VIM-Avia airlines: Passenger reviews

Passenger reviews of VIM-AVIA

VIM-AVIA (VIM Airlines)

There’s a lot of mayhem going on in the company, and in the country in general! Were supposed to fly to Turkey on September 1, 2017, at 6.00, the flight was moved to 18.00, at the airport were told that the flight was moved to 23.55, and when after hanging around at the airport for a few hours we went to the check-in counter, it turned out that not everyone had enough seats on the plane, and we did not fly anywhere. A Vim aviation representative sent everyone to the airport, and no certificates and references were given. They said to write a complaint, and to buy the tickets for your own money and fly anyway you want.

I bought tickets on August 17 from Magadan to Moscow on Vim Airlines, and they delayed the flight by 5 hours without explanation, and a second ticket Moscow-Mineralnye Vody is missing, because I missed the flight.

I am a pilot myself and fly a lot, but I have never seen such a lousy company, it is necessary to deprive this shitty company of its operator’s certificate.

On 30.07.2017. flew Simferopol – Moscow. Departure was supposed to be at 12.05, but postponed to 12.45, but there was a delay and we flew only at 13.15. With this still can be put up with, but not after the fact, when buying a ticket, we paid for luggage, and at registration we were told that you have a “Promo” and not “Economy” can only 10 kg., how is that?! Why did we overpaid for 1000 rubles? So we had to buy a luggage item for 1700 rubles! So one ticket cost us 10200 rubles! For these funds you could have bought tickets in business class. There was a bad smell in the airplane, the flight attendants were walking around with unhappy faces, everything was wrong for them. Terrible airline, such companies should be closed! I wouldn’t fly with them again in my life! The company management should read the reviews and take some action, instead of deceiving people and thinking of how to “rip off” more money from the passenger.

Do management read feedback about their airline? Probably not. Because nothing changes. Today, 07/27/17, the flight from Moscow to Sochi was delayed without any explanation.

Hello, I have read a lot of bad things about them. I thought they were competitors, but no, it turns out the poor passengers.Flight NN 345, Simferopol, bought a ticket with the cost of luggage (up to 23 kg indicated on the official website) when checking in said that only 15 kg, for 4 kg were forced to pay more. The question is not the amount of surcharge, you just can not be such brutes, the receptionist with such a kind of talk, as if I was in her private plane registering (or I left her mother many years ago), you can play the big boss, but stay human always. And if you all pissed off (passengers, money which you filled their wombs) then you should change jobs, that people would not annoy you.

Katekavia airline: passenger reviews

On June 13, 2017, I flew from Moscow to Peter. Flight NN775 was cancelled. A representative of the company transferred me to another flight. The flight was delayed until they had passengers on a full plane. On the board for one departure time there were four flights. The flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow and then on to Blagoveshchensk was much worse, as they had to pull me out of St. Petersburg one day earlier, saying that the flight had been postponed and that a hotel would be provided for me in Moscow for one day. I checked in online for a fee – 375 rubles, although I had previously checked in online for free on the same website. When I arrived in Moscow, I asked the Vim-avia representative what I should do next. He just put me on the flight to Blagoveshensk, which was delayed for 6 hours. There were empty seats on the plane. My request to bring a blanket was denied (it was cold in the cabin). And that’s not all. On arrival in Blagoveshensk, upon receipt of my luggage there was again a very unpleasant surprise – my luggage was not there. I received a suitcase only the next day, on flight NN181, which I had to return. For what reason I was pulled out a day earlier, I do not know. Lost tickets to the theater and on the trip, well, and, of course, my mood. Now I will try to avoid this company.

In 2016 I spent a few hours at Sochi airport and I am worried that this year they will again provide air carrier Vim-avia. I pray that this does not happen.

I got my luggage mixed up on 24,05,17 I cannot get through to them to get help, I have to stay on the line for 45 minutes, then they reset me and at the moment the same thing today.

The airline sucks, flights are canceled and no one answers the phone

The airline ALWAYS delays flights by several hours! When I come to the tour. agency, I always ask for any airline except Vim-avia. And, by the law of meanness, 5 days before departure, the travel agent changed the airline and I had to fly Vim-avia again. It seems that I have a mutual dislike with the airline. On March 12, I flew to Vietnam. My flight was delayed for 6 hours. On the plane, my seat was wet. Thank you, they gave me a blanket to cover it with. The air conditioner was on full blast. It was freezing in the cabin. They didn’t give plaids to the passengers – only to the children. There weren’t many kids, but the rest of the passengers weren’t given plaid anyway. “Nine hours of fun!”

It’s just lame, not a company. I work in aviation myself, but it’s absolute horror.

