Weather in Sochi in summer: is it worth to go in 2022

Sochi in June 2022

Sochi in June 2022 is a real summer in the subtropics. It is sunny and warm, the sky is clear and the palm trees are green – in a word, beauty! Tourists arrive every day, and by the end of the month you can feel that the beaches have become somehow crowded. But in early June is still fresh, spacious, you can breathe with your full chest. The water in the Black Sea is still invigorating and not everyone will like it.

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We will tell you about the weather in Sochi in June, whether you can swim, which resorts you should visit. Is it worth to go with children, or is it better to postpone your vacation on the proven by years August and September?

June tours in Sochi – 2022

Sochi in June has not yet reached peak prices. But the demand is already noticeable and in good hotels and boarding houses the rooms are running out as early as May. There have been great changes in Sochi in recent years, and they affected the holidaymakers. There are a lot of winterers, freelancers and “distant travelers”.

A tour to the popular AkvaLoo Hotel 3* with a wave pool, chic aqua zone and parties in the water will cost from 95,125 rubles for two adults. If you add a child, the price in June from 113.452 rubles. The price includes a flight, transfers, 7 nights at the hotel, all-inclusive meals.

In the village of Sirius there are two popular neighboring hotels Velvet Seasons 3 * and Bridge Resort 4 *. The first is the largest hotel complex in Russia, on the territory of a lot of greenery, has its own pebble beach. Prices for a week of rest from 54.251 rubles. The second hotel is more compact, has its own territory with a garden, a complex of pools, playgrounds for children. Prices start from 64,231 rubles. Both hotels offer all types of meals (breakfasts, half board, all inclusive).

Not standard option for summer is to settle in the mountains. Most hotels in Krasnaya Polyana offer a transfer to the beach, trekking routes and free ski passes to the elevators. A tour to Tulip In Rosa Khutor 3* costs from 79.452 Rubles for two people and Mercure Rosa Khutor 4* from 72.548 Rubles.

Weather in Sochi in June

Big Sochi is located in the zone of humid subtropical climate. Summer in this region is warm, sunny and humid, and winter is rainy.

The temperature varies slightly between different districts of Sochi. In central Sochi the average temperature in June reaches +22 ° C during the day and +19 ° C at night. During the day there are slight fluctuations in temperature.

In Adler, the warmest resort in Sochi, in June the average temperature rises to +25 ° C during the day and +20 ° C at night. At noon the thermometer may well show more than +30 ° C. In Vardan, Golovinka, Dagomys and Lazarevsky the average temperature is +23°C during the day and +18°C at night.

Embankment in Sochi

In Krasnaya Polyana the temperature is +18°C during the day and +13°C at night. Snow melted from the highest points of the mountains only in May. At Rosa peak in June at an altitude of 2320 meters above sea level, the daytime air temperature reaches +12+16 ° C.

Lazarevskoe +25 °C +18 °C
Krasnaya Polyana +18 °C +13 °C
Loo +25 °C +18 °C
Dagomys +25 °C +18 °C
Central Sochi +25 °C +18 °C
Hosta +26 °C +19 °C
Adler +26 °C +19 °C

The main wind direction in Sochi is northeasterly, but this can also include easterly and southeasterly directions. Sochi’s climate is rich in warm cyclones that bring showers and thunderstorms, which can occur not only along the entire coast, but also in some areas. This phenomenon makes the weather unstable at any time of the year.

Black Sea sea currents in the Sochi area are weak. Current velocity rarely exceeds 0.5 m/s. In some bays separate cyclones of water are formed, with a speed of 0.5 m/s, like the sea current.

The number of sunny and cloudy days in Sochi varies from year to year. This is due to the variability of weather conditions and a host of other reasons. According to different sources, the number of sunny days in June is about 23 and rainy 8, but according to other sources the number of cloudy days significantly prevails over sunny. Therefore, it is worth checking the weather forecast for the period of interest when planning a trip.

The amount of precipitation in June is about the same as during the year. The average monthly rainfall is around 60-100 mm. Precipitation is rare, but due to the peculiarities of local cyclones, it happens suddenly.


Sea Station in Sochi

Is it possible to swim in Sochi in June

After the cold May, when the water was only +17 °C, in June the Black Sea begins to warm up rapidly. At the beginning of the month is still recorded +20 ° C, but at the end of June the water temperature reaches +23 +24 ° C. During this period, the water attractions are already open, and you can swim.

