Water Parks in Dubai and UAE

Overview of the best water parks in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Attractions in the UAE amaze the whole world with their magnificence, scope, a unique synthesis of innovation and identity, and water parks are no exception. Created in the best traditions of an oriental fairy tale using the latest technology, the water amusement successfully achieves its main goal – to make a stay at the water park interesting and comfortable for absolutely everyone: children and adults, fans of extreme sports and leisure. That is why these entertainment water complexes are especially popular among the guests of the Emirates. This article will help you decide which water park is best to choose in the UAE.

Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai: Towards Water Adventures

aquaventure waterpark

Aquaventure is located on the bulk island of Palm Jumeirah near the hotel Atlantis, and today is considered the best water park in the Middle East. It has earned this honorary title by being the biggest water park in the world:

  • The largest area among the water parks in Dubai;
  • Exclusive attractions with the highest adrenaline release;
  • The longest high-speed cable ride in the region;
  • The longest waterslide in the world.

The complex is famous for its attraction “Leap of Faith”, which offers to rush at high speed in a transparent tube, which starts at the highest tower of Neptune and runs through a pool with sharks and stingrays.

For the younger visitors of Aquavenchour Aquapark there is a special Splashers children’s play area with safe slides and exciting games.

Fans of relaxing by the water can enjoy a walk on the lazy river park length of 1.5 km, and spend time on the indoor beach Atlantis Beach or in special pavilions near the pools. Aquaventure has an exclusive reserved area, Neptune’s Chambers.

Discounted tickets for the different water parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be purchased at the website of Turistino Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai: Visiting Sinbad the Sailor

wild wadi

The water park is located in the elite area of Dubai, close to the hallmark of the city – the Burj Al Arab and the Madinat Jumeirah complex. Design of the park allows you to feel in a revived eastern fairy tale.

Wild Wadi offers a full range of over 30 attractions, including a dizzying freefall slide and the region’s largest wave pool.

Each guest of the park can go on an adventure along the Wadi River full of amazing riddles. The route consists of steep turns, and ends with an unexpected descent in complete darkness, giving the maximum thrill.

The creators of the water park have taken care of children’s safe leisure in a specially equipped play area, where the kids will spend their time cheerfully and actively, enjoying the favorite water fun.

In the Wild Wadi you can have a tasty snack in a cafe and buy souvenirs in the souvenir shops.

Laguna Waterpark: Experience the latest in water fun

laguna waterpark

The water park is part of the La Mer beachfront promenade in Dubai. In addition to a variety of water slides, the park has plenty of fun for all tastes.

  • The competition in the fastest descent with the fixation of each result on the scoreboard. At the end of the day the winner is announced.
  • Two children’s zones:
  • Splash Pad interactive playground for kids up to 4 years old;
  • Aqua Play castle with slides for children from 4 to 12 years old.
  • State-of-the-art WaveOz 180 FloRider Surf Center, whose pool has adjustable wave size and water speed.
  • The Pool is a deluxe lounge area that includes: pool, hookah lounge, cafe and beach access.
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The newest attractions, surfing base and, of course, a place to relax – everything you need for a complete leisure, you will find in the water park Laguna.

Legoland Waterpark Dubai: The water manifestation of LEGO tradition

legoland waterpark

Legoland is a water park focused on recreation with children. The complex has more than 20 attractions with different levels of difficulty. You can take a breath, and get a new portion of pleasure in the pool with artificial waves, which will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children.

A distinctive feature of Legoland is a great opportunity for every child not only to have fun in the water park, but also to show their engineering abilities, imagination and ingenuity. The thought of building a boat or raft with their own hands leads kids into excitement, not to mention the very process of creating a watercraft from soft LEGO parts. The intrigue reaches its climax during the testing of the fruit of their creation in the waters of the lazy river Legoland Waterpark.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi – the crown jewel of water activities

yas waterworld

The bulk island of Yas near the capital of the United Arab Emirates is the epicenter of entertainment that simply cannot be imagined without a waterpark. Yas Waterworld is impressive in size, numbering 43 rides, 5 of which are unparalleled in the world. Many slides are designed in the form of fantastic creatures, and equipped with incredible special effects.

Once in the water park, you can take part in an exciting quest for a water park symbol – a magical pearl, which will give the residents happiness and prosperity, and the participants of the expedition – a sea of impressions.

Diving for pearls – another famous amusement at Yas Waterworld, which allows you to learn the basics of this extraordinary profession, and if lucky – to become the owner of a treasure shell.

In the children’s area young guests will be entertained by: a pirate ship, a tower, bubbling geysers, creating a fun splash.

Surfing Center “Bubble’s Barrel” on the basis of the water park will conquer the experienced surfers the steepest waves in the country, as well as give beginners the opportunity to use the services of experienced instructors in mastering the sport.

