Visa to Israel for Russians in 2022

Visa to Israel for Russians

Do I need a visa to Israel in 2022 for Russian citizens and how do I get one? Visa-free entry, types of visas, terms, documents, renewal options, denial of entry.

There is an agreement between Russia and Israel on a partial visa regime. Russians who wish to visit the country in 2022 to stay for a holiday, medical treatment, or for tourism purposes, do not need to pre-register a visa.

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Visas to Israel: general information

At the moment for business, private, medical, tourist visits Russians do not need a visa to Israel. An important nuance – staying in the country in this case is allowed up to 90 days, you can not work. If the purpose of the trip – study or work, you must collect the documents and visit the consular section of the Embassy in Moscow to issue the appropriate visa.

All visas are of two types: “A” and “B”.

  • A1. Granted to persons wishing to move to the country and obtain citizenship. Validity period – up to 3 years.
  • A2. Study visa. Term – 1 year, renewable.
  • A3. Granted to clergymen for religious rites.
  • A4. Granted to spouses and children of persons holding A2 and A3 visas.
  • A5. Granted for temporary residence in the country, in particular for spouses of Israeli citizens married to foreigners. Duration – 1 year.

Group “B” visas include: B1 (working), B2 (tourist), B3 (for non-standard situations for 1 month), B4 (volunteer).

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Visa-free entry for Russians

For visa-free entry to Israel in 2022, Russians need the following documents:

  1. Round trip airline tickets .
  2. Proof of financial solvency – cash or credit card.
  3. Passport . Must be valid for 6 months from the date of entry. It is best if it will not contain points of residence in countries unfriendly to Israel (Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen), because such tourists are of particular interest to border guards.
  4. For children – birth certificate, permission to travel from the parent and a copy of their passport (one or both) if the child travels with one parent or trusted person.
  5. Health insurance. Not obligatory, but desirable. The standard policy is suitable up to 30 thousand euros. Without it, you will be helped only in case of an accident or terrorist attack; otherwise, you will have to pay very large sums out of your own pocket. In my personal experience, the most convenient service for choosing the best insurance is
  6. Documents confirming the nature and purpose of the trip: it can be an invitation from relatives, hotel reservation confirmation (tourist voucher), a certificate from a clinic, etc.

When you arrive in the country, you must be prepared for a border search and a full-body interview. Sometimes it takes a long time. If all is well, the border guard issues an entry visa with the date, without any marks in the passport. The exceptions are Eilat and the land borders, where they put stamps. There are no visa fees, except when leaving by land (exit tax is paid).

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Russians need a visa for Israel

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Renewing an Israeli visa on the spot

Tourists can stay in the country for no more than 90 days. If there is a good reason why you need to extend your stay (illness or other), you must come to the Interior Ministry, submit photos, passport and written justification explaining the reasons for the extension, to confirm your financial solvency, fill out the official form. If the extension is due to medical treatment, then a certificate from a clinic is required. The cost of the service is 175 shekels, through an intermediary is more expensive.

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Practice shows that the most willing visa is extended to close relatives of Israeli citizens, usually for a period of 180 days to one year.

Visa Registration in Russia

Registration of tourist visas to visit Israel is not required. For special situations (work, study, immigration, etc.) visa is processed at the embassy in Moscow, located at Bolshaya Ordynka Street 56.

To obtain a visa to Israel in 2022 Russians need to collect a package of documents, register on the website of the embassy, and use the electronic queue to make an appointment. Then visit the Embassy at the appointed time, submit documents and obtain a visa. Reception is from 9am to 12pm every day except weekends and public holidays.

Violation of time limits for stay

Violation of the terms of stay in the country without applying to the services is not welcomed by the authorities. If it is a matter of a few days due to health problems, transportation or other good reasons, they may treat you loyally. Otherwise, they will enter the information into the database, and on a subsequent visit to Israel, the border guards will have an official reason to refuse entry into the country. In severe cases, the offender will be deported and barred from visiting the country for ten years.

Israel visa for Russians 2021

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Denial of entry into the country or a visa

In theory, anyone can be denied a visa to Israel. For example, if a person has violated the laws during past visits: worked there without proper authorization, stayed for a longer period or was deported, they will certainly be denied a visa.

Very often foreigners are refused, suspecting them of secretly intending to engage in illegal labor activities in the country. Can refuse a work visa if the Israeli company-employer did not have a license at the time of registration of the visa or it expired.

Embassy officials may simply not like the behavior or appearance of the applicant. A student may be rejected if the consulate deems him insolvent.

