Weather and seasons in Sicily by month. When to go?

When is the best time to go on holiday to Sicily?

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean in southern Europe, separated from the “toe” of the Italian boot by the small strait “Messina,” which is crossed by ferry within 20 minutes. It is known to the common man by the volcano Etna and bright red oranges, but to tourists the island appears more versatile. Read our article on Tour Calendar to find out why Sicily is at its best in the second half of spring and much of the fall.

The hot Sicilian sun, the magical scenery, the gentle Mediterranean Sea - in season millions of tourists go to the island

The hot Sicilian sun, the magical scenery, the gentle Mediterranean Sea – in season millions of tourists go to the island

The tourist season in Sicily

It is almost all year round and the island is bathed in the sun’s rays. The tourist season in Sicily begins in May when the weather warms up. The end of the season is in October. Along the indented coastline of more than 1000 km there are a lot of excellent beaches. The first thing tourists come to Sicily for a classic beach holiday, and in the second – to explore the many attractions that have a relationship to different eras of history. Also of great interest is an excursion to the active volcano, the highest in Europe.

The high season in Sicily

June, July, August and early September is the high tourist season in Sicily. Everyone who misses the generous hot sun comes here. Among the vacationers are couples with their children, lovers of all ages, groups of friends and solo travelers. Wherever a wanderer does not set foot in the summer season, the influx of people will seem excessive.

Low Season in Sicily

From November to April, the island experiences a decline in tourist activity. The weather gets colder. Although some tourists are waiting for this time, because the budget for a winter vacation in Sicily is much lower than what you need to set aside in the summer.

Beach season in Sicily

The swimming season in Sicily lasts for 6 months

In Sicily you can find beaches for all tastes: sandy, pebbly, sandy-pebbly, stony. Sicily has a warm climate, making it possible to swim for a long time. In the very first month of the season, May, the water temperature is already 22 ° C. Officially, the bathing season ends in late October, when the sea is still very comfortable for swimming at 22 ° C – 23 ° C.

The Velvet season in Sicily

The second half of September, October and sometimes early November are the Indian summer swell of Sicily.

The velvet season in Sicily, compared with other Mediterranean resorts, is too displaced by winter. As a rule, once October ends, the beaches are not deserted: the daytime in the first half of November is still warm and the sea does not think to cool down – 20°C – 21°C.

Festival time in Sicily

Sicilians are a hospitable and fun-loving people. Every month there are religious events, festivals and concerts. On average, more than a hundred a year. Catholic Easter is one of the most intense holiday periods on the island, with grand feasts and mass festivities. In May the International Beach Festival opens, in July Taormina welcomes the Festival of Films, on August 15 – the All-Italian Festival of Ferragosto, in September there is the Festival of Couscous, Wine Festival and Festival of Italian Ice Cream, November 1 – All Saints Day, December 20 – St. Lucia, the patroness of the city, December 25 the Catholic Christmas is celebrated in style, January 6 – Epiphany.

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Skiing season in Sicily

In December there is a lot to do on the island: Go for a drive on Etna!

You can go to Etna not only for an introductory tour, but also to ski at the foot of the volcano. I assure you that you will never forget it. The ski season in Sicily starts in December and ends in March with the first melting of snow.

Climate in Sicily

Sicily is dominated by a tropical Mediterranean type climate. Summers are hot and dry, and winters are warm but rainy. Less rainfall is experienced in the interior of the island, isolated from the sea. The rugged mountainous terrain has led to significant variations in the island’s climate depending on the altitude of an area. The higher above sea level, the lower the temperatures and the higher the rainfall throughout the year. The southeastern part of the island tends to be drier and warmer than the northwestern areas. It’s also less windy.

Sicily in Spring

In spring, the island is experiencing almost summer weather, so warm is this time of year.

Spring in Sicily is brightly colored and the air smells of oranges and wildflowers. The daytime in March is cool, around 15 °C-16 °C, and the snow begins to melt in the mountains. In April, the bright sun warms the air to 18 °C, and in May to 22 °C. But it is still cold at night. Towards the end of the season there is a reduction in precipitation, with the southern coast being particularly dry.

Weather in March April Weather Weather in May
Average temperature +12 +15 +18
Daytime temperature +15 +18 +22
Nighttime temperature +9 +11 +14
Water temperature +14 +15 +18

Sicily in summer

Summer in Sicily's resorts is very hot, and the water is extremely warm

As already mentioned, summers in Sicily are very hot. The temperature ranges from 26 ° C in June to 29 ° C in August. The maximum temperature of the water during this time is 26°C-28°C depending on the location of the resort. In the evening, it gets cooler, but not by much – only 4°C to 5°C less. The sun shines through the clear skies for 10 hours a day. The southwestern coast of Sicily is often attacked by an unbelievable heatwave: The hot, dry air is blown in from North Africa by the hurricane wind, the “Sirocco”. During this period, the sky is completely hidden behind a dusty sand curtain.

