What to see in Baku in 1, 2, 3 and 5 days?

What to see in Baku in one day

Baku is good to rest in both summer and winter. You can go there at any time: Russians do not need a visa to travel to Azerbaijan.

I liked Baku from afar. You can see from the photos that the city is being developed and invested in: the capital of Azerbaijan is clean and there are many modern and unusual buildings, for example in the form of a carpet or flame. I went there in February and even the overcast weather did not spoil my impression. On the contrary, Baku exceeded my expectations. Largely thanks to the Caucasian-style hospitable citizens and low prices.

I made a 16-kilometer route for hiking lovers. It is realistic to walk it at a comfortable pace for a day. If necessary, the distance can be shortened by taking the subway or bus. I recommend not to hurry and stay in the center of Baku until dark: the city looks great in the night illumination.

According to the analytical agency “TourStat” Baku was named one of the three most popular destinations for Russian tourists in the CIS.

The walk begins at the Heydar Aliyev Center and ends at the Crystal Hall. On the way you will see the House of Government of Azerbaijan, Seaside Boulevard, Fountain Square, Icheri Sheher District, Little Venice Park, Carpet Museum, Flame Towers and Nagorny Park. I advise you to save the itinerary in your Tripadvisor account.

How to get to the center. From Heydar Aliyev Airport to the beginning of the route you will have to take a connection. First you have to go to metro stations “Koroglu” or “28th May” by a round-the-clock express bus № H1. There change to the subway and go to “Nariman Narimanov” station.

₼ is the manat, the national currency of Azerbaijan


The Heydar Aliyev Center is a futuristic, whimsically shaped building designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. In 2014 it won the International Design of the Year Award and, in my opinion, it is well deserved: whichever way you look at it, the building looks elegant and fascinating. A member of the jury compared it to Marilyn Monroe’s skirt blowing in the wind.

The ticket to the museum of the former president of Azerbaijan

I stayed by couchsurfing in a house a couple of minutes’ walk from the Heydar Aliyev Center and had time to appreciate it during the day and evening. The building is good at any time of the day

The Government House of Azerbaijan was built in the middle of the last century for government agencies. Now there are several ministries there – it is impossible to get inside. But it is still interesting to see the building. For some people it reminds me of an Oriental palace, but for me it reminds me of a Stalinist skyscraper in Moscow, which didn’t have time to grow.

Seaside Boulevard runs along the Caspian Sea. Locals say: if you have not been to Primorsky Boulevard you have not been to Baku either. This is one of the longest boulevards in the world and the starting point for walks around the city. All the attractions that will be discussed below, are located here or can be seen from here.

The boulevard is over a hundred years old, but it looks modern and superbly landscaped: the bushes are shapely trimmed, the underpasses are in marble and with paintings, even the tiles are washed with soap. It looks so good that sometimes I felt like I was walking through a computer illustration.

Azerbaijan's heritage: 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

In summer, everything on the boulevard is in bloom, there are amusement rides and light and music fountains. In winter, on a weekday, the promenade was also full of strollers – tourists and locals.

Fountain Square is the oldest square in Baku: it is about a century and a half old. In total, there are five fountains: there are both classic and fancy, for example in the form of a platform with balls. Around a lot of stores and cafes where you can eat and take a breath from the walk.

Icheri Sheher is the historical center of Baku and the first tourist site in Azerbaijan to be protected by UNESCO. It is a lively residential area, where 1,300 families still live. The narrow alleys are lined with people’s cars, carpets hanging, laundry drying and children running around. It is the city’s most popular attraction according to Tripadvisor users.

In Icheri-sheher there are preserved dwelling houses of 18-19 centuries, mosques, bathhouses and other buildings. The oldest of them is Maiden Tower, which rises in the seaside part of Icheri-sheher fortress wall. It is said that some of its parts were erected in the 7th-9th centuries B.C.

On Kichik Gala Street, which is also in this area, the movie “Diamond Arm” was filmed: it was there where Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov slipped and got a fracture. Tourists from post-Soviet countries line up to be photographed sitting in the place of the unlucky character.

