Weather and seasons in Pattaya by month. When it’s better to rest?

Weather in Pattaya by Months

Today Pattaya has grown from an unremarkable fishing village into a major resort town of Thailand. It is an incredible mix of cultures, traditions and recreation, attracting more than 9 million people a year. But most interestingly, in translation, the name of the city itself literally means “southwest wind, marking the arrival of the rainy season”. Let’s find out why this is so, and at what time is best to plan your trip to Pattaya.

Pattaya’s climate and weather

The geographical location has rewarded Thailand with three seasons: dry, rainy and relatively cool. Pattaya is a southeastern resort, located on the edge of the Gulf of Thailand, has actually two seasons.

In Pattaya they are divided:

  • The dry season from November to April (rainfall occurs a maximum of ten times during this time, and then – the rain that lasts for half an hour, stopped abruptly, after which again scorching sun and high humidity reigns)
  • The rainy season begins in late May-June and lasts until October (short showers – literally, an hour or two, most often occur at night up to 5 times a week)

The location has given Pattaya a unique subequatorial climate. There are no extreme temperature peaks and heavy rainfall. In addition, the resort is located in a sheltered bay, so the coast is not a strong wave, there is no danger of tsunamis. Tourist season tends to fall in the dry season. Although, knowledgeable tourists, or have been in Pattaya more than once, not afraid to plan your vacation in the rainy season. During this time, the weather is almost the same as the dry season, only at night it gets cooler because of the precipitation. The only significant disadvantage is the constant high humidity.

Given the minimal rainfall in Pattaya, the driest month is December. In addition, it is also the coolest! Can you imagine how many tourists come here on New Year’s Eve! Prices at this time, starting from early December, grow exponentially!

The water temperature off the coast of Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand all year round at a magnificent +27 +28 ° C.

A favorite time for tourists. From frosts and snow many “escape” to warmer climes, choosing Pattaya because of the comfortable climate and warm sea. From December to March in Pattaya, you can get a great tan. But only if you follow certain rules: be on the beach until 11 am maximum, in the open sun – no more than half an hour. For our tourists, “bursting” to the heat and sun – it is usually unthinkable rules, so, as a rule, after two or three days of Russian-speaking travelers can be recognized by red faces, shoulders, and burnt noses, and some manage to get sick with heat stroke. To properly tan, but not covered with spots, the first stay in the open Thai sun should not be more than 15 minutes, you can gradually increase the interval.

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You must carry bottled water and sunscreen with maximum protection everywhere! Everywhere, even in the water, you should wear a hat.

Contrary to myths roaming around the Internet, it’s never +50°C at the resort! Unless, of course, you are standing with a thermometer on the hot sand in the middle of the beach. In winter the maximum temperature in Pattaya is +30°C in the shade, the temperature may vary within one or two degrees. At night it is a little cooler (about +25+26°C). There is a peculiarity: such temperature is observed rather on the coast. In the urban “jungle”, because the buildings are heated and give off more heat, the temperature can reach +33 ° C.

There is almost no precipitation in winter, but the humidity is high. Of particular note – in January, the water in the Gulf of Thailand is the coolest – about +26 ° C.

During the period from November to March hotels are booked several months in advance, so you should either count on last minute tours, or choose an early booking. During this period, Pattaya has the highest prices – three to four times higher than in the off-season.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Pattaya is +19°C!

The water in the coastal area of Pattaya in terms of purity is not always the best. Many tourists prefer to go to the neighboring islands as part of excursions, at the same time for a beach holiday.


It is possible to get burnt even in cloudy weather. Pattaya, like the rest of Thailand, is located in the tropics, where the ultraviolet is merciless.

The whole week in April the Thais celebrate the New Year. From 13 to 19 April during Songkran people usually poured water and smeared each other with white clay.

In total, there are eight beaches in Pattaya, but the good ones are few, such as the largest Jomtien and the best maintained Wong Amat.

During the period of relative coolness, the city buildings play into the hands of locals and tourists by cooling the air. So if the forecast says the temperature is +30+31°C, most likely it will actually be no more than +28°C.

From the end of July usually comes a period when the jellyfish are especially active. These sea creatures live in the Gulf of Thailand, and are very fond of the coastal waters of the sheltered bay of Pattaya, and in rainy weather or after a storm their number increases dramatically.

At this time on the beaches there are special operational patrols and medical teams to assist vacationers. Bites are not a serious threat, but can cause great discomfort, especially in children.


The kitesurfing season starts in November and runs through March. But on the public beaches of Pattaya to ride a kite is forbidden – you can be thrown on the shore, and then suffer a large crowd of vacationers. In addition, the green area and a succession of sun loungers also does not contribute to safety. Therefore, the only place where you can ride is the beach next to the Ambassador Hotel on the Blue Lagoon. There are several kite schools and kite rentals available.