For heat-loving people, the water in the sea may seem cold, but for an occasional swim is fine. For children this water temperature can also be cool, so you should pay attention to water parks and pools located at hotels and resorts. In some boarding houses water in the pool additionally heated to a comfortable temperature.

Sanatoriums in Sochi in June

June is one of the popular months for recovery in sanatoriums of Greater Sochi. The country’s balneological health resort has 66 such facilities. Here reigns a relaxing atmosphere of rest, observing the regime, carrying out recreational procedures and climatotherapy. Where do people go most often?

    – you can choose therapeutic and SPA procedures, on the territory of 4 swimming pools, 2 restaurants, cafe, bar, gym, room for children, own pebble and sandy beach. – Sanatorium with indoor pool, gorgeous green area, private pebble beach.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana, Belarus Hotel

Prices in Sochi in June

Let’s calculate how much a vacation in Sochi for two adults in June will cost. Let’s assume that you need to plan an independent trip, which means that you need to book all the services separately. Airfare to Adler can be purchased from ₽6,500. The price includes the flight from Moscow without luggage. For a small suitcase of 10 kg you pay more 1.800-2.500 ₽.

Honestly about Golovinka. Reviews and prices for recreation - 2022

On the website of Ostrovok , you can find rooms in 3* hotels from 2.500 ₽, and in 5* hotels from 4.900 ₽. Rent a studio apartment on from 2.600 ₽, a room from 1.300 ₽, and a cottage from 3.000 ₽.

An airport cab will cost from 1,950 ₽. However, you can omit this point, there is a bus or “Lastochka”. You can rent a car at the airport from 1.750 ₽/day. Parking in Krasnaya Polyana costs 150 ₽/hour. Discounts are available for long term car rentals.

Resorts in Sochi in June

There are 4 districts on the coast of Greater Sochi 165 km long. We will take a closer look at Central Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Vardane, Golovinka, Dagomys, and Lazarevskoye. Each of the resorts is independent and ready to offer plenty of entertainment.

Central Sochi

Central Sochi is an independent developed beach resort. There are beaches, attractions, museums, cafes and many beautiful places to walk to entertain tourists.

The beach line of the resort is 8 km long, but only some beaches are open for public use. Many vacation spots by the sea are reserved by hotels and resorts. To get there is possible only after receiving a ticket for recreation and treatment.

If you go to the central district of Sochi, you can visit many interesting places: the sea station; tourist street Navaginskaya; stores and hotels; embankment; central city beach, beach Riviera and amusement park; historical boulevard.


Adler is a southern district of Sochi, situated 30 km from the city center. The beach line of Adler, as well as central Sochi, is 8 km long. Here as well the coast is covered with pebbles, but you can already meet and sandy beaches. In addition to beach holidays the resort offers many places for independent and organized excursions:

  • The Olympic Park, with many Olympic facilities and a musical fountain; – The protected area between Adler and Sochi. There are trees over 1,000 years old, there are suspension bridges, White Cliffs and a mountain river.
  • Nikola Tesla electrical museum. Museum, where you can conduct experiments with electricity, etc.

Imeretinsky, Adler


Vardane is a resort village of Sochi. It is located on the site of one of the oldest settlements of the Black Sea coast and is perfect for a quiet holiday. Tourist entertainment at the resort is not much, but you can find something interesting in the surrounding area. Here you can visit tea plantations; Koshman Manor; waterfalls; and the statue of Prometheus. Vardane offers entertainment in the form of horseback riding, water park and rafting.


Golovinka is a resort village located near the mouth of the Shakhe River. The area where the village is located has a lot of vegetation and clean air. In summer, the resort is very popular.

Tourists can stay at boarding houses, recreation centers or military sanatorium. As entertainment, you can visit the beaches, cafes, stores, and various excursions. Among the sights of the resort, the most popular are the tulip tree, which got its name for the shape of its flowers, which bloom in June; cascading waterfalls.


Dagomys is a resort with an unusual landscape and a large number of health resorts. It is situated 12 km from the center of Sochi, so it is possible to combine your vacation in Dagomys and central Sochi. Rest here is suitable for recreation and health.

