Weather and seasons in Sochi by months. When to go

Weather in Sochi by months

Thanks to the Olympics Sochi became much more modern, its infrastructure has been updated and improved, it became much more pleasant to rest in it, but now the most popular resort in Russia continues to evolve. The city stretches for many kilometers along the Black Sea coast, it has many excellent hotels and beaches, museums and parks, interesting architecture, constantly held various events – in short, the guests will have something to do.

Sochi’s climate and weather

Only here you can relax in the true subtropics right in Russia. The climate is influenced by two main factors: the proximity of the sea and the mountains. The Black Sea provides the coast with heat, and the mountains protect it from the cold northern winds, creating a cozy haven.

Tourists visit Sochi all year round, because there are all conditions both for summer beach holidays and for winter therapeutic and recreational. Summer weather is stable hot and smooth, sunny almost every day, winter is also not cold, although every year there are short periods of frosts. Spring comes early, and it gets warm quickly. But many people consider Sochi’s autumn the best time of the year, which differs from the northern regions not only by warmth, but also by a large number of clear sunny days, which makes it much more pleasant than autumn in many other subtropical regions.

High season in Sochi lasts for three summer months. Prices start going up as early as May, and in June even soar – a sure sign of the beginning of the high season. Exactly in June the swimming season opens, and a lot of tourists from all over the country come to Sochi – the summer Sochi’s population grows from 400 thousand to 5 million people, the city becomes a center of attraction for artists – there are many festivals, starting with the famous “Kinotavr”.

Although the Black Sea is not as rich in flora and fauna as the Caribbean or Andaman, but in Sochi you can find well-equipped diving centers and learn to dive the seabed. There are training courses to help you get the hang of it and save time on future trips. Experienced divers here can also be surprised: extreme dives into the underground cave and alpine lakes are available. Yes, and the sea itself is of interest, because there was a lively shipping since antiquity, and therefore you can arrange an expedition to the sunken ships.

In autumn comes the velvet season – it usually lasts throughout September, often capturing the first two weeks of October. At this time it is still warm and you can swim, but it is the best time for excursions in the city and its surroundings – the weather is warm, but not hot, conducive to long walks. A good time for excursions will also be a spring – April-May.

In winter, the ski season comes, and tourists go primarily to Krasnaya Polyana with its several major ski resorts. Thanks to the Olympics, their infrastructure is one of the best in Europe.

Weather in Sochi by months

Blossom of nature – spring in Sochi

March in Sochi is often rainy and unfriendly to visitors, although the weather is already in the springtime: temperatures are usually above 10 degrees centigrade. On some days it reaches up to 20 ºC, but you never know if you will be able to catch them.

In March you can already visit the city for sightseeing and relaxation, but it is better to plan your visit for the next month, because in April the weather improves quickly. Although it does not vary from year to year, and sometimes most of the month is the same as in March, so check the forecasts beforehand. But it usually gets warmer by the day and rains are infrequent.

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In May it is the climatic summer, the city is buried in flowers and greenery, and even at night it is quite warm. In the second half of the month you can already swim – in good years, the sea is warm enough and the beach season begins, in colder years, however, you’ll have to wait until June. But even if the water is cold, the weather in May is pleasantly warm and not too hot – a good time to walk and sightsee.

Summer sea and sun

In June it is not just warm, but often hot. Those who do not like the heat, it is recommended to visit Sochi in the first half of the month, because further it will become more scorching. The water gets warm to comfortable values, although on some days there are strong winds blowing, which cool the water – they take away from the coast its upper layer, instead of which from the sea depths rise cold masses. That’s why you can’t swim every day – the more so that you don’t usually want to do it in windy weather.

But this happens rarely – most days in June are warm, dry and windless, so the number of guests in the city sharply increases with the start of summer, and everyone tries to get to the beach first thing.

In June, Sochi hosts the Kinotavr Film Festival, which brings together a lot of Russian film stars. It’s a great opportunity to see your idols up close – the festival is open and anyone can get in.

