Weather and seasons in Eilat by month. When is the best time to relax

Weather in Eilat by month

Eilat’s tourist season: when is the best time to relax? When does the beach season start and when does it end? When is the best time to go with the kids? Eilat – weather by months and resorts: average sea and air temperature, humidity, driest places, precipitation and daylight hours by month, sunrise and sunset times, average annual water and air temperature, map of Eilat. When is the cheapest time to go to Eilat? High and low seasons. Holidays in Eilat in spring, summer, autumn and winter – reviews of tourists about the weather and not only.

Water and air temperature by month

Average Air Temperature Air temperature during day Air temperature at night Water temperature
Jan. 14 C° 20 C° 9 C°
Feb. 16 C° 22 C° 11 C°
March 19 C° 25 C° 14 C°
Apr. 24 C° 30 C° 18 C°
May 28 C° 34 C° 21 C°
June 31 C° 37 C° 24 C°
July 32 C° 38 C° 25 C°
Aug. 32 C° 38 C° 26 C°
September 30 C° 36 C° 24 C°
Oct. 26 C° 32 C° 21 C°
Nov. 21 C° 26 C° 15 C°
Dec. 16 C° 21 C° 11 C°

Precipitation, humidity, and daylight hours by month

Precipitation Rainy days Humidity Dawn Sunset Average daylight hours
Jan. 6 mm 60 % 06:34 17:03 11 ч
Feb. 7 mm 55 % 06:19 17:28 12 ч
March 6 mm 50 % 05:54 17:54 12 ч
Apr. 5 mm 45 % 06:13 19:06 13 ч
May 3 mm 40 % 05:47 19:25 14 ч
June 2 mm 40 % 05:39 19:40 14 ч
July 2 mm 40 % 05:50 19:40 14 ч
Aug. 2 mm 45 % 06:07 19:19 14 ч
September 2 mm 50 % 06:24 18:44 13 ч
Oct. 5 mm 55 % 06:32 17:59 12 ч
Nov. 5 mm 55 % 06:04 16:45 11 ч
Dec. 8 mm 60 % 06:26 16:43 11 ч

Is the climate in Eilat dry or humid?

The average annual rainfall in Eilat is 53 mm. This type of climate can be classified as dry.

When is the best time to vacation in Eilat?

There is no single answer to this question. It all depends on the purpose of the trip, the composition of vacationers and budgetary constraints.

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Beach season in Eilat

The best season for beach recreation is March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, as the water is already warm enough and you can swim in the sea. But it should be noted that the opening of the beach and swimming season is in February and the end – in December, as in these months the sun is usually enough for a nice tan, and the most hardened swimmers and swimmers.

Thus, the beach season in Eilat lasts from February to December, that is, 11 months.

When is the best time to go to Eilat with a child?

If you go to Eilat with children and are planning a beach holiday, then the best time to go would be March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November: the water is well warm and the sun is warm and gentle. If the vacation is in May, June, July, August, September, it is better to swim and sunbathe in the morning or evening, and be at the hotel during the daytime hours.

In April, May, June, July, August, September and October in Eilat you can sunbathe, but the water for a child is likely to be warm enough, so it is better to choose a hotel with a heated pool.

High and low season in Eilat

There is no “high” and “low” season as such in Eilat. The number of tourists increases, usually on holidays and vacations. So if you want to save money, we advise to visit Eilat at another time.

When best to vacation in Eilat

When to vacation in Eilat

Dreaming of a beach vacation in Israel? We tell you about the weather and seasons in Eilat by month. See the temperatures and rainfall along the Red Sea coast. When is the best time to vacation in Eilat? Tourist reviews about the weather in the resort.

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When best to vacation in Eilat

One of the most prestigious resorts in Israel receives tourists all year round. In summer, those who can tolerate the heat at +37. +40 ° C go here, so vacationers are few. In winter, too, Eilat is not filled to capacity. From December to February on the northern shore of the Red Sea is moderately cool weather. The air temperature is +22. +27 ° C and sea water of +20. +22°С.

Most tourists come to the popular resort in spring and autumn. When best to vacation in Eilat? The most favorable months are April and October. At this time the thermometer does not rise above +28 . +32 ° C, and at night does not fall below +18. +22°С.

Weather in Eilat by month


Water and air temperature. In the middle of winter is rather fresh. The average air temperature during the day +17.5 ° C and at night +11 ° C. The sea water is warm up to +21°C.

Weather conditions. Eilat is relatively dry in the coolest month of the year, and the humidity is 67%. It rains less than in December, cloudiness is variable. For the evening and morning promenades will be useful warm clothes and a light jacket!

Tourist feedback. In January in Eilat is not hot, but the beach holiday is comfortable. Do not bathe in the morning, but in the middle of the day. For a vacation with children, get a hotel room with a heated pool.


Water and air temperature. It gets warmer in February. The average daytime air temperature is +21 ° C and the average sea water temperature is +21. +22°С.

Weather conditions. The resort is sunny and windy. It rains a little, and the sea is often stormy. Do not forget to take windproof clothing.

Reviews of tourists. If you want to rest without the crowd of tourists, it is better to go to Eilat in February. True, fresh winds are not particularly conducive to beach recreation and diving. Holidaymakers prefer hiking, sightseeing, ATV and jeep safaris, kiting and windsurfing.

When to vacation in Eilat

ATV safari (Photo: / @saharkanyas)

Water and air temperatures. In March, the air temperature is +19. +24°С. Sometimes the thermometer rises to +26 ° C. The water temperature in the Red Sea +21 ° C.

