.

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Ivan: “Were with my wife in Phan Thiet. The resort is very suitable for people of our age. The sky is high and clear, there were almost no cloudy days. And we were frightened that in June it rains here.

Arina: “We stayed in the middle of June, we had lots of impressions. To tell the truth, the heat was good, so we spent most of the morning hours at the hotel and just kept in the shade. We stayed in the shade most of the morning hours at the hotel, although we found ourselves in the rainy season, but it did not save us from the stuffiness, especially at night. But the water +27 ° C, swam to capacity.

The resort t air water t
Nha Trang +31°С +27°С
Phu Quoc +32°С +30°С
Mui Ne +33°С +28°С
Da Nang +30°С +25°С
Hoi An +30°С +25°С
Hanoi +31°С

What the weather in Vietnam in June

Central Vietnam Weather

Central Vietnam is a traditional summer (by our standards) vacation spot for tourists. Especially popular at this time of year are the mainland beaches in the cities of Hue, Hoi An and Danag . A lot of tourists on the archipelago Ky Lao Cham . The center of Vietnam in June is much more attractive than the south – there are no heavy rains, and no exhausting heat. Although the rains are short, however, no more than 10 times a month.

In the first summer month the sea water in the region is already well warmed up. Almost to its maximum, 29-30 degrees C. Near the islands Kylao Cham sea is cooler, but the waves there are more.

Da Nang and Hoi An are also in the power of warm air in June – the temperature rises to 34 degrees C, and there were years when the mercury rose to 40. The bright and strong sun shines for up to 8 hours a day, but the proximity of the sea allows you to bear the heat calmly, if not get burned on the beaches.

Precipitation and Hurricanes

Central Vietnam still has a dry season in June. There are no prolonged downpours. According to long-term statistics, Nha Trang has only 3-4 days with precipitation. Bad weather comes briefly: the rain pours for half an hour, and then the ground and asphalt quickly dry up.

In the southern regions of Vietnam in June, the humidity is high, and it increases the feeling of heat. It rains for 24 days in Vung Tau, 19 days in Ho Chi Minh City, 14 days in Phu Quoc, and 7 days in Mui Ne.

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In early summer, tropical monsoons overtake the northern regions of the country. Hanoi receives 145 mm of rainfall and Halong Bay receives 235 mm. It rains most in the mountains. In the center of mountain tourism, the town of Sapa – 440 mm of rainfall in a month! Heavy rains wash out roads and cause landslides.

Olya Karlova: “I visited in the first half of the month, not a single gloomy day, always clear and sunny. I wish there was a bit more wind, I have to use a homemade fan”.

Weather in the north

It is believed that June for a beach holiday in the north of the country is not very comfortable – there is a lot of rainfall, and after it comes stuffiness. But in this region there are 2 provinces Kialo and Shamshon where monthly rainfall is about 120ml and where the climatic conditions on the beaches almost coincides with the central regions. True, the temperature here is a little lower: 25-29 degrees C.

As always, tourists are attracted by Hanoi . There are a lot of attractions, but in June it rains here – the rainfall reaches 250 ml. The humidity is high – up to 80 percent. The temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius, but it can be as high as 33.

In the northernmost part of the country there is less stuffiness because of the sea breezes. Popular Halong Bay, where the sea water temperature – about 28 degrees, which on clear days allows you to relax with great pleasure.

In the mountains of northern Vietnam quite popular city Sape . But in June the climatic conditions here are very peculiar. The temperature can drop to 17 degrees C and reach 90% humidity.

IMPORTANT: In June, the sun in Sape shines no more than 3 hours a day, so at this time of rest here – to your liking.

How to dress for the weather

In summer at any resort in Vietnam is hot, so take a bathing suit, light pants, breeches, shorts, t-shirts, shirts with short sleeves and summer sundresses. Holidaymakers complain that in high humidity washed clothes dry badly. There is only one solution – put several sets of beachwear in the suitcase. Learn how not to get burnt in the sun.

In June in Vietnam, it is better to have an umbrella or raincoat. A raincoat is more convenient – it’s lighter and takes less space. Keep in mind that tropical downpours are a real wall of water, from which it is better to shelter indoors. For trips to the mountains, bring a fleece and a windbreaker.

Elena Sidorova: “I advise you to take a variety of clothes, because if you go to the north, in the mountainous areas, it does not hurt windbreaker, sweatshirt. I did not bring. At first I was patient, then I had to buy.”

What to do in Vietnam in June

Despite the fact that June is the “low season” and many establishments are still closed, there is something to do in Vietnam.


When you are not on a beach vacation be sure to visit Po Nagar Towers, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake Temple, Museum of Fine Arts, take a trip to Thich Ka Phat Dai Park, take a ride on the sandy mountain in Phan Thiet and have your picture taken with a huge Buddha.

