Weather and temperature by month in UAE. When best to rest

Season in the UAE – when to rest

The United Arab Emirates (hereinafter the UAE) is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. Washed by the warm waters of the Ottoman and Persian Gulf, this eastern country due to its large oil reserves does not just live off the income from natural resources, but actively invests them in the development of the tourism industry. For several decades, starting from the 70s of the twentieth century, the UAE has embodied a real oriental fairy tale.

The variety of different types of recreation in the city allows you to attract tourists all year round. However, do not hurry to pack your bags, there are months when visiting Dubai will be the most comfortable and less expensive. About this further in our article.

Peculiarities of the climate

The UAE is located in a subtropical climate zone. It is always warm here, even in January, when in Russia the frost rages. The average winter temperature in Dubai is +23 ° C +25 ° C. However, in the summer it is very hot. The temperature reaches +50 ° C. And despite numerous air conditioners and other technical innovations, summer cannot be called a comfortable time of year in the city. Even some locals often leave the country during this period. Add to the heat the possible desert storms, occasional rainfall and you don’t want to go to the country at all during the summer months.

Jumeirah Open Beach is the most famous and most beautiful public free beach in Dubai.

Jumeirah Open Beach is the most famous and most beautiful public free beach in Dubai. Photo: © Yaroslav Glukhov

Weather in the UAE by month

The best time to travel to Dubai is called the period from October to May. But here too there is a number of its own peculiarities.


The air temperature in the first month of winter in the city during the day is +22 ° C +23 ° C, at night it drops to +17 ° C +18 ° C.

Minuses for tourists. The evenings in the city are cool, you even have to wear a light jacket. The sea water in January warms up to a maximum of +22 ° C. So if you’re not a hardened traveler, swimming can bring you discomfort. In addition, you should not buy a trip to Dubai for the New Year, when the price is considerably overpriced.

Pros for tourists. On the other days of January, given that the demand decreases, you can buy a holiday trip to Dubai at great discounts.

February .

The air temperature during the day in the city is +24 ° C +25 ° C, at night it is still up to +17 ° C +18 ° C.

Minuses for tourists. Until the third decade of February, the water temperature in the sea remains relatively cool – to a maximum of +22 ° C, which may be a problem for some categories of travelers.

Pluses for tourists. By the end of February, the water begins to warm up faster, the daylight hours lengthen to 11 hours. At the same time the price of tour operators is not yet at its peak. Therefore, given the mildness of the climate, it is the last days of February are most suitable for recreation, especially for tourists with children.


The temperature rises to +26 ° C during the day and +19 ° C +20 ° C at night. In March it rains a few days and the humidity increases.

Minuses for tourists. It is a perfect month for a holiday in Dubai, but also the prices for tourist trips are sold without any discounts. At sea you should already be wary of overheating and burns, as well as competition for places on the beaches. In March a large number of guests in the city.

Pros for tourists. Beautiful summer weather, which is suitable for children and adults. The water in the sea warms up to +24 ° C. If there is no goal to save money, swim, enjoy, live.


The subtropics take their toll. The air temperature during the day – from +32 ° C, at night +20 ° C.

Minus for tourists. The high season involves a large number of vacationers and an influx of tourists. In the middle of the day it is better not to sunbathe, otherwise you may have health problems. And, of course, the amount for the holiday will unpleasantly surprise you.

Pluses for tourists. Summer is in full swing. The sea warms up to +26 ° C. If you came for a good tan – the perfect time.

How much does a vacation in Dubai cost - 2022. Calculating the cost of the trip


The air temperature rises and reaches +38°C during the day and +20°C at night.

Minuses for tourists. The high season is coming to an end, but there are still many tourists. It is very hot already for children and the elderly.

Pros for tourists. You can not get out of the water, it does not have time to cool down. The water temperature is +28 ° C. At the end of May for those wishing to save money there is an opportunity, a period of lower prices begins.


The air temperature during the day in the city is +37 ° C +39 ° C, at night it’s still up to +28 ° C +30 ° C.

Minus for tourists. There is no way to hide from the scorching sun, even the warm sea water will not help. Do not count on any activity. It is better to avoid any trip to Dubai in the summer.

