Vietnam in September 2022. Where to go on vacation? Weather, prices, reviews

Vietnam in September 2022. Where to go on vacation? Weather, prices, reviews

September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

Vietnam in September: what is the weather, what about prices, and why the sea is dirty?

Experienced tourists remember that about ten years ago to vacation in Vietnam, we had to get to Vietnam on their own, because tour operators did not work with the country, and all were advised to bypass it, offering other destinations. Now everything has changed just the opposite, and coming to the office of a travel agency you are immediately offered a tour to Vietnam to white beaches. Why has everything changed? There are many reasons for this. Firstly, it is a huge amount of money invested in the construction of resorts and hotels. Secondly, it is gorgeous beaches and incredible nature of the country. And, of course, the climate, which is much better than the popular resorts in the world. For example, if you are going to Vietnam in September, the weather will greet you with warmth and sunshine. Tourist reviews about holidays at local resorts in the first month of autumn will delight you, and you immediately going to go here. So, what is Vietnam and its popular resorts in early autumn?

September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

Southeast Asia has always had two seasons: dry and wet. It is clear that in the dry season there is no rain, and the sun shines from morning till evening. But during the rainy season it rains constantly, flooding the streets of cities and raising the water level by several meters. September in Vietnam is still the rainy season. But because of its size and elongated territory, the country can take tourists even in the rainy season. True, not all resorts, but still.

September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

In early autumn, the least rain in the south of the country, where, in fact, the main resorts are located. The north of the country floods a little more, and the middle of Vietnam is completely under the power of the monsoon and it is easier to sail the streets by boat than to travel by other means.

The most famous resort in Vietnam is Nha Trang. In early autumn there are up to 8-9 rainy days. In a month there may be about 100 millimeters of rainfall. Believe me, it’s not much for the region. On days when the sun shines, the temperature can reach a mark of +32 degrees. After the rain, there is a lot of evaporation and not everyone can tolerate this phenomenon. After sunset, the temperature decreases slightly and stops at +24 degrees. It is at night time and there is more rainfall in the region. The water temperature in the sea in September reaches a mark of +29 +31 degrees. The water is very warm, but cloudy and sometimes even dirty. This is due to the rains and wind, as well as due to the current, which brings garbage from other regions. After all, the monsoons raise the water level, and all the trash from the shore gets into the water. It will, of course, be cleaned up, but it takes time.

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September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

The island of Phu Quoc, which is also loved by our tourists, should not be visited in September. The reason is that it rains half the month, and the second half of the month is cloudy. The daytime temperature is about +31 degrees, nights are almost the same, around +28. Because of the hot day, hot nights, and plenty of rainfall, the evaporation and humidity here is incredible. In a minute, a dry T-shirt will be wet even without rain. Speaking of rain, it rains here 14 to 15 days a month. On those days, more than 250 millimeters of precipitation will fall. Fukuok is an island, and during the monsoon its shores are flooded to almost 5-6 meters. The usual beaches are under water, shore trees also stand in the water. You can not swim, although the water temperature in the sea is around +30 degrees.

September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

The resort of Phan Thiet is also among the top resorts in Vietnam. In September, there is a decent number of tourists. Although most of the rest takes place in the hotels, because for a month there are 10-11 rainy days. It rains not a lot, but it lasts a long time. The rainfall is around 160 millimeters, so many beaches are also flooded. If you have a sunny day the temperature rises to +32 degrees and the water in the sea reaches +28 degrees. During the nights the temperature drops by 8-10 degrees and is about +24. Daylight hours are not the longest, no more than 8.45 hours.

Be sure to find out what the weather in Vietnam by month. So you can choose for yourself the best time to rest.

As you can see, even at the most popular resorts in Vietnam, to rest in September, is not very comfortable. Rain, evaporation, humidity and dirty water. So is it worth flying here at this time of year? Let’s read the reviews of tourists.

Tourist reviews.

