Vietnam in May 2022. Weather and where to rest

Weather in Vietnam in May 2022

Weather in Vietnam in May 2022

We will tell you all about what the weather in Vietnam in May, and help you choose a resort to your liking.

  • What are the water and air temperatures in Vietnam in May?
  • Which resort to choose?
  • What are the prices for recreation at this time?
  • Is it worth to go on vacation to Vietnamese resorts in May?

What is the weather like at Vietnamese resorts?

The month of May is the beginning of the rainy season.

But do not get upset, because the rains come in the evening or at night and the days are pleasant with sunny weather and the opportunity to bask in the hot rays of tropical sun.

10 days (133.4 mm)

  • The northern part of the country enjoys a comfortable stay during the first half of May. Excellent hot weather, but still it does not do without rain, there they alternate a few rainy days with sunny.
  • As for the Central Vietnam, in May in the area is sunny and hot, the peak season is the so-called “drought. Precipitation is very rare and if it does it’s only 50-100mm. The end of May is full of very hot days.
  • South Vietnam is famous for the beginning of the wet season in May. There is a lot of rainfall and incredible humidity. Seaside resorts at this time maintain sunny weather and clear skies, but in the evenings there may be brief rains.

Vietnam in May: where best to go?

Choosing “your” heavenly place it is necessary to understand what you want from recreation.

After all, if you believe the guidebooks, Vietnam is described as follows: snow-white clean beaches, crystal clear water and wild jungle. But in fact it is a little different, because the white sand is not all resorts, and it needs to find the jungle is also not close, sometimes you have to travel to them, and not one hour.

Vietnam in May - Banzeuc Waterfall

Banzeuk Waterfall

As in any country, holidays in Vietnam can be divided into three types: resorts with the best beaches, recreation with children and recreation for lovers of nightlife.

Nha Trang in May

Nha Trang is located on the shores of the most beautiful bay in all of Vietnam. The resort is very large and incredibly diverse. In this place you can find recreation and expensive hotels, and cheap, but clean, gestas. An incredibly large number of good restaurants with seafood, where you can try a dish with all kinds of sea creatures, such as lobster of enormous size will cost no more than $ 3. Various small cafes, markets, stores, in general, for every taste.

It concentrates one of the best beaches in the country of gigantic size, clean, wide, and most importantly free. Its length is 7 km. Around it you can see islets-boats, and if the sea is not raging, you can get to them by boat. On one of these islands is an amusement park, another settled an entire horde of monkeys, the third is a farm for raising swallow’s nests.

Weather in Nha Trang in May, Po Nagar Temple Complex

Po Nagar Temple Complex

Nha Trang, Local Fishing Boats

Local fishing boats

Nha Trang, Cham Towers

Cham towers

Nha Trang, Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach

Here you can also make and cultural program and look at the impressive view of the temple complex Po Nagar, get a photo with the sitting Buddha. At the resort it is impossible to be bored, you will definitely find something to be interesting.

Fukuok in May

Phu Quoc is located in the southernmost part of Vietnam. This place is more for family vacations rather than for fans of nightlife, there are no clubs at all. This island is the size of Singapore, and the main attractions are considered black pepper plantations, a pearl farm, and a fish sauce factory. There is also an attraction not for the faint-hearted – Fukuoka Prison.

The most active entertainment on the island is diving, which, by the way, the cheapest and best in the country, as well as in Nha Trang. And snorkeling, which you can do at small islands.

Vietnam in April 2022. Weather and where to relax

Phu Quoc weather in May, Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc, Another Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Another beach on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc, Local Traders on the Beach

Local vendors on the beach

Phu Quoc is famous for the incredible beauty of sunsets. Here you can see the sun globe sits directly into the sea abyss. It is planned that in the near future in Phu Quoc will open an international airport and finish building all the roads, so if you go for a quiet comfortable rest, you should do it now.

This place is also suitable for holidays with children. There are really good clean beaches, no noisy companies. The only drawback is the price issue compared to the continent, but given the cost of excursions, the rest is cheap. As for the sights, it is possible to get to them only by plane, which is not very convenient.

10 days (133.4 mm)

Phan Thiet in May

This is a quiet, tranquil place, which has proved ideal for a holiday with the family or with children. Clean white sand, palm trees, and what is amazing, pine trees. It has a wide beach and a very comfortable flat entrance to the sea, which is especially suitable for children. But, also, Phan Thiet is also famous for good waves, for which it is loved by surfers.

Except resting on the beach, this resort has a lot of different attractions: historical, architectural monuments, as well as interesting natural sites. Worth seeing are Ke Ga Lighthouse, which is considered the most beautiful in all of Asia, the ruins of the ancient towers of Poshanu, the Pagoda of Linh Son Chiong Tho, pink dunes, Mui Ne fishing village and Vinh Hao Thermal Spring.

