Weather in Dubai in January 2022. Water temperature. Reviews

January weather in Dubai

Is it worth the journey to Dubai in January? What’s the weather like in Dubai in early, late and mid January? What should I wear and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in January 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Dubai Weather Forecast by Observations and Reviews

Weather in Dubai for the New Year vacations

The air temperature at the beginning of the month is kept at 18 degrees, during the day it reaches 23 degrees, and at night it can drop to 13. The water temperature is 23 degrees.

Weather in Dubai in the second half of January

At the end of January, the temperature is 18 degrees, it reaches 23 degrees during the day and can drop to 13 degrees at night. The water temperature stays around 23 degrees.

Is it cold in Dubai in January?

During the month of January, daytime temperatures in Dubai usually stay around 23 degrees, but can reach 31 degrees (maximum recorded temperature) and drop to 6 degrees at night (minimum recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, however, bringing a warm jacket is the right thing to do.

Can I swim in Dubai in January?

The sea temperature in Dubai in January, usually stays at 23 degrees. At the beginning of January, the water temperature is around 23 degrees and at the end it is 23 degrees.

The water is well warmed, swimming in the sea in January will be comfortable even for a child.

Rain in Dubai in January

On average, Dubai receives 14 mm of rainfall during January.

Holidays in Dubai in January with children

In January in Dubai with the child is better to go only if you are focused on excursions, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What to do and see?

January is great not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for seeing the natural world. You can use our Dubai attractions directory to plan your leisure time.

Dubai in January – vacationer photos

Dubai in January was chosen by my wife – she doesn’t like the heat. But she doesn’t mind shopping, for which Dubai is famous. I was interested in renting a car and seeing the UAE on my own.

As they say – all the stars aligned. Including the weather. The first three days it was +24, humidity was not high. One day it rained a little – I had to walk in a sweater, as overboard it was +20. And last days warm weather reigned again, somewhere +25. It was warm, not hot.

We spent the whole vacation in malls and trips around Dubai and neighboring emirates. We went to the beach once, just for a photo. For me the water is cold but tourists were swimming, especially men.

From our experience I can conclude – Dubai in January is not suitable for beach rest, but for shopping and sightseeing trips – quite.

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For me, the UAE is the place to go in January. Some people are cold there, some freezing in the water, but for me it’s the perfect time. I do not like the heat, two-hour swims are also not for me, however, the price of tours in the New Year vacations a little sad)))

I flew in on January 2, for a week. At first it was a cold wind, right from morning to evening. And if it was okay on the sunny beach, for dinner I had to wear a denim jacket. The water in the gulf was bathing, but so, from a category – to dip and go out. On the fourth day of rest it sharply warmed up to +27C in the afternoon and +22C in the evening, the sea also somehow quickly warmed up. I had a wonderful experience of a vacation in winter Dubai, which I wish you)).

For me, the UAE is the place to go in January. Some people are cold there, some freezing in the water, but for me it’s the perfect time. I do not like the heat, two-hour swims are also not for me, however, the price of tours in the New Year vacations a little sad)))

I flew in on January 2, for a week. At first it was a cold wind, right from morning to evening. And if it was okay on the sunny beach, for dinner I had to wear a denim jacket. The water in the gulf was bathing, but so, from a category – to dip and go out. On the fourth day of rest it has sharply warmed up to +27С in the afternoon and +22С in the evening, the sea too has somehow quickly warmed up.

I personally had a wonderful experience in winter Dubai and I wish you all the same)).

Dubai in January – not the warmest resort) That is, for excursions, shopping – just fine when the outside +23C. And here on a beach to do particularly nothing, except for lying in a chaise lounge – the water is cold, 20 degrees. If you were in Egypt in winter, you can imagine this weather, a similar sensation. Only in Hurghada and wind, and in Dubai it is not. But there are not many winter resorts at affordable prices, and the warmest are far away. If you do not want to fly to Thailand for 7 hours or the Dominican Republic 10 hours – you can consider Dubai. And if you fly in January – take money to buy things at good discounts.

Oriental Tale or Dubai in January.

I don’t like sunbathing. It feels like my body is on fire and there is a sudden lack of air. That’s why I experience summer very hard. I go to the sea at the end of the season. Often in sweet dreams I imagined how I would walk through the streets of Dubai in national dress. But the heat, which never subsides in the Emirates, stopped me. Coincidentally I saw the weather forecast for January. I realized that I needed to fly immediately, because January is the only month when it is not hot there.

How much money to take in the UAE - 2022

I borrowed a lot of money from friends and after five days I was sitting in a hotel and admired the skyscrapers outside the windows! Not in my city, in Dubai. Locals call January a cold month. But for me it’s paradise: the temperature is 28 degrees! The water in the ocean is twenty degrees. The only downside is the tides and waves that interfere with swimming, and the sea bad weather heralds rain.