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On the beaches you can go flyboarding – a great, but expensive activity in Pattaya. Mesto with the fact that if you try once, the experience will be impossible to forget!

Of extreme entertainment in the city – quad biking and cable cars (Cable Rides).

The activity period of jellyfish in the Gulf of Thailand lasts until mid-November.

Weather and Seasons in Pattaya

When to vacation in Pattaya

Weather in Pattaya by Month. We tell you about the peculiarities of the rainy season and beach holidays. Air temperature, sea water temperature, rainfall and reviews of tourists. When best to go to Pattaya.

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When is the holiday season in Pattaya

Thailand has a subequatorial climate. In winter and summer, the air temperature is about +30 ° C. The temperature of the sea water does not fall below +27 ° C.

The best time to vacation in Pattaya is the dry season, which lasts from November to March. During these months there is no exhausting heat, heavy rains and rough seas.

When to vacation in Pattaya

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya (Photo: / Dusit Grand Condo View)

When is the rainy season in Pattaya

The humidity increases in March. In April and May, it rains more and it is very hot. This weather is uncomfortable for holidays, so spring in Pattaya is a time of low season.

In summer, the rains continue, but they are short-lived and do not particularly interfere with recreation. The main monsoons come in September, October and the first half of November. In the fall, it rains a lot, the sky is overcast, and the sea is often stormy.

The fruit season in Pattaya

When is the fruit season in Pattaya? Thanks to the warm tropical climate, there is fresh fruit in Thailand all year round. Pattaya markets and stores always sell watermelons, melons, bananas, pineapples, grapes, guava, papaya, litchi, dragonfruit, chompu and rambutans.

If you visit in winter, you will catch the season of Thai strawberries, tangerines, tamarind, passion fruit and jackfruit. From April to September you can enjoy exotic durians, and from January to June – tender mangoes. All summer and fall in Pattaya there are plenty of mangosteens, lettuce, noina, pomelo, sapodilla, carambola and longan.

Air and water temperature in Pattaya

Lychee (Photo: su-lin /

Weather in Pattaya by Months


Water and Air Temperature. In January, the temperature is warm +28. +32°С. Water temperature +28 ° C.

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Weather conditions. The sun shines over the coast, there is almost no rain. One or two days with brief precipitation fall per month. There are no strong winds in January. Only fresh breezes in the evenings or early in the morning are possible.

Reviews of tourists. Winter is a high tourist season not only in Pattaya, but in all of Thailand. This is the time when it is best to go on vacation in Pattaya, because the weather is beautiful. There is no dissatisfaction – in January in Pattaya all kinds of beach activities and outdoor activities are available.


Water and air temperature. In the middle of winter at the Thai resort it is warm +30. +32°С. The temperature of sea water is +27. +28 ° C, and in shallow waters the sea is heated even more.

Weather conditions. In terms of weather, February is similar to January. In Pattaya, it is warm and dry. Strong winds are rare, the days are sunny. The rainfall is small, for a month there are only 2-3 short showers.

Tourist feedback. In February, the high season in Pattaya continues. As in January, this is the best time to rest in Pattaya. Hotels, beaches, excursions and shopping malls are crowded, and the streets of the city are crowded with traffic. Vacationers are pleased that in the middle of the calendar winter you can swim in the warm sea and sunbathing, scuba diving and sea fishing.

When to rest in Pattaya in Thailand

Noisy Pattaya at night (Photo: / @hannynaibaho)

Water and air temperature. In March, the air temperature rises to +31°C. On some days the thermometer rises to +34°C. Sea water is warm +29 ° C.

Weather conditions. Spring is gaining momentum and there is a lot of sunshine. The length of daylight hours increases to 12.2 hours. There are no strong winds and insignificant sea disturbances. Storms in the Gulf of Thailand occur only during thunderstorms.

Tourist feedback. The weather is changing, the tourist season in Pattaya is on the decline. According to reviews of holidaymakers, the March weather is hot, but it is easy to escape the heat in the shade of trees and in air-conditioned cafes. Two or three rainy days do not spoil the vacation at all!


Water and air temperature. In mid-spring the heat comes to Pattaya. The air temperature rises to +32. +36°С. The sea water is very comfortable +30 ° C.

Weather conditions. In April, there is only 45 mm of rainfall. The real rainy season in Pattaya has not yet begun. Stand cloudless days, and you can easily get burnt.

Tourist reviews. April weather gets more negative reviews. Tourists do not like the intense heat, high humidity and almost no wind. Breathing on the coast is hard, so in April it is better not to rest in Pattaya for families with children and elderly tourists. But the month is good for fans of boisterous celebrations, because it’s Thai New Year – Songkran.