Phan Thiet Weather in May, Phan Thiet Beach

Phan Thiet Beach

Phan Thiet, Dawn in Phan Thiet

Dawn in Phan Thiet

Mui Ne in May

This is an ideal place for surfers and kite surfers where the wind almost always blows perfect. Today it attracts wave-catchers from all over the world, there are concentrated at least two dozen surfing schools, and stations where you can rent the necessary equipment.

For those who go to Asia for the first time this is the best place for the first trip, because there are many Russian tourists, and the Vietnamese perfectly speak a rusty Russian and know how to cook borscht and salad “Olivier”.

Weather in Mui Ne in May, Ke Ga Lighthouse

Ke Ga Lighthouse

Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet Beach

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne, Mui Ne Beach 2

Beach Mui Ne 2

Mui Ne has preserved the atmosphere of a small cozy village. There is no bustling waterfront, there is one main street dotted with a garland of stores, hotels and spas.

Da Nang in May.

Definitely a family resort, quiet and cozy, for another couple or three years for sure. This city is in the central part of the country and is now being actively built up, and renewed, and soon will burst with active life and all sorts of entertainment. But while all this is in progress, you can enjoy the silence and solitude, the amazing nature of the place and the historical sites. Among them are the Marble Mountains, the Cham Complex of Mishon, a museum with an incredible collection of Cham sculptures and the Haiwan Pass. You can’t get enough of the solid marble mountains, the amazing beach, and the incredibly long cable car.

Da Nang weather in May, Da Nang Sea

Da Nang Sea

Da Nang, Local Fishing Vessels

Local Fishing Vessels

Da Nang, Da Nang Beach

Da Nang Beach

An important plus when vacationing in Da Nang is the presence of an airport, which greatly facilitates flights with small children. Also, the former imperial capital of Hue is only 2-3 hours away by car. But there are minuses in this resort, it is quite difficult to find good restaurants, and it is better not to eat at the local eateries.

Wung Tau in May

The active lifestyle of Vungtau is similar to Nha Trang, but a little quieter. There’s virtually no nightlife here, and the huge beaches are filled with families with children and couples. This city has a special atmosphere for romantic souls. There is a statue of Jesus Christ, very similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro. A large number of beaches, many of which are outside the city limits and open up the incredible beauty of this area.

Top 10 Best Fukuoka 3, 4, 5 Star First Line Hotels

The location of the resort is very convenient. But Vungtau is one of the oil cities of Vietnam, and on many beaches, right in the sea are installed drilling platforms. Therefore, you can not swim at all beaches.

21 days (224.1 mm)

What should you consider going to Vietnam at this time?

Vietnam is an amazing country, which will charm you with its nature, beautiful beaches, friendly people, low prices, and excellent excursions.

Therefore, Vietnam is definitely worth discovering.

The more the weather conditions and the abundance of resorts will allow you to choose exactly the one that will suit your tastes best.

Prices for holidays in Vietnam

Tour price for two

Tour price for two

Hotel room price (per day)

Prices for apartment rent (per day)

What to bring when traveling to Vietnamese resorts in May?

Before you begin to prepare things for a trip to Vietnam, you should clearly understand what part of the country you are going to visit. Vietnam is a large country, and the climate varies significantly in different parts.

  • If a trip is planned to the northern part of Vietnam, it is worth bringing warm clothes.
  • If vacation is planned in the southern part of the country, take a raincoat.

But no matter what side of the country you will rest the sun is scorching everywhere and the humidity is high.

  • Picking up your closet should pay attention to lightweight cotton fabrics, be sure to wear clothes with sleeves, even short, because the sun in Vietnam is very dangerous.
  • Be sure to take sunscreen, for children it is recommended to take the maximum protection.
  • Headgear, you can take even a few.
  • Comfortable comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to travel on excursions.
  • Means of repelling insects, as well as means after the bites. But it is recommended to buy these products in Vietnam, because our mosquito creams do not react.
  • And it is better to take medications from Russia, and do not rely on buying them in Vietnam.

Tourism is not only my job, but also my hobby. I just love to travel, so I turned my hobby into a dream job. Behind shoulders of more than 20 countries and this is not the end.

Season for holidays in Vietnam – 2022: when is the best time to go?

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Sharing: the season in Vietnam, or when it is better to go to the country of rice and dragonfruit? Not to get soaked in the Asian way and not to get a baby tan (within the norm, of course).

Update-2022: Information about attractions, resorts and weather in Vietnam is also relevant. We’ve fixed everything we need – and we’ve written a separate text about the rules of entry, which are constantly changing. In brief, Vietnam admits vaccinated Russians with a certificate and psr-test 72 hours before departure. On arrival, you must go through 3 days of isolation in the hotel and take two tests.