In the Carpet Museum one can see Azerbaijani handmade carpets, a tradition of which is included in the list of Intangible Heritage of UNESCO. You can also see the national clothes, traditional musical instruments, ceramics, glass and wood products. In one hall the carpet weavers weave carpets right in front of the visitors.

Costs an entrance to the Carpet Museum

Boat trip through the park takes 5-7 minutes. The attraction runs until 23:00. Despite a weekday, the gondola ride was in demand: I had to bide my time to get a shot without people

The building where the Carpet Museum moved a few years ago was designed by an Austrian architect in the shape of a rolled-up carpet.

The Flame Towers are three skyscrapers which, according to the builders’ concept, are supposed to resemble tongues of fire. They are located on a hill, so they can be seen from different parts of the city. The high-rises appeared in most of the pictures of Baku from the top of search results: after looking at them, I decided that I wanted to go to the Azerbaijani capital.

Before the advent of Islam in Azerbaijan worshiped fire: sometimes the land was on fire because of the release of natural gas

It is better to admire the towers in the distance. In my opinion, it’s not worth going up to them: there are office buildings, residential apartments and a five-star Fairmont Baku hotel inside. There’s no observation deck on top, like in Moscow City.

In my opinion, the complex looks especially spectacular at night when the lights are on. It sometimes glows red or is colored in the color of the Azerbaijani flag.

The Nagorny Park overlooks the Flame Towers and Seaside Boulevard. Now there is Shahid Alley, which means “martyr” or “hero” in Azeri. People come there to honor the people who sacrificed their lives for their country.

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It costs to take the funicular to Nagoya Park

Crystal Hall was built for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The facade of the complex is made in the form of crystals and covered with light panels, and sometimes images are broadcast on it. During the Eurovision Song Contest, the facade lit up with the colors of the flags of different countries.

The complex is next to National Flag Square. It used to have a giant 350-kilogram Azerbaijani flag flying over it, which until 2011 was the largest in the world. Now the square is being repaired and the base of the flagpole is being reinforced. Apparently, after the reconstruction the authorities are planning to enter the Guinness Book of Records again.


How to reach Baku. Azerbaijan Airlines, Buta Airways, S7 and Aeroflot have direct flights from Moscow to Baku. The trip time is about 3 hours. The average ticket costs 18 thousand rubles, but you can find options for 4-5 thousand .

An option for severe aero-phobes is a train from Moscow to Baku. It departs from Kursk station once a week on Saturdays at 22:37 and arrives in the capital of Azerbaijan in 2 days and 5 hours. Passenger train costs 4464 R .

Currency. One Azerbaijani manat is equal to about 38 R . I had no problem changing rubles in an exchange office and did not use a card.

Language. According to my observations, about half of the people I talked to, mostly people of the older generation, understood Russian. Young Azerbaijanis are more likely to answer in English. I advise downloading an offline translator in advance – it helped me out a couple of times.

Gobustan Reserve and Yanardag Mountain. Gobustan archeological reserve is located 60 km from Baku. There are over 6 thousand rock drawings preserved. Nearby is the most popular group of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. This gray hilly area with gurgling craters resembles an alien landscape.

The Sea. I was in Baku in winter, so swimming was out of the question. Judging by the reviews, there are good free beaches, which can be reached by public transport, near the village of Mardakan.

We are looking for people who travel on their own. If you have organized a vacation in Russia, near abroad, popular resorts or more exotic places – share your experience with us.

Maria Mikhaleva


I love this city and get high when I visit it! I have been to Baku three times: at the beginning of September, at New Year and in July. I stayed from 4 to 14 days. All three times I rented accommodation there – with the help of local friends or through Airbnb. I lived in walking distance from the Seaside Boulevard, and far from the center – on Razina. That’s where you can feel the real Baku, with its Soviet past, multinational courtyards of three-storied buildings and local tea houses. That’s where I tasted the best kutabs – for 20 qepiks a piece! Baku dachas, the Caspian Sea, Apsheron figs. Ah, I wish I had time to write a detailed guide to Baku for T-J

Great meals for the day.