Weather and seasons in Sochi by months. When to go

For tourists to visit the beaches, various excursions, hiking. Among the sights can be distinguished: Dagomys Venice; museums; tea plantations; a suspension bridge over the river Dagomys.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is a large resort village, which is part of Sochi. The settlement combines a ski and mountain resort. Peak attendance of the resort falls in winter. In summer, tourists from other tourists come here for day trips in the mountains on hiking trails, to enjoy the views of waterfalls and dolmens, to visit museums and water park.

Go to Sochi in different months: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Krasnaya Polyana


Lazarevskoye is a resort village between Tuapse and Sochi. The southern border of Lazarevsky is coastal and the northern border is mountainous. The coast of Lazarevskoye stretches for 7 km along the sea and almost entirely occupied by pebble beaches. On the territory of the resort there are many hotels, resorts, boarding houses and children’s camps.

Water parks, oceanariums and dolphinariums, churches, museums and various excursions in the surrounding area are available for tourists to visit. One of the most popular hotels AquaLoo 3* with its own water park and all-inclusive meals is located in Lazarevsky district.

What to do

In June in Sochi and its surroundings is already warm enough to sunbathe or swim. Water parks and water amusements are already working in full force, and there is less desire to have fun on them than in other summer months. The various museums, dolphinariums, and ornithological parks are also already open and available for visits.

It’s the right time to go to the mountains to see 33 waterfalls or climb the Eagle Rocks and Agur Falls. You can engage in various kinds of tourism and even master horseback riding and rafting, take pictures of the scenery and just enjoy the views of nature. You can find unconventional excursions in Sochi on Tripster and Sputnik8 .

Is it worth to go to Sochi in June (+ what weather and is it possible to swim)

In Sochi in June, the resort season is in full swing. It starts with the May holidays and lasts until the end of October. However, the water in the Black Sea is not warming up as quickly as the beaches of Sochi and the summer café terraces. And in June not everyone will be able to swim. However, it is worth planning a holiday in Sochi at the beginning of summer, not forgetting to make allowances for the situation in 2022*.


This article tells about what the temperature of the air and water in June. What to see at this time in Sochi. Plus a little about the prices of lodging and airfare.

* At the moment there is no reason to worry or postpone your vacation. And even the Sochi airport is open, unlike the Crimea or Krasnodar. However, closer to June you should keep an eye on the news to avoid problems.

Excursions in Sochi

The most interesting excursions are itineraries from locals on Tripster. You can start with a sightseeing tour of Sochi. Walk from the Seaport to the sanatorium named after. Orjonikidze, get oriented in the city. And be sure to devote a day to mountain resorts – “Excursion to the Red Glade: the legacy of the Olympics.

Solokhaul - mountains, tea and delicious honey. How to get there, tips and photos

Weather in Sochi in June

June in Sochi is warm and sunny, but not hot. However, subtropical humidity is always present in the city (otherwise there would be no palm trees). But even it is easily bearable in the beginning of summer. Or relatively easy (there are both those who do not hate Sochi heat and those for whom humid summer is nicer than “dry” one). Average daily temperature in June +21-22 ° (∼28-30 ° by day and ∼15-18 ° at night).

Weather in Sochi in June
May 13° to 21° 8 days
June 17° to 26° 6 days
July 20° to 28° 6 days

Sochi beaches in June are fully operational. Officially the season opens on May holidays. But the beginning of summer is good because at this time you can sunbathe in relative solitude. There are both free sun beds with umbrellas and beach bungalows. In spite of the fact that rent of equipment is expensive (from 600 rubles for a beach chair), in summer there is a free place by day, as they say.

Sochi beach in June

How do the beaches of Sochi in June Photo:

The water temperature in the sea in June – no more than 19-21 °. But the closer it is to the middle-end of the month, the more fun the thermometer column goes up. And the most adventurous will have an opportunity to open the season. As for clothing, windbreaker, jeans and closed shoes should be taken to Sochi, even in June. Especially if you are planning a trip to Krasnaya Polyana – in the mountains it is always colder by at least 5 degrees.

Diana A.: “In the first days of our visit in June Sochi greeted us with rain and cool weather of +21 degrees. So we had to start not from the sea, but from Arboretum, Riviera, Oceanarium in Adler. But in the middle of vacation the weather cleared up and it became hot in Sochi. It is possible to swim in June, but carefully)))”).