Beginning and End of Season in Vietnam

If you are interested in the tourist season in Vietnam, do not rush to google “when to fly? – The country is warm all year round, you can always find a place in the sun. But because the territory is stretched out, it is better to consider not Vietnam as a whole, but the individual location. When in one corner the sun is scorching, in another – the rain pours, Peter rests.

We should mention that in Vietnam, it is customary to distinguish between three climate zones:

✓ North (Hanoi, Halong, Sapa) ✓ Central part (Danang, Hue, Hoi An) ✓ South (Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc) – the most touristy

Hanoi: how to get from the airport to the center

In the south, the air and water temperatures do not vary much. The average is +28 ° C for both parameters. There are a lot of tourists all year round. The north is more contrasting by months. In winter it can be really cold (below +10 ° C in December and January). To vacation in this part of the country is better in the summer.

When choosing a resort for a vacation on the beach you should also pay attention to the presence of waves. In the south in December and January the sea warms up to +27 ° C, but for a quiet swim suitable only for Phu Quoc. Other top places at this time of year are occupied by surfers – that’s who the high season in Vietnam!

When is the best time to vacation in Vietnam? Beach season in resorts

Dalat, Vietnam

Vietnam is different for the weather, it is possible to escape from everyday life for a week or two on its beaches in almost any brother-month, but it is important to choose the right direction. Say, Phu Quoc (south) will warm the Russian winter, and Hoi An (center) is more suitable for summer tans.

So when to fly and where to go? To make it easier for you to navigate in a vinaigrette of seasons in Vietnam, we have made tips:

In the southern part.

From Tuihoa City to Ca Mau National Park (the southernmost point in the country)

In the center.

From Quang Binh province to Tuihoa


From the border with China to Quang Binh Province

Nha Trang Phu Quoc Phan Thiet and Mui Ne Hanoi
January 50/50 bathing
February 50/50 bathing
March it is possible!

Services for searching cheap tours

Do you know how long it takes to fly to Vietnam? 9 hours. The country itself is not expensive, but the tickets are expensive! It is cheaper and more convenient to visit Vietnam as a part of a tour.

We recommend services to find great deals (they work with all leading tour operators):

Find tours here – easy. For example, enter in a search of the same Phan Thiet. When best to go – you can decide by scrolling the line “price calendar. So, we got a tour in January for 10 days from Moscow for 78,000 rubles. For comparison: only airfare for two will cost 68,000 rubles minimum.

The season in Fukuok

The island of Phu Quoc – a hot tropical zone. You will not get cold here (however hard you try), it is warm – on average +30 ° C. There are three seasons, each for its own taste.

This period is the best time in Fukuoka – the perfect season for a holiday in Vietnam and the best time for excursions. The sun is not too hot (+29 ° C … +30 ° C), precipitation is minimal. But let’s face it, for such conditions you will have to pay more (hotels are raising the price tag, the flight check is also growing).

Beach recreation is as good as in the season above. It can only be overshadowed by the rains that begin in May. But among the pleasant bonuses are cheaper hotels.

Is it warm? Yes. But only a very lucky beachgoer will be lucky with the weather – long live the rainy season! Although there are exceptions, when the sky for a few days will not shed a single tear – such a roulette.

In summer and autumn, prices for travel to Phu Quoc fall significantly. So, “seasonal” value of the tour to Vietnam for two persons for 10 nights in 2022 – from 110,000 rubles. “Unseasonable” – from 88 000 rubles!

Season in Nha Trang

Vietnam Nha Trang (Sergey photo)

To the beaches of Nha Trang today / tomorrow / in six months. The resort season in both winter and summer is open, but the change of seasons is still felt.

  • Low season Start: mid-October End: mid-December
Vietnam in August 2022. Weather and where to stay

This is a period of precipitation, high winds, and rough seas. The season is not a swimming season, but surfing in Vietnamese Nha Trang will definitely succeed. And typhoons O_O occasionally occur, greatly reducing the price of recreation – in everything you have to look for the pluses. In between weather tantrums you can sunbathe, quite.

  • High Season When does the season start? January (for swimming in March) Ends: September

Rains? Nope, haven’t heard:) The best time for a sun lounger and sunscreen (except for the relatively cold January and February – temperatures can drop below +20°C). But if the budget is limited, to save money we advise to buy the tour in advance – it is called “high” for a reason.

Beach season in Vietnam dictates its conditions – a tour of 10 nights costs from 95,000 rubles. If you decide to “sacrifice” sunny days in November, you can fly in and for 65 000 rubles.

Weather in Vietnam by month

Vietnam bike rental (photo by Alex) Vietnam Dalat (photo by Maxim)

We will tell you about the weather in Vietnam by months – the best time to rest everyone will be able to determine for himself.

As you know, from December to May in Vietnam, not only the influx of tourists, but also the mango season. Where to go for vitamin C (which is so rich in juicy fruit), where is the warmest sea and hotter sun?