July and August are equally scorching hot, and it’s hot during the day and, unlike June, even at night. But thanks to the fact that Sochi is located near the mountains and the sea, the heat here is not as debilitating as it is in the interior of the continent. At the same time June is the driest month, and in July the precipitation gradually increases. But they fall mostly in the evenings and at night, so beach rest is not much of a hindrance. And even if the clouds appear in the sky during the day, it often makes the weather more comfortable.

But despite the mild climate, it is still undesirable to go to Sochi in these summer months if you suffer from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases – the heat and high humidity in combination may give a negative effect.

August feels a little cooler than July – the temperature is the same, but the winds blow stronger from the east. But the sea warms up even more, and in August there are the best days for swimming.

Mild Sochi autumn

Autumn in Sochi is mild and warm, at least at first. Throughout September you can continue to bask on the beach – the sea remains suitable for bathing. Still, gradually the air is getting colder and the rains are more frequent, but the velvet season continues until the end of September. There is free rein for fans of sailing: the winds gain strength, the sea near Sochi is deep even near the coast, and the coast is little rugged.

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Only in October begins to feel that autumn is near: the rains are still frequent, and the nights are already cool, the winds continue to gain strength. It’s still warm during the day, around 15-20ºC even towards the end of the month, so the weather is still fine for excursions – and the prices are a lot lower than in summer. In warm years you can swim almost the end of the month.

In November, however, it’s really autumn: the sun hides behind clouds, the wind blows hard, and you don’t really want to go out anymore. Although the weather is not always like that: November is very changeable, once it was cold and slushy – and now the sun is warming up and it’s getting warm again. Nevertheless, we would not recommend to go to Sochi in this month.

The low season is a time for treatment in the outskirts of the city, because there are many places with curative waters: Matsesta, Kudepsta, Chvizhepse, Imeretinskaya Plain, and each of them has its own list of illnesses, for which their waters help.

Winter rains and fog

December in Sochi can be compared with the beginning of autumn somewhere in the Perm region – during the day the temperature stays around 8 º C, at night frosts may occur. Sometimes it gets suddenly warmer up to 15-20 ºС, but the temperature rarely gets below zero. It snows in the mountains. In the city, it is cloudy most of the time, making it the darkest month of the year.

January is colder than December, but not by much – the temperature rarely drops below 5 º C, sometimes, as in the previous month, there is a sharp warming, as if for a day or two summer returned. It often rains, and in the mountains there are heavy snowfalls.

February is not much different from the first month of the year, except that it gets a little clearer. The sea is the coldest all year, so there is constant fog and cold rains along the coast. January and February are often stormy. In general, winter is mild and warm, and snow in Sochi – a fairly rare phenomenon. But still rest in winter not in the city, but at ski resorts near Krasnaya Polyana.

When is it better to go to Sochi for a vacation?

Sochi is the unofficial summer “capital” of the country. The 2014 Olympics gave the city a strong impetus to attract more tourists, and not only in summer. The capital of the 2014 Olympics is located on the southern slope of the Western Caucasus in the heart of the eastern Black Sea coast. Read our article on Tour-Calendar to find out which parts of the year are ideal for beach and ski holidays in Sochi.

Sochi is Russia's only resort, which is open all year round

Tourist season in Sochi

Big Sochi is the largest modern Russian health resort of federal status, and one of the longest cities in Europe: its length is 145 km! It is a unique balneological, ski, tourist and excursion resort, as well as a sports and business center, arranged at the highest level. After Sochi was approved as the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics, many new hotels, stadiums and congress halls were built and the city’s infrastructure and sport and tourist facilities were thoroughly improved. During the season, from around April to November, the city’s population grows from 400 thousand to 5 million.

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High season

As you know, in summer, Sochi is quite expensive city. Prices for food go up, and so does the price tag of hoteliers. As a rule, staying at a hotel from April till late May will cost 20%, and from June till late August (high season) 45%-80% more expensive than during the low season. This growth is due to an incredible influx of tourists. The city is known not only as a tourist and business, but also as a cultural center. Many famous artists and showbiz stars come here with their programs. In the summer the city hosts the annual international film festival “Kinotavr”, and Sochi turns into a place of pilgrimage of famous film directors, actors, professional connoisseurs and just fans of cinema.