What to do and see in June

Despite the fact that the sun in early summer scorches pretty hard, trips to the mountains are still in favor. Although Spring is the best time for hiking in Krasnaya Polyana, you won’t see such blooming meadows at any other time in the world. And this is one of the main reasons to vacation in Sochi in June. In 2016, the resort “Gorky Gorod” even opened a 4-kilometer route “Alpine Meadows” with an altitude difference of 400 meters.

The elevators at Rosa Khutora, Gorky Gorod, and Gazprom operate in the same mode as in winter. And even a little bit longer, thanks to the long daylight hours. And the mountain slopes delight with lush vegetation and scents of meadow grasses.

Rosa Khutor in June, ski elevators

Rosa Khutor is no worse in summer than in winter Photo:

What else is worth seeing in and around Sochi in June 2022:

  • The former sanatorium named after. Ordzhonikidze and other Soviet “abandoned sites” with magnificent parks. This year they were combined into a sightseeing itinerary;
  • The newest “WOW PARK” at the “Gazprom” resort. More than 600 luminous figures with themes: “in the world of animals”, “in the world of fairy tales”, “in the world of sea creatures”, etc., are placed on an area of 2,000 square meters. Entertainment, of course, is for children. But adults are mostly happy (official site;
  • Dzhegoshsky waterfalls, known as “33 waterfalls”. , in the vicinity of Lazarevskoye. In early summer they are still majestic and full of water;
  • Every year at the end of June in the mountains of Sochi – the festival “Summer at the height!
Rest on the Azov Sea in the summer of 2022: where better

Sochi beaches become noisy and active in summer. Water attractions begin to work, boat trips are in demand, scuba diving and fishing are organized at will. If you want some privacy, you should consider Khosta or even Lazarevskoye.

Where to stay in Sochi

In May and April, we made a selection of hotels closer to the center and the train station, so it would be more convenient to attend excursions. But in June in Sochi, of course, it is more pleasant to live closer to the beach. Below are two hotels – in Khosta and Adler – not far from the sea.

1. imeretinsky, Coastal Quarter ***

Address: Sirius village, 1Zh Blue str.

Hotel Imeretinsky, Coastal Quarter, Adler

Apartment complex with a kitchen and the necessary equipment. Quality beds, mattresses, linens. Varied breakfast; Wi-Fi free. The territory is well-groomed, two heated pools, playground, animation, fitness room and much more. Nearby is everything – from restaurants to pharmacies.

Hotel Art-Hotel ***

Address: Kirisovaya street, 6

Art-Hotel Hotel, Khosta, Sochi

Smart in price / quality hotel in the district of Khosta. A large hotel complex with parking and an excellent breakfast. Rooms with fresh renovation, nice furniture and huge balconies. The view is amazing! To the beach 150 m, near the railway station “Hosta”. Minus: the proximity of the bridge of the highway.

Gastronomic Festival Gastreet 2022

From 6 to 9 June 2022 near Sochi will be a marathon to improve the skills of employees of the restaurant business – Gastreet 2022.

Krasnaya Polyana venues will open for master classes, seminars, and networking, unparalleled (as the organizers say). Many people attend the prestigious gastrofest for the sake of making new acquaintances and finding business partners. One minus: the event is not cheap – from 10 000 rubles for the admission ticket.

The question is an answer

Is it worth to go to Sochi in June?

Yes, it is a great month to get a tan and enjoy the southern nature, the sea and the neighborhood of Sochi. In the first half of the month, it can be cool to swim. But in the 20s of June, everything gets better, and the water becomes comfortable. And no rotavirus infections typical for July and August.

Is it safe to plan your vacation now? Or move closer to June?

About 100% safety, no one can say for sure. But the probability that prices will rise and there will be few vacancies is very high. Tour operators say that against the background of the falling ruble and leaving Russia the number of bookings in the Krasnodar region increased by 30%. People invest in summer vacations before they depreciate even more. June in Sochi is about that too.

Is it possible to swim in Sochi in June?

It has already been described in detail in the section “Weather in Sochi in June”. But in short, many people do. However, closer to the middle or end of the month.

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