Budnick, I also bought something like buns, fruit and yogurt at the supermarket, but I forgot the price and this invaluable information was lost in editing :)

Loved it very much. Been on business trips a few times. And then the whole family went on vacation. Everyone liked it. But the site of the fall of Gorbunkov S. С. – Not at all like the one in the photo.

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I just got back from Baku) the impressions are contradictory. It reminds me of Dubai, but I am a nature lover and I went for the local color, which is almost none left here, everything is Europeanized. The crossings resemble our subway and underpasses in the 90-00, a lot of clothes and cheap goods of unknown quality. I think that according to the guide most people are very poor and do their shopping in such stalls and the huge and beautiful malls are more for tourists. Although the number of Mercedes is impressive, one out of five cars you will definitely be a Mercedes, if not three out of five! Also a lot of our cars, and the old models: kopecks, four, six, and what is interesting in excellent condition. The guide explained that people from Baku use them as workhorses and then they deliver them to local garages for patching and, to all appearances, successfully. Over time, I saw the old city and traveled far beyond Baku with excursions, ate national cuisine here and there, walked more than 2 km along the embankment, got into the spirit of it and I began to like it. But still Baku is not about the sea. It is a long way (about half an hour) to catch a bus full of people. The entrance to the sea is 10 meters (it’s good for kids), the water is almost non-saline, there were no waves – as if you were swimming in a lake. I do not know, did not go to me. In September on a beach the breeze already walks (according to local and it was true so) and consequently not to relax, not sunbathing – cool, though the sea warm. The beach of sand with shells. Local to the beach ride a cab, they say is not expensive, I did not.

In the summer (according to local) heats up to 50 degrees, not to walks. In the winter there is almost no snow, but the wind and damp. Ideally it is the second half of spring and the first half of fall, and in the early September is still baking (which is why the kids go to school on the 15th). I arrived on September 12 and almost all the time it was 25 degrees or so, quite comfortable. It is really convenient to move around Baku: there is a lot of transport and it always goes until late at night (here I mean until night, I did not go out later). In general yes rather than no but I will not go a second time! Lovers of nature and looking for local flavor should go somewhere in the regions but not to Baku or transit for a few days because it is still worth seeing all this with your own eyes!

What to see in Baku in 1, 2, 3 and 5 days?

What to see in Baku?

How to spend your time in Baku and what to see in the city and its surroundings in 1, 2, 3 and more days? Our tips, tourist reviews, sightseeing descriptions, photos, entrance ticket prices. Sightseeing on the map of Baku.

We spent only one day in Baku (there we had a transfer on the way to Istanbul), but the city completely captivated us with its unusual cleanliness and neatness, the harmonious combination of ancient architecture and sparkling new buildings, narrow streets and the scope of avenues and boulevards. Before the trip, of course, made a list of sights to see in Baku and its surroundings, which we share with you.

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Where to look for cheap tickets? The best way to do this is with the help of the search engines Aviasails and Skyscanner. To find the best price, check with both and see tickets for different dates. Read also the instructions on how to search for cheap airline tickets correctly.


Sightseeing map of Baku

What to see in Baku in 1 day? Personal experience

If you have only one day to visit Baku, as we did, then do not waste time and go straight from the airport on the express train to the center. Take the front seats and enjoy the views. The trip is an attraction in itself: the way of driving in Azerbaijan, as well as everywhere else in the Caucasus, is expressive. You will hear a lot of wonderful words from the driver in relation to the traffic, especially in traffic jams. We recommend to start acquaintance with Baku from the Seaside Boulevard and then go to the Old City (Icheri Sheher).

sights in Baku

It took us about 4-5 hours to examine in detail the Old City with roaming in the maze of streets, look in the entrances, admiration of the overhanging balconies and interesting doors. In the Old Town we decided not to look for sights on purpose, but to give in to chance and just walk the streets. The sights were found by themselves: the mosques, interestingly decorated artists’ shops, bathhouses. In general in the Old City of Baku is worth seeing:

  • Maiden Tower (8 manats);
  • 8 Kicik Gala Street (Kicik Qala, but it is listed as Boyuk Qala on Google), where the famous scene from “The Diamond Hand” was filmed;
  • Shirvanshahs Palace (4 manats);
  • Mohammed Mosque, the oldest building (1078);
  • Shemakhi Gate and Icheri Sheher Fortress.

