Vlora, Albania: tourist reviews and vacation tips

Hotel Vlora – Tourist reviews

Reviews about Vlora, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and did not like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Albania) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Vlore is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Vlore. Yachts, mountains, beauty.

I knew that for lovers of unconventional travel, Albanian Vlora was the place to be. I was attracted by the historical isolation on the one hand, and the proximity to the already familiar and understandable resorts like Montenegro and Greece on the other. So it turned out.

Vlora is a beautiful resort with lots of beaches and in general, all the infrastructure, to which many are so accustomed. The city is part of the so-called Albanian Riviera, which locals are justly proud of. It really has everything you need to have a great vacation. And the modest, and first-class hotels, and the same cafes and restaurants, and the opportunity to rent a yacht or ride the surf. After all, Vlore is a port, which means that the place is comfortable, active, romantic and open to the world.

On the other hand, when you come here you realize that in the very heart of Europe there is an island of something Asian or Middle Eastern, ancient and mysterious. Vlora is located right at the junction of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, opposite the Italian coast, next to Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. It absorbs the features of all the states bordering Albania, while maintaining its own special atmosphere.

A peculiar atmosphere

The nature and leisure conditions here are very usual. The same as we see in Greece or Bulgaria, for example. But to spend the vacations here is much cheaper than elsewhere. Hotels, restaurants, museums – everything is much cheaper than European prices, making the feeling that you’re somewhere in Asia (rather than opposite Italy, for example), only increased. Well, and the southern climate, the presence of minarets here and there, complete the picture. Besides, the very location – in the heart of resort places with high level of service – sets equally high standards for the town itself.

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Another sign – relevant to all of Albania – is the presence of bunkers scattered around the country, and Vlora is no exception.

From large to tiny, warehouse-like and cellar-like, they once numbered three times the population of the state. Afterwards it was decided to use the bunkers in some other way than originally planned. What was not done with them! There are now cafés, billiard rooms, and even saunas in Albanian bunkers…I came across a bunker that was used as a store.

To get to Vlora, take a plane to Tirana, and from there take a bus ticket (or rent a car, whichever is more convenient). Either way the travel time is about a couple of hours.

What did you like

The hospitality and quality of service here is top-notch. Yes, Vlora is not a world-famous resort, but they know how to receive guests! It’s Turkish heritage with its culture of hospitality, common Balkan traditions of sitting for coffee or rakija late into the night, changing dishes, and Italian cuisine. It is customary here that respectable people of age serve guests as hostesses and maitressees. This expresses additional respect and shows how long the experienced professionals work in their wonderful business.

It is customary to come up and ask if you liked everything and if it was good. And it’s always delicious! And the portions are big, whether it’s a spicy fish soup, a plate of fragrant smoky grilled meat, aivar, kaimak, or something else.

In the hotel (we had a multi-storey with luxurious conditions – for only 17 euros per night) everything is also up to the mark, at, I repeat, low prices. Also pleasantly surprised that the staff speaks many languages, by the way, sometimes including Russian. The reason is history. Our countries once interacted, and there are Serbs next to us with the Cyrillic alphabet, which is comprehensible both to them and the Russians; and Italy, which used to colonize Albania.

Tourist reviews about Albania. Holiday tips - 2022

History is everywhere

As the center of historical events throughout the centuries (the Turks, Italians, Yugoslavs and Germans have had interactions and conflicts with Albania), Vlora is a city rich in attractions. And most of them are of a religious or military nature. So, I couldn’t help but see the cult place, Kuzum Baba Terrace, with the tomb of Seyyid Ali Sultan (Kuzum Baba), a Sufi temple and a panoramic view of the city. Sufism in the center of Europe is a unique phenomenon. The second country where you can enjoy their amazing culture is Turkey.

And to see them spinning to the rhythm of qawwali (religious music accompanying medieval poetry), dancing maulavi (ritual dance), you need to book tickets in advance and arrange a trip. Here, too, Sufis sing and dance, praying to God in this way, simply by walking out of the temple – something you can often witness. Don’t forget to take pictures of such color! As is the city, the view of which opens from a height of several dozen meters. At the same time to the observation deck (which, not only the Terrace and the mosque, but also restaurants) it is easy to get on foot, climbing from the city itself.

Another detail – there are many preserved ancient monuments, such as the amphitheater Orikum,

the ruins of the ancient city of Apollonia, the colonnade and the Odeon. It’s all a legacy of the Greeks. In the midst of beautiful nature, it looks like a wonderful setting for an ancient tragedy. But even against the backdrop of enchanting landscapes, the scenery of Llogar National Park impresses even the most discerning traveler. It is a state reserve, with forests, hills, and beaches in the area. Despite the unspoiled nature, I found here and neatly embedded signs of civilization – in the village of the same name, which has everything you need for recreation of modern man.

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Just come.

At the same time, there are no special requirements and rules of stay for guests here, despite the fact that Albania is an Islamic country. The inhabitants of Vlora are used to tourists from all over the world. Mini, for example, I do not like, but taking into account the heat here, of course, I stopped at open shoulders and skirts of medium length. And I also adore light dresses and never once caught a greasy or judgmental look.

In general, you want to see the historical monuments of different countries, and ride a boat, and enjoy nature (and all this – twice cheaper than in neighboring countries)? This is the right place for you!

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