Visa to Italy for Russians – 2022. How to obtain it on your own

How to get a visa to Italy in 2022

Consulate of Italy issues visas to Russians without restrictions

Anyone, even those, who has never received a Schengen visa before, can apply for a tourist visa. Consular fee is 35 € (2076 P ), service fee – 4710 P .

Since June 1, 2022 Italy lifted coronavirus restrictions on entry. Travelers do not need to take PCR tests, present certificates of vaccination or COVID-19. Tinkoff Journal told more about this in another article.

Since May 4, Russians may replace expired tourist visas to Italy with new ones. This was announced by the Italian consulate in Moscow.

The presence or absence of travel on the old visa does not matter. As well as the age of applicants – a document will be issued to both children and adults.

How to get a visa to Italy

While documents are accepted only by Italian visa center VMS in Moscow. It is located in the Small Tolmachevsky Lane, 4, building 1. The center works by appointment.

Applicants must provide a passport with a previous visa and copies of all pages with personal data, stamps, marks and visas. If you have old passports, you need to bring them too – along with copies of all non-empty pages.

These are not all the documents. Here is what else you need to bring to the visa center:

  1. Russian passport and copies of pages with personal data and registration at the place of residence.
  2. Confirmation of employment: certificate from place of work or study. Pensioners bring a pension certificate or certificate from the pension fund on pension assignment.
  3. Proof of financial support. This can be one of the following documents: bank account statement, original and copy of your bankbook, a copy of the front side of the card with a check from an ATM, a bank guarantee from the inviting party.
  4. One color photograph. Detailed photo requirements are published on the visa center website.
  5. The receipts for visa and service fee. The visa fee is 35 € (3170
  6. Р ). The service fee is 3500 €.
  7. The consent on personal data processing.

If you have not taken fingerprints in the last five years you will have to do it when submitting the documents. Flight and accommodation reservations are not required.

Visa applications will be processed for up to 10 working days.

Where to vacation abroad in 2022?

Tell us your preferences, and we will choose the most suitable countries for you, which are allowed to Russian tourists.

What will be the term of validity of the visa

The new Italian visa will be valid no sooner than June 1, 2021. Consulate will decide for how long it will be valid in each case. Tourist may get single entry visa or multiple entry visa: everything is individual.

Is it possible to enter Italy from Russia

Italy is not open for tourists from Russia. To enter this country, Russians need a good reason: for example, having a residence permit, work, study or medical treatment in Italy, reunion with family.

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Rules for entry to Italy during the pandemic – in EnglishPDF, 251 KB

Within 48 hours before entering Italy it is necessary to take a PCR or antigen test. It is also necessary to fill out a declaration form for those arriving from abroad and a Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

Upon arrival, you have to isolate yourself for 10 days. Passengers get to the place of isolation by private transport. If they are flying to another city in Italy, they are not allowed to leave the transit area. At the end of the quarantine they will have to be tested again. Children under 2 years of age do not need to take the test.

Declaration for arrivals from abroad PDF, 143 KB

In April Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terracciano said that the country plans to open to Russian tourists in the summer of 2021, but did not name specific dates.

Regular flights to Italy have not been resumed. But there are cargo-passenger flights from Russia to Rome. These are planes of airlines “Aeroflot” and S7 Airlines, as well as foreign carriers. Tourists are not allowed on such flights.


La ragazza al mare

Excellent news, and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi today confirmed the course of opening the country to tourism, saying that in May Italy will begin testing its own program of green passports for travel, without waiting for the EU green passport. If only they would reduce or cancel the quarantine on arrival, and it would be wonderful)

Rome is not very crowded, there are almost no tourists, foreign speech is almost inaudible, the tourist sector is frozen in anticipation and can’t wait to open. The Spanish Steps now look like this:

La ragazza al mare user image

La, without the tourists is just cool. I had a lot of cool places to visit in this pandemic year with remote and closed schools. Without Chinese tourists :)

La ragazza al mare

Alexandra, but how. We last went to Gardaland and Lake Garda in October and literally everything closed after that. In the red and orange zone it was problematic to even go for a walk to the sea, the police and carabinieri had an unspoken directive about walking within a kilometer of the house. My husband and I could get around for work and sometimes took the kids, but it was a short, risky sort of trip like “take a coffee to go to another city after a meeting and leave quickly before the patrol checks the documents. Since April, 26 the movement around the country, museums, theaters was opened, now it is really possible to go somewhere, and before that it was a dreary green.

La, when everything was closed, we went only within Lazio, mainly by the sea (by the way hotels were not closed!), a little bit on the lakes. Plus there were breaks last summer, in September, at the end of December-beginning of January, we went to other regions.o especially I liked Siena and Alberobello without tourists. I especially liked Siena and Alberobello without tourists. It was like a completely different cities compared to previous years.