Pro-moi, I am one of those few passengers who were lucky with VIM-AVIA. Flied in September 8-23 Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow (there flights NN321 at 12.55-return NN 342 at 20.45). No delays, cancellations, normal planes, polite flight attendants. We have no complaints. I wish other passengers were lucky. But I won’t count on luck anymore. Vim-Avia, unfortunately, is not my company at this stage. I will fly with tested airlines. I wish everybody good luck and don’t get nervous, flight cancellation or delay is not the worst thing, the main thing for everyone to be alive and healthy!

Nordstar Airlines : passenger reviews

There is no worse airline in Russia! We will sue them. Flight delays and missed connecting flights without an explanation of the flight delay.

I want to tell you how my grandmother flew to Moscow with this terrible airline. We bought a ticket for flight NN 158, which was supposed to leave at 9 am. The day before departure we got a call and were told that the flight was delayed and postponed to 10. Well, it happens. We got to the airport two hours before the flight and were told that the flight was delayed at 12. In the end, the flight was rescheduled a few more times. The plane took off at 18:10. All that time the elderly man was at the airport. The staff didn’t want to help. I do not recommend this airline to anyone. And all this nonsense that they have old planes, and therefore the negative reviews. The people working there are useless. Think a thousand times before buying a ticket with this airline.

Flew to Sochi on 9.07.2016, flight #111.Should have left at 10.50, and left at 20.00. 9 hours flight delay. On 20.07.2016 we were going back, flight #116 was delayed by 4 hours. And all the flights these days were delayed or canceled. The horror. It should be noted that the airline fed and fed us at the airports, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We will never fly VIM-AVIA again, and we do not recommend to you.

Disgusting, rude attitude to the client. I called on 20.07.16 at 9-15 on 8499-271-03-33 about the flight delay.Operator MARGARITA / the name refused to name / was rude.On my remark about the improper tone in a conversation with a client, not even sorry and hung up.

Were flying 04 07 16 in Varna and 15 07 16 in Pulkovo both times the flight was delayed, there for 30 minutes (okay still) but the back has been transferred twice, fortunately we were informed and at the airport we spent extra hour and a half – now I understand how we were lucky. If you read what they write here and what is going on now at Pulkovo where people have been sitting for 24 hours and cannot take off. He cheered everyone up when it was scary, many thanks to him.

Flight from St. Petersburg to Burgas on 11.07.2016. In the travel agency a day before departure issue tickets, which indicated the time 8.20. In response to my question: how so, because on the scoreboard at Pulkovo the flight should take off at 6:00, they told me that this is Vim-avia! As a result, in the evening again went to the Pulkovo site, and there is already time of departure at 12:30. (At least I slept well!) Arrived at the airport at 10:30 am and the flight was delayed again. The flight was delayed again. As a result, it took off at 3:00 pm. The cabin crew and stewardesses were great, no claims to them, but the management of the airline are decent bastards. (The funny thing is that when I bought the ticket, the website charlatans from Biblio-Globus showed this flight executed by the airline Russia, on which I was hooked, and a month later it was already indicated Vim-avia. In general, gentlemen, do not mess with either Biblio-Globus, and even more so with Vim-air, so as not to provide yourself an unbelievable experience in a well-deserved vacation!

Ikar Airlines: Passenger reviews

I flew from Burgas to Saint-Petersburg with this company. I spent 7 hours at the airport at night. Flights of this airline are constantly delayed. The attitude towards passengers is disgusting. Of all the airlines, this is the most disgusting. I do not recommend it to anyone.



The Russian airline VIM-avia was founded in October 2002. Its base is located at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. As of August 2014, the company’s fleet consists of 12 aircraft: eight Boeing 757-200s and four Airbus 319-111s. The company’s management has ordered five more aircraft (three Embraer-195s and two Boeing 767-300s) to be delivered by the end of 2014. The average age of the airliners is 19 years, all cabins are equipped with modern audio and video equipment.

VIM Airlines organizes scheduled flights and charters throughout Russia and abroad.

All VIM Airlines aircraft are equipped with up-to-date video systems, but the passenger cabin layout and the level of service may vary:

  • Business class – cabins are spacious, the distance between passengers’ seats is 84 cm. During the flight meals are served (hot and cold), soft drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol.
  • Economy class. Economy Class cabins are a little less spacious and the distance between seats is 79 cm. Free of charge during the flight are offered cold or hot snacks (if the flight time exceeds 2 hours), juices, coffee, tea. Wine, cognac, beer, champagne, pastries and confectionery can be ordered on board for an extra charge.

Luggage and animals

The following baggage allowances apply to VIM Airlines flights:

  • for Business Class passengers ? 30 kg;
  • for Economy class passengers ? 20 kg.

The question of a pet’s carriage is discussed with the carrier. Healthy animals are carried in the luggage compartment in a cage whose weight and dimensions are included in general baggage allowance. Guide dogs (if they accompany a blind person) and some pets can be carried in the cabin.