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Weather conditions. The spring is not as cool as the winter months, but not as hot as the summer. The resort wind khamsin blows. Especially strong gusts of wind are in the morning and evening.

Feedback from tourists. Changeable weather makes adjustments to the beach vacation. Tourists sunbathe in the daytime, when the wind abates, and in the evenings wear fleece and windbreakers.


Water and air temperatures. The sun is shining in April in Eilat. The air warms up to +24. +27 ° C and sea water up to +23 ° C.

Weather conditions. The level of solar activity is already high. Do not forget to take a good sunscreen on your trip! An umbrella is hardly needed, because according to the forecasts there is only one rainy day in the month.

Tourist reviews. In April, Eilat is in high season, and the tours are not cheap. The biggest increase in prices is on the Jewish Passover – Passover. Vacationers are popular with beach recreation, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, diving, sightseeing, shopping and gastronomy.

Weather in Eilat by Month

Hotel in Eilat (Photo: olafpictures /

Water and air temperature. In May, the air temperature during the day is +27. +34 ° C, and at night + 20. +22 ° C. Seawater is warm +24°C.

Weather conditions. The last month of spring is the driest month of the year. Due to the low humidity, it is easy to bear the heat. From the strong ultraviolet radiation is protected by shady parks and air-conditioned rooms.

Tourist reviews. Israel’s resort is liked by fans of the warm sea, sightseeing and water sports. May is the time when it is best to go to Eilat with children. There are still years of intense heat, and the water in the Red Sea is well warmed up for swimming.

Water and air temperature. In June, the air temperature rises to +35. +40 ° C, and sea water – to +24. +25°С.

Weather conditions. The Israeli resort is hot and dry. Humidity is only 40%, it never rains.

Tourist reviews. In summer, fewer tourists come to Eilat than in spring and autumn. The reason is the hot weather. Little relief bring only small breezes that blow from the sea. According to reviews, in June in Eilat pleasant evenings. After sunset the thermometer sinks to +20. +23 ° C, and tourists can rest from the summer heat.

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Water and air temperature. In the middle of summer, the air temperature is +40. +45 ° C and the sea water +26. +27°С.

Weather conditions. July Eilat is sunny and hot. There is no rain, humidity – 40%. Any shade or room with air conditioning is a salvation from the sweltering heat.

Tourist feedback. In July at the resort few foreigners and more Israelis who are used to the hot weather. True, according to reviews, the heat in Israel is easier to endure than at sea resorts in Turkey. Go on excursions hard, so most of the day vacationers spend at sea.

When to vacation in Eilat

Eilat (Photo: / @joshappel)


Water and air temperatures. The weather in August is similar to that of July. The air temperature during the day is +40. +45 ° C, and at night +26 ° C. The sea water is very comfortable +27 ° C.

Weather conditions. The sun shines from morning to evening. There is no rain, and the humidity is not high – 45%.

Tourist feedback. Despite the heat, the beaches of Eilat are filled to capacity. The vacation season has begun, and everyone wants to warm up by the warm sea. At the end of summer, vacationers choose diving, parasailing, riding a “banana” and windsurfing, and go on excursions rarely.

September .

Water and air temperature. In September, the heat subsides. The air temperature in the first decade of the month is +38. +40 ° C, and at the end of +33. +34°С. At night, the thermometer decreases to +24 ° C. The sea water is warm +25. +26°С.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours is reduced to 12 hours. There is still no rain.

Tourist feedback. In early autumn, the bathing season in Eilat continues. Tourists enjoy warm evenings, pleasant sea and interesting excursions. For a vacation with a child choose the second half of September, when it is not so hot.

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Eilat holiday season

Sapsurfers in Eilat (Photo: / @joshappel)


Water and air temperature. In October, the air temperature is +33°C and the seawater is +24°C. A full summer by our standards!

Weather conditions. In the fall, the humidity rises to 55%, and one rainy day is possible. Umbrella is not relevant. It is more important to take to Israel sunscreen with a good degree of protection.

Tourist reviews. In October, tourists from Northern Europe and Russia willingly go to Eilat. It is much closer to Israeli resorts than to Southeast Asia, especially since Thailand at this time – the rainy season. Vacationers enjoy swimming in the sea, sunbathing, sailing, going on trips to the desert and diving.

November .

Water and air temperature. In November, the air temperature is +26. +30°С. The water in the sea is warm to +23. +24 ° C. For Israelis is already cool, but tourists from northern countries rejoice in the warm weather.

Weather conditions. There are still 28 sunny days. Daylight hours are down to 10.4 hours. Rains are unlikely.

Tourist reviews. The high season in Eilat is coming to an end and the tourist flow is decreasing. According to reviews, during the day it is good to swim in the sea, scuba dive and go on excursions. In the evenings at the resort cools to +16 ° C, so you can’t do without warm clothes.

Air and Water Temperature in Eilat

In November, the sunny days are still numerous – 28. Photo: komsai /


Water and air temperature. With the onset of calendar winter, the air in Eilat cools to +15. +20°C during the day and +10°C at night. The sea water is still warm +23 ° C.

Weather conditions. Sunny days are much more than cloudy. The amount of precipitation is small – 10 mm. It is not necessary to worry about the rain!

Reviews of tourists. According to holidaymakers, the weather in December is not suitable for holidays with children. In winter, the Red Sea is warmer than the air, and it is chilly to get out of the water. Curious tourists switch to excursions. Visit the famous mines of King Solomon and the Dead Sea!

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