Daria. “The only thing I liked in September in Vietnam – low prices for everything. Starting with the flight and hotel accommodation, and ending with the products in the stores and souvenir shops. And then as luck would have it. If it’s sunny, you’ll relax on the beach or by the pool. If it rains, you will have a rest in hotels, play games, watch TV and drink wine.

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Maxim. Maxim: “We stayed in Nha Trang from September 5 to 22. We were scared of the rains, and they were. But luckily there were at night or in the morning. Sunshine in the afternoon and evening, and the beach. The best time to visit the beach is from 8 a.m. until 12 noon. After that comes the heat and intense humidity. It’s dark by 6 pm, so the beach holiday at the resort is limited to 4-5 hours a day. But the evening can be occupied by entertainment. For example, you can go to the cinema, visit a water park, an amusement park or taste the local varied cuisine”.

September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

Catherine. “I did not like the rest. More precisely liked, but weather spoilt everything. It changes here every hour. Just settle on the beach, so the sun disappears behind the clouds and it starts raining. It’s especially frustrating when on sunny days, the wind rises and makes waves on the sea. Swimming is impossible, you can only sunbathe or swim in the pool. In general, in early autumn it’s better to go where the velvet season is”.

Vietnam in September: the pros and cons of the holiday at this time.

The undoubted advantage is the low prices. Hotels offer discounts to a small number of tourists, and the restaurant and cafes spoil tourists with quality food for a “ridiculous” cost.

September weather in Vietnam: travel reports, reviews and weather forecasts

Also on the plus side can be attributed and a small number of tourists. Although there are few of them here for a known reason, but still. The beaches are almost empty, there are no queues at museums and exhibitions. Locals also try not to go out too much, and the roads are deserted. But the disadvantages are the rains, because of which actually there are few tourists. And also the dirty water, again because of the rains. Plus some nightclubs and parks are closed because there are no tourists, and being in the open air attractions can not work in the rain.

Vietnam in September – Vacation and Weather

The upcoming September vacation makes you wonder where to spend it. In the first month of autumn, the cost of tours to many destinations drops significantly, which allows you to expand the geography of travel. In this article on Tour Calendar, we will tell you what a trip to Vietnam promises in this time period.

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In September, Vietnam is dominated by the rains, more or less suitable for recreation reigns in the southern islands

In September, Vietnam is dominated by rain, more or less suitable weather for holidays reigns in the southern islands

Weather in Vietnam in September

Before you are tempted by the attractive prices offered by travel agencies, we suggest you get acquainted with the detailed meteorological forecast, in order to know what to prepare for. Because of the great difference in latitudes and the impressive variety of landscapes the territory of Vietnam is located in different climatic zones, therefore it is characterized by different weather conditions. However, there are no differences in September as such. This month belongs to the wet season when precipitation is spread throughout the regions. Less rain falls in the northern provinces where the power of the monsoon gradually wanes. But compared to the winter season their volume is not yet insignificant. In the capital, Halong Bay and other areas in this part of the country 10-14 days are rainy. Occasionally inclement weather alternates with periods of good weather. But it is worth bearing in mind that in some years the elements don’t follow the “script”, bringing down rainfall 1.5-2 times the monthly norm. This leads to short-term flooding of streets and washout of rural roads. In Halong Bay, on top of that, there is the threat of typhoons coming from the Philippines.

