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Noosa has the ideal weather for a beachside holiday destination which is part of what makes it so popular. Noosa weather enjoys plenty of sunny days and typically mild temperatures. In fact, with water temperatures remaining fairly stable throughout the year, it doesn't matter when you choose to visit Noosa, you can still enjoy all the gorgeous beaches it has to offer. Noosa's warm weather and tropical climate makes it ideal for exploring local attractions and activities, enjoying a long leisurely lunch, shopping up a storm or just kicking back by the pool.

December to February is summer in Noosa, with January being the hottest month. During this time of year daytime temperatures average between 21C minimum to 29C maximum. January to March is also the wettest and most humid time of year with occasional showers and afternoon humidity peaking at around 66 per cent.

March to May is autumn (fall) in Noosa, with the weather remaining warm and the humidity increasing. Mornings in particular can be surprisingly humid, with a peak of approximately 75 per cent. Although temperatures tend to start cooling off around this time, the weather is still definitely warm enough to enjoy a swim.

June to August is winter in Noosa and although these are Noosa's coldest months, conditions are still fairly mild. Temperatures range from a crisp minimum of around 10C reaching a comfortable 21C during the day. Noosa is still a popular place to visit during winter as the skies clear up, making it the perfect place to sun yourself and warm up on the beach.

September to November is spring in Noosa and this is perhaps the most popular time to visit. Sunshine is plentiful, temperatures are very pleasant and the chance of rain is very minimal. In fact, these months experience the lowest annual average rainfall and bring clear skies and warm temperatures - perfect weather for making the most of the national parks and beaches.

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