Vietnam in December, January and February

Is it worth rushing to Vietnam in winter: what month is better and where to go?

South (Phu Quoc). It’s hot, dry and the air temperature is around +30°C or even higher. The average water temperature is +26°C, precipitation is minimal – a kind of natural all inclusive. Is not the location for a beach holiday in Vietnam? Especially in December on New Year’s Eve.

The central part (Da Nang, Hoi An). In a word – comfortable. The air: +25 ° C, the sea is not much different. But the notion of a full vacation in the sun in winter is inappropriate here; the winds and waves do not give a quiet splash in the water

✓ North (Hanoi, Sapa). Monsoons drive the rainy season and chilly weather. The temperature is +17°C, but sometimes the temperature reaches the anomalous +30°C. The sea warms up on average also to +17 ° C. If the water in December is still favorable for a beach-vacation (+22 ° C), in January and February is clearly a bit cold (walruses do not count)

For tourists with experience Fukuok = Vietnam. The season – from November to June, year-round calm sea and heat. Most resorts in the south (Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne) in winter disappoint beachgoers. To swim without waves, sometimes you have to look for hard-to-reach locations. Which is time-consuming and expensive.

Vietnam in March, April and May

Vin Pearl Vietnam Evening Nha Trang

Vietnam in the spring will be appreciated by those who can hardly stand the heat. The air temperature does not exceed +30 ° C. And you can bathe on the whole coast of the South China Sea.

The weather in the south in March and April is dry and hot. The sea is like fresh milk. But closer to the end of spring, be prepared for showers (except Nha Trang). The central part is even more comfortable temperature, +27 ° C. But it rains regularly.

The north of Vietnam in March is a bit cold, especially for swimming. The daytime temperature is +22 ° C, and even “fresh” at night. Although in April you can splash in the sea as much as you want. And only in May – the excess of precipitation, often early in the morning or late at night (in principle, a rest is not a problem).

The best time to travel along the coast is April. It’s relatively dry, warm, and the sea allows you to swim. In spring, when it is cold in most regions of Russia, to go on a tour of hot Vietnam is the best!

Vietnam in November 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

When is the rainy season in Vietnam?

Dalat Art for 2 days

Continuing to get acquainted with the seasons in Vietnam by month, or when to expect rainfall?

Vietnam in summer (June, July, August)

Everything described below does not apply to the resort of Nha Trang The season is in full swing there!

Already somewhere in May and June the monsoons come to the country, and with them the heat (over +35 ° C) and moisture – to the question of why Vietnam in the summer associated with the rainy season.

In the south and north in July and August it rains heavily. It is hot and very stuffy. At the end of summer the water heats up to +29 ° C, and the air is even higher. Only the central part can boast a relatively dry summer climate, the air temperature +30 ° C, the sea +28 ° C. But already August spoils the picture considerably with the season of typhoons and bad weather.

Vietnam in September and October and November

If we talk about Vietnam in the fall, everything is not so straightforward. The easiest way to orient yourself is to look at the color table at the beginning of the text.

In September in the northern part of the country, the rainy season comes to an end, while in the south and center they are in full swing, and the storm – as an indispensable attribute. However, the heat stays under +30 ° C.

In October and early November in all regions the weather settles down. Except the center and Nha Trang – the rainy season is at its peak. And the last month of autumn is under the slogan “Winter is coming”: the temperature in November may drop to +16 ° C.

Our tips and advice

Vietnam (photo by Matilda)

Is it possible to save on a vacation in an Asian country, and is the rainy season in Vietnam as they say?

When is the cheapest way to travel to Vietnam?

✓ Tourist reviews and Travelate suggest that the best month in Vietnam for a cheap vacation in 2022 is September and December. See our article about countries you can go to now (we update the entry rules there). You can get a vacation for two for (only!) 65,000 rubles per week. And before the October showers you can have time to sunbathe

✓ When is the best time to go to rest in Vietnam, if the program includes excursions? It is believed that in the dry season – from January to April

Read our article about prices in Vietnam.

In case you still choose the wet season – precipitation is not a hindrance to the cultural part. The only difference: the colonial palaces will be viewed in the company of a raincoat, which, by the way, will be given for free on the spot. But is not it more exhausting to walk through the historical sites under the weary sun?

Is it worth it to buy a tour in the off season?

Although off-season in Vietnam is not the most predictable phenomenon, it is still much cheaper. If you are really lucky, you can save up to 60%, and even 70% on your vacation.

Are you afraid of bad weather? Vietnamese rains are short and relatively warm. The sea is rough, but there are quiet on the wave islands, where you can swim (Phu Quoc). Is it worth the trip? If you don’t plan a vacation with children, why not. In any case, you decide. But who does not take risks, he is known to be without champagne! The question is when to go on vacation.

And when to go on vacation in…:

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