With a ticket, you have the option of taking a free transfer to Abu Dhabi Waterpark from Dubai. Get tickets and information about the transfer you can ask the Russian-speaking employees of the company Turistino Dubai.

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Water parks in the UAE: plunge into a world of vivid emotions

Even if, being in the Emirates, you prefer to rest on the beach, be sure to devote at least one day to go to the water park. Here you will be able to return to your childhood, carefree riding on the slides or in the artificial waves of the pool. Fans of extreme sports will tickle their strong nerves, and fans of leisurely pastime will enjoy peace in the comfortable lounge areas.

Top 6 water parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: how to save up to 50% on tickets

Dubai has long been established as an ultramodern tourist center, European civilized and safe. The city’s guests are welcomed by extra-class hotels, shopping and entertainment for all tastes and wallets.

Everything seems to be cool, but there’s just one thing – it’s too hot in the summer (May through October). In 40-degree heat it’s hard to do anything not related to water and the beach. There is a way out – the water parks are located along the beach line of Dubai, so do not have to go far away anywhere.

Speaking of water parks in Dubai, tourists usually recall only two: Wild Wadi and Aquaventure. Meanwhile there are six of them!

Legoland Water Park – perfect for preschoolers

Legoland Water Park is one of the newest and most modern water parks in Dubai. Probably one of the best places for recreation with children from 2 to 10 years. However, the popular Wild Wadi and Aquaventure are aimed at a different category of visitors.

Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park.

Legoland Water Park is part of the huge entertainment complex Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is a half-hour drive from Dubai Marina. The water park is themed Lego and everything connected with it.

The younger kids will enjoy the protected area Duplo Splash Safari with its hilarious animals and animators. The older kids will love the Build-A-Raft Rive, where they build their own raft and then ride it on the lazy river, and the Joker Soaker – a multi-level interactive complex.

There are no super-cool and extreme slides here. Everything is made to maximize the safety of children. But adults will also find something to do. For example, Build-A-Boat attraction, where one has to build his Lego boat and check its buoyancy, for some reason is more popular among the adults.

In general, the water park has over 20 slides and attractions. In addition, Legoland in Dubai is not just a water park, but a complex with an amusement park next door. Many families plan to visit both at once in a day, which is logical, because the amusement park is also in the theme of Lego.

Legoland – a great alternative to the promoted Wild Wadi and Aquaventure, not only because of the narrower focus on the kids, but also on the price. Firstly, it is easy to visit on their own, using public transport. Secondly, buying tickets in Touristino, you save an additional 10% of the price at the box office:

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Touristino At the ticket office
Legoland Water Park 54$ 67$
Children under 3 years old Free with proof of age.

I will not write about the prices of food and services here, as there is a full article that I recommend you read before you visit this park. Legoland has some downsides to prepare for.

AquaFun – water obstacle course

AquaFun is hard to call a water park in the full sense of the word, but the place is excellent It will be very enjoyable for groups of friends and families with children from 6 years old. The waterpark is designed in the form of a pink and blue city logo and is located in the sea 35 metres from The Beach at Dubai Marina.



The AquaFun offers 74 obstacle course with varying difficulty levels: slides, ramps, stairs, jumps, horizontal bars, rings and simply a colourful inflatable track. In terms of load this obstacle course corresponds to the level of sports training. During one hour of play you can burn up to 800 kilocalories!

The opportunity to compete with each other all day long costs 150 AED (UAE currency) for adults (from 13 years old), 120 AED for children. If you buy 4 or more tickets at the same time – 110 AED/ticket, regardless of age.

There can be no more than 350 people at a time, so don’t plan your visit for the weekend (Thursday to Friday).

Wild Wadi – Dubai Classics

Wild Wadi is located in close proximity to Madinat Jumeirah, so most of the slides have great views. Guests can see the sea, the famous Sail and Wave hotels and the spectacular panorama of Dubai’s skyscrapers that look like a mirage in the haze at the peak of the heat.

Wild Wadi is a classic family water park in Dubai: 30 slides and rides stylized as the plot of the Arabian tale of Hodja Nasreddin. The character is little known in Russia, unlike the water park.

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi

This water park in Dubai will be of interest mainly to teenagers and young adults. Entertainment for the kids is limited to Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon with mini slides, buckets and water guns. And for everyone else:

  • Master Blaster, a slide where the visitor moves on the tubing not only down by gravity, but also up, where they are pushed by jets of water from the pumps.
  • Jumeirah Sceirah with almost vertical descent and speed up to 80 km.
  • Action River – a river, but not a lazy one, but with waterfalls, rapids and waves up to 1 meter.
  • Wipeout and Riptide – a wave pool for surfing.
  • Juha’s Journey – a classic 360 meter lazy river.

