Visa to the Czech Republic 2022. Documents and instruction

Documents for a visa to the Czech Republic

You may get on the territory of the Czech Republic only if you have an entry permit. Besides legalization of stay in the republic, Czech visa gives its holder the right to visit other European countries of the Schengen area.

How to prepare the documents for Czech visa by yourself

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Applications for the Czech visa in 2022 are accepted by the General Consulate of the Czech Republic and the visa centers (AVC). A fee is charged for the services provided by the staff of the visa application centres. Applicants/representatives of any age category should be prepared to pay the service charge.

The date of the consular visit must fall within a certain time frame (no less than 30 days and no more than 3 months from the date of travel). For persons wishing to acquire a multiple entry permit, pre-registration by telephone is practiced.

Applicants must be in person when the complete application package is submitted for a visa for the Czech Republic in 2022. Consular/Visa fees are paid locally and fingerprints are taken.

Standard package

Photocopies of documents in any format are provided on A4 sheets. The basic package must be complete:

  • A valid passport, current for at least 90 days following the date the trip ends.
  • Photocopies of the pages of the valid passport, with personal information, signature, photograph and visa stamps (if any).
  • Other foreign passports (valid or expired, supplemented by photocopies of the first spread and all visa stamps).
  • Civil passports (photocopies of pages with personal information and registration data of the place of residence). (2 color copies of 35×45 mm format).
  • Certificate of employment. It is customary to use a form on which company details are shown. Besides date of registration of the document (less than a month before submission) information on length of service, position and salary of the person, willing to get a visa, should be present. Reliability of the information is confirmed by the signatures of the chief accountant and director, as well as the seal of the enterprise. It is acceptable to provide a certificate of employment by form 2-NDFL. Documents of reference in which the salary is less than 700 euros are accepted with a disclaimer in the form of a comment of inconsistency. The applicant’s signature must not be identical to that of the manager/chief accountant. The applicant’s signature must be on the application form (item 37). For a child under 15, the application form must be signed by the mother or father. For children under 15, but not yet 18 years old, two signatures are required on the application form (the child and the mother/father). The fact that a Schengen-type entry permit has been issued during the last 3 years implies the need to sign in three columns of the application form.
  • Annex to the questionnaire form. Mandatory details include: Name and surname; trip start/end dates; passport number; hotel name, address and telephone number; advance meal reservation; flight, transfer; sightseeing tours; total amount on order.

Additional documents for entrepreneurs (IE)

Applicants in this category must complete the package:

  • A photocopy of the documentary evidence of being registered with one of the departments of the tax service.
  • A copy of the registration certificate confirming the status of the individual entrepreneur.
  • A certificate from the place of employment (less than a month must pass from the date of registration).

In addition to details of the organization must have information about the salary and position. Stamp (if any) is required. It is acceptable to provide a certificate on form 2 PIT.

Additional Documents Required for Employees of Enterprises

Citizens of this group are required to supplement the package:

  • A photocopy of the documentary evidence of being registered with one of the departments of the tax service.
  • A copy of the registration certificate confirming the status of the individual entrepreneur.
  • Certificate of employment signed by the individual entrepreneur (from the date of registration must be less than a month).

In addition to details must be present information about the salary and position. The presence of a seal (if any) is required. It is acceptable to provide a certificate in the form. 2 PERSONAL INCOME TAX.

Additional documents for people of retirement age and unemployed citizens

  • Certificate confirming the assignment of the status of a pensioner (photocopy);
  • Disability certificate (copy if any);
  • Account statement opened in the name of the applicant in a banking institution (must contain information on cash flow for the last 3 months). Other mandatory requirements include the absence of debt and the presence of a seal. The interval between the date of issue of the certificate and the date of submission of the document must not exceed one month.
  • A signed statement from the sponsor confirming their willingness to pay for the expenses during their stay in the country.
  • Certificate of employment of the sponsor (less than one month from the date of issue). Requirements: letterhead, stamp, address data, telephone number (with area code), position and salary. It is acceptable to provide a 2-NDFL certificate.
  • Documentary proof of relationship to the person acting as sponsor (copies).
  • Russian passport issued in sponsor’s name (photocopies of pages with personal information).
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In case of applying for a multiple entry visa, the letter signed by sponsor should be valid for the whole period of the entry permit.

