What to see in Essentuki and vicinity – 14 best places

What to see in Essentuki – TOP 15 sights

Small spa town Essentuki is noticeably inferior in popularity nearby Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk. However, there are unique healing springs, health resorts with a wide range of services and treatment profile. But the main thing is the rich cultural and historical heritage and the unique nature of the Caucasus.

A variety of Yessentuki attractions will not let you get bored and make your vacation truly magical.


All sights on the map

Top 15 places of interest

1. Semashko Mud cure clinic

The largest balneological center in Europe is a true architectural masterpiece. It was built in 1915 in the style of ancient classicism. At the entrance there are statues of Greek gods, such as Hygeia and Aesculapius and of mighty lions. The facade is decorated with Ionic columns and bas-reliefs. The author of the project was the architect from St. Petersburg E. F. Shretter.

The sanatorium provides a wide range of medical services: treatment with mud and mineral waters, massages, hardware procedures. But you should come here not only to improve your health. On the background of a monumental building get great pictures.

Working schedule : daily from 9:00 to 13:30.

Website : https://www.essbgl.ru/prices

Address : Yessentuki, Semashko Street, 10.

How to get there :

  • From the railway station – walk 10 minutes;
  • By bus № 6, 9, 21 to the bus stop “Mud Baths”.

2. Gallery “Pyatideschnik”.

Mineral waters are the main pride of the resort. You can taste them in the largest drinking gallery in Europe. A huge building simultaneously accommodates up to five thousand people. The spacious hall is decorated with sculptures, fountains and living plants. Here it is pleasant to stroll and relax.

You can taste the water from the healing springs “Essentuki-4” and “Essentuki-7” absolutely free. It is served hot, warm and cold. And then it is worth a walk through the park surrounded by antique statues and dense thickets of trees and bushes.

Opening hours : daily:

  • 7:00 to 9:30;
  • from 11:30 to 14:30;
  • From 16:30 to 19:00.

Website : https://victoria-essentuki.ru

Address : Yessentuki, Pushkina St., 22, building 1.

How to get there (stop Victoria) :

  • From the railway station – bus number 14;
  • From the city – by bus number 11.

3. The fountain .

Another great attraction of Yessentuki – singing fountain on the Central Square. It is recognized as the largest in the south of Russia. Its area is 400 square meters. Moreover, the water does not come into the reservoir, but through the holes in the paving stones.

In the evening, guests can enjoy a real concert: water jets rise to a huge height to the sound of music. And the performance is complemented by bright LED lighting. This is one of the places worth seeing in Yessentuki.

Working schedule : in summer – daily, round the clock.

Address : 18, Internationalnaya Street, Yessentuki.

How to get there (Sovetskaya bus stop) :

  • By buses № 10, 111, 115a;
  • By route taxi № 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 16a, 21, 101e, 102d, 106a, 114, 118e.

4. Mechanotherapy Museum

What did the first fitness centers in spas look like? The Zander Institute of Mechanotherapy will tell you about it. Zander Institute. The elegant, tower-like building is home to 54 unique massage and therapeutic gymnastics machines. Despite being over 100 years old, they are all in working order. Visitors will therefore be able to combine a tour with exercises on the machines they like.

Working mode :

  • Weekdays – from 9:00 to 16:00;
  • Saturday – from 9:00 to 13:00;
  • Sunday – day off.

Cost: 260 rubles.

Website: https://nadezhda-kmv.ru

Address : Yessentuki, Gardenovaya ul. 1a.

How to get there (Sovetskaya bus stop) :

  • By buses № 10, 111, 115a;
  • By route taxi № 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 16a, 21, 101e, 102d, 106a, 114, 118e.

From the bus stop walk 800 meters in the direction of the spa park.

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5. Resort Park.

It is the best place for leisurely walks and quiet rest. Founded in the middle of XIX century, the park has become a real jewel of the city. The shady alleys are full of green foliage of deciduous and coniferous trees, and the territory paths are lined with luxurious rose gardens and flowerbeds. Fountains, arbours (‘Oreanda’, ‘Root Stream’, musical pavilion), observation decks, and sculptures in Rococo and Classicism styles supplement park landscapes.

You can improve your health in the Shopping gallery of mineral springs, Institute of mechanotherapy or walking along the winding paths of terrenekurs.