Many tourists are denied entry if a foreign national fails to pass an inspection, attempts to smuggle prohibited items, fails to intelligibly answer a border guard’s questions, or lacks sufficient documentation to cross the border. If there is a note in the database about an immigration violation earlier, they will probably refuse entry.

Recommendations in this case are simple: do not break the law, study the list of prohibited items before the trip. Answer the questions of border guards calmly and truthfully, even if they seem silly and tactless. Arguing and proving something is useless. Having been refused entry, in the future to get permission will be even more difficult.

Special conditions for visiting certain areas

You should not visit restricted areas – the so-called conflict zones. This is dangerous to life and regarded as a violation of the law. And when visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem – two famous biblical cities, standing a few kilometers from each other, will have to pass additional border control. Bethlehem has become the subject of a dispute between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It is now under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority and is surrounded by a concrete wall. There is a very strict check at the entrance to Jerusalem and a formal one at Bethlehem.

When taking pictures, it is worth remembering that any military or strategic sites are taboo to take pictures of. This includes power plants, airports, military units, even train stations. Curious photographers expect questioning, searches and scrutiny of the security service, so do not create trouble on vacation, because you can spend your free time much more interesting.

All about the visa to Israel for Russians in 2022: how to obtain, how much it costs, how long to wait.

In this article – information about how to issue a visitor visa to Israel, how much it costs and how many days it will be given, as well as all other questions relating to the visa to Israel.

Visitor visa to Israel: how to issue, price, how many days are valid.

The country with an interesting history and quality medicine daily welcomes hundreds of tourists. Those who have no problems at customs control, can enter to carry out the purpose of the visit, such as:

  • tourism;
  • medical treatment;
  • visiting friends and relatives.
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Problems may arise if false personal information or forged documents are found. Reasons for refusal at the checkpoint:

  • Overdue passport;
  • Overdue passport; Overstayed entries to Muslim countries in the last 3 months;
  • Absence of a return ticket;
  • Absence of invitation from the receiving party.

To avoid problems, it is better to prepare the necessary list in advance.

There is a visa-free regime between the Russian Federation and Israel. Nevertheless, it is necessary to arrange the arrival of the right.

The guest of the country must understand and comply with the rules and laws of the host state. For example:

  • The stay may not exceed more than 90 days;
  • It is not allowed to work in order to earn money.

To stay temporarily a guest of the country shall submit the necessary documents to the consulate 30 days before departure and get a visa B/2. The document authorizing entry to Israel is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance.

To get a visitor’s visa B / 2 must prepare:

  • Russian passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • A valid passport;
  • Visa application in English or Hebrew;
  • 2 photos on a white background of 50*50 mm;
  • return ticket;
  • Invitation of the receiving party;
  • medical insurance;
  • Extract from the bank about the availability of funds for stay in Israel;
  • Photocopies and notarized translations;
  • The consular fee of 76 shekels (1600 rubles/22 dollars).

If the issuance is denied, the fee paid will not be refunded. The amount is paid for the application.

Visa to Israel for Russians in 2022: is it necessary, how to get, and how much does it cost?

Israel is one of those countries that are really worth visiting. More and more people are heading to this Middle Eastern country, and the purpose of the visit can be very diverse. Some go to Israel to visit Tel Aviv and see the holy places, others prefer to visit seaside resorts or to visit friends and relatives.

Israel is considered a fairly developed country, with a good standard of medicine and quality of life, so it is not surprising that the number of those wishing to find work is increasing.

Anyone who has decided to go to Israel, faces the question of the need to issue a visa. Do I need a visa to Israel?

There is no simple answer to the question. It will depend on the purpose and duration of the trip to Israel. Under certain conditions of travel you can visit Israel without a visa, and under other conditions – visa is mandatory, and the visa type must conform to the purpose of entry into the country.

Do I need a visa to Israel for the Russians in 2022?

The very first question that each Russian citizen who intends to visit the Promised Land, studies the need for a visa.

In general, the answer to this question will please most, because since 2008, there is an agreement between our countries, which establishes a visa-free regime for travel of major categories, and this agreement continues to be in force during 2022.

It was decided to sign the agreement due to the fact that, according to statistics, our country is among the top three countries from which the largest number of tourists comes to Israel, and the flow of tourists is growing steadily.

Visa-free regime for Russians. Do I need a tourist visa?

Visa-free regime established for Russian citizens, applies under the following conditions and restrictions:

  • The purpose of the trip,
  • The duration of stay in the Israeli state.

According to the agreement, the Russians can travel to Israel without a visa:

  • tourist trips,
  • for medical treatment,
  • to visit relatives
  • on a business trip.

Accordingly, for citizens of our country the agreement on visa-free travel canceled visas for tourists and visitor visas. These visas have been replaced by a permit to enter Israel, which is given at border control.