Additional documents for minors

If a visa is required for minors, additional documents must be submitted:

  • Birth certificate (copy). If there is a change of surname in the biography of mother/father, which explains the discrepancy between the current surname and the one mentioned in the certificate, a copy of the document, accepted as proof of such a change, should be provided.
  • Statement (to be signed by a close relative, thus expressing willingness to sponsor the person going abroad).
  • Passport of the accompanying person, who is a holder of a multiple-entry Schengen permit (copies of spreads with personal information and visa stamps).
  • Copies of the passport pages of the accompanying person, which contain personal information (relevant for passport holders of countries that are not subject to the requirement of a Schengen entry permit).
  • Notarized consent (copy) for the child’s departure abroad, signed by the second or both parents (relevant for trips accompanied by one parent or a third party). The document specifies the dates of the trip. Also the phrase “to the Czech Republic and other Schengen states” should be present. Other information to be entered is the name / date of birth / passport number of the accompanying person.
  • Copy of death certificate of the parent (if any).
  • Certificate №25 issued by Civil Registry Office (actual for mothers who are bringing up a child alone).
  • The decision of a judicial body (copy) on the deprivation of parental rights (if any).
  • The decision of a judicial body (copy) on the recognition of a citizen as missing or a certificate issued by the police department, which contains the phrase “whereabouts unknown” (relevant in cases where it is impossible to establish the location of one of the parents).
  • Reference from the place of employment of the mother/father or both parents (less than one month must elapse from the date of issue). Requirements: letterhead, stamp, address, telephone number (with area code), position and salary. It is acceptable to provide a reference on Form 2 NDFL.

Additional documents for pupils and students

For children who are pupils of grades 1-11, submission of the certificate from the educational institution is not provided.

Those who are students must provide a student ID (photocopy). Reference from the place of study is not considered to be a required document.

The applicant must submit an account statement from a bank branch. If there are several accounts, a similar number of statements must be submitted. The current balance must be positive. The document must be stamped by the bank institution. No more than one month should pass between the moment the statement is issued and the time it is submitted. The statement must contain information about the belonging of funds to the person in whose name the account was opened (the amounts provided by the bank as the owner’s money are not considered). Also, the statement of open account must contain a currency coding. Failure to comply with this requirement is fraught with a refusal to accept the document by employees of the Czech Consulate.

Important: Sufficient to stay in the territory of the Czech Republic is 70 euros per day (the figure is based on the need to meet the needs of one citizen).

Travel documents

When you travel by plane you can show both the original and the booking of the flight ticket. The latter includes the following information in addition to the applicant’s surname and first name: flight/ticket number, date of travel, and airline name.

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Persons wishing to travel by train may present a train ticket (original or copy).

Russian citizens travelling by car must add photocopies of several documents to the main packet. This list includes a vehicle passport (abbreviation stands for vehicle), vehicle registration certificate, driver’s license, “Green Card” insurance policy.

It is not possible to do without a printout of the route in both directions. The starting point on the way to the Czech Republic must be on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the end point must be in the Czech Republic (when returning home, the points change places). The printout must contain all border points and stops with dates (including those within the Schengen area).

In addition to personal presence at the moment of documents submission to the Visa Application Centre (VZ) staff, the option of a representative who is not a close relative is available. It is important to note that applicants with a previously used Schengen visa, which has a VIS mark, may resort to this method.

Apply for a visa to the Czech Republic in 2022 for the applicant may also be a close relative. Persons in this category are parents, children (including stepchildren), grandparents, grandchildren and spouses in law. Brothers/sisters and other relatives can apply only with a signed power of attorney from the applicant.

The Czech Consulate General in Moscow accepts applications by appointment.