Opening hours : 24 hours a day.

How to get there :

  • From the railway station walk 200 meters;
  • By bus №9 to the bus stop Mud Baths;
  • By bus or by bus to the stop Sovetskaya.

6. Eagle’s Nest cottage

It is a three-storey brick building of ochre color built in the early 20th century for the police bailiff I.G. Zimin. The cottage got its name because of the sculptural composition on the facade: three eagles “hung” their nest on the roof. The building externally resembles a medieval castle with arrow windows and carved towers.

Now there is a library in the building. So all guests and residents know where to go in Essentuki for new books and archival documents.

Address : Yessentuki, Andzheyevskogo St., 7.

How to get there (stop Railway Station) : by bus number 114A.

7. Musical pavilion “Rococo”

The pearl of Yessentuki spa park is a wrought iron pavilion in the form of an octahedron, decorated with floral ornaments and a harp. For a century and a half the sounds of music can be heard from the pavilion: the first concert of brass band was given in 1879. This tradition survives to this day. On weekends, visitors to the park can enjoy classical works and contemporary melodies.

Mode of operation : round the clock.

Address : Yessentuki, Internationalnaya St., 1b.

How to get there (Sovetskaya bus stop) :

  • By buses № 10, 111, 115a;
  • By route taxi № 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 16a, 21, 101e, 102d, 106a, 114, 118e.

8. Zero kilometer of love

The small bronze sculpture on Teatralnaya Square is a meeting place for all lovers. The landmark appeared in the city in 2011. Today weddings and dates are celebrated here. Cupid is looking down from the top of the stele and at the foot of the stele there is a reference point for romantic love – two crossed hearts.

Mode of operation : round the clock.

Address : Yessentuki, Internationalnaya Street, 1.

How to get there: to the stop “Sovetskaya” by buses and fixed-route cabs № 2, 3, 6, 7, 7a, 10, 12, 14a, 16, 16a, 21, 111, 114a, 118a.

9. Rio de Kavkaz

This is one of the most impressive places to see in Yessentuki in one day: you can get here on your own by public transport. The temple complex is several churches, long alleys, colorful landscapes, snow-white sculptures, a Sunday school and chapel. But the main attraction of the park is the largest statue of Christ in the country. The height of the monument is 22 meters. And for the younger visitors of the complex are open mini-zoo and playground.

Mode of operation : Every day from 8:00 to 23:00.

Address: Yessentuki, Borgustanskoye highway 31.

How to get there (stop Sovetskaya) : by bus № 4 and 9 to the bus stop “Peter and Paul Complex”.

10. Museum of History and Local Lore named after V. P. Shpakov. V. Shpakovsky.

History and nature of the Caucasian mineral waters will tell you about the history of local history museum. But it is located in the building of the former mansion of the priest D.Ya. The first floor is given to the art salon, and on the second floor there are six exhibition halls. Here are rare photographs and documents, household items of the peoples who inhabited this region in the past. A natural section tells about the history of resort development and discovery of curative mineral salts and waters.

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Working mode :

  • Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00;
  • second and fourth Wednesday of the month: 13.00 – 21.00;
  • Monday is a day off.


  • adults – 100 rubles;
  • to pupils and students – 50 roubles;
  • For children under 16 years old – free of charge.

Web site: https://esmus.kulturu.ru/

Address : Yessentuki, Kislovodskaya street, 5.

How to get there (Sovetskaya bus stop) :

  • By buses № 10, 111, 115a;
  • By route taxi № 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 16a, 21, 101e, 102d, 106a, 114, 118e.

11. Victory Park.

In honor of the fallen defenders of the Soviet Union you can visit Victory Park. Before the revolution, it was called English because of the classical landscape design. During the Soviet times, the unique park architecture and rare plants were preserved. In the center of the park in 1972 was installed stele “Eternal Flame” and memorial plates with the names of the city residents who died in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.

Mode of operation : round the clock.

Address : Yessentuki, Pushkin Street.

How to get there (stop Victory Park) :

  • From the railway station by bus № 6, 9, 21;
  • By foot up Semashko Str. about 450 meters.