Attention! Traveling in a manner not requiring a visa, to work and study is strictly prohibited! To travel for these purposes must obtain the appropriate visa, as described in our article below.

The following restriction on the time that Russian citizens can stay in Israel without a visa. The permitted period is 90 days within six months.

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This restriction is fairly standard, and similar to, for example, the allowed number of days of stay in the Schengen countries. This does not mean that you can make one trip of up to three months. The number of border crossings does not matter.

What to do if there is a need to stay in Israel?

Each person can be a situation where a variety of circumstances have to stay in the country over the planned period. If this situation is in Israel, and have to stay in the country for more than 90 days, it is worth doing certain things to make this stay was legal.

In this case, you must go to the Ministry of Interior, present your passport, photographs, proof of financial ability to stay and fill out the official form, stating the reasons why your stay in the country must be extended.

If the reason is medical treatment, you will be required to show proof from the clinic. You will also need to pay 175 shekels.

Ask for an extension is necessary, because violators are recorded in a special database and the next time you are likely to be refused at the stage of crossing the border. With a significant breach of the person may also be deported and banned from visiting Israel for the next 10 years.

What documents are needed to enter Israel from Russia

When traveling to Israel, even with all the conditions for visa-free entry, you must have certain documents, which must be demonstrated when crossing the border officer. Entry into Israel rules are quite strict.

You must have:

  • Your passport.

The document must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry. It is desirable to have no marks (stamps) in your passport of visits to countries of the Arab world, such as the UAE, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Syria. Formally, the presence of these stamps is not grounds for refusal of entry into the country. Nevertheless, an interview will be conducted with an applicant whose passport has such stamps.

  • A return flight ticket.

An electronic ticket can be printed.

  • Proof of money for the trip.

Cash or credit card if the purpose of the trip is tourism.

If the trip is made for private or business visit, you must have an invitation to Israel, which is prepared by the host. The invitation includes information about both the host and the guest, the period of his stay in the country and who finances the trip.

For tourists – a tourist voucher or proof of hotel reservations.

When traveling with children – birth certificate, permission from the second parent or both parents, copies of passports of parents.

Need or not additional checks will decide the border guards. Safety in Israel is a priority, and at the border crossing airport staff are very carefully checked on everyone who enters.

If you successfully pass this stage an entry visa with a date, the so-called insert-control B2, a stamp in your passport, as a rule, is not put at the airport. You do not need to pay the visa fee at the airport.

The insert will need to keep throughout the trip, it is he who confirms the legal stay in Israel. In addition, if you do not show it to the hotel, then the bill will additionally include VAT at a rate of 17%.

What types of visas in Israel

As noted above, the agreement on visa-free travel has eliminated the need for visas for travel if the traveler is visiting the country for tourism, business or private visits. However, traveling for the above purposes of visit, to work or study in the country is prohibited.

Accordingly, going to Israel for purposes other than tourism, business or private visit, you must engage in advance to obtain the appropriate visa.

To date, there are several types of visas in Israel, which are generally divided into two groups: A and B. Group A can be called resident visas, and group B includes visas of a temporary nature.

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Group A includes the following subtypes:

  • A 1 – for applicants for citizenship who wish to move to the country, including repatriates
  • A2 – visa for study purposes
  • A 3 – for members of the clergy
  • A 4 – for family members of A 2 and A 3 visa holders
  • A 5 – for temporary residence in the country (e.g., can be granted to foreign nationals who marry an Israeli citizen for one year to test the seriousness of their intentions to create a family).

Group B includes the following subtypes:

  • B1 – issued for the purpose of work
  • B2 – issued for the purpose of tourism; this type is not relevant for Russian citizens, as explained above.
  • B3 – visa for other purposes
  • B4 – volunteer visa

How to get a visa to work in Israel in 2022

Let us consider in more detail the question of obtaining one of the most popular categories of visas – work.

Work visa is necessary to obtain persons intending to perform labor activities in Israel. Applicants for this category of visa in recent years is indeed becoming quite a lot, as Israel attracts its successful economy, a good social package for workers and a warm climate.

A number of obligations are imposed on the employer, which he will undoubtedly fulfill, viz:

  • To pay wages on time;
  • provide health insurance;
  • to pay for transportation to the place of work;
  • to pay for overtime;
  • Provide annual leave.

It is important for workers that their stay in the country is legal. It is the work visa that is the proof of legal stay in the country for the purpose of work.

An Israeli work visa should only be obtained in advance. There are many examples in Israel of people seeking employment who attempted to enter the country first and then seek work there; however, the effort failed and was stopped at the border at the point of entry.