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Italian Schengen expired on January 4, 2020. Already rejoiced, I thought they would issue a visa at least without the additional consular fee. Now I don’t see how it’s any different than getting a new visa when the borders open.

Artem, they just need the money now, not when the borders open (not necessarily in 2021). Warm up interest, to cut a little bit of money slowly.

Artem, I think they will give at least a year. Since they do not require airline tickets and hotel reservations. I think we should do it. Our previous one expired in March.

Igor, they used to give them one year as well :( 95% of the tourists were given one year

Artem, this is different in that you basically have the opportunity to get a schengen without the additional hotel and flight booking already. I would have paid a higher consular fee, just to get a visa faster, but unfortunately “my” country has not yet opened.

What is the point of the venture so far, not very clear. I was glad in December 2019 5 years Schengen in a new passport, exactly 1 time in 1.5 years was useful

I’m considering this option.

Dmitriy m

Pavla, They don’t let you go anywhere anyway. The presence of the Italian Schengen is neither warm nor cold.

Pavla Tolokonina

Dmitry, some active travelers would like to get a long multi-visa at home, and not know where the hell under the dates of travel single entry) And when they start to let – a matter of tenth.

Dmitry, maybe through Serbia, Montenegro especially eager people can go to the EU

Pavla Tolokonina

Pavla, yes, so are we.

Yes. If they open Italy for us and do not throw sand in the wheels as they did with Turkey (for example with 275,000 people sick at peak and no one banned flying there, India which suspends air links only when 300,000 people sick per day, or authorized Egypt, where there is complete insanitation and no one cares about masks, people’s health, but their official low statistics suits us). Politics and PR

I’m waiting ! Opening of the borders; we have to go to Milan.

inna golovina

Very, very, very much waiting for all this covid horror to finally end. More nowhere else we do not want to go – only Italy in our hearts.

Main user image inna golovina

So, under the requirements seem to pass, but A) do not know when they will open a visa in St. Petersburg; B) Became self-employed, how now to bring a certificate from work? T-J tell me about it.

Victoria Zorina

Nikita, a) they themselves do not know when St. Petersburg will start accepting documents for tourist visas. B) Freelancers submit copies of service contracts and bank statements confirming payment for services rendered. This is written on the VC website. The self-employed can in principle do the same. In 2019 I did Italian visas for my children, I worked under a contract, said that I was a freelancer. They asked for a copy of the front of the card and an ATM receipt. I brought a sponsorship from my husband and a certificate from his job, but since we were going without him, I was told that a copy of the card and check would be enough. But I already had a visa, issued by the Spanish. If I did myself, I would have had a contract and bank statement. (Children were given for 2 years, but we rolled the visa once, eh.)

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Visa to Italy

Whether you need a visa to Italy, what documents you need for a visa to Italy, where to get a visa to Italy and other visa nuances – in our article.

Visa to Italy

Italy is one of the countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement, so Russian citizens to visit Italy must first get a visa.

Many people think that a visa to Italy on their own is difficult, but arranging a visa to Italy through a travel agency differs only in the fact that you do not take the documents for a visa to Italy to the consulate, but a travel agent. In this case the main thing – the burden of collecting all the papers will be on you anyway. However, getting a visa to Italy is really not that complicated; the main thing is that the papers must be in order.

Schengen visa for Italy

There are several types of Schengen visas to Italy, but for tourists primarily interested in a standard tourist visa or a transit visa in the case of traveling with a visit to Italy. Unified list of documents for Schengen visa can be seen here.

Among other types of visas there are transport, business, student and others, details of which can be found on the website of the Italian Visa Center in Russia.

Tourist visa to Italy

In order to get a tourist visa you need to submit the following documents to the consular section of the Italian embassy or visa application center:

Visa to Italy

  • A photocopy of the first page of the passport with personal data and signature of the applicant;
  • Filled in typed letters in English or Italian visa application form for visa to Italy with personal signature of the applicant and glued color photo of 3×4 size made on a white background without corners and ovals;
  • Schengen health insurance policy with a minimum amount of insurance coverage of 30,000 euros, which can be taken out directly at the visa center;

Medical travel insurance for visa to Italy Service for comparing prices on medical insurance from leading insurance companies in Russia. Specify the country and dates of travel, then choose a suitable option and take out a policy.