Baku video tour

We didn’t go inside the tower and the palace, because we didn’t have much time to spare, and we read in the tourists’ comments that there was nothing remarkable there. Except that the Maiden’s Tower has an interesting view of the city and the Flame Towers. By the way, if you suddenly can not find something in the Old Town, do not be afraid to ask the locals, almost all speak excellent Russian (at least the older people).

After the Old Town we walked to the funicular, which takes us to the Highland Park (where you can see the city), the Shahid Alley, the mosque and the Flame Towers. The funicular was closed as it is a Monday off. However, you can climb the stairs on the left. Tired after a walk in Icheri Sheher? You can postpone your visit to the park and the towers to a second day.

If you are wondering what you can see in Baku in winter, then don’t worry – the same as in summer! True, there may be various vagaries of the weather, but no one is immune from this. For example, we arrived in Baku in February and the Baku people said we were lucky with the weather because the city was sunny. The temperature was +5. +10 ° C, and all the snow had melted. The locals advised to come in spring, when the bright festival of Nauruz takes place.

What to see in Baku sights

What can I see in Baku in two days?

What other sights to see in Baku? The second day can begin with a visit to the beautiful mosque Tezepir with golden domes. Then you can walk through the museums, for example, visit the Museum of Miniature Book, Carpet Museum (carpets – the national pride) and the Cultural Center of Heydar Aliyev – its smooth lines, perhaps, do not leave anyone indifferent. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a walk through the streets of the new city and admire the architecture – it reminded us both of St. Petersburg and Paris.

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After dark it is worth a walk along the Seaside Boulevard (note the fountains) and watch the night city. According to the reviews of tourists, Baku is illuminated wonderfully, some even think that in the evening it is more beautiful than during the day. Unfortunately, we did not catch the illumination, because we left for Istanbul before sunset.

If you decide to stay in Baku for more than one day, we advise you to book a hotel. You can find a convenient option for your accommodation on the well-known service Roomguru.ru – the site compares the prices of various booking systems and finds the best one.

What to see in Baku in 3 days

What to see in Baku on day 3?

The third day is better to devote to the outskirts of Baku and see the archeological reserve Gobustan, which is included in the list of UNESCO, where you can see the mud volcanoes, well preserved numerous petroglyphs, ancient man sites and tombstones. Entrance is 2 manat and you can take bus 195 from the stop 20. Sahan.

If you want to visit the mud volcanoes, it is better to take a cab on arrival in the village. The ride will take about 20 minutes and costs from 30 manat. The views are deserted and a bit fantastic. It is also worth going to the petroglyphs (about 2 km from the museum of petroglyphs, the museum itself, as tourists write, is not very interesting).

What to see in Baku sights

(Photo: Retlaw Snellac Photography / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license)

Day 4 and 5 in Baku. What to see in the surroundings?

Zoroastrian temple of fire worshippers Ateshgah (Atəşgah) in Surakhani village is considered one of the must-see sights in the vicinity of Baku. The “House of Fire” (this is how it is translated from Azerbaijani) used to gather the admirers of the element around itself thanks to the tongues of flame bursting out of the ground. Now the place has turned from mystical to purely touristic, as the fire is kept artificially (gas is supplied by a pipe), but still interesting – if we had more time to go to Baku, we would definitely go. The entrance costs 2 manat and you can get there by bus #184, which goes from the bus station near the Koroğlu metro station.

The continuation of the theme of fire worshippers is the burning Yanardag Mountain. No, not the whole mountain is on fire, but only a small part of it, like in Turkey. You can get there by bus #217 – from the bus station at the Koroğlu Metro Station.

This, of course, is not all the attractions of Baku, which you can see in a few days. We have tried to select only the most interesting. We liked the city very much and we plan to return again to get acquainted with it more closely, as well as to see other interesting places in the vicinity.

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