The maximum period for which a visa is usually renewed (each time for one year) is five years. This category of visa must also be obtained by persons of creative professions, such as artists, touring artists, as well as experts in various fields.

Restrictions for employers in Israel in 2022

In Israel, there are certain restrictions that impose limits on the desire of employers to attract foreign workers.

  • First, only an organization that has the appropriate license to employ a foreigner.
  • Secondly, a foreigner can receive permission to work in Israel only in specific areas of the country. As a rule, the regions in which foreigners are permitted to work are distant from troubled conflict areas. After moving to the country, it will not be possible to change the region of the place of work.

Approval of the decision for the applicant – what it depends on

Before a visa can be issued, two Israeli ministries must approve the permit for the applicant. The organization, which has a valid license to employ foreign workers, submits a request to the Ministry of Interior. The prospective employer must guarantee that health insurance is provided to the employee.

An application can also be submitted by a recruitment agency, and this is a fairly common practice, including for vacancies that fall under government programs (for example, for caregiver positions for the elderly).

The employer receives a special permit to hire a specific employee, which he or she sends to the consulate in the applicant’s country. Only after receiving such a positive response from the Ministry of Interior will the Israeli diplomatic mission conduct an interview with the candidate and review his/her documentation package.

The visa authorization is valid for 1 month, and during this period, the future employee must submit documents to the consulate for a work visa to Israel.

The list includes the following mandatory documents:

  • proof of payment of the consular processing fee;
  • Certificate confirming that the applicant has no criminal record (you can get it through a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the MFC or the portal of public services. The certificate is issued within 30 days and must be stamped “apostille” before submission);
  • Confirmation of medical examination (medical examination may not take place in any clinic, but only in those specifically designated by the Israeli Consulate);
  • Confirmation of fingerprint procedure (Most often, the procedure is available directly at the embassy);
  • Passport, where the place of registration is indicated;
  • Passport (The passport must be valid for at least three months after the visa expires. For example, if the visa expires on September 1, your passport must be valid until December 1);
  • two photos 5 x 5 cm;
  • completed application form (the form can be found on the consulate’s website);
  • work permit and a copy of the contract with the employer;
  • proof of financial means;
  • proof of accommodation and ticket reservations.
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During the interview, additional documents may be requested. This is what the 30-day deadline for the permit is for. When the interview is successful, the visa will be issued by the consulate within one day.

Renewal may be refused due to committing a major offense during your stay in Israel, in the case of dismissal or bankruptcy of the company.

What happens if I decide to change my profession after leaving for Israel? Will I keep my work visa?

If an employee decides to change the field of activity or place of work after entering Israel, he will lose his valid work visa until he receives an invitation from a new employer. Upon receipt of such an invitation, a new visa may be issued without the need to leave the country.

Among the reasons for such a development are the following:

  • serious illnesses have been discovered as a result of the examination. These include, in the first place, hepatitis, HIV and tuberculosis.
  • Violation of the law during a previous visit to Israel
  • Falsification or submission of unreliable data to the consulate.

In the case of refusal it is allowed to send a request to the consulate to clarify the reason. If it is a simple mistake in the documents, the consulate may compromise and allow the applicant to make a correction.

How much does it cost to issue a work visa to Israel

For registration is necessary to pay a consular fee, the cost of which is $ 46 .

In addition to this amount, it is important to consider that the overall cost of labor emigration may be significantly higher. For example, if the job seeker decided to resort to the help of a recruitment agency, it is worth including the cost of its services in the plan of their expenses. The price of such services is not less than 3000 U.S. dollars.

Study visa to Israel in 2022

To obtain a study (student) visa is necessary to collect the documents on the list above. The difference will be a supporting document – you will need to get it from the institution in which the prospective student is going to study.

If the visa is issued for a minor, the documents must be accompanied by the consent of both parents.

The cost of a study visa, as well as a work visa, will cost $47.

Attention! Before applying you should always check the current list of documents on the consulate’s official website or by phone, as requirements may change.

When visas between Israel and the U.S. will be canceled

As before, to visit the U.S., Israelis must go through a complete border crossing procedure:

  • gather a complete set of documents;
  • Fill out the necessary forms and forms;
  • pay a fee of 560 shekels ($160/11750 rubles);
  • successfully pass the interview at the consulate, etc.

When it comes to abolishing the customs crossing permit directly between Israel and America, the negotiations have not yet reached any concrete solution. Nevertheless, citizens of the Promised Land who hold dual citizenship with Poland do not have to go through cumbersome procedures to enter the United States.

The reason for this is the visa-free program between Poland and the United States. This applies to both tourist and business travel. The period of stay must not exceed 90 days.

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