For citizens who have previously received a Schengen visa, it is possible to submit an application by a person in whose name a notarized power of attorney has been issued.

A parent or legal representative is responsible for applications for children under 18 years old. It is possible to enter the service center with a Russian passport.

Persons who are not citizens of the Russian Federation may submit a package of documents to the consular department (a certificate of employment and residence permit in the Russian Federation is required).

Applications for long-term visa are accepted by employees of diplomatic representations located in such large cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Rules for entry to the Czech Republic in 2022

In this article I decided to collect all the necessary information about how to get a tourist visa to Czech Republic in 2022. Here you will find answers to the following questions: what documents are necessary for a tourist visa to the Czech Republic for the Russians, how much does a tourist visa to the Czech Republic cost, the term of a tourist visa to the Czech Republic. And also is insurance necessary for visa to the Czech Republic, what financial documents are necessary, what is necessary for the child for the visa to the Czech Republic, and also whether it is necessary to have departure permission from the second parent. Where and how to pass the documents for a visa to the Czech Republic, the visa center or the Embassy, as well as whether or not you need to electronically record for submitting documents, read further, everything is in the article . In view of the new Schengen visa changes, which will enter into force on February 02, 2022.

Czech Republic tourist visa for Russians

General conditions for tourist visa to the Czech Republic

  • With short-term tourist visa you can stay in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days within six months from the date of border crossing (rule 90/180). Such visa can be granted for the period for which you fly. Short-term visas, in turn, are single-entry and multiple-entry.
  • For the initial application, the applicant must be present in person (except for children under 12 years). That is, to apply for a tourist visa to the Czech Republic, children are required only from the age of 12 years, until this age they can be left at home.
  • If the applicant already has a Schengen visa, it means he has already been fingerprinted, so he can submit documents for him: by notarial power of attorney, as well as for close relatives (spouses, children, parents) upon presentation of originals and copies of documents of kinship. Biometric data is valid for only five years, then it must be submitted again.
  • Validity of visa application and all annexes must not exceed 180 days, unless otherwise stipulated. Does not apply to passport or equivalent document, civil registry office documents and photo (if it is valid).
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages and be valid for three months longer than the duration of the visa requested
  • If after obtaining a visa if you change your hotel reservation, or transportation, or something else, it is worth informing the consular office by e-mail – to send copies of new documents.
  • Make an appointment at the visa center to apply for a visa from February 02, 2022, is now mandatory – write to the visa Czech Republic in Moscow here (at Kashirskoye Shosse, dom. 3, korp.2, p.4, Sirius Park Business Center, 2nd floor).
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Period of consideration of the Czech tourist visa

Assessment period (production) of the Czech (Schengen) short-term tourist visa:

  • In the case of regular application up to 10 business days, although the Czech Embassy recommends applying 15 business days before the planned trip
  • In the case of express filing usually 3 working days, but at the same time they write that they can not guarantee anything for sure, it depends what circumstances will be opened.

In especially complex and justified cases the period of application processing may be prolonged – up to 45 days from the date of application (these new changes will come into force on February 02, 2022).

Important: Each applicant submits a complete set of documents, even if the applications are submitted together by the family/company.

How much does it cost to get a tourist visa to the Czech Republic

How to get a visa to the Czech Republic for Russians in 2022?

To visit the Czech Republic, which is part of the EU and the Schengen area, Russians are required to obtain a visa. Depending on the purpose of the trip a specific category of pass is issued – Schengen, national, transit.

The Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen Union since 2022, so Russian citizens should apply for a Schengen visa for the most common trips to this country.

It can be a short-term or long-term permit to enter the Czech Republic, depending on the frequency of travel and purpose, the main thing is to submit all necessary documents for obtaining a particular type of visa.

Schengen visa is the most common, as it is suitable for the most popular trips – from tourist to therapeutic.

If it is necessary to stay in the country for more than six months, a national pass is issued, and for frequent visits – a multi-visa.

Can I enter the country without a visa?

The Russians without visa are not allowed to Czechia, therefore you must obtain it before you visit its territory.