Nevertheless, this fact does not stop tourists to contemplate the beauty of its necklace of 3,000 islands. However, they do not always succeed. Sometimes the natural “sculptures” are lost in the thick haze of fog, and all we can see are their vague outlines. In central Vietnam, the power of the monsoon is just beginning to gain momentum. It is especially dangerous to be in Da Nang, Hue, and Hoi An, where they dump the main downpour. Besides, the destructive winds here bring heavy surf. More or less suitable conditions for recreation look for the southern resorts. There, though quite humid, but the rainfall is not so intense, and they occur mostly at night or in the early morning. If you have to choose between Phu Quoc Island, Phan Thiet and Nha Trang, it is better to give preference to the latter two. The rains are not heavy there, but there are also long dry periods. The first half of the day is often sunny or cloudy. The weather-independent people should better postpone their trip, because the acclimatization process is complicated by considerably high relative humidity, which creates a “sweating room” effect in some regions. Now about the temperature regime. The average thermometer across the country is about +27 ° C, but in the midday hours is much higher. In the south it rises to +32 … +33 ° C, and at night it falls to +24 … +25 ° C. In the north, similar values are recorded. So, in Hai Phong – from +25 ° C to +31 ° C. But in the middle of Vietnam, the heat is less intense.

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What to do in Vietnam in September?

Let’s not deny that traveling to Vietnam in September is a very risky venture. But the rainy season does not mean the terrible deluge. And the positive reviews of tourists, vacationing this month in the southern regions, this is a direct confirmation. Of course, the continuous beach relaxation should not be relied upon. But no one will be left without a tan and a swim for sure. Days when the weather leaves much to be desired, you can devote to viewing the numerous “indoor” attractions, shopping or relaxing in the SPA centers.

Beach vacations

For maximum enjoyment of the sun and water pleasures should go to the southern and south-eastern seaside towns. Despite the periodic showers the sea is still very warm. Off the coast of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Mui Ne record +27…+28 ° C. Sometimes the water surface is rough. At such times, on the beaches there are flags warning about the dangers of swimming. It is also necessary to consider the effect of tides. In general, they are not very pronounced, but in some bays may cause some inconvenience.

However, as seen in the video below, you can bathe in plenty on the beaches of the northern part of the country.

September is very good for kiteboarding and surfing. Perfect wind condition and waves which are perfectly shaped like a balm for boarders. But the attempts of beginners to cope with the sea element, most likely, will not succeed. After all, most people come to Vietnam to hone their skills, not to acquire them. For scuba divers and fans of underwater filming the time is not the best. The water becomes very muddy, so its visibility is greatly reduced, as it is not possible to see the coral reefs and their colorful inhabitants.

Entertainment and excursions

The world-famous resorts are not all that this wonderful country has to offer. Here you can not only lie on the white sands, but also nostalgia for the recent socialist past. It has its own Lenin – the national leader Ho Chi Minh resting in a mausoleum, close to our hearts red flag with a yellow five-pointed star, and bent with shame communist buildings. Vietnam is also a millennia-old history, brought back from the depths of time by an innumerable number of ancient pagodas, temples, palaces, tombs and the remains of defense systems scattered throughout its territory.

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For an overview of all this architectural richness, it is better to join the ranks of sightseers. But if you want to plan your own route, you can rent a moped or a car. The latter is accompanied by a local driver. Particular attention deserves a luxurious nature. Pristine jungles, tea plantations, endless rice terraces, coconut groves, picturesque lakes and swift waterfalls – naturalists will be blown away by its diversity.

Festivals and Celebrations

If you arrive in Vietnam early in the month, you’ll witness the colorful celebrations of Independence Day on the 2nd. On this day there is a grand parade in Hanoi and a lavish fireworks display is expected in the evening.

September 3 is listed on the Vietnamese calendar as the anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s passing. This day was declared an official holiday. Also in September, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated. One of its main traditions – processions of children’s organizations and the launching into the night sky several hundred paper lanterns.

What are the prices for holidays in Vietnam in September?

In September, the not too favorable weather forecast is more than compensated by the “nailed” monsoon showers prices. On average, the cost of tours is 30% lower than in high season. There are also preconditions for the emergence of hot deals: air carriers in this period are generous with discounts.

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How to have a rest in Vietnam in September by yourself.

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September in Vietnam proves that holidays in this country are unforgettable and bright, even in the rainy season. Tour-Calendar wishes you a happy journey!

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