What am I saying all about the weather and nature? The food in Dubai is very good. It is believed that fruits and vegetables grow all year round. But that’s not quite true. The seasonality of fruit matters. In Dubai, there is a fruit with the interesting name of tamarind. It looks like an elongated potato. Chefs use it for sauces and marinades. It ripens in December and January.

I ordered an unusual dish: spicy tamarind soup. Spicy, sweet and delicious. Try the novelty, because coconut hasn’t been a novelty for a long time.

I wouldn’t be me if I’d missed the shopping festival in the fairy-tale city. The Dubai Shopping Street Festival is taking place in Dubai in the City Walk shopping district. I bought a purse there for 200 dirhams. In addition to buying clothes, every tourist can:

  • See a professional fashion show.
  • See the stars.
  • Listen to live music.
  • Bargain.

The vacation was a success and the rain only refreshed my mind. January is a fabulous month to escape the sun in Dubai.

My husband and I decided to go on vacation. And vacation in January) Well, his job is. Looking at different proposals – we chose Dubai. We bought tickets and hit the road.

January in Dubai.

January is the coldest month here +22 +28. It’s really cold. Looking at the forecasts, we imagined that it’s not so hot. But on the ground it was not as hot as we thought it would be. The sun was very hot. We were lucky we were in light clothes but our bodies were completely covered except for our hands. It was our hands that got the brunt of it. Well, we did not have to work with them, and a fork with a spoon was bearable) We bought all sorts of ointments and sunscreen. Winds from time to time occur, clouds it is a little, so to count not shadow or clouds especially it is not necessary. And here in the sea many people do not want to bathe, not a season. The temperature is not enough 20-21 degrees. The sea is cold. It they have not bathed in the sea +11, that is cold. However, and we were not especially burnt with desire to sit in the sea. We walked along the beach, had a couple of dips and we were more attracted by excursions and it was possible to swim in the pool at the hotel, moreover they are heated to 26 degrees in Dubai in winter.

In general, I had the impression that Dubai is an air-conditioned city. They are everywhere: in cars, hotels, public places, even transport stops are closed and it is 18-20 degrees inside. Be careful. In winter, in the midday sun, the difference is palpable. While waiting for the bus, I got goosebumps and felt like a fresh chicken in a supermarket somewhere.

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Still, warm clothes came in handy for us anyway. Not down jackets, but sweaters and sneakers, sometimes even jackets. In the evening, and especially at night, it’s cold here. The proximity of the desert affects us. By the way, in winter there is a chance to witness a sandstorm. They say it is stunning. It lasts about three days. We didn’t catch it. I do not know whether to be disappointed or happy. The sight – it’s good, but the prospect to sit for a couple of days in the room that does not impress.

There’s not much vegetation in Dubai because of the very dry climate. Even palm trees are bought, and not cheap. A friend of mine was on vacation here and he told me a story. He rented a car and went somewhere. He was driving along, and all of a sudden a Hindu jumped out on the road. He had two choices: a Hindu or a palm tree. # He’s thinking, “What do I do?” # So he drives his car into a palm tree on the side of the road. The cops come over, they go over their heads and say, “You should have hit the Hindu, it would have been cheaper!” (Eh, no tolerance!) And they had to pay for the palm tree.

Holidays and festivals

The New Year in Dubai is not a holiday, but January 1 is a day off.

But there is a festival. Dubai Trade Festival. Lasts all January. The dream of all self-respecting shopaholics. To be honest, I love shopping so much that I want to shoot myself. But if we caught the event-dream, it’s a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. All the more discounts are handed out not only stores, but also restaurants. And for a fake brand participant of the festival can deprive of accreditation. So at least we were not worried about the originality of the goods.

The trade festival overlaps in time with another festival, the Global Village. It runs from November to April. Countries and continents take part. This is where it gets really interesting. Each has its own location, made in the style of the country or continent and a stage where the viewer-buyer is introduced to its culture. I can honestly say: China is China – yuck, don’t spoil your mood and don’t go. Our markets are full of it. I liked Africa. Exclusive things inexpensive, bags and purses made of snakeskin. Even a purchase can be well bargained and you can get 40% off. In India, great souvenirs. There were dancers on stage who made me sad. I was expecting after the movie “Disco Dancer” and they did what they did! Hands darting, feet jumping and that’s it. Chakroborty would have given them Indian folk dances.

Also, there’s a lot of entertainment and attractions at these festivals. That’s where the soul breaks loose. I’m afraid of merry-go-rounds, but I still rode, then came out, baptized and stomped on the next one).