Holidays and Festivals

In June in Vietnam there are interesting festivals and holidays that tourists should pay attention to.

The first half of June in Thuathien Province is dedicated to the Nguyen Emperor Family Life Festival and the second half of the month is worth a visit to the Whale Festival. Day of the Vietnamese family – a fairly young holiday, but it is celebrated with a great scope: concerts, sports, exhibitions. Be sure to go to him if your vacation captures the end of the month.

What to bring from Vietnam?

As surprising as it may sound, the most common drugs and medicines are brought from Vietnam: “Zvezdochka”, snake ointments, balms made according to ancient recipes, Noni capsules.

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If you decide to buy any of the above, under no circumstances should you trust the flea markets and souvenir shops, buy in specialized pharmacies.

Cosmetics from Vietnam are very popular: masks, scrubs, peels, coconut oil.

The world is very valued Vietnamese silk, everyone favorite flip-flops, non and crocodile hats – the local markets you can find a variety of versions of these products.

In order to keep a piece of Vietnam in your heart and remind yourself of your trip, buy souvenirs of silk paintings, marble, handmade porcelain figurines and seedlings of Vietnamese orchids.

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet in contrast to Nha Trang has slightly worse weather conditions, but this does not stop a large flow of tourists this area. The fact that nearby are dunes, which rise above the resort, raising the hot air and do not allow the cold to descend into the lowlands. Because of this created not the most favorable conditions for recreation. As a consequence, in Phan Thiet is humid climate. The temperature at night stays at +27 degrees, rises to +32 degrees during the day.

It rains, but not so often. Traditionally they pass at night or in the evening. The largest amount of precipitation is observed at the end of June. Tourists are recommended to swim in the first half of the day, and in the second half to enjoy water activities, as the waves rise. But do not forget that each beach has its own characteristics. You may be able to find the perfect place to relax at any time of day.


What fruits we advise you to pay attention to in June:

  • Longan (dragon’s eye).Keep in mind that the pit and rind are inedible, but the flesh is easy to separate and tastes like either melon or grape. Try it and tell me what do longanans taste like to you? Available from June through August.
  • Lychee is similar to longan, only sweeter. Available in May and June.
  • Durian resembles fruit and berry yogurt, but because of its strong unpleasant odor, it has been banned from airplanes and brought into some catering establishments. It is available from May through November.
  • Pitahaya (dragon’s heart). It is essentially a type of cactus. The fruit tastes similar to strawberries. It is available year-round.
  • Papaya resembles the familiar melon and grows all over Vietnam.It does not disappear from the shelves, available year round.

Where to go on excursions

You can visit in Vietnam, not only architectural attractions, but also natural. In Halong Bay you will find funny rocks that look like different animals. There is a legend that high in the mountains lived a dragon, which turned the animals into stones.

If you want to feel the colorful atmosphere of Vietnam, visit Hanoi. City. Which combines modern skyscrapers and ancient buildings, as well as colonial architecture.

Only in June you can observe an unusual phenomenon in the air. At sunset, when the sun goes below the horizon, you can see unusual effects in the sky, similar to the northern lights. All this comes from the high humidity in the air. This view is simply fascinating, and especially will appeal to the romantic nature.

In addition to tours and walks you can visit various festivals, which the locals arrange in honor of the calendar holidays. The public holidays are considered to be:

  • June 1 – International Children’s Day;
  • June 21 – journalism day;
  • June 28 – Vietnam Family Day.

In addition to these June holidays, local oh, as well as the summer solstice day “Tet Doang Ngo”. These holidays have floating dates. You can also catch the show festival, which takes place in Hue once every two years. The celebration includes a costume parade through the streets, as well as a lavish banquet at the royal palace. So, going on vacation in June, you will definitely find something to see in Vietnam.

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Resorts in Central Vietnam

June is considered a dry month in the central part of the country. Sometimes it rains here, but they are short and bring a little coolness. The water gets up to +30 degrees and you won’t want to get out of it. The main thing to remember about safety precautions. The scorching sun is merciless, and without a hat you can get a heat stroke. You will also need sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

Kylao Cham-at this resort, there is no intense heat, as it is mitigated by a pleasant and cool sea breeze.

The resorts of Donang, Hoi An and Hue are still hot in June. During the day the sun warms up to +30 degrees and the water temperature is +29 degrees.

In contrast to the southern resorts in the central part is not so stuffy, which allows you to relax on the beach with children. The constant sea breeze is pleasantly refreshing.

You can also go to Vietnamese resorts such as Muina, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang. In these places, June is considered the last month of the dry season. The climate changes smoothly to humid, and there may be short-term downpours in the resorts. Nevertheless, the temperature remains within 32 degrees and the humidity is 69%. These are quite good weather conditions for both beach holidays and sightseeing tours.