A plus for tourists. The price of a tourist trip. But it will not make you happy in this heat, believe me.


The air temperature during the day in the city is +41 ° C +42 ° C, at night +30 ° C. The water temperature is +29 ° C.

Minuses for tourists. The whole vacation is one big minus, unless you are accompanied by several air conditioners. It is very hard to breathe.

A plus for tourists. All the same price, but the vacation is still not happy.


The hot summer is at its peak. The temperature does not go down and on some days reaches +50 ° C.

The downside for tourists. In summer, even the locals leave Dubai. It is a matter of preserving health, for tourists to get a sunstroke is a common thing.

A plus for tourists. The cost of travel is low, but it is not worth going.


The heat begins to recede, but it is still not comfortable. The average daytime temperature is +38 ° C.

Minuses for tourists. It is still very hot and dangerous to health. The water in the sea does not save from the heat.

A plus for tourists. The low season continues, the price is low, and at the end of the month adult citizens can take a chance and go.


The heat surrenders its positions, and the “velvet season” is approaching again. The air temperature in Dubai is +35 ° C. The water temperature in the sea is +27 ° C.

Minus for tourists. It is not worth traveling with children and elderly parents until the end of the third decade of the month. There are no rainy days at all.

The pros for tourists. At the end of the month, the ideal time for tourism in Dubai returns. But prices are just starting to rise. A good option for those who want to relax and save money.


The air temperature during the day in the city of +30 ° C, the water temperature is +25 ° C.

Minuses for tourists. It’s high season again, prices go to their maximum. A lot of tourists on the beaches.

Pros for tourists. Comfortable weather and comfortable rest. The evenings are cool and it is possible to walk peacefully through the streets of the city.


The air temperature goes down to +24°C, but the water is still warm with an average of +25°C. The summer day is still long.

Minuses for tourists. The high season is in full swing. Prices are not happy yet, especially closer to the New Year’s holidays, when they reach their peak.

The pluses for tourists. It is comfortable to relax and easy to breathe. It is possible to combine active and beach rest.

Water temperature in the UAE resorts.

Jan Feb March apr May Jun July Aug September Oct Nov Dec
Abu Dhabi 19 18 23 27 27 27 29 32 27 27 25 24
Ajman 19 18 23 27 27 27 29 32 27 27 25 24
Dibba 18 19 21 21 23 25 26 25 24 24 23 20
Dubai 19 18 23 27 27 27 29 32 27 27 25 24
Fujairah 18 19 21 21 23 25 26 25 24 24 23 20
Sharjah 19 18 23 26 27 27 30 32 27 26 25 24
Tourist reviews of vacations in the UAE - 2022

When is the best time to rest in the UAE?

So, we can summarize: the best time for a holiday in Dubai in terms of comfort – availability – late September – early October, late February – early March and late April – early May.

Independently book a hotel or tour in the UAE:

Rules that are important at any time of year

Whatever your choice, remember that despite the European canons of service, you are going to a Muslim country. Therefore, in order not to spoil your vacation, observe the following important rules:

  • Do not go in beach clothes outside the territory of their hotels;
  • Do not sunbathe “topless” on the beaches of Dubai;
  • When driving around the city, women should sit in the back of the car with a “cab” badge;
  • Do not appear intoxicated in public places;
  • behave with decorum; public kissing or hugging is discouraged in Dubai as elsewhere in the country;
  • Don’t let your gambling get the best of you, it’s illegal here;
  • don’t take pictures of the local women, Sheikhs’ palaces, military installations and government buildings;
  • take your shoes off when you enter a mosque;
  • Women should wear shoes when entering a mosque; women should wear head coverings in public places;
  • Carefully study the rules for bringing medicines into the country;
  • Alcohol can be consumed only in your hotel room;
  • During the holy month of Ramadan plan trips to stores and restaurants in advance, study their working hours.

Only by observing all these rules and choosing the best period to visit the country a trip to the UAE capital will be memorable and fill your life with pleasant impressions.

Season for holidays in the UAE – 2022: when is the best time to go to Dubai?