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What is dangerous in Dubai.

The most important rule in Dubai is never to touch or pick up anything and be extremely careful.

Snakes. Especially in the desert. They can still crawl in to visit somewhere in a remote country villa. We haven’t seen them in town. We went on safari. There is a viper in the desert that disguises itself in the sand and bites when stepped on. To be on the safe side, I wore good high boots – getting stung in my boots is better than dying from a bite.

Sea snakes. Winter is the season when the Persian Gulf is sometimes turbulent and can throw sea snakes ashore. Sometimes it appears to be dead, but it is not. Early in the morning there are tracks in the sand, which the cunning workers sweep away so tourists don’t get scared. They are rare, but there are. More often they are near the rocks.

Dangerous spiders, scorpions and even biting camels are the creatures with whom it is better to be careful.

And the main thing to remember. The UAE is a Muslim country. In addition, there are a lot of women-hungry Hindus and Pakistanis. Dress more modestly. It is forbidden to drink, swear and fight, otherwise instead of 7 days of a vacation at the coast, you’ll spend 7 years in an Arabian prison.

Dubai in January: what about the weather, can you swim, sales

Going to the beautiful and modern city of Dubai for the New Year vacations, you should bring warm clothes. But you can forget about the beach clothes, because January is the coldest month of the year, but by local standards. Indeed, the weather in Dubai in January 2022 is not very conducive to rest on the beach, plus the temperature of the sea drops, which makes swimming dangerous. Let’s see what happens here with the climate and whether it is possible to visit the city at the beginning of the year.

Weather in Dubai in January 2022, water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Undoubtedly, you can and should visit Dubai. And yes indeed: January is the coldest month of the year. But it’s not all bad if you consider that the average daytime temperature is above twenty degrees Celsius. And even if you can not swim or relax by the sea, there is something to do.

The first month of the year does not please the tourists and residents of the city by the heat. On average the air heats up to +22 +24 degrees. Sometimes the temperature can set records and warm up to thirty degrees plus, but such days in January are not many. There are not a lot of days with temperatures below fifteen degrees Celsius.

We recommend to know when it is best to relax in the UAE and at what resort.

Weather in Dubai in January 2022, water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

At night, the air cools down not very much. After sunset the temperature drops to +20, and closer to dawn it becomes +16+18. But do not be deceived, walking under the starry sky is possible only with warm clothes. Do not be misled by the temperature readings, because at this time of year the wind blows here and they are cold.

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As for the water temperature in the Gulf, it is around +22 degrees. For many people, such figures are ideal and they are ready to run into the water and swim in it for hours. But here it is unlikely to succeed. Winds blow during the day, so you feel a slight chill. And the sea can have waves, which is a nuisance for swimming.

In January, it can rain over Dubai. There are no completely rainy days, but short rains for 3-5 hours are quite real. About 5 to 10 millimeters of precipitation per month, which is not much. There are 25-27 sunny days in a month. But the length of daylight hours is extremely small and amounts to only 10.5-11 hours.

Weather in Dubai in January 2022, water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Beach holidays in Dubai in January

In January not many people dare to swim in the sea off the coast of Dubai. The water is cool, the sea often have waves. But for surfers such weather is free rein and there are hundreds of them in the sea. But everything is not so bad, because instead of the sea you can swim and relax in the pools, where the water is heated, and then you can immediately dry off and warm up in a warm hotel. So, coming here in the middle of winter, be prepared that you may have to spend most of your holiday by the pool and not by the sea.

Weather in Dubai in January 2022, water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Dubai in January: what to do

The local businesses are very smart and they immediately figured out how to attract tourists to the country even at such a time of year as winter. In January, there are sales that can’t be compared to anything else. All the stores and shopping malls have such discounts that the goods are sold out in a matter of hours. More than 70% of all tourists in January come to Dubai just for shopping. After the shopping is over, you can relax and go on an excursion. There are many of them in the city and it is sometimes very difficult to choose. You can take a tour in the desert, you can go explore the city and its attractions, you can sail on a fancy boat on a boat trip.

Weather in Dubai in January 2022, water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Tourist reviews of holidays in Dubai in January

“With girlfriends constantly spend time in January in Dubai. There are sales, you can buy a lot of clothes at low prices. We don’t go swimming in the sea, because it’s cold. But we like to relax by the pools, where the water is warm. Prices for everything are low, and the rest is magical.

“Last year we met the new year here. We swam in the sea, but the water is cold. You just can’t miss an opportunity to go into the sea, even if it’s cold. But it is possible to sunbathe on a beach, the sun warms up normally. During the vacation we didn’t regret anything, because the prices are cheap and the rest is rich.

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