But whether the Czech Republic visa is needed for long-term, short-term or transit visa depends on the specific purpose of visiting the Schengen State.

Regardless of the situations for the first trip requires a short-term Schengen visa, only then, under special circumstances, you can try to apply for a national pass category.

Visa categories

Schengen (C)

Schengen visa among Russians is in high demand – it is not as difficult to obtain as the national visa.

It is suitable for visiting the country for different purposes:

  • Tourist;
  • therapeutic;
  • business;
  • guest;
  • visiting an event;
  • educational.

A tourist can get a pass once or many times with the condition of staying in the country for not more than 90 days within 6 months. The maximum validity of a visa to the Czech Republic for Russians is 5 years.

Single entry permit entitles you to enter the territory of the country once within six months, multiple entry permit is designed for multiple entries into the country.

To obtain a multiple-entry pass, the applicant must document the reason for obtaining that particular pass.

National (D)

Long-term stay in the Czech state for objective reasons requires from a foreigner a more complex form of visa – national, otherwise – Czech visa.

National visa to the Czech Republic is necessary for Russians, who are planning to get education in this country, employment or moving to spouse who has Czech citizenship.

You submit documents by yourself and appear at the Embassy.

Independent travel to the Czech Republic - 2022. Prices and tips


Transiting through the country is possible in two variants:

  1. The Russian crosses the territory of the Czech Republic to visit a Schengen country.
  2. Russian crosses Czech territory to visit a non-Schengen country.

Both cases require a visa to the Czech Republic. For transit through the Czech Republic to the Schengen countries, the Russian citizen only needs a Schengen visa of the final country.

In the second case, a tourist will need to make directly to the Czech transit pass.

The country’s airports are arranged in such a way that you have to leave the transit area to take international flights.

Where to get it?


To apply at the Embassy/Consulate to apply for a visa to the Czech Republic on your own, you must sign up in advance:

  • On the official website;
  • by phone ( +74997034972 );
  • By email [email protected] .

Applicants will not be accepted without an appointment. It is important, there are only 5 available places per day, so you should call from the first minutes of the working hours.

At the appointed day and hour the applicant should come to the office with the whole package of documents.

There are only 3 such places in Russia:

  1. In Moscow.
  2. In St. Petersburg.
  3. Yekaterinburg.

Service-Visa Centres

In many cities of Russia there are service and visa centers of different countries, where it is much easier to apply for help in processing entry permits.

Consultants will prompt how to get a visa to the Czech Republic, will help with the execution of all documents, and especially the questionnaire, as well as personally send papers to the Czech representation, making it easier for the tourist.

Applicant only need to make an appointment and come up at a specified time with passports, paying a decent amount for the services of the center.

Travel agencies

The easiest option for obtaining a Schengen sticker is to buy a travel package from an accredited tour operator.

Agency itself submits all the documents and fills out the questionnaire, the tourist has only to apply to the organization for a suitable trip and tourist visa to the Czech Republic will be in his pocket.

However, the cost of travel and services for registration of a pass will cost the client a decent amount.

The agency can provide assistance in obtaining a Schengen visa, but this service will cost a decent amount of money.

Mediator helps to obtain only a standard category C visa, the other categories are processed independently.

Algorithm of Independent Registration

List of documents

The package of documents submitted to the Embassy to request a visa is not very large, includes:

  • Russian passport and a copy;
  • Foreign passport and a copy;
  • a completed and printed questionnaire;
  • photo;
  • medical insurance for a visa to the Czech Republic;
  • income certificates or bank account statements;
  • documents confirming the need to visit the Czech Republic.

Also may require paid return air tickets and hotel reservations.

All papers should be prepared in advance, but you should see to it that they were relevant at the time of application.


The application form is a four-sheet document with a specific list of questions.

The sections must be filled in Latin letters only, no mistakes are allowed.

Failure to submit false information can result in a permanent ban on entering the Czech Republic.

You can download and print the document on the website of the Czech visa center, or right here.