12. Church of St. Panteleimon the Healer

Luxurious temple was built in 1898 with funds of the faithful: merchants and ordinary citizens of Essentuki. Inside there was a library, parochial school and archives. After the revolution, the decoration of the church was confiscated or stolen, and the building was turned into a warehouse. In 1935 the cathedral was blown up. It was only in the 1990s that the restoration and rebuilding of the church began. Today it is open to parishioners and delights with its splendor: gold and azure domes, snow-white hipped roof and unusual architecture. Here you can also put your hands on the relics of Venerable Serafim of Sarov.

Working hours: daily from 7:00 to 19:00.

Website: http://essentuki-3.cerkov.ru

Address : Yessentuki, Andzheyevsky St., 2.

How to get there (stop Zhd Vokzal) :

  • By bus number 115a;
  • By route taxi № 2, 3, 6, 7, 7a, 10, 12, 14a, 16, 16a, 21, 101, 111, 114, 118e.

13. St. George’s nunnery

In the vicinity of Essentuki is a place of incredible energy – St. George Monastery. Pilgrims it attracts a special atmosphere of tranquility, the relics of the Great Martyr and Victory Bearer George, the venerable wives of Diveevo, the Holy Great Martyr Barbara, Grand Duchess Elisabeth, rare icons. And opening from the height of the monastery picturesque panoramas of the Caucasus Mountains are certainly worth a visit. From the observation deck you can see the Elbrus, Mashuk and Beshtau in good weather.

Working hours: daily from 7:00 to 19:00.

Website: http://www.mgeorg.ru

Address: Yessentuki, Dubrovka natural boundary.

How to get there :

  • On holidays and weekends – by free monastery bus from the park near the railway station;
  • By car along the highway A-157.

14. Concert Hall named after F. Chaliapin. F.I. Chaliapin

Music and arts temple is located in the heart of Yessentuki. Concert Hall is a part of the North Caucasus State Philharmonic Society named after V. I. Safonov since 1980. The stage hosts symphonic concerts, chamber evenings of classical and contemporary music, performances of dance and vocal groups and theatrical performances. The acoustics in the halls of the Philharmonic is ideal, which allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of musical compositions.

Ticket prices must be clarified on the website or at the box office.

Website: https://www.kursal.ru

Address : Yessentuki, Kislovodskaya St., 2.

How to get there (Sovetskaya bus stop) :

  • By bus № 10, 111, 115a or minibus cabs.
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15. Theater Square

In the center of Yessentuki there is a spacious square for strolling and active recreation. It was named after the theater named after F. Chaliapin. And concerts, festivals and cultural events attract tourists and visitors. On the square there is a singing fountain, a cafe, rows of shops, zero kilometer of love.

Mode of operation : round the clock.

How to get there (Sovetskaya bus stop) :

  • By bus № 10, 111, 115a or minibus cabs.

Where to go from Essentuki

Bring a little extreme and romance in the vacations will help travel in the Caucasus. In Essentuki you can book an excursion to the mountains or go there on your own by car, bus or cab.


One of the main ski resorts of the Caucasus is attractive not only in winter. In summer, it will delight you with picturesque landscapes, wild rivers and waterfalls, dense forests and snowy peaks. You can go hiking, ascend the mountains by cable car or see the local sights on jeeping. It is worth seeing in Dombai:

  • Teberda Nature Reserve;
  • Amanauz Gorge;
  • Alibeksky waterfall;
  • Musa-Achitar ridge;
  • Mount Belakalaya and others.

Cost: excursions from Essentuki from 1800 rubles for adults.

How to get there by car along the highway A157 and A155, the approximate travel time is 2 hours and 50 minutes.


Rest in Essentuki will not be complete without visiting the heart of the Caucasus – the highest point of Russia. Mount Elbrus – a cap of snow all year round, a sense of freedom from climbing to a height of over 5000 meters, spectacular panoramic views. During a trip to Elbrus, you can see Cheget Mountain, famous glaciers, wild rivers and mineral springs in the Valley of the Narzans.

How to get there: the way by car will take about two hours.


The capital of Chechnya is one of the most modern cities in Russia. The metropolis strikes a harmonious combination of futuristic buildings and national color, green parks and huge skyscrapers. There are unique monuments of architecture: one of the largest mosques in the world “The Heart of Chechnya”, the Grozny City district, the National Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and much more.

How to get there :

  • By car;
  • by bus to Grozny or Makhachkala.