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For the same ignorant or unremembered (like the author): when is the season for holidays in the UAE? And is it worth going in the off season?

The season for holidays in the UAE: when is the best time to go to Dubai?

We flew to the Emirates in February. What I was very surprised at was my own desire to change a t-shirt for a sweatshirt – it got chilly in the evening. In theory the UAE = heat (the desert, the proximity to Africa), but in practice it turned out that you can freeze there too. There is a small excuse for the perplexity: Dubai was a 16-hour transfer point, and we cared about the weather forecast of another country.

However, unanswered questions are always on my mind. So today we decided to figure out when it is better to go on vacation to the UAE?

Now for tourists from Russia to enter the Emirates free of charge. You can get there this way:

  • By yourself – there are many airlines on the Russia-UAE route, even more Russian airports for departure (see airline tickets on Aviasales and hotels with payment by Russian bank card on Ostrovka)
  • By tour – to the delight of aerophobes now flights are on regular flights (see tours on Travelata)


The beginning and end of the season in the UAE in 2022

The UAE’s full bathing season runs from September to December and March to May. The best time to travel to Dubai is in October and April, when it is finally less than +30°C outside and the water temperature stays at +26-28 degrees.

Our mini-chart will help you navigate and visualize the season in the UAE by months:

January February March April May June July August September october November December

✓ It is clear that for most of the year it is safe to go to the Emirates for holidays, but better not in summer.

Four months of the year are borderline: May and September – because they are on the border of the seasons, and January and February are the coldest months, not everyone is comfortable to swim at this time.

Services for finding cheap tours

The Emirates is a package country (as long as you’re not flying somewhere on your own on Emirates or FlyDubai, with a connection). And that’s why the price of tours can be good – from 38,000 rubles for a week for two in the low season and from 55 thousand in the high season.

We always advise to look for tours online – on large and well-known aggregators:

They monitor tours from all leading tour operators and conveniently display options in order from favorable to expensive. Find out what promo codes are valid.

How to have a cheap vacation in Dubai in 2022 - 10 secrets

Since writing this article we have been to the UAE four times: once on our own and three times with a tour package. All the tours were bought on aggregators. We know that the prices are direct from the tour operator, and when you see an offer in a good hotel for a reasonable price (in pre-travel times it was 40-60 thousand for two from the region, now the price tag is much higher) – should immediately take it.

About entering the UAE in 2022. Already on board you should have a certificate of vaccination Sputnik or certificate in English of a negative psr-test no older than 48 hours (the time is counted from the test!), and insurance covering the treatment of covid – such policies are on

Still haven’t decided when it’s best to go to the Emirates? Then let’s find out more about it.

Weather in the UAE (Dubai) by month

Beach in Dubai overlooking the Burj Al Arab Burj Khalifa - Our Trip

Here you can see the famous Hotel Sail on the left. We did not like the beach itself (here you can see why) but it’s worth going there for the pictures.

Why is Dubai in the title? Because it is the most popular of all resorts in the UAE. Each of the emirates, of course, in its own way unique, but the climate in them is similar. So let’s study the local weather by months, taking the season in Dubai as an example.

UAE in December, January and February

It is strange, but it is cold in the UAE in winter, by local standards. However, there are not fewer tourists, quite the contrary.

In December. The weather in December is a blissful daytime temperature of +27°C. The northern winds begin to blow, but the water is still warm up to +24 ° C, and the bathing season continues. December is the best time to visit the UAE with children in the winter. The cost of a holiday is reasonable, from 35,000 rubles for a week for two people, only if you do not plan a vacation on vacations. Those who want to celebrate the New Year in the UAE, well, a lot, which explains the “wild” price.