Visa to Italy

  • Certificate of employment signed by manager and issued on letterhead with address and contacts of employer, job title, length of service and salary of applicant. For individual entrepreneurs – copy of certificate of company registration, for pensioners – pension certificate, for students – certificate from place of study with signature of the dean of the faculty;
  • Proof of sufficient funds (ask for exact amount on the site of visa application center) – original bank account statement, bank guarantee, traveler’s checks or the original and photocopy of a bankbook;
  • Return train or air tickets and their photocopies or confirmation of their booking;
  • Receipt of payment of the consular fee of 35 Euros, which is not applicable to children under 6 years, close relatives of EU citizens and disabled (disability certificate required). Receipts of payment must be used within 90 days of receipt;
  • Hotel or hostel reservation with the address indicating the period of stay, cost and names of applicants.
  • Persons who purchased the tour in a travel agency need to provide original receipts for each tourist (including children) on full payment of the tour package. The receipt must list all services paid (accommodation, meals, transfers, insurance, excursions, train or air tickets, etc.);
  • Old passport and/or second valid passport, if any.
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Visa to Italy by invitation

Visa to Italy

In addition to the above listed documents

  • Invitation from Italian citizen or foreign citizen legally residing in Italy supported by a copy of passport (pages with personal data and personal signature) or residence permit. Invitation should indicate the period of the invitee’s stay in Italy, place of residence and it should be signed by the inviting person.

The embassy reserves the right in some cases to require additional documents and summon the applicant for an interview.

Transit visa to Italy

Visa-free transit through Italy is prohibited unless a tourist has a valid Schengen visa and documents proving the expediency or necessity of transit through Italy.

Visa to Italy

To get transit visa you should present practically the same documents as for tourist visa. However in this case instead of invitation or hotel reservation and receiving vouchers one should provide:

  • Visa of the state that is the final destination (if required);
  • Airline or train tickets or documents for personal motor vehicles;
  • Documents that would prove the necessity of transit through Italy (for example, tickets for the country of final destination, or a detailed itinerary or proof of ticket reservation to a third country, etc.).

Travelling with children

If you are traveling with underage children, you need to submit additional documents:

    Filled in Italian or English application form for a visa to Italy with the signature of both parents;

Visa to Italy

  • Birth certificate of the child (original + photocopy). If the birth certificate has the wrong surname for one or both parents, copies of documents proving the relationship (paternity certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate) must be provided;
  • When a child travels with one parent, a notarized permission from the other parent and a copy must be provided (valid for 30 days). A photocopy of the internal passport of the parent consenting to the entry and exit of the child is also required. If the child is accompanied by a third party, it must be a notarized authorization from both parents and a copy of it, as well as a copy and the original of the accompanying person’s visa and plane tickets;
  • In the case of death of one of the parents or deprivation of parental rights, notarized copies of the relevant documents must be provided. If one of the parents is missing, a police certificate is needed;
  • A copy of the first page of the parent’s passport and the page where the child is registered if the child does not have his passport.
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Power of attorney requirements

Visa to Italy

Documents for visa to Italy are submitted in Italian visa centers (for information about centers see below). Residents of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Murmansk and Region, Pskov and Region, and Karelia submit documents directly to the Consulate General of Italy in St.Petersburg.

Visa to Italy validity and execution period

Standard term of visa to Italy is from 7 working days. However, at the height of tourist season it may increase.

The Schengen visa is issued for six months, the period of stay in the country is limited by 90 days. Single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry visas are issued for a period of up to 1 year. Specific number of days allowed for stay in the country is set by the consular service in accordance with the terms specified in the invitation or hotel reservation.

Dactyloscopy (fingerprinting)

Fingerprinting (fingerprinting) has been compulsory since September 2015. Only children up to 12 years of age are exempt, all others have to come to the consulate or visa center in person. The procedure is performed as soon as possible, simultaneously with the filing of the main package of documents. “Validity period” of fingerprints is 5 years, after that it will be necessary to go through the procedure again.

Cost of visa to Italy

Visa to Italy

Consular fee for tourist or transit visa for citizens of Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine is 35 €. In urgent cases it is possible to obtain a visa urgently, the fee is doubled and is 70 €.

In Moscow the consulate fee is paid through the cashier’s offices of Banca Intesa ZAO located directly at the Visa Center. The consular fee is paid when the documents are submitted in roubles at the bank’s exchange rate. A service fee of 3500 roubles is charged for the services of the Visa Application Centre.

The consular fee is waived:

  • Children under the age of 6 years at the time of visa application;
  • Minors adopted by Italian citizens;
  • Close relatives of EU citizens (mother, father, wife, husband, children);
  • Diplomatic staff and administrative personnel of the Representative Office of the Russian Federation accredited in Italy and their family members;
  • Foreign citizens going on long business trips;
  • Persons of public importance.

Service fee for processing of documents is charged by visa application centers for each applicant.

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