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For a dinner at one of the popular Vietnamese restaurants you have to pay an average of about 2000 rubles. As for clothes, women’s shorts will cost about 560 rubles, and men’s – 750 rubles. The price for umbrellas and sun beds varies depending on the beach from 90 to 180 rubles.

Tours in June are significantly cheaper, for example, the cost of a trip to Vietnam, Vungtau for 14 days will cost about 60 thousand rubles, for 9 days – about 50 thousand rubles.

With children

Vacation with children in Vietnam is a great idea. If you go with the kid, be sure to take him to three places: the Monkey Island, the Puppet Theater and Vinpearl amusement park.


The most famous amusement park, both in Nha Trang and all of Vietnam:

  • Performance of magicians, musicians, dancers,
  • Mermaid Show,
  • Music Fountains,
  • Smart and funny seals, and friendly dolphins,
  • Water park and swimming pool with artificial waves.

The ticket costs about 1000 rubles per person.

Monkey Island

Located just 20 km from Nha Trang:

  • It is possible to book a tour of the islands,
  • The island is a circus performance with monkeys and dogs,

A ticket will cost you about 400 rubles.

Puppet Theater

World famous water theater is located in Hanoi on the Hoam Kiem Lake:

  • Controlling the puppets, the puppeteers stand waist-deep in water and cannot see their puppets,
  • The story is based on Vietnamese legends of dragons, the golden turtle and phoenixes.

The ticket costs about 350 rubles for children and 500 rubles for adults.

Active recreation

Nha Trang:

  • Diving,
  • Snorkeling,
  • Huge amusement park Vinpearl Land,
  • Monkey Island, various pagodas, oceanarium, not to mention simple movie theaters, karaoke, etc.

Phan Thiet/Mui Ne:

  • Surfing,
  • Kiting,
  • Windsurfing,
  • Lots of schools teaching the above.


  • Rafting,
  • Kayoning,
  • There are tennis and golf courses.


  • Diving,
  • Snorkeling,
  • Jungle tours,
  • Fishing.


  • Diving (2 dives + lunch) – $65 (3,600 rubles).
  • Snorkeling – from $ 16 (900 rubles).
  • Coyoning – $ 49 (2700 rubles).
  • Kayaking (equipment rental) – from $70 (3,900 rubles).
  • Rafting – from 62 dollars (3500 roubles).

Phu Quoc

Choosing a resort in Vietnam for a holiday in June, you should also pay attention to Phu Quoc. This is a wonderful place, which has beautiful scenery and a secluded atmosphere. At night the temperature at the resort does not drop below +28 degrees, during the day does not rise above +30 degrees. In general, there are comfortable conditions for recreation. The weather during this period is varied. There are overcast days and rainy days. However, as elsewhere in Vietnam, they pass quickly, leaving behind no puddles. The sea on Phu Quoc is warm, but because of the wind sometimes make waves, which is a plus for surfers.

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Weather in Vietnam in June 2022

June Weather in Vietnam 2022

June in Vietnam is a continuation of the May rainy season. This month alternates between heavy rainfall and hot sunshine.

Weather in Vietnam in June 2022
Resort Daytime Night Water temperature
Nha Trang +29. 33°C +25. 27°C +28°C
Da Nang +32. 34°C +25. 26°C +29°C
Phan Thiet +29. 33°C +24. 26°C +28°C
Phu Quoc +29. 32°C +27. 29°C +30°C
Vungtau +29. 32°C +25. 27°C +29°C

But the wet and sultry weather does not extend to the central and southeastern provinces. Here the weather is sunny and clear for 20 days with minimal precipitation.

The northern and southern regions are sweltering and hot, with tropical downpours and high levels of humidity. Dry and sunny days are often interspersed with brief but heavy rainfall.

But summer is summer, and many travelers do not refuse to travel to Vietnam in June. Most of them are not afraid of the weather vagaries and choose to rest in more comfortable central regions.

Interesting! In Vietnam in early June in the sky because of the high humidity you can see the stunning atmospheric phenomenon: at sunset there are colorful flashes, remotely similar to the aurora borealis. Also from the coast you can observe the effect of “doubling”: the water droplets in the air form a huge optical lens that refracts the image of the passing ship.

Vietnam in June: where is the best place to go?

June in Vietnam

Vietnam is magnificent in any weather. Even in the rainy season in this country you can find a paradise for a beach holiday and amazing places for sightseeing.

The most popular region for tourists is the center of the country and southeastern resorts.

Nha Trang in June

The advantage of this southeastern city is its location surrounded by the Annam Mountains and rice paddies. The mountain range greatly influences the climatic features of the city. At the height of the wet season, the weather here is dry and comfortable.