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What the weather is like in Pattaya

View of the evening resort (Photo: / @autthaporn)

Water and air temperatures. In the second month of the hot season, the air temperature is +32. +34°С. The sea water is warmed to +31°C and the surface layer to +32. +33°С.

Weather conditions. Compared with April, the rainfall increases by half. May has 5-6 rainy days. The humidity in the air is high and the air is hard to breathe. In the second half of the month, fresh breezes start blowing from the sea and it becomes easier.

Tourist feedback. Because of the heat and stuffiness, May is a low season month in Pattaya. In late spring, tourists are not advised to come to Thailand for anyone who has problems with the heart and respiratory organs.

Water and air temperature. The peak of the hot season in Pattaya is over. In June, the resort becomes a little cooler. The air temperature is +31. +32 ° C, and sea water +30 ° C.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours are very long – about 13 hours. The number of sunny days is reduced to 9-10, there are a lot of clouds in the sky. There are thunderstorms with gusts of wind, the sea is rough. You should not plan a lot of marine excursions!

Tourist feedback. After short tropical downpours, the city streets quickly dry out, so the rains don’t stress tourists. Vacationers like warm weather, empty beaches and a wide variety of excursions.

When the Rainy Season in Pattaya

Ko Lan Island, Pattaya (Photo: / @a_pril)

Water and air temperature. In mid-summer, the air temperature is +30. +31°C, and sea water +29. +30°С

Weather conditions. Cloudiness in July is variable, but the sun is enough for a good tan. Rainfall reaches 150 mm per month. The rains are not long and they do not interfere with the resort life, swimming and sightseeing.

Tourist Reviews. The rainy season in Pattaya is not as bad as they write about it in the press. In July in Pattaya is better to come lovers of deserted beaches and a quiet holiday by the sea. A big bonus – the tours are cheap.


Water and air temperature. August is hot and humid days. The air temperature is +31 ° C. At night the thermometer falls only to +26. +28°С. Water in the Gulf of Thailand is warm +30 ° C.

Weather conditions. By the end of summer, the rainfall increases to 180 mm. But the main monsoons are still ahead!

Tourist feedback. Despite the frequent rains, there are many visitors to the Thai resort. Tourists like to swim in the sea, sunbathe, go to the crocodile farm, the Nong Nuch tropical garden and zoos.

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Weather reviews for Pattaya

Nong Nuch Tropical Garden (Photo: Mika Stetsovski / / CC BY 2.0 license)


Water and air temperature. In September, the air temperature is +31. +32°С. The water in the Gulf of Thailand is warm +29. +30°С.

Weather conditions. With the onset of autumn in Pattaya comes the real rainy season. For a month falls 175-190 mm of rainfall, the sea is often stormy. At the peak of the monsoon, Thais do not leave home without umbrellas and raincoats.

Tourist feedback. September is not too suitable for long excursions and boat trips. According to tourist reviews, most of the month the sky over Pattaya is covered with clouds. Vacationers spend time in entertainment centers, water parks, go to Bangkok and get acquainted with Thai cuisine.


Water and Air Temperature. In October, the air temperature during the day +31. +32 ° C, and at night +25. +27°С. The sea water is warm up to +29. +30°С. Swimming – a pleasure!

Weather conditions. Monsoon season in Pattaya continues. The rains are short and heavy every other day. Sometimes the sky over the coast closed with clouds for 2-3 days in a row.

Tourist feedback. Despite the vagaries of the weather, the number of vacationers at the resort is increasing. October – the transitional month to the high season in Pattaya. At this time, winterers arrive in the city – tourists who come from cold countries until spring.


Water and Air Temperature. In November, the air temperature is +31. +32°С. The water in the Gulf of Thailand is heated to +29 ° C.

Weather conditions. By the end of autumn in Pattaya, the monsoons recede and the rainy season ends. The number of sunny days is 25. The main precipitation occur in the first half of the month.

Tourist reviews. In Pattaya begins the long-awaited dry season, the weather improves, and resort life comes alive. According to tourists, with children in Pattaya, it is better to rest in the second half of November, when the probability of rains is less.

When it is better to rest by the sea in Pattaya

Pattaya (Photo: / @a_pril)


Water and air temperature. At the beginning of winter, the air temperature is +30. +32°C, and at night +20. +25°С. The water in the sea is warm up to +28°C.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours lasts 11.5 hours. There is almost no rain and strong winds. Dry, clear and warm weather guarantees an excellent holiday.

Tourist reviews. In December in Pattaya, the high season, so the resort gathers tourists from all over the world. Especially noisy the city becomes on Catholic Christmas and New Year. The large difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures is comfortable for the well-being. Tourists who come to Thailand from the middle latitudes, it is easy to acclimatize to the hot subequatorial climate.

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