The resort of Arkhyz – it is an active holiday among the pristine forests and rivers of the Caucasus. The village is famous for extreme sports – rafting, snowboarding, alpine skiing. Summer is popular with tourists jeep tours, rope park, horseback riding, trekking, and in winter – tubing and downhill skiing trails of varying difficulty level. Fans of relaxing will enjoy excursions to the observatory, temples of X century, gorges, and waterfalls.

Website: https://arhyz-resort.ru/

How to get there :

  • By car along the A165 highway.

The Bermamyt Plateau

The mysterious plateau is little familiar to Russian tourists. Its ethereal landscapes remind of the American Grand Canyon, and its good location allows you to see Mount Elbrus. All year round on top you can see clusters of cumulus clouds, and against the backdrop of rocky pillars you get incredible pictures.

Getting to know Yessentuki: 14 best places

What to see in Essentuki

The calm green resort does not boast of Lermontov places like Pyatigorsk, and does not suffer from crowds of tourists like Kislovodsk. Essentuki is a paradise for lovers of beautiful nature and resort architecture. The picturesque town in the valley of the river Podkumok has a comfortable flat terrain, wonderful parks and is famous for its excellent quality mineral water. Find out what to see in the city and where to go from Essentuki.

What to see in 1 day

Start your acquaintance with Yessentuki from the square where the monument to the Cossacks, the founders of the city, stands. It is located at the intersection of Pervomayskaya and Oboronnaya Streets. Pass by the blue-blue St. Nicholas Church and the beautiful Old Believer Church of the Intercession. Kislovodskaya street will lead you to the local history museum. It is located in a building that was built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

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Most of all you can see sights in the central, Kurortny district of Yessentuki. Just behind the museum there is Theater Square with a spectacular “singing” fountain. Behind an unusual monument “Zero kilometer of love” you will see the entrance to a large Kurortny park. The central avenue will take you to the oldest building of the town – to the spring gallery #17. Take a break under the shady trees and drink healthy mineral water!

There are a lot of sculptures, fountains and architectural monuments in the park. You will discover the Lower and Upper mineral baths, pavilions “Oreanda” and “Rococo”, man-made grottos and the building mud baths Semashko. Finish your walk in Yessentuki conveniently near the Church of St. Panteleimon.

And now let’s learn a little more about the main sights of Yessentuki.

What to see in Essentuki

Gallery of the spring number 17. Photo: Slayer87 / Depositphotos.com.

Theater Square

The city’s calling card and the place that all tourists rush to see, is located in the heart of the resort – between the Resort Park and the concert hall named after Chaliapin. The Theater Square is completely devoted to pedestrians, so there are always a lot of people here. People come to admire the “singing” fountains, buy souvenirs, sit in a cafe and make a wish near the monument “Zero kilometer of love”.

Where to go in Essentuki

Fountains on Theater Square. Photo: shinobi / Depositphotos.com.

Drinking gallery “Five Thousandths”.

If you are looking for a place to try different kinds of Yessentuki for free, go to the largest drinking gallery in Europe. The spacious building can accommodate 5 thousand people! The gallery is open to all comers and is located on the territory of the boarding house “Victoria”, on Pushkinskaya Street, 22. Water for tasting is brought from different sources and served cold and hot. Drink as much as you want!

Museum of local history

To learn more about Yessentuki sights, visit the city history museum. Especially impressive is the section “Old Essentuki”, which presents rare photos, newspapers, postcards, books, spa souvenirs and household items of citizens of a century ago. The museum is located in the Resort area on Kislovodskaya street, 5. The entrance costs 100 rubles.

Yessentuki temples

The city traces its history back to a Cossack settlement, so today there are 6 temples in Yessentuki. From old churches of great interest is Old Believers Church on Furmanov Street, 22. The building with beautiful brick patterns was built at the end of XIX century. Lovers of temple architecture like the many-domed Church of St. Panteleimon (Angievsky st., 2), Cossack St. Nicholas Church (Oboronnaya st., 43) and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Slavy st., 6).

Churches and temples Essentuki

The multi-headed church of St. Panteleimon. Photo: mikle15 / Depositphotos.com.

“Eagle’s Nest.