The water park belongs to Jumeirah hotel chain, so the guests of Jumeirah hotels have free admission. The rest of the same I recommend buying at the company Turistino, as at the box office (as is usually the case in the Emirates) prices are higher:

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At the box office Touristino
Adult (over 110 cm) 91$ 68$
Kids (under 110 cm) 77$ 61$
  • Bus: Routes 8, 81, 88 and X28 to Wild Wadi 1 or Wild Wadi 2.
  • Metro: Take the red line to Mall of the Emirates station and then walk 3 km to the sea (or you can take a cab).

Laguna Waterpark – A new mini waterpark with style

Laguna Waterpark looks quite small compared to other water parks in Dubai. There are only 4 special zones: a tower with five water slides and rides, a children’s part, a relaxation pool and a surfing center.

Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark

The water park, as well as La Mer beach, where it is located, is just over a year old. However, it has already managed to win the title of “superflight beach attraction” among fans of vivid fresh experiences. Tranquil entertainment at Laguna is limited to the lazy river and the relaxing pool, but extreme lovers will finally take their hearts out:

  • The Saucer is a dark tunnel with steep twists and turns. The descent is accompanied by bright optical illusions, which create an inexpressible visual effect.
  • Free Fall – free fall with acceleration.
  • The Manta is a combination ride with high-speed spins, dizzying serpentines and sharp turns. In addition, at some point gravity simply disappears.
  • Constrictor – a ride on a 1 or 2-person “doughnut” in a tube with steep turns, mind-boggling drifts and stunning visual effects.
  • The Loop – the floor suddenly falls out from under your feet and you will dash through the tube with three loops, which will betray the fantastic acceleration and give a lot of adrenaline.

You can buy tickets at the ticket office for 145 AED or from Turistino for 115 AED.

To get to La Mer Beach you can take a bus (routes 8, 9, 88, C10 and X28 to the stop Century Plaza 1 or Century Plaza 2) or a cab.

Aquaventure Waterpark – Famous, but with a twist

Aquaventure Waterpark was voted the best water park not only in Dubai, but in the entire Middle East in 2016. Previously, it was a “must see” – something you had to visit while in Dubai. Now it’s not so clear-cut.

Aquaventure is a classic family water park, extreme lovers will be bored. Of course, in 2013 they launched four extreme slides and the longest ziplane in the Middle East, but still, the main attractions of the park remain the old classics slides, among which stands out only the Leap of Faith – a rapid descent through a 27.5 meter long transparent tube surrounded by sharks and stingrays.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark

Most slides have a height limit of 1.2 meters, but younger children will not be bored, for them, organized a play area Splashers with tunnels, tubes and mini-gates.

Prices at the water park are high. At the box office of the park the entrance ticket costs $109. The Lost Chambers Oceanarium has recently been included in the price. Nothing interesting (for the extra $15 ticket price) at this oceanarium, but you can’t pass it up! The only way to save money on very expensive tickets was to buy them online from Turistino: $87 for adults and $71 for children.

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Yas WaterWorld in Abu Dhabi is the best there is.

Yas Waterworld is the best alternative to the outdated and overpriced Aquaventure! And it’s not just the price.

It is the most “traditional” of all the water parks in the UAE. The theme is based on a local legend about a girl who is looking for a pearl that brings prosperity to the people of her village. No Disney storyline or cartoon characters, everything is exclusively local. Tourists will appreciate it, given that downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi lack that.

Yas WaterWorld in Abu Dhabi

Yas WaterWorld in Abu Dhabi

Yas WaterWorld is best suited to families with children who have a large age difference. It’s hard to keep a 15 year old and a 3 year old occupied at the same time and have them both excited. To a greater extent, this variety of entertainment provides amusement parks in the neighborhood, which can be visited with one ticket!

Right now, Touristino offers very economical rates in the summer and a free lunch included with every ticket:

Touristino OFF SITE
Yas WaterWorld. Adult: $65 with lunch. $84 without food
Kids under 130 cm: $65 with lunch. $80 without food
Ferrari World + Yas WaterWorld in one day Adult: 91$
Kids under 12: 91$

Now compare with the prices at Yas with the prices at Aquavenchur Tickets at Yas WaterWorld are cheaper, and the entertainment is twice as much! And there’s an oceanarium at the Dubai Mall, and it’s free.

Which water park should I choose?

In my opinion, Yas WaterWorld in Abu Dhabi is the undisputed leader among all the water parks in the UAE. But do not ignore the others.

Young people and fans of extreme sports will definitely be more interested in Laguna, the more so La Mer beach itself is a wonderful place, trendy and a bit eccentric.

Families with toddlers should definitely visit Legoland, attractions which are aimed not only at entertaining the child, but also for its development.

Well, tourists living in the Marina area will definitely not resist a visit to AquaFun, because the laughter and fun to watch from the side is impossible.

And that’s it! I hope my article will help you make the right choice and not limit you to the classic Wild Wadi and Aquaventure.

I hope that’s all I wrote. I would love for you to rate this article:

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