Seat Selection service

Pobeda airlines: passenger reviews

For the passengers’ maximum comfort during the flight all VIM Airlines scheduled international flights departing from Moscow Domodedovo Airport feature the “Seat Selection” service. It is active within two days to 12 hours before departure.

The Boeing 757-200 aircraft has standard seats in the first and second cabins, premium seats 2DE and 1ABC (first cabin), and 10BCDE and 11AF (second cabin). The cost of the seat change depends on the comfort level of the chosen option – from 200 to 1500 rubles. There are standard and premium seats in the Airbus 319 aircraft. You can change the standard seat for free, and to get a more comfortable one, you need to pay 700 rubles.

Passenger reviews 2018 about VIM Airlines

Unfortunately deleted negative comments ! Well, all the same, you will not become better! Bankruptcy to you, gentlemen!

I read lots of negative comments about the airline, I thought that they are going to delay or postpone the flight, I even wanted to give up the tickets, but I calmed down, because these are charter flights, and they can be anything, and not necessarily VIM Airlines. Fly on scheduled flights and you will have a 90% time departure. On 16.09 flight 9314 Antalya-Moscow left exactly as planned, which I was pleasantly surprised.

On 16/09 flight 9314 Antalya-Moscow took off on time, which I was very pleased with.

Lena Peter, what Vimov planes are you advertising here and giving a link to You Tube?! Don’t make people laugh, you Vim troll. The planes in this shack are flying humps, scrap after years of operation. About two months ago I found a video on You Tube called Vim-avia Fleet Renewal. I watched it for a long time laughing. Its makers just had to get up to the idea of showing a 16-year-old scrap as a new aircraft. It’s a disgrace. Where is this video now? Yes, the Vimov people themselves had already deleted it, so as not to embarrass themselves and not to make people laugh.

Vim-avia employs crooks and impostors! I beg you to read this message carefully and to the end. This is a message about unheard of rudeness and an extortion attempt by a Vim-avia employee Ivan Makarov, badge number 13344736. Hello, I am Levon A. Sargsyan, who flew to Moscow (Yerevan-Moscow flight, round-trip ticket, Vim-avia) on 04.03.2017 and had to return from Moscow to Yerevan on 10.03.2017 (ticket was bought in advance). Since I am a musician, I came to Moscow with my instrument (Korg synthesizer). And in Moscow I bought another keyboard instrument of the same company but of a different model, a supplement to my instrument. And so I came to the registration desk of Domodedovo airport (Vim-avia) on 10.03.2017 at around 14:30 Moscow time with pleasant impressions. I meet my longtime friend, and I am glad that we are going to fly together. In addition, I have two large boxes and a bag and have to pay extra for a second second box about 8000 rubles. My longtime friend is also happy to help, since he only has one bag. So we register one instrument to my friend and the other to me. It’s quite legal, since I’m flying this flight myself, in my opinion it’s called something like MEM TEK, by the way the registrar, a serious guy, about 35 years old, wasn’t against it either. He was already gluing the tags on the boxes and we were going to take the tools and carry them to the small luggage drop-off, the boxes are big, you know. And all of a sudden HE appears. Ivan Makarov, badge number 13344736. And this person, as I understand the airline representative, begins to rush around our things and read the inscriptions on the tags. Realizing that the names on the boxes are different, he unceremoniously begins to tear off the labels already glued to the boxes. (Yes, you can see all of this on the security cameras.) We are all perplexed, by the way the registrar too. To my question, “Why?” He answers: “Because you are picking my pocket” By the way, I think that the microphones should have recorded this conversation. Hearing the words “picking my pocket” makes me realize that this is not about different names. I said, “You have no right. He said, “Yes, I can. You are a suspicious person, and I am taking you off the flight”. When I asked what I was suspicious about, I did not get an answer. I took my tools and put them on the cart and rolled away. My friend and another compatriot came up to me to find out what I would do next. A few minutes passed. The subject comes up again and offers to let my stuff in cash for 5000 rubles, without registration. There isn’t much time left before the plane leaves. I answered that I would not give him any money and I would take another flight with another airline. To which he responded “as you wish. I think the cameras captured this moment as well. And confident of his impunity, he shows his badge (after my demand, of course). I lost my ticket and paid over 2200 rubles for a cab to Sheremetyevo. I bought an expensive 9000-ruble ticket from Aeroflot. Aeroflot, also paid 6200 rubles for the dimensions of the boxes. “Aeroflot charges extra for the dimensions. Plus I was late for the concert, where I was supposed to perform and earn about 30000 rubles. I’m not asking for any material or moral compensation. I just want to know for future reference, maybe it’s in your order. Does it go unpunished? Are there a lot of such morons working in your company or this is an isolated incident. Is it really possible under the laws of your airline to kick a man off a flight saying he is a ‘suspicious person’ without any explanation? Vim-avia management, is there really such lawlessness in your company? With respect to you, L. Sargsyan.

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