Weekend in Prague. Tours, prices, ideas for a 3-day holiday

Weekend in Prague. Tours, prices, ideas for a 3-day holiday

Go to Prague for 3 days

Ideas for a weekend in Prague: what to do and what to see in 3 days. Prices for weekend tours and airfare from Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2022. Tips and reviews.

Czech Republic is accepting tourists from Russia. For convenience, we give pre-dedicated prices for tours and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be current, check with the official resources. Take a look at the list of open countries.

Seeing the tiled roofs and walking the King’s Way, drinking delicious beer, eating Horseshoe Knee and going to Kutna Hora are all things you can do in a short weekend in Prague. You can go on your own or with a tour – it will be inexpensive, especially in the low season.


Go to Prague for a weekend

When to go to Prague

An important question – when to go to the capital of the Czech Republic. Optimal weather for walking – in late spring, early and late summer, as well as in early fall. Everything blooms beautifully in the spring and everything turns beautifully yellow in the fall. In summer it is too hot and a lot of tourists. Prague is also good in the winter holidays: you will see Christmas fairs, Christmas illuminations and snow if you are lucky.

We went to Prague at the end of November. We were lucky with the weather: it was sunny and clear, but cold. If you dress warmly and match the dry period, you can have a great time in the low season.

Prices for weekend tours in Prague – 2022

The prices are for two people for 2-3 nights.

Weekend tours from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Prague cost from 30 thousand rubles in the modest hotels – that is to fly to the Czech Republic for 2-3 days can be inexpensive. And the prices in the high and low seasons are almost the same. Weekend tours to Prague with a flight from St. Petersburg only 5 thousand above than from the capital.

How to get from Prague to Dresden - all ways
Moscow Saint-Petersburg
3* hotel from 40 thousand rubles from 45 thousand rubles
4* hotel from 45 thousand rubles from 50 thousand rubles
5* hotel from 60 thousand rubles from 65 thousand rubles

Search for the best deals on travel tours at Level.Travel and Travelate – they will find the best deals among the different tour operators. Want to save your money? Read our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Ticket prices

Prices per person per round-trip flight in high season.

If you decide to go for a weekend in the Czech Republic on your own, it’s better to fly without a connection – it’s fast, but more expensive. The direct flight to Prague from Moscow for 3 days costs from 14 thousand rubles, time in flight is about 3 hours. Direct flights with connections are cheaper – from 10 thousand rubles, but you spend 12 hours for a flight.

From St. Petersburg it’s a bit more expensive: with connection – from 13 thousand rubles (travel time – from 4 hours), and a direct flight costs from 16 thousand rubles.

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the search engine Aviasails – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

Weekend tours in Prague

Prague hotel prices

Decided to go to the Czech Republic for a weekend – good, but first of all take care of the hotel. Book them a few months in advance, because in summer prices go up a lot, and there are few places left.

In the center during the high season budget hotels cost from 35 euros, 3* – from 40 euros. A bed in a hostel starts from 8 euros, apartments on Booking in the center or near it cost 45-80 euros.

Look for hotels with discounts on Hotelluk. Here are the main rules for looking for hotels.

What to see and do at the weekend in Prague


If this is your first trip to Prague, take a walk through the top spots – here’s a 2-3 day program:

  • see Old Town Square;
  • Visit the Charles Bridge at dawn;
  • explore Prague Castle and Hradcany;
  • Take a walk through the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter.
Excursions in Prague - 2022: prices, description, reviews

You can imagine how many people will be in these places, and even more so on a weekend. We recommend getting there as early as possible.

Sightseeing sites. A must for romantics and photographers. There are a lot of viewpoints, the views are great. Good locations are at the Prague Castle, Vyšehrad, Petřín, gardens and parks.

Museums. There are both classic – for example, the National Museum or the Mucha Museum – and non-traditional: the KGB Museum, the Museum of Sex. Free museums in Prague →

Streets and houses. They are good in Malá Strana: the streets are narrow, crooked, beautiful, and the houses are colorful.

Ordinary residential neighborhoods. It’s our favorite thing to walk through ordinary neighborhoods where there are no tourists and observe. Tranquility, silence, great beer gardens and beautiful houses are in the neighborhoods of Žižkov, Nové Město, Vinohrady.

Other cities. In addition to the bustling Prague is nice to go for a day in Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Loket, Krusovice or another city in the Czech Republic. For example, my most vivid memory from my entire trip to the Czech Republic is a trip to Kutna Hora.

We have a detailed plan of the trip to Prague for 7 days – choose from there the most interesting places and visit! Enough for several weekends.

Too lazy to make itineraries? Choose ready-made Prague sightseeing tours on Tripster.

Weekend tours to Prague from Moscow


It’s evening, you’ve visited all the planned attractions and are very tired. What to do on a weekend in Prague, how to relax?

Have a beer and eat a knuckle. In the evenings, tourists and locals alike settle in the many beer gardens. We also settled in the beloved U Járy beer hall in Žižkov. Cozy, inexpensive and delicious.

Visit the restaurant. Czechs love to eat, and some tourists even come to the city solely for the cuisine. Choose a national restaurant based on reviews and enjoy. Be warned: the portions are large.

Weather in Prague by month. When is the best time to go and how to dress?

Listen to a concert. Touch the beauty! The city’s churches and cathedrals have excellent acoustics and often host classical music concerts. I read that the best acoustics are in the Basilica of St. George (Bazilika svatého Jiří) at Prague Castle, as the hall is almost empty. We did not attend the concert and now regret it.

Go to a theater. In Prague everywhere we met signs divadlo – theater. The most popular among tourists are black theaters, or theaters of light and shadows.

Our tips and reviews of tourists

There is an impression that Russians love the capital of the Czech Republic pathological and laid at a genetic level. No matter how many reviews we read, they are always rapturous: everyone confesses his love for the city and promises fidelity to the grave. We have not experienced such raptures (well, maybe only about the food and beer), because we had inflated expectations. In general, however, liked the city.

Tours of Prague 2022 for 3 days and 2 nights

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