Temperature in Nha Trang in June
Day/Night Water temperature No. of rainy days Precipitation, mm
+29. 32°C / +25. 27°C +28°C 4 58

Weather in Nha Trang in June - Fishing boats in the bay

Fishing boats in the bay in Nha Trang

In June in Nha Trang, the climate allows you to relax on the beach and spend a lot of time on excursions. In this month, there are about 20 days of sunshine and cloudiness. Tropical showers are infrequent and short-lived. Frequent clouds from the sea bring a slightly refreshing sea breeze.

Phan Thiet in June

This resort locality is characterized by a mild climate and comfortable weather year-round. A great influence on the peculiarity of the region have red and white dunes. Rising above the resort town and heated by the sun, they raise the hot air and form a protection from monsoon winds.

June Weather in Phan Thiet - Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Phan Thiet

The wet season in Phan Thiet begins in June. Rainfall here is periodic and not regular, appearing more at night or in the morning. Tropical showers gain strength at the end of June. There is a constancy in the temperature of the air and water in the city. Weather deviations are not significant and do not affect the general weather character.

Tourists are advised. The best time to swim in Phan Thiet is before lunch. In the morning and before noon the sea is calm, after waves rise. This fact attracts fans of water extreme from all over the world. All along the coastline of the resort there are schools for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Phu Quoc in June

Vietnam’s largest island, Phu Quoc is considered the pearl of the country, a secluded tropical oasis. It attracts tourists strip of white sandy beaches, the unique beauty of nature and peaceful atmosphere.

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Temperature in Fukuoka in June
Day/Night Water temperature No. of rainy days Precipitation, mm
+29. 31°C / +27. 29°C +30°C 14 255

Phu Quoc June Weather - White Beach

Snow-white beach in Fukuoka

Tropical showers on the island begin in May and last until fall. It rains frequently but briefly in June. Overcast days alternate with warm and sunny ones. Of all the regions of the country in Fukuoka, the rainy season is the shortest.

The water in the sea is always warm. Sometimes there is a gusty wind, raising strong waves. The humidity is kept at 85%. The night and day temperature is usually the same, ranging from 28 to 30 degrees.

Where best to vacation with a child?

The sea in all resorts of Vietnam is surprisingly clean, very warm and has a gentle descent. These circumstances are an important advantage for a vacation with children. To travel in Vietnam with a child should also focus on the cities located in the bays. Closed on one side, they do not have big waves and strong winds.

Vacation with kids, Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake

When choosing a particular city, you should give preference to one that has amusement parks, children’s recreational facilities and animal kennels. Little tourists will get a lot of impressions from these attractions. For example:

  1. In Nha Trang there is a terrific amusement park Vinpearl Land for children. This place will be interesting for adults as well. Here guests are offered a water slide with a sandy beach, oceanarium with a variety of exotic creatures, dizzying attractions, 4D movie theater, etc. In the evening, visitors are shown a fountain show.
  2. Despite the fact that Phan Thiet is a small resort village, children will be interesting here. Entertainment complex with hot springs, crocodile nursery, ostrich farm, red canyon, schools for teaching windsurfing – this and much more parents and their children will enjoy. The sand dunes are worth it! For the little ones it’s a place to build castles, for the older ones it’s a field for quad bikes and sled races.
  3. Although Fukuok Island is remote from the mainland, but little tourists will not be bored here. Children will enjoy the dog races in the ridgeback kennel, walks in the protected park, hiking in the jungle, a tour of the pearl farm.

Vacation with kids, Vinpearl Land Park

Vinpearl Land Park.

Tip. Even in the rainy season, Vietnam is hot during the day, so excursions and activities are convenient to organize in the evening.

Is it worth to go to Vietnam in summer?

The climate in Vietnam is variable, and the humidity is very high. But even this circumstance can’t be a barrier to buy a June tour to Vietnam. If you do not want to walk in wet clothes, choose the central regions for a vacation.

But even in the rainy season in Vietnam, there are dry areas, where a week or ten days of vacation you can not get wet. This is the south of the country, where it rains in the evening or at night. But it is better not to go here for those who can not tolerate high temperatures.

The advantages of a trip to Vietnam in June:

  • low flow of tourists, entailing discounts in hotels, low prices for tours and airline tickets, free beaches;
  • June – not the wettest month of the rainy season;
  • warm and calm waters will be pleasant for a beach holiday;
  • due to not strong insolation, the risk of burns is small;
  • surfers will find a place to rest, where you can “catch a wave”.

Beware! In June, many resorts in Vietnam in coastal waters inhabited by red jellyfish. Their touch is dangerous, may cause burns and allergic reactions.

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