To avoid mistakes, please see the video guide with a sample of filling in the visa application form:


The Czech Republic in 2022 has the same requirements for printing a photo for a visa as it does for other Schengen countries.

The following requirements are set:

  1. The frame must be 3,5*4,5 cm , made without corners on a white background.
  2. The face as open as possible and free of bangs and long strands.
  3. The expression is neutral without emotion.
  4. The size of the face is about 70-80% of the total size of the picture.
  5. There should be no headgear, except for items of a religious nature.


A recently introduced prerequisite for obtaining a visa is biometric data.

The procedure includes taking a fingerprint and a digital photo. The procedure is not equal to that for the passport.

Biometrics can be done at the Embassy/Consulate or Visa Application Center for a fee.

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If you have previously undergone biometrics for 5 years, you do not have to submit data again – the information is contained in the unified system for the Schengen area.

Children under 12 do not have to undergo the procedure.


Under EU laws the application for the C pass takes 10-12 days, longer for the Czech visa.

In practice, the Schengen visa is issued within 7 days if the documents are in order and there are no questions.

If the embassy requires additional information, the applicant will be invited for an interview, and the period of issue is somewhat longer.

See the following video, how to conduct yourself at the interview at the consulate:

How much a visa to the Czech Republic is made by intermediaries, depends on the remoteness of the intermediary from the main Embassy. Given the collection and sending of documents, the process of obtaining a pass can become really long awaited.


Depending on whether you need a visa for Russians in the Czech Republic Schengen or a national visa, the cost of the consular fee varies.

Children under 6 years of age are free of charge for Schengen and national visas.

But for all categories of citizens from 6 years old category C will cost 35 euros for standard processing, and 70 euros for urgent processing.

Category D in 2022 costs 2,500 CZK. In addition, a service charge of EUR 25 applies.

Child visa

Children also require a pass, but the process is somewhat easier in the case of minors.

Parents who accompany their minor must add their birth certificate to the common passport package.

If a child travels with one parent (for example, a visa to the Czech Republic is issued at the invitation to participate in competitions), in addition there is a notarized consent of the second parent / guardian to travel.

If the child is traveling with strangers, consent is required from both parents/guardians.

When documents are submitted at the same time, a copy of the passports of the parents/guardians with a valid visa stamp is added to the child’s papers.

Visa validity periods

The validity of the stickers in the passports is not infinite and depends on what kind of visa you need to go to the Czech Republic and for what purpose.

The Schengen option has a maximum validity of 90/180 days for 6/12 months . National visa allows to stay in the country from 1 year.

If a tourist has not previously visited a Schengen country, he will be issued a visa for the number of days corresponding to the duration of the trip.

In the case of a multiple Schengen visa, the Russian citizen may visit the country on the same visa several times a year, but not exceeding a total of 90 days per half year.

Multivisa to Czech Republic

Multivisa is a Schengen visa for multiple use, ie, its owner may visit the Czech Republic several times in six months, but not more than 90 days over this period.

The visa is issued only on presentation of evidence that the Russian citizen needs to visit the country so often.

Important condition: prior to obtaining multivisa, Russian citizen shall have at least one mark of previous Schengen visa.

Denied visa: what to do?

The Czech Republic is very loyal to tourists from Russia, so rarely refuses to issue a visa, but there are such cases.

Common reasons for refusal:

  • mistakes in filling out the application form;
  • False information in the application form;
  • false documents;
  • insufficient funding;
  • violation of the conditions of stay in the Schengen area previously.

Since it is not difficult to get a visa to the Czech Republic, you should only provide accurate information and submit genuine documents. If you receive a refusal, do not get upset, double-check the data, correct errors and reapply.

If the refusal is unreasonable, you can appeal and write a letter of complaint to the management.

About all the nuances of Czech visa processing and the most common reasons for refusal of issuance, see the following video:

Obtaining a pass to the Czech Republic does not require much effort from the applicant, it is enough to determine the purpose of the trip and collect the appropriate documents, correctly fill out the application and wait for a positive result.

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