On the street Andzhievskogo, 7, next to the restaurant “Rodina” rises an unusual three-storey house. The cottage in Art Nouveau style was built at the beginning of the last century for the police bailiff I. G. Zimin. The facade of the building is decorated with a sculpture with three eagles, arched windows and original toothed towers.

Resort Park

If you want to see the greenest part of Yessentuki and feed squirrels, go to the Kurortny, or Medicinal Park. History of the park area began in the middle of the XIX century, when the governor of the Caucasus, Prince Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov ordered to green the new spa resort. Seedlings for Yessentuki were brought from nurseries and botanical gardens of Warsaw and Tbilisi, and the first trees were planted by soldiers.

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Spa Park is like a jewel box. Around every corner, new surprises await you. A walk through the old alleys is a lot of fun. Tourists admire the picturesque fountains, rose gardens, ancient buildings, gazebos, shady grottos and bureaus with mineral water.

Parks Essentuki

The upper Nicholas Baths in the Resort Park. Photo: Slayer87 / Depositphotos.com.

Music Pavilion “Rococo”

Another decoration of Yessentuki is a wrought iron pergola in the city’s Kurortny Park. The openwork fence, roof and cornices are decorated with elegant iron ornaments. At the beginning of the last century classical music was played in the arbour, and it was called “Musical”. Recently, the good tradition was revived, so you can go to the performance of artists.

Victory Park

The picturesque landscape park on Pushkin Street is called “English” for its free planning. The green area began to be equipped back in 1903. Now on the territory of 40 hectares there are a lot of trees, walking paths and medical trails – terrainkur. Just like in the spa park, lots of squirrels live here, so don’t forget to take some seeds or nuts with you!

Oreanda Gazebo

Yessentuki landmark is beautiful at any time of the year. Semicircular colonnade on an elevation surrounds the observation deck. Come and admire the Main Caucasian Ridge, two-headed Elbrus and the resort surroundings!

What to see in Essentuki in spring and autumn

Oreanda gazebo. Photo: mikle15 / Depositphotos.com.

What to see near Essentuki

Big Lake

If you plan to visit Yessentuki in the summer, go for a swim to the lake near the station “White Coal”. On the shore of the lake works cafe, there is a well-appointed beach, boat station, rent chairs and umbrellas.

Rio de Kavkaz .

Original temple complex, which is interesting to look at in the vicinity of Essentuki, includes a statue of Christ with a height of 20 m, churches and chapels. In the well-kept area housed a Sunday school, an exhibition of old cars, playground, pond with turtles and a small zoo. When the weather is good, the observation deck has a great view of Elbrus. Rio de Kavkaz is 3 km from the center of the resort, on the Borgustan highway. From Yessentuki there are shuttle buses number 4 and 10.

Where to go from Essentuki

Statue of Jesus Christ next to the temple of Peter and Paul. Photo: nikolenko7 / Depositphotos.com.

St. George’s Nunnery

Orthodox monastery on the 35th km of the road Mineralnye Vody – Kislovodsk is interesting not only for believers, but also for lovers of temple architecture and viewing platforms. A beautiful monastery stands on Mount Dubrovka and from it you can see perfectly the Elbrus, Beshtau, Mashuk and other peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Nearby is a baptismal font, in which people bathe in both summer and winter. On weekends from the center of Yessentuki to the monastery a special bus, and at other times you can get to the monastery by cab.

Sightseeing platforms on Mount Elbrus

The beautiful monastery stands on Mount Dubrovka and from it you can see Elbrus, Beshtau, Mashuk and other peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Photo: juvnsky / unsplash.com.

Suvorov Springs

The thermal springs of mineral water in the village of Suvorovskaya are popular with tourists who vacation in Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Essentuki. Healing hot waters were discovered in the middle of the XX century. Today guests are welcomed by swimming pools with warm water, modern showers, changing rooms and cafes. The open-air swimming pool with a water temperature of +38°C is open both in summer and winter. Bathing in the springs costs 350 roubles per hour. There is a shuttle bus 101e going from the Yessentuki railway station to Suvorovskaya every 10 minutes.

Tersky Horse Farm

In 40 km from Essentuki in the village of Novotersky is a stud farm for breeding horses. You will see a spectacular horse show and you can ride a thoroughbred horse. From Yessentuki to the famous stud farm is convenient to get on a tour, by cab or by rented car.

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