Weather in Crete by month. When is the best time to travel?

Weather and climate of Crete by month.

The island of Crete is the warmest resort in Greece. The swimming season here lasts from late April to October. The tiny island of Gaudos, which is part of the administrative region of Crete, is the southernmost point not only of Greece, but also of the entire continent.

Vegetation on the coastal portions of the island is rather sparse. But when it comes to agricultural crops, Crete is no exception. Here, as in the rest of Greece, almost everything grows. In the mountainous regions of the island conifers, mainly pine trees are predominant.

April and May are the beginning of the season

Tour operators, who sell their services in the domestic market, claim that the season in Crete begins in late April. This is not quite true. The temperature reaches an average of +20°C by the end of the month. The winds become weaker and the rains stop. But the sea water already starts to warm up to 17-18 ° C. In general, for a beach holiday April is not the most suitable month. It is ideal for sightseeing and leisurely walks on the blooming island.

Crete reaches its full bloom season in late May, when the temperature rises to +25 C and the sea water to +20 C. Nights on the island are still cold. May is the most windless month in Crete.

June in Crete

In terms of daytime temperatures, June is a comfortable month for holidays. It is already hot in Crete (+27 C on average), but not yet in the scorching heat of the high season. The water is still warming up, its temperature reaches comfortable levels (22-25 ° C). There are not too many tourists yet, so it’s still possible to choose a nice spot on the beach.

July and August are high season

July and August are the hottest months in Crete. At lunchtime the air heats up to maximum temperatures. The water in the sea warms up to +26 ° C. On the beaches there is nowhere to fall. The peculiarity of Crete in July and August are strong winds and sea waves. So if you are going to visit the island in high season, choose hotels near which there are wind-protected bays.

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September and October – velvet season

In September, the temperatures begin to fall. The sea is still warm. It doesn’t rain, but the winds never stop. Summer is still going on. However there are fewer and fewer tourists each day.

As October comes, the weather is less predictable. It is not very hot during the day. The temperature reaches 24 °C. At night it is already cooler: 15 – 17 ° C. However, tourists from Russia such temperature differences do not scare. In October, it is better to choose the southern coast of Crete, it is a little warmer. In the end of the month you can enjoy all the variety of Greek olives on the island, because it is the olive harvesting season.


In November, in Crete no longer swim. The number of overcast days increases. It begins to rain. The water temperature equals the air temperature and is around 20°C. November is not the best time to visit Crete.

Winter Crete: December, January and February

In winter it is windy and humid in the coastal areas of Crete. It rains a lot. The temperature ranges from +12 to +14 ° C and the water +15 to +18 ° C.

It snows in the mountains and the temperature is consistently below zero. The snow-covered peaks of Crete are suitable for winter holidays. There are no big ski resorts, but some travel companies offer combined tours to the mountains, where you can ski part of the way.

The snow sometimes falls on the coast of Crete. But this is more the exception than the rule.

March in Crete

March in Crete is unremarkable for tourists. The weather is changeable: hot summer days alternate with cool spring days a few times a week. The nights are frankly cold. Sometimes the temperature can still drop to 0 °C. The rains are gradually stopping. Everything is frozen, waiting for the tourist season to start.

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Weather in Crete by month. When is the best time to travel?

High tourist season in Crete

The high tourist season in Crete begins in June, when the air begins to warm up to +28.6°C and the sea reaches +22.6°C. The highest peak is in July with maximum numbers of tourists and good weather. At the end of the high tourist season on Crete, which ends in September, the temperature is +27.2°C, the water +25.4°C and the number of tourists decreases.

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Rainy Season in Crete

The so-called beginning of the rainy season in Crete is in December with 4 rainy days and 51.2 mm of rainfall per month. The rainiest season is in February with 6 days of maximum rainfall for the year. The end of the rainy season in Crete is marked in March, when the heavy rainfall ends with 41.7 mm and the weather will gradually become drier.

The best months to travel

The best time to travel to Crete begins in June, July and August, when the weather is most comfortable and velvet with an average air temperature of 28.6-31.8 C, water temperature 22.6-26.6 C and little rain.

Beach season in Crete

The beach season in Crete lasts on average 7 months, with an average water temperature of +23.3°C. The beginning of the high beach season in Crete begins in May and ends in November. The opening and closing times of the season based on water temperature are shown in the chart below.

Low season in Crete

When the low season begins in Crete and there are fewer tourists is marked on the chart. The least comfortable weather for holidays is in February.

Weather in Spring

The average air temperature in spring is +17°C, while the water temperature is +17.3°C. Overall, the weather in Crete in spring is on the charts, with 14 rainy days and a comfort rating of at least 3.1 out of five.

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Summer weather

The average summer air temperature is +21°C and the water temperature is +17.6°C. The overall summer weather of Crete is shown on the charts, with 10 rainy days and a comfort rating of at least 3.3 out of five.

Weather in Autumn

The average air temperature in the fall is +30°C and the water temperature is +24.9°C. In general the weather in Crete in fall is shown on the charts, rainy days 4, comfort rating at least 4.9 out of five points.

Weather in Winter

The average air temperature in winter is +23.9°C and the water temperature is +23°C. In general, the weather in Crete in winter on the charts, rainy days 7, comfort rating at least 3.7 out of five points.

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