June Weather Weather in July August weather
Average temperature +22 +25 +26
Daytime temperature +25 +29 +29
Nighttime temperature +18 +21 +22
Water temperature +21 +25 +26

Sicily in Autumn

One can only envy the Sicilian autumn, or rather the islanders

September is one of the most beautiful months of the year. The exhausting heat is gone, the temperature has dropped a few degrees. In the next two months, the temperature ranges from 22°C to 18°C, but the nights get colder. Despite this, the bathing season continues until “the very end”, i.e. the first days of November. Short showers hit the island at this time, leaving 7 hours of bright sunshine in October and 5 in November. By the end of the season, the top of Mount Etna is covered with a thick layer of snow, as this region experiences snowfall in late fall.

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Weather in September Weather in October Weather in November
Average temperature +23 +19 +16
Daytime temperature +26 +22 +18
Nighttime temperature +19 +16 +13
Water temperature +25 +22 +19

Sicily in winter

In general, Sicilian winter is snowless, warm days at this time a lot, but without rain do not do

In general, Sicilian winter is snowless, warm days at this time is quite a lot, but it does not do without rain

Winter in Sicily is unpredictable. On clear days you can take a leisurely stroll at the foot of the volcano, or go skiing at the ski resort. The average temperature for the season is 15 °C and the average minimum is 8 °C. It is safe to say that there are no frosts with temperatures below 0 °C on the coast. Snow falls in the higher areas. Winter is the wettest season in Sicily with light but frequent rainfall. In general, winter days for the cold season on the island are quite sunny: the sky “sees” up to 4 hours of sunlight per day.

Weather in December Weather in January Weather in February
Average temperature +12 +11 +11
Daytime temperature +14 +13 +13
Nighttime temperature +10 +8 +8
Water temperature +16 +15 +14

What are the prices of holidays in Sicily?

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The indisputable fact is that most of the year Sicily is saturated with sun. But the most favorable time for a beach holiday on the island is possible only at the end of May – beginning of June, in September and October. For sightseeing, in addition to the months mentioned above, you can safely go to Sicily in April and November. Tour-Calendar hopes that it has helped you navigate the many seasons of holidays in sunny Sicily.

Weather and Seasons of Sicily

When to vacation in Sicily

Before you travel, find out what the weather and seasons are like in Sicily by month. Air and water temperatures, precipitation and climate features. When is the best time to travel to Sicily? Tourist reviews.

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When’s the best time to vacation in Sicily?

The Mediterranean has a mild subtropical climate, so the Italian island is good for a vacation at any time of year. When is the beach season in Sicily? Lovers of warm sea come from the second half of May to the end of October. Most of the tourists are from mid-June to early September, when the sea water is heated to a comfortable +23 ° C. +28 ° C.

Weather in Sicily by month


Water and air temperature. In the midst of winter in Sicily, you can walk in a sweater or light jacket. The average daytime temperature is +10. +12 ° C and +4 ° C at night. The water in the sea is cool +15 ° C.

Weather conditions. During the coldest month of the year in Sicily, the weather is sunny, but variable. When the cold winds blow in from the sea, it begins to rain. An umbrella comes in handy!

Tourist Reviews. January in Sicily is warmer and more comfortable than elsewhere in Europe. Explore the archaeological sites on the island, go skiing in the mountains near Palermo or on the slopes of the volcano Etna.

Weather in Sicily by Month

Palermo Cathedral (Photo: Libera Strega /


Water and air temperatures. In the last month of winter, the air temperature is +10. +15°C and sea water +14°C.

Weather conditions. Mild, sunny weather is pleasantly warm. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky, it rains, and in the mountains it snows. The amount of precipitation is moderate – 45 mm.

Reviews of tourists. In the low season, tours to Sicily are inexpensive. Hotels offer great discounts, so you can rest in comfort. According to reviews, February is good for hiking, sightseeing and skiing.

Water and air temperature. In March, spring declares its rights. The temperature rises to +16. +18°С. The water in the sea is still cold +14 ° C.

Weather conditions. The snow in the mountains is melting, so the ski season ends. In coastal areas it is already warm, everywhere blossom primroses and green fields.

Tourist feedback. Many believe that March is not the best month to vacation in Sicily. In early spring, a gusty wind from the Arabian Desert – sirocco strikes southern Italy. It dramatically changes the weather and brings heat or excessive humidity.

When is the swimming season in Sicily?

Mount Etna, Catania (Photo: notiziecatania /


Water and air temperatures. Mid-spring on an Italian island is similar to our summer. The air temperature is +15. +22 ° C and sea water +16 ° C.

Weather conditions. In April there are 20 sunny days. The weather is warm, the sea blows in breezes, and precipitation is low – 28 mm.

Tourist feedback. April is a month when it is better to vacation in Sicily for nature lovers. The island is very beautiful! Citrus trees, apple trees and cherry trees bloom. In the second decade of April, tourists wear shorts and T-shirts and some brave ones already swim in the sea.

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Water and air temperature. In late spring, the temperature is a comfortable +19. +25°С. The water in the sea is warm up to +19 ° C. In Sicily the bathing season begins!

Weather conditions. There are a lot of sunny days – 24. Compared to April, the rainfall is reduced by half.

The feedback from tourists. Vacationers like the cool weather. In addition to beach recreation, diving, surfing, yachting and excursions are popular. In May, locals start catching tuna, so tourists enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

When is the best time to relax in Sicily?

Mazzaro beach with fine and pleasant pebbles, Taormina (Photo: / @tintels)

Water and air temperature. It gets even warmer in early summer. The air temperature is +25. +30°С. The sea water is well warmed up for swimming +23. +24°C.

Weather conditions. Sicily is so good that in June, not only foreigners but also locals rest on the beaches. There is no need to worry about rain – precipitation is rare in summer.

Tourist reviews. During the high season, vacations in Sicily are expensive, but this does not stop anyone who wants to swim in the warm sea and enjoy the flavor of Southern Italy. According to reviews, June is the best time to go to Sicily with children. Before the heat sets in, enjoy a beach holiday and entertainment!

Water and Air Temperature. It’s very hot in the Mediterranean. The thermometer by day does not fall below +30 ° C and often tends to +40 ° C. At night the temperature is +21. +23°С. The sea water is warm to +26. +27°С.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours are more than 14 hours, the sun burns since early morning. The warm sea and almost complete windlessness increase the feeling of heat.

Feedback from tourists. Holidaymakers complain about the intense heat and advise to wait out the hot time under air conditioning. In July, tourists spend most of the day at the sea and in the pools. Excursions and hiking are not popular.

Air and Water Temperature in Sicily

Turkish Steps, Agrigento (Photo: / @donfontijn)


Water and air temperature. August is the hottest month in Sicily. The air temperature in the shade is +38. +40°С. The sea water is like steamed milk +27. +28°С.

Weather conditions. In late summer, the island is sunny and dry. Rains are a rarity. The sultry weather pleases everyone who can easily tolerate the heat.

Feedback from tourists. In August, Europeans go on vacation en masse, so the beaches are crowded. In Italy there is a sale season, and shopping lovers come to Sicily. Hiking and trekking in the mountains is tiring because of the heat. Tourists enjoy relaxing by the sea, doing water sports and diving.

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September .

Water and air temperature. In the first half of the month, the air temperature is high at +27. +30 ° C, then the heat goes down. The water in the sea is warm +25. +26°С.

Weather conditions. With the onset of autumn in Sicily, it is better to rest for those who do not like the heat. It is dry weather, but there are years when the wind rises, and over the island there are short showers.

Tourist reviews. Velvet season in Sicily pleases with sunny days, warm sea and discounts on tours. In September, grapes are harvested and colorful couscous and chocolate festivals are held. Schoolchildren and students begin the school year, so there are fewer beachgoers.

When to vacation in Sicily

Mondello Beach, Palermo (Photo: archer10 /


Water and air temperature. In mid-autumn it is still warm. The air temperature is +22. +24°С. Sea water at the beginning of the month is warm to +24 ° C, and by the end cools to +21. +22°С.

Weather conditions. In the first half of October it is dry and sunny. Then the weather deteriorates and storms begin. In the flat areas of the island it rains, and on Etna it snows for the first time.

Tourist reviews. In the last month of the bathing season vacationers on the beaches of Sicily are still there, but after October 15, rarely anyone goes into the water. Tourists are advised to take light clothing, warm clothing, waterproof shoes and an umbrella.


Water and air temperature. In late autumn, the temperature drops to +17°C during the day and +11°C at night. The sea water is cool +19. +21°С.

Weather conditions. There is a lot of sunshine in November, but it can be windy and rainy. For hiking you need a warm sweater and a windbreaker!

Feedback from tourists. Despite the fact that it is cold to swim, tourists willingly go to the island. In the fall, it is better to go to Sicily for a relaxing vacation by the sea, sightseeing and gastronomic tourism. Try the young wine, the freshly picked artichokes and the fresh olive oil!

When to go to Sicily

Piazza Pretoria, Palermo (Photo: / @cristina_gottardi)


Water and air temperature. With the onset of winter, it gets colder to +12°C during the day and +6°C at night. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is +18 ° C.

Weather conditions. December in Sicily has mild weather with occasional winds and light precipitation. It rains in the seaside towns and snow falls in the ski resorts of Nicolosi, Linguaglossa and Piano-Battaglia.

Tourist reviews. Winter is no less interesting time to travel to the island. The season of oranges, grapefruit, pomelo and lemons begins in Sicily. In the second half of the month there are more tourists. Many come to the picturesque island to celebrate Christmas and spend the winter vacations here.

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