We o-o-o-jai-ing Dubai in December. So much so that we wrote a separate article about this wonderful month in the UAE. In both 2018 and 2019, we spent a week here before New Year’s Eve. The weather is great – you can sunbathe without cream, you can swim too, but it’s chilly in the beginning. The city is decorated for the holidays, they even have Christmas fairs. But the main thing is this: from mid-December to ≈ 25th is a “dead” period for the tour operators (all potential vacationers are busy preparing for New Year). Therefore, they are abruptly reduce the price of tickets, and fly away for 20 thousand rubles per person is more than real! At the end of the text we have inserted a video of our last trip, you can visually see the weather in December:)

In January beach vacation takes second place. This month is a good time for excursions and shopping. About the first one: the air temperature does not get higher than +23 ° C. At night it gets chilly. At night it gets quite chilly, only +18 ° C. Water in the sea – for hardy (Russians, that is), +21 ° C. About the second: Dubai Shopping Festival lasts all January, and discounts are real. For example, Zara Home in Dubai is cheaper on sale than in Russia. It would seem that the tours should cost even less, but no matter what: the minimum amount – from 40,000 rubles for the same week. And that after the 10th day, at the end of the holidays.

In February.The weather is very similar to that of January, but by March it is getting warmer. The sea warms up to +23°C, and the first brave bathers splash in the water. We went to Ras Al-Khaimah in February, it was fine, we were sunbathing and swimming. By the way, the Persian Gulf, on whose shores Dubai is located, warms up more slowly. Reviews of tourists advise in February the resorts of the Gulf of Oman, such as Fujairah.

UAE in March, April and May

Al Mamzar beach - Dubai Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi

Al Mamzar Beach (Dubai) and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Spring is probably the best season to vacation in the UAE.

How much does it cost to go to Dubai all inclusive - top 10 hotels

In March comes the real heat. The air temperature rises to +27 ° C, the water – to +24 ° C. If you are deciding when to fly to the UAE with young children, we recommend March. Prices are slightly higher than in January and February from 55,000 rubles for 7 days.

For those who find March is not hot enough month, it is worth to arrange a trip in April . The average daytime temperature in the spring is already +32 ° C and at night does not drop below +25 ° C. The water temperature is +26 ° C. Until the 10th day prices are the same as in March, but after that prices go up to 60,000 rubles.

In May Hot season returns: air +35 ° C during the day, +30 ° C at night. The water temperature is +29 ° C. But the UAE resorts are not losing their popularity – simply because by the end of May the cost of tickets is reduced to the proverbial 50,000 rubles. So if you are going to the UAE in the spring, you want to save money and do not mind to “fry” (but not to burn as in June and beyond) – choose May.

UAE in June, July, August

The UAE gets a scary scorcher in the summer, and with it comes another low season.

In June. The thermometer can reach as high as +40 ° C. The water is heated to +32 ° C and it’s no fun. Beach season continues only the most heat-resistant tourists. Sandstorms are not uncommon in the country, the sand is piled everywhere. About the price of tours do not want to say, clearly it is not worth it (but if very necessary – from 60,000 rubles for two).

In July Even the locals try to leave the country in July. During the day there is +42 ° C, you can only exist where there is air conditioning. In August the heat continues – during the day +43 ° C, at night it’s +33 ° C. The water temperature is +34 ° C! To all this charm is added to the high humidity.

UAE in September, October and November

La Mer Dubai Beach

La Mer beach in Dubai – in our opinion the best free beach

The UAE begins to breathe in autumn, taking a breath after the unbearable heat of summer. And immediately there are tourists.

In September is still hot, the daytime air temperature reaches +38 ° C, and night +32 ° C. The water in the sea is heated to +32 ° C. Tour prices in this month are quite comparable with the summer. Seven-day vacation for two people will cost from 50,000 rubles.

In October The air is cooler for a few degrees: +33 ° C during the day, +29 ° C at night. It is already possible not only to sit in the water all the time, but also to go for walks. Tourist season is coming. As for “all inclusive”: in October 2022 you can find packages from 125,000 rubles for two people for 7 days.

If you are going on a family vacation in the fall, but you still think in what month it is better to go on vacation, my advice to you is to choose October, and the first half of it. Children will suit a mild climate, and the parents – not the highest prices.

In November The air in Dubai “cools down” to +30 ° C, and at night even to +25 ° C. In the country the rains come. Do not be alarmed, this is not the tropics, but the desert:) The rain falls 3-4 times. All this “rainy season” does not interfere with a full recreation at a warm of +28 degrees by the sea. Prices in November are kept at the level of October.