Low season

There is no clearly defined low season in Sochi. Almost immediately after the end of the beach holiday the ski season opens. A small lull occurs from about mid-October to late November, and from late April to mid-May. It should be reminded that after the resorts go home, the city continues to receive guests: it is time for business trips, forums, congresses and conferences at the highest level. Thus, it is Sochi, where the International Investment Forum takes place regularly.

Beach season in Sochi

Mass swimming season in Sochi begins in mid-June

Beach season in Sochi begins in late May. By this time, the water temperature warms up to +17 ° C … +18 ° C. Of course, this is quite small figures for comfortable swimming, but sunbathing, in case of good weather, no one has cancelled. And as a rule, if spring is not late at all, already in May the weather in Sochi can rarely disappoint its many guests. By mid-June the water temperature reaches +21 ° C. In July, along with the establishment of the summer heat, the water can already be quite warm: +23 ° C. This is why families with children prefer to vacation on the beaches of Sochi from mid-summer. During the last month of the summer season sea water is very warm: about 25 ° C.

Velvet season in Sochi

The velvet season in Sochi gives vacationers a lot of privileges and, of course, the beautiful weather.

Already in the first days of autumn, hot weather in Sochi changes to pleasantly warm. This is the time of the velvet season – a favorite of many tourists. Typically, in Sochi, this period lasts through September, sometimes spilling over into the first 2 weeks of October. Water temperature is about +22 ° C. +23 °С. It is impossible to know for sure whether you will be able to swim in October or not. It depends entirely on the weather. It can “please” with the sun, or prolonged rains and storms, after which the sea for some time becomes cloudy and cool, it is not really pleasant for swimming.

The best time for excursions

It is better to see the sights of Greater Sochi in warm weather

Sightseeing tour of Greater Sochi is best scheduled for a period of warm, cool weather

On the territory of Sochi is concentrated mass of a variety of attractions. And not only man-made, but also of natural origin. Good weather will only benefit exciting trips. We advise to plan tours at the end of April, May, the first half of June, September and early October.

Ski season

December at the ski resort

The place of pilgrimage of skiers in Sochi is the area of Krasnaya Polyana, which includes several ski resorts: Rosa Khutor, GTZ Gazprom, Gorky Gorod. About eighty percent of all ski trails in Krasnaya Polyana are concentrated at Rosa Khutor, where it is now possible to ski from November to early May. The resort is proud of its artificial snowfall system, which is the largest in Europe. It is worth noting that in terms of climatic indicators Sochi ski resorts are in no way inferior to the best European counterparts. After 2014, the same can be said about the overall infrastructure of tourist and sports facilities of Krasnaya Polyana.

Navaginskaya Street in Sochi.

Health season

Sochi nature takes care of your health, come here in the off-season and feel its life-giving power

Sochi nature takes care of your health, come here in the off-season and feel its life-giving power

Sochi is the main balneological and health resort of Russia: the healing hydrogen sulfide waters of Matsesta, iodine-bromine waters of Kudepsta, narcan spring of Chvizhepse, silt mud of the Imereti lowlands in tandem with effective treatment methods and recreational facilities attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from far and near abroad all the year round. But medics claim that the best time for recovery procedures is autumn-winter and spring periods.

Time of holidays and festivals

Sochi is a holiday city on its own, and if you get into one of its festivals then the emotions of rest will be trebly vivid

Sochi is a holiday city itself, and if you happen to visit one of its festivals, then the emotions from the vacation will be trebly vivid.

Sochi can rightly be called the cultural center of Russia. Throughout the year entertainers, show business stars, ballet troupes come here on tour. In general, Sochi is a place not only for tourism, recreation, there are all opportunities to rest culturally. The city boasts the best concert halls, such as “Festival,” “Winter Theatre,” “Hall of Organ and Chamber Music,” the cinema-concert hall of the hotel “Pearl. The main annual cultural and entertainment events are, undoubtedly, the film festival “Kinotavr. which takes place in June, as well as a two-week KVN festival “Kiwin” held in January. In October it hosts a fashion festival “Velvet Seasons in Sochi”, in late May, lovers of beer and hops have a chance to visit the festival “Sea of Beer in Sochi”, and in August you will find the International Sea Festival “Sochi-BotShou”.

Climate in Sochi

The climate of Greater Sochi is truly unique: it is the most northern subtropics of the world where the wet sea climate prevails next to the mountainous type of climate in the Caucasus Mountains. Summers here are hot and humid, and winters are mild and wet. Average annual temperature in lowlands is about +14 ° C, and at an altitude of above 1,000 meters above sea level – +4 ° C. Due to the large extent of Sochi, weather conditions vary from district to district. Coolest in Adler, warmest in Khost, sunniest in the Central District.

Sochi in spring

At the end of spring weather in Sochi spoils everyone with sunny warm weather, the premature opening of the beach season is not excluded

In late spring the weather in Sochi spoils everyone with sunny, warm weather, and the premature opening of the beach season is not excluded

Spring in Sochi is one of the best times, but only its end, not the beginning. March and April are warm enough, but too rainy to be called the best. In May precipitation is less frequent, but the sun shines much brighter. Sochi is located on the territory of the national park of the same name. May is the time of rapid flowering, so you can imagine what beauty appears to the eyes of tourists who find themselves in the city at this time. Just look at the yew and boxwood grove! By the end of the month the beach season opens. And although the water is still cold, the winter-weary tourists are happily soaking in the rays of the Sochi sun in May.

Weather in March April weather Weather in May
Average temperature +9 +13 +17
Daytime temperature +12 +17 +21
Nighttime temperature +5 +9 +13
Water temperature +9 +11 +16
Rain 14 days 14 days 12 days
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Sochi in summer

Summer in Sochi is very sunny and hot, beware of heat and sunstroke, in the afternoon hours try to avoid staying outdoors for a long time

Summer in Sochi is very sunny and hot, beware of heat and sunstroke, in the midday try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

The city welcomes the beginning of summer with a confident warming. The sun shines brightly and the number of people on the beach noticeably increases. But it’s not until the last days of June that the water becomes quite comfortable for swimming. The rainfall decreases, but it can’t be ruled out completely. Because of the cyclones, the thunderstorms are possible. The evenings in June are cool, so warm clothes in your suitcase is as important as a beach closet. In the next two months the weather in Sochi is very hot, often with temperatures reaching +30 ° C and above. It is aggravated by high humidity levels, which are intensified by sudden short-term downpours. The evenings bring a pleasant coolness when the southeasterly winds begin to blow. By August the Black Sea warms to its maximum.

Weather in June July Weather Weather in August
Average temperature +21 +23 +23
Daytime temperature +25 +27 +27
Nighttime temperature +16 +19 +19
Water temperature +21 +24 +25
Rain 10 days 9 days 9 days

Sochi in Autumn

Autumn in Sochi is very warm, despite the large amount of precipitation

The beginning of autumn promises warm, sunny weather. September is entirely devoted to beach vacation, sometimes “picking up” a few days in October. In the second month of autumn the breath of autumn is felt more and more: the rainfall increases and the nights are getting noticeably cooler. In November the winds often blow, the clouds completely cover the sun, and without an umbrella on the street is better not to go out.

September Weather Weather in October November Weather
Average temperature +20 +16 +12
Daytime temperature +24 +20 +15
Nighttime temperature +15 +11 +8
Water temperature +23 +19 +15
Rain 10 days 11 days 14 days

Sochi in winter

In winter, Sochi often has stormy weather, and it snows less often

Winter in Sochi is quite mild. Firstly, it is influenced by the climate, and secondly, the city is protected from cold air masses by high mountain ranges. The average daily air temperature for the season is 11 ° C, at night it gets very cold, but snow for Sochi (except for mountain areas) is rather the exception than the rule. But the rains come quite often in winter, and when it freezes a bit, there is ice on the roads.

Weather in December Weather in January Weather in February
Average temperature +9 +7 +7
Daytime temperature +12 +10 +10
Nighttime temperature +5 +3 +4
Water temperature +11 +10 +9
Rain 17 days 16 days 14 days

What are the prices for vacations in Sochi?

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Sochi – a city that is happy to meet you for a whole year. Decide on the type of holiday you want, and choose specific dates for a trip to the resort: November to late April – skiing, June to mid-July + September – swimming in the sea, May, June, September – sightseeing, business programs.

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