Vietnam in March 2022. Weather and where to go to rest

Vietnam in March: weather, sea and reviews of tourists

It would seem that the calendar says March and winter is over, but outside the window is still white and cold. How to approach the spring, and even better the hot summer? Very easy: go to sunny resorts such as Da Nang, Phu Quoc or Nha Trang. After all, the weather in Vietnam in March 2022 is just perfect for a beach holiday. And the temperature of the sea is such that you do not want to go to the shore and will bathe for hours on end. Let’s find out if Vietnam in early spring is as good as tourists say it is.

Weather in Vietnam in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go

According to weather statistics, in March the weather is dry all over the country. There is little rain and in some places there is none. The hottest temperatures are recorded in the southern regions, and in the north a little cooler. Where to go and what resort to choose in Vietnam in March: about this and more read below.

Weather in Vietnam in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go

Let’s start with the most famous and popular resort of the country – Nha Trang. In spring it’s sunny and hot. During the day the air can easily get up to +35 degrees, and then go out in the sun should wear a hat and preapply protective cream on the skin. On average, the air temperature is about +28 during the day and +22 at night. The sea near the coast of the resort is warm and calm. The water temperature reaches 26 degrees and you can swim with both children and adults. It rains, but rarely. Usually for the whole month there are 4-5 showers, which pour up to 50 millimeters of precipitation. In Nha Trang a lot of attractions: beaches, attractions, parks, tours and attractions. Recreation here is diverse, so the resort is so popular with tourists of all ages.

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Phu Quoc Island is another famous resort in Vietnam. It can easily compete with Nha Trang for the number of tourists arriving in a year. Even those who stay at other resorts, be sure to come to the island on a tour. In March, the island is very hot. On a typical day, the temperature rises to +32 degrees, and several times during the month it can rise to +38 heat. Because of the hot days and short nights, the air does not have time to cool off much at night. After sunset you should not expect freshness, and in general the minimum temperature at night is not below +25 degrees. Therefore it is possible to sleep in the room only with air conditioning. Otherwise you will be tortured by heat. It rains more here than on the mainland of Vietnam, and it may be up to three rainy days. In a month, falls 40 millimeters of precipitation. But the sea off the coast of the island is very warm, and the water temperature reaches thirty degrees. This attracts tourists who love the heat and love the warm sea.

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Weather in Vietnam in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go

Da Nang is not the most popular and famous resort in the country, and in March there are fewer tourists. It’s all about the temperature of the sea and the rain. According to statistics, there are 6 rainy days in a month. And the amount of rainfall is more than 90 millimeters. Because of the frequent rains, there’s very little sunshine. Therefore, the air during the day does not have time to warm up and somehow reaches +25 degrees. And then everything is as follows: no sun, no heat, no warm water in the sea. And indeed, the sea near Da Nang is about +23 degrees.

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Another thing is the resort of Mui Ne. There is absolutely no rain, and the sun is enough. During the day the air easily heats up to +33 degrees, and at lunchtime can reach and +40 degrees. But everything changes when night comes. After sunset the air cools down sharply and at midnight it will be only +23 degrees. Fortunately, such a difference between day and night temperature has no effect on the sea, and it stays warm during the whole month. In March, the water is heated to +26 degrees.

Where to rest in Vietnam in March

There are enough resorts in Vietnam, so tourists have a choice where to vacation. But it is important not to make a mistake and choose the right place for a vacation. Take a look at the table to see for yourself where and what the weather is in the country in early spring.

Weather in Vietnam in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go

Tourist reviews about the weather in Vietnam in March

“We vacationed in Nha Trang from March 12 to 28. Weather just super, all the time the sun shone. The sea is calm, the water is warm. There is a lot of entertainment and every day is full of adventures. Just take more money, you will definitely need it.”

“Arrived in Phu Quoc on March 8. The island greeted with sunshine and warmth. All two weeks was clear weather, only a couple of times it started raining. Especially liked to do scuba diving. There is no wind, the sea is calm and the water is transparent. All it is visible and it is possible to enjoy an underwater kind. At the expense of the prices all write correctly, they are high. But such rest is worth the money.

Where better to go in March in Vietnam

Photos of Vietnam in March

Where to go

Where best to go in March in Vietnam, largely depends on personal preferences of the tourist. To date, it is slightly inferior in popularity to Thailand. However, there are a lot of interesting places. Many travelers rush to Vietnam in March after a long and cold Russian winter.

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Which part of Vietnam to choose

If you look at the map, you will notice that Vietnam stretches along the eastern side of the Indochina peninsula. This is why the climate in its southern and northern parts may differ dramatically. In the spring the most suitable for recreation is the south of Vietnam. It is ideal for a comfortable beach holiday. According to reviews, the resorts of the state is divided into densely populated and less popular. March climate increases the number of tourists, both there and there.

The main advantages of rest in Vietnam in March include a mild climate and pleasant prices. Therefore tourists coming here during this period, can save a lot. The quality of rest does not affect it.

Weather conditions in March

Vietnam Weather

In March the influx of tourists in Vietnam is not pronounced. Despite this, the rest of this period can be quite comfortable. You can go both to the north and south of the country. But the northern part of the country for swimming in March is not intended. But it is perfect for sightseeing. The average temperature in the northern areas is +20 ° C. In the south the water gets up to +28 ° C, which disposes to visit the beach.

In the central part of Vietnam, the temperature ranges from +26 ° C to +30 ° C. And the water in the sea during this period reaches +24 ° C. In the north of Vietnam, it often rains in drizzle, and in the southern part it stops completely.

Mui Ne

Photos of Mui Ne

Mui Ne is great for windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts. This is due to the strong winds typical of March. The temperature in this month ranges from +28 ° C to +30 ° C. The water is already warm enough. Because of the dirty coast, the resort is not suitable for family holidays. The coastline is filled with a lot of barnacles and algae.

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Da Nang

Photo of Da Nang

Those who want to see the sights and bask in the sun head to Da Nang. The beaches of this resort top the list of the most sought after all over the world. Among the most important attractions of Danang are the cave temples. The colorful villages and marble mountains are no less popular with tourists.


Photo of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is one of the hottest resorts in Vietnam. In March the air temperature here reaches a mark of +35 ° C. Since the resort does not abound in attractions, people come here for a beach holiday. The undeniable advantage of the beach is a clean coastline. Because of the underdeveloped infrastructure of tourists in Fukuoka not a lot. But it provides a unique opportunity to be alone with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Phan Thiet

Photo of Phan Thiet

For supporters of water sports the most relevant to a visit will be Phan Thiet. In March it gets very warm here, the water warms up to the right temperature. The resort is only 20 kilometers from Mui Ne, so they are often confused.

Nha Trang

Photo of Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam. The weather in March here becomes steadily warm. A lot of green vegetation appears, and the air temperature reaches the mark of +25 ° C. One of the advantages of Nha Trang is the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature at an affordable price. The beaches of the resort are long and wide. There is no shortage of space here.

For tourists in Nha Trang provides a lot of excursions. Lovers of nightlife Nha Trang will not suit. The fact that the entertainment facilities are presented here in a single instance.

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