When best to vacation in the UAE? Our experience

Viewpoint and view from Burj Khalifa Dubai - Bin Rashid Boulevard

View from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, tickets are better to get in advance (details below) and Bin Rashid Boulevard (the main pedestrian street)

Naturally, when it’s not too hot and not too expensive! This definition for us is best in December (explained above in the text why). October, when the season just begins, and April, when the season ends – are also good, provided that you need a warm sea. They share our nomination for “best month in the UAE.

In general, the author summed up the following for himself: people go to the Emirates in the most obscure – autumn and spring – off-season months of the year.

Rest in the UAE with children. Best resorts and hotels. Reviews

What to see in the UAE?

Must visit the most-amazing of all Arabian wonders:

  • The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest skyscraper with an observation deck (here’s our text on where to get tickets)
  • Jeep safaris in the desert – a favorite pastime of the Emiratis
  • Palm Jumeirah – a large artificial island built off the coast of Dubai (free ride)
  • Sheikh Zayd Mosque in Abu Dhabi – recognized as the most beautiful mosque on the planet!
  • The Old Forts of Ras Al Khaimah
  • King Faisal Mosque in Sharjah

In the mosques on this list, as well as the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai, non-confessors are allowed in freely and for free (on Friday – the exception, are closed to tourists).

We can say that Dubai in the UAE is the only city that is good in any season. Even in summer +40 ° C is where to hide from the heat, and there is something to do (of course, if you’re ready to spend your whole vacation kilometers through air-conditioned shopping malls).

Tips for Dubai:

  • If you’re looking for the best beach, it’s La Mer
  • If you plan to ride the first subway car without paying extra – this is the direction from Dubai Marina to Burj Khalifa (but the car is only for women)
  • And if you want to know the bar with the coolest view of Dubai at night, or how to go on an inexpensive safari, then .

…read our selection of articles:

Our Reviews

Safari in UAE - Dubai Riding Camels - Safari in Dubai

In addition to visiting the Sheikh Zayd Mosque, a jeep safari is a must try!

We do not get tired of repeating that the key to a good vacation is a thorough study of the reviews. And for those who are too lazy to read a lot of books, I put all the important points in one little list:

  • On the Internet they write that the UAE – a Muslim country, and therefore should adhere to certain rules of dress, especially women: for example, do not appear outside the hotel with frank necklines and open knees. All this is outdated information, in Dubai, girls-women are walking in leggings and tops, in short shorts and dresses. P.S. But here you have a choice – whether to respect the local traditions, or to prefer your own comfort.
  • The country has a dry law, alcohol is prohibited here. But for foreigners made an exception – you can drink in bars or restaurants (in Sharjah with this most strictly). In Dubai, no alcohol is sold in stores.
  • No need to go to the Emirates during the holy month of Ramadan – many restrictions. However, once Ramadan ends, it is all right and good to go, especially for shopping lovers: all the big stores will have sales. In 2023, Ramadan falls on 22 March – 20 April.
  • The beach season in the UAE is year-round. But the sun in these latitudes is so active and strong that Europeans burn even in cloudy weather. Take more sunscreen!

Why do we like the UAE? Think about it:

– you don’t need a visa – no extra hassle or money!

– The tourist season in the UAE begins when our latitudes are slushy, which means that we want to get warm in the sun even more

– How long it takes to fly to Dubai will depend on which flight you prefer. A direct flight from Moscow takes 5 hours – not long in principle.

– Six resorts – and one is not like the other!

Speed Boat Trips in Dubai Burj Khalifa Lookout

By the way, as it looks like the end of December in the Emirates – you can see in our video:

When is cheaper to rest in the UAE?

For those who want to save money and goes to the Emirates not in the holiday season, the best month could be December or late May.

It is also worth paying attention to where to choose the tour. As mentioned above, the Gulf of Oman coast has a milder climate than the resorts of the Persian Gulf (Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah or Abu Dhabi). And Sharjah and Ras Al-Khaimah are cheaper than futuristic Dubai